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What is refurbished? Are Refurbished Products Worth it? QwikFone Answers Your Questions!

As more people are gaining interest in refurbished phones and devices in general as a way of saving money and cutting back on costs in every aspect of life that can be reduced, users who are not familiar with or used to the concept of refurbished phones are confused as to what this concept means and what such a phone deal may entail. While the word refurbished itself can be easily explained as renewed smartphones or devices, there are many more points and details to be explained when it comes to making a purchase and spending money. So, let's find out what the meaning of a refurbished phone? What is certified refurbished meaning? Are refurbished products good to buy?

Are refurbished products good to buy? All of your refurbished-related questions answered.

What does refurbished mean?

In general, a refurbished item means that it has been renewed, repaired, or renovated. When it comes to smartphones, the word refurbished indicates one of two cases: Manufacturer Refurbished vs. Seller/Store Refurbished.

Brand-new repaired phones (Manufacturer refurbished)

In some cases, a part of refurbished meaning, when it comes to mobile phones, include brand-new phones. When a customer buys a brand-new smartphone and finds out that something is wrong with that phone. For example, the home button is defective in the phone or the volume rockers are not working as expected. In this case, if the phone is still in its return period, the users would return it to the seller which, in turn, returns the device to the original manufacturer who is responsible for repairing the issue. After the problem is solved, the manufacturer lists this device once again for sale, but, since it was already sold and returned, it cannot be listed as brand-new. So, the manufacturer lists the phone are refurbished pristine.

While the manufacturer refurbished phones are priced cheaper than the brand-new smartphones of the same brand and model, they are still considered to be somewhat pricey as they cost a lot to be repaired by the manufacturer.

Pre-owned renewed phone (Seller/Store Refurbished)

This is the second type of refurbished phones and they are usually sold by refurbishment centers or, to be more accurate, it is recommended to buy them only from refurbishment centers rather than any random seller.

The refurbishment of a second hand smartphone is, as can be expected, different from the manufacturer refurbished phone. The reason for this is that the pre-owned phone may need one or more parts replaced and it may not need any repairs whatsoever other that fixing the outer look of the phone and polishing its back so that it has the look of a brand-new device once more.

Controlling the cost of a pre-owned phone requires more effort, but it is, for the most part, very rewarding as the users would be able to get a good-as-new phone for a significant discounted price.


Used vs. Refurbished

Both used & refurbished phones come at a lower price point compared to that of the phone in a brand-new condition. Because of the similarity in price, many people often use the terms refurbished and used interchangeably and consider the two to be the same thing. However, this is not always the case as refurbished and used phones can have one major and very critical difference, which is the condition of the phone.

Refurbished phones:

As the name indicate, refurbished phones are renewed phones. So, whether it is a manufacturer refurbished device that has barely been used before or a third party refurbished phone that was pre owned by another user, the device will be renewed and any issues with it will be fixed before it is listed to be sold.

Used phones:

Used phones, on the other hand, come in an as-is condition, especially if they are being sold directly by the previous owner as individual owners would not have the tools, experience, or technical requirements to repair or renew their old phones.

This is why refurbished phones are easier to be found in a pristine condition whereas used phones come in 3 different grades in terms of quality and condition:

Grade A: These are pristine phones. They can be refurbished if they are being sold by a professional center and can be kept pristine by the owner if the owner is the one selling the phone.

Grade B: These phones clearly appear to be used before. They can have visible signs of wear and tear on the phone's outer body, but the phone's functionality should be in good shape.

Grade C: These are the phone that are not meant to be re-used by other mobile users as they would be in a bad condition. The screen might have visible scratches and even cracks and the battery would last for minutes. 


