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Shop for mobile phone battery replacements in OEM & Grade-A quality. QwikFone's mobile phone batteries ensure an original performance and quality at the cheapest prices. The deal includes a standard warranty policy to replace any items as well as a standard return policy with a money-back guarantee.

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QwikFone's  Mobile Phones Battery Replacement

While there are multiple ways to purchase mobile phone batteries as parts for replacement, there are also multiple ways those replacements can be of low quality and there will be no way for you to tell before the battery is actually put to the test and be used in a smartphone.

This is why the best way to get a mobile phone battery replacement that you can trust to provide high-quality performance as well as a considerable lifetime, is to choose the right supplier whether you are buying a single battery to replace the old battery of your personal smartphone, or you want to order a bulk order at wholesale prices.

QwikFone is offering the best deals on all mobile phone batteries from the top important and popular brands. Both OEM and Grade-A aftermarket batteries are available to meet the different needs of our customers.

Keep on reading if you want to learn more about mobile batteries and how to define your needs to place the right order at the lowest price.


Get to know your battery

Whether you are a mobile repair professional or just looking into repairing your own phone by finding the best mobile battery replacement and installing it by yourself, you must first get to know your phone's battery in order to understand how it works, how long it should last, and what you can expect from it in terms of performance and lifetime in order to be able to choose the best mobile battery deal within your budget.

The first thing that many people know about mobile phone batteries and smartphones batteries is that they are lithium-ion batteries. However, it is also important to identify what that means and what it entails.

Lithium-ion batteries, also known as Li-ion batteries, are the type of rechargeable batteries that are most commonly used for smartphones and other portable gadgets like tablets and laptops, for example. There are many reasons for choosing this specific type of batteries for all gadgets that require recharging:

  • Lithium-ion batteries require a minimum to no amount of maintenance unlike other rechargeable batteries such as lead-acid batteries.

  • Li-ion batteries have the potential of lasting for almost 8 years, which is much more than the life expectancy of any other rechargeable battery type.

  • It is also easier and faster to recharge li-ion batteries, which means that it allows more time to use the device compared to other battery types.

  • Finally, compared to its alternatives that depend on fossil fuel, the lithium-ion battery is much safer and better for the environment as well as the health of its users.


Identify your needs: Does your mobile phone need a battery replacement?

Despite all of its advantages, just like anything else in the world of technology, the lithium-ion battery does not last forever. As explained in the previous section, the maximum lifetime for the lithium-ion battery is 8 years. However, according to the device's needs of power consumption, the battery may need to be replaced much sooner than that. Unlike what most people think, the time to replace a smartphone's battery is not when the mobile phone's screen blacks out and refuses to recharge or turn on. There are multiple indicator that it is time to get a new mobile phone battery replacement long before that stage to save yourself the stress of having to deal with a dying battery.

So, in this section, QwikFone's experts are going to help you know when your mobile battery needs to be replaced.

  • The first and most common sign that you should start looking for a mobile phone battery replacement service is that your mobile is losing power faster than usual at a noticeable pace.

  • Random shut-downs are also a major indicator that it is time to buy a new smartphone battery. For example, you just charged your phone's battery and it shuts off just after a few minutes.

  • Another case is that the battery is 50% or 40% charged and you find that your smartphone is restarting or shutting down on its own. In such cases, a new mobile phone battery replacement is in order.

  • If your smartphone is old and it is constantly restarting, that is definitely a sign of an aging li0ion battery. So instead of thinking that your phone is defective and needs to be replaced, maybe you can save money and restore the perfect performance of your phone only by getting a new battery replacement.

  • If there are no signs of restarting of random shut-downs, but you're still experiencing difficulty using your smartphone as usual, you can use a third-party app such as AccuBattery to run a quick check and diagnosis of your battery's health.

If you don't want to risk your phone's pristine condition, check out QwikFone's premium mobile phone battery replacement service for the best and most affordable prices on our repair website or via phone reservation.

If you are a mobile repair professional looking into buying smartphone battery supplies for your business, you already know all about worn battery signs and just need to know about QwikFone's offer on OEM and Grade-A batteries replacements.


Buy smartphone battery at QwikFone!

Shopping for mobile phone parts isn't the easiest task. This is why it is important, once you've identified your battery needs, finding where to buy mobile phone batteries is the next most important step.

Thanks to a decade of experience in the mobile parts supplying market, QwikFone provides top quality parts and batteries for various mobile phone brands at the most affordable prices. If you're looking for a cheap mobile battery replacement, this is the right place.

There are two different variants of battery replacements which are OEM and aftermarket. The aftermarket category itself is then divided into several grades that indicate the quality of the battery, its life expectancy as well as other details. At QwikFone, only two types of mobile phone batteries are available: OEM and Grade A.


OEM mobile batteries

Buying a cheap mobile battery replacement does not have to mean compromising on the quality. This is why QwikFone is the top UK provider of OEM batteries of all the major mobile phones brands such as Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, and even Apple products such as iPads and iPhones batteries in a refurbished pristine condition.

OEM battery replacements and spare parts in general are manufactured by the smartphone manufacturer itself. So, for example, an OEM Xiaomi battery is made by Xiaomi factories under the same circumstances and quality conditions as the original battery which resides in your Xiaomi phone was manufactured in.

As a result, when the OEM batteries are installed correctly by an experienced professional, they provide the exact same performance and lifetime of the old original battery the mobile phone had when it was first purchased as brand-new.


Grade-A mobile batteries

Grade-A mobile batteries and spare parts are not OEM, as can be expected, these are parts that were created and manufactured by a third-party. The grade indicates that this batteries are top-quality. So, repair centers and individuals can use these batteries to repair mobile phones and replace the old batteries with original-like quality batteries at a lower cost than the OEM ones.


Bulk orders

To make it easier for the repair centers owners who would like to place their bulk orders without having to spend hours navigating through the different product pages on the QwikFone website, our team created the Bulk Order page to allow our customers to find all of their mobile batteries and their spare part needs all in one page.

There are three different ways to order using the Bulk Order page on the QwikFone website:

  1. Use the search bar to type in the name of the battery you're looking for, add it to the list, modify the quantity, and then add your entire order with one press on the "add to cart" button.

  2. Add all the SKUs of the required items, press the "add to list" button, then, from the list view, modify the quantity to the required numbers and press "add to cart".

  3. This method requires having an CSV file with the SKUs of your regular order items saved. Although creating such a file would take some time, it will save you more time in the future each time you place the same order. All you will need to do then is to upload the file, add to list, and add to cart. That is all!


Warranty policy

When deciding where to buy mobile phone batteries, a crucial element of your decision should be the quality assurances that the seller is providing. At QwikFone, we provide a 12-month warranty for our batteries as well as a lifetime warranty for other parts. So, is the batteries bought from QwikFone had any problems during the warranty period, the customer will be able to receive a replacement for free within our warranty policy.


Return policy

QwikFone also provides a standard return policy that includes a full refund clause. This means that your mobile battery replacement order from QwikFone will have a money-back guarantee for more security. Place your order now and get the best deals with wholesale prices.

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