Why Buy From Us

40 Point Testing

QwikFone's mobile phones undergo an extensive 40-points testing procedure to detect, diagnose, and repair any problem the device may have. This testing includes every part of the phone from the LCD and touchscreen to the motherboard.

Grading Criteria

Our refurbished phones UK are of grade A+ according to the general grading criteria of refurbished phones as they all meet the pristine phone condition in terms of internal parts and performance as well as looking new.

Due Diligence

Our experts ensures that our refurbishment parts are OEM or Grade-A. As for the devices themselves, we use Checkmend services to back check each phone's origins and provide a report that proves the device's legitimacy.

"Qwik" service

An important part of QwikFone's philosophy is to spread the awareness of environmental issues that E-waste represent. So, when it comes to dealing with our E-waste, we carefully follow the environmental agency guidelines.

Money-back guarantee

Our money-back guarantee is part of the 30-day standard return policy. This policy does not require any specific reasons like technical problems with the device/part for returns to be accepted and the refunds to be issued.

Standard warranty

QwikFone's refurbished phones, tablets, and accessory items all have a repair/replace warranty that ensures and protects the original / OEM quality and performance of our refurbished devices and grade A new accessories.

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