Pristine condition meaning

When it comes to refurbished products, and especially refurbished mobile phones, sellers have different descriptions for their refurbished devices from excellent and barely used to good condition. While these descriptions are fine, there is always a problem when it comes to the customer defining what these terms actually mean especially if the customer is buying a refurbished or used phone or product online which means that he or she is not able to examine the product before making the purchase. This leaves a huge room for suspicion on the customer's end as well as leaving room for potential scam on the seller's end.

Pristine condition is the one condition description that solves this entire issue by having precise and specific criteria that can be measured against. While terms like "good condition" and "excellent condition" may mean different things to different people, which creates confusion that can lead to mistrust, Pristine condition means one thing to everyone.

Buying a pristine mobile phone, or any other product, always means that this product is going to be in a like-new condition. This guarantees no severe or even visible scratches on the body of the product. It also ensures that the performance of the device will be as good as new. Finally, a pristine product is guaranteed to last for over a year at the very least. So, the worry of having this device breaking down within a few weeks or months is eliminated.


What is the meaning of certified refurbished phones?

Certified refurbished phones, and products in general, are the products that have been refurbished by the manufacturer or a refurbishment center, but has been tested by specialists to ensure the quality level of the product as well as its condition after refurbishment. Certified refurbished phones and products are usually pristine and come with a standard 12-month warranty, a free replacement of the device if it has a severe issue that cannot be fixed, and a refund of the phone's price should the customer decide to return it during the return period that is specified by the seller. In other words, certified refurbished phones have the standard guarantees and policies of the brand-new phone in terms of returning it and its warranty.

With all of the standard guarantees and due to being certified, it is 100% safe to buy a refurbished phone. However, users have to keep in mind that the phone has to have these guarantees as an initial assurance of the condition and quality of the device. This is the main reason to consider buying a refurbished phone and be sure that it is as good as new since it is certified and tested by experts.

Follow the refurbishment process of pre-owned smartphones

Tracking the phone's origins

Since the refurbished phones at QwikFone are pre-owned, they have some differences in their refurbishment when compared to manufacturer refurbished phones. For example, Once the devices are acquired form their previous owners by QwikFone, the origin of each device must be ensured to make sure that no phone was stolen or acquired by the owner in any illegitimate way. To achieve this, we use CheckMEND reports as they provide the most thorough back check of any phone which means that it also ensures that the device is original from the beginning.

This is an important step with pre-owned phones to make sure that both the seller and the buyer are on the safe side of this deal and to prevent any scamming from taking place. The CheckMEND report then becomes available for the customer to view upon purchasing the certified refurbished phone from QwikFone.

Testing the pre-owned phones

To determine the condition of the phones after their ownership is confirmed by the CheckMEND report, the devices all go through an extensive testing process that consists of 40 points to make sure that the phone is as good as new inside and out. The smartphone experts start by checking the touchscreen of the phone to ensure three points:

1- There is nothing wrong with the touch functionalities and responsiveness of the phone.

2- There are no dead pixels on the phone's display

3- The brightness of the pre-owned phone's screen is not different of dimmed when compared to the brightness of a brand-new phone's screen.

The next checks and testing steps include the battery life as it must retain at least 90% or 80% of its power capacity as brand-new. The motherboard test comes next by the smartphone experts at QwikFone. So, the test of the certified refurbished phones ensures a quality that is worthy of QwikFone's brand name in every single part of the phone.

After the testing is done, the report shows the parts that are worn or don't meet the pristine standards of appearance and performance. These parts are, then, replaced by our repair wizards using OEM part. Thanks to the skills and years of experiences that our repair professionals have, the replacement process is always seamless and the phone is returned to its like-new state afterwards.

What are mobile OEM parts?

If you read the term "OEM part" in the previous section and didn't know what it refers to, this section is going to clear the meaning of OEM, refurbished OEM, and aftermarket parts.

When a used mobile has a worn part such as a drained battery that does not retain much power or a scratched screen that makes the phone not look as good as new, this part is then must be replaced with a spare part. There are mainly two types of spare parts whether this part is for a mobile or any other product.

