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Time has come to start your new mobile repair business without worrying about any of the details. While a mobile repair center contains multiple details to pay attention to, the biggest and most important one is to find good mobile phone spare parts supplier for the parts you will be using in the repair process. Of course, in general, there is a common rule that the most expensive parts would have the best quality level. However, this rule is not always correct and it is not suitable for a business where the owner needs to minimize the cost without affecting the quality of the parts that are being used in the repair services.

This point is the most crucial factor that directly affects the business ability to generate revenue.

With QwikFone as your mobile phone parts suppliers in the UK, you will be able to find the perfect quality for the mobile spare parts to seek at incredible wholesale prices as well as great deal terms that protect your rights as the customer and ensuring the quality of the products.


QwikFone's wholesale spare parts and replacements

When it comes to the market of mobile phones parts in the UK, QwikFone has 10 years of experience. Through our experience as a mobile phone repair center professionals in the first place, we were able to create perfect deals and provide the top quality in our spare parts which enabled us to keep our position in the market as the best place to buy phone parts.

Now, as we share the benefit of this experience with our community, the mobile phone parts wholesale in the UK, we offer a wide range of quality and prices to make sure that no matter what business size you run, you will be able to get all your parts supplied at affordable prices that allow you to achieve a good profit margin.


OEM mobile spare parts

This is the top layer of quality of all mobile phone parts in the UK and the global market, in general. This type of mobile parts are manufactured by the same manufacturer that originally made the phone. This means that, according to the brand of the phone, these parts come directly from the original manufacturer. So, with the proper mobile repair skills, these parts offer a level of performance and longevity to the repair process that is almost identical to the phone when it was brand-new. 

Of course such a level of quality comes at a high price. However, this price will be reflected on the performance of the mobile phone after the repair and as part ages over time.

For high-end brands such as Apple iPhones, OEM parts prices have price tags that can make the repair service cost reach astronomical levels which is most definitely not good for business in any way. This is why you will found that original OEM parts for high-end brands that are known to be expensive are used only in repair that are performed by the phone's original manufacturer at a very high price.

As one of the top mobile phone parts suppliers in the UK, QwikFone is able to provide OEM parts in a great condition at amazing prices!


Aftermarket grade A parts

For non-manufacturer repair services in the UK, or any other country in the world, mobile repair businesses use two different types of mobile parts to control the cost and therefore minimize the price of the repair service.

The first type is called the aftermarket replacement parts for mobile phones. 

Aftermarket parts are manufactured by third party manufacturers who specialize in this area. Although most users might not fully trust the third party manufactured aftermarket parts, not many people know that there are different levels of quality within this category itself. 

Grade-A aftermarket mobile spare parts represent the top-level in terms of quality and life expectancy of these items. This is the grade that QwikFone will provide you with whenever you place an order for the aftermarket mobile phone parts at wholesale prices, in the UK or any other part of the world, for your mobile or your mobile repair business.

Thanks to our years of experience in this market, our professionals are able to test, identify, and ensure good quality parts in the Grade A aftermarket mobile to provide our customers with them.


Refrubished OEM parts

Refurbished OEM parts are the second option to offer high-end repairs for expensive brands such as iPhones. QwikFone offers refurbished OEM Apple screen replacements and other mobile spare parts.

This refurbishment process is performed and tested by our mobile experts to ensure flawless results. When the refurbishment of an iPhone OEM LCD replacement, for example, begins, a testing and inspection process is conducted to measure the eligibility of the part to be refurbished and restored as good as new OEM mobile spare part.


LCD screen replacements

Usually, with a damaged LCD replacement part, the damage is confined in the top layer of the screen which is nothing but glass that can be easily replaced without affecting the screen's quality or functionality. If this is the case, our mobile spare parts refurbishment professionals test the performance of the different functions of the screen such as the brightness levels, the touch sensitivity, the overall responsiveness of the LCD, and the quality of the display to make sure that the damage has not reached any important layer of the LCD and there is no dead pixels on the display.

Once the part passes the test and all points of functionality are checked, we move on to the refurbishment process where the cracked layer of glass is replaced by experts with a fresh new one. This way, you get an OEM iPhone or iPad screen, for example, at a much lower price point without losing any quality points!


Mobile accessories

QwikFone's accessories are especially made to resemble the original accessories of brand they are made for in terms of appearance, performance, and life time. So, whether you are looking for chargers, earphones, cables, hand gear (smartwatches), or just screen protectors for mobile phones, at QwikFone, you will get the best wholesale deals with the best products quality.


Repair tools

Choosing tools that will be used in the process of repairing mobile phones and installing different parts of the phones is an important detail to building your business and making the repair job easier and faster. QwikFone offers supplies of mobile repair kits that will enable you to replace mobile phone parts flawlessly.


Deals terms from QwikFone

The QwikFone Trade business aims at growing the mobile repair market in the UK as a whole by helping our fellow repair centers with the best quality of mobile phone spare parts and other repair supplies. To help individual consumers as well as mobile repair businesses with a variety of high-end affordable mobile parts, we offer easy terms that help our customers to take their decisions and enable them to feel safe regarding the deals and the quality of the mobile parts as well as the repair tools.



All of QwikFone's mobile parts come with a lifetime warranty whether you buy a wholesale deal or an individual item. According to this warranty policy, we are responsible for the performance & quality of the part as long as it's being used. If any defect appears in a mobile spare part due to manufacturing problem, we will replace it for free. 

As for the accessories such as headphones and headsets as well as chargers and power banks, they have a 1-year warranty.

This warranty does apply to any sort of damage that results from misuse, breaking the part, or water/liquid exposure or any form of negligence.


Return terms

Whether you wish to return all of your mobile phone parts order or just a part of it, QwikFone's return policy will enable you to return the spare parts and get a full refund of the price. This policy has two main conditions to be applicable. The first condition is for the return to be made within 14 days from the purchase date and the second one is for the parts, accessories, and all items included in the return request to be in the original condition with no damages.

Once QwikFone receives the returned order and makes sure that the condition of the items are acceptable according to our guidelines, we will issue a refund of 100% of the returned items value to your payment method.


Payment plan

QwikFone accepts multiple payment methods including the PayPal credit payment plan. This specific payment option will enable you to pay for your mobile spare parts in monthly installments as PayPal credit can be paid in installments. This plan is offered by PayPal for online purchases and includes some interesting opportunity to minimize your costs like paying 0% interest. Please visit the PayPal website for more details.


Shipping  methods

QwikFone is the best place to buy phone parts as we offer different shipping options in order for the customer to freely choose the best one for the business needs in terms of the time of delivery as well as the cost of the shipping.

For orders that are placed during weekdays and within our business hours, we will offer a same-day dispatch service which means that your order will be shipped out on the same day. To see our working hours details, please visit and carefully read our shipping policy page.

If the time has passed our closing time and you wish to have your order shipped on the same day, please check our late-shipping option on the checkout page.

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