- The first type is the OEM parts which are manufactured by the same factories and under the supervision of the same engineers that created the original product. This means that OEM parts were made under the guidelines and quality standards of the part that is in the phone when it was purchased brand-new. As a result, using OEM spare parts in repairs and refurbished phones guarantees and identical performance of the brand-new phone.

The price of OEM parts is quite expensive, as can be imagined, when compared to the expected cost of repair services and refurbished phones on the customers' side. This is why there had to be an option that has the quality, but at a lower price range. Just like refurbished phones allows the users to have the high-end flagship devices at mid-range prices, the refurbished OEM spare parts gives the repair specialists the original part's performance at a lower price point. So, the word refurbished meaning always includes saving money!

- The next type of spare parts that can be used in repairing refurbished phones are the aftermarket parts. These are parts that are manufactured by a different source other than the original manufacturer of the phone. These parts also have their own tests and grading system to indicate their quality and what performance and lifetime the professional and the customer can expect from these parts. Grade A parts are the best, of course, and in case of the lack of an OEM part, a grade-A part is used as the next best option.

The network of the pre-owned phone

While the a pre-owned, or even brand-new, mobile phones mostly come locked to certain carriers as the owners prefer to get locked phones to benefit from the installments payment that comes with the carrier's contracts, refurbished phones on the other hand are almost always guaranteed to be unlocked.

The idea here is that while users give up on the freedom of using different carriers with new phones in order to be able to pay monthly for the carrier contract, refurbished phone users can get the best of both worlds by benefiting from the unlocked phone that works with multiple carriers' networks, and pay in monthly installments to the third-party seller at the same time.

Testing after the refurbishment

The final testing process after the refurbishment of the product is done is conducted to ensure that the phone is in a pristine condition for the last time before listing it for sale on the website. There is also another time when the phone is checked for pristine standards; that is when the phone is ordered, it must be tested by our professionals before it goes out for shipping.

Should I buy a certified refurbished product?

To answer this question, each customer must first ask himself or herself what the product is needed for? What is my budget limit for that product? What certified refurbished offer is the best?

Well, for the first and second questions, the answers entirely depend on the customer's individual needs and situation. For a smartphone, for example, assessing your needs in terms of the phone's features and capabilities will determine whether you must get a flagship or a mid-range priced phone. As for the budget, it can set the bar for your phone's features to be lower than what you had hoped for if you consider buying brand-new only and not refurbished. In other words, if you need an advanced smartphone and your budget is somewhat limited, you would probably be obligated to downgrade your requirements. To avoid that, you should buy a certified refurbished phone to benefit from the reduced price and get the needed guarantees and benefits that you would normally get with a brand-new phone.


Where to buy refurbished mobile phones?

Finding a reputable seller to buy the refurbished phone from can make or break your refurbished phone deal goals. So, to identify a good refurbished phone store, you should first specify your goals by buying a refurbished phone.

So, the general goal with a refurbished phone is to save money while not compromising the quality level. In other words, customers want to pay less for the same level of performance and appearance of a device in a new condition. So, finding a seller that offers pristine refurbished mobile phones would be the place to start.

The next step is to look for the assurances and guarantee policies that the seller is offering. The closer these guarantees get to the ones that are being offered with new phones' deals, the better the seller is. The most essential terms to look for are:

  • A warranty policy for at least 6 months.
  • A return policy that guarantees a full refund.

As for the bonus points that can add to the seller's value, they would include:

  • Including the phone's accessories for free.
  • Offering free shipping.
  • Providing easy payment methods to enable monthly installments.


When to buy refurbished products?

Just like anything else that is offered for sale in the market, there is a good and bad timing to buy refurbished mobile phones and products in general. This timing is usually when 1 year has passed on the product's release. With smartphones, it is super easy to know when a phone was released thanks to websites that keep track of all the details about each phone such as GSMArena.com. By checking your desired phone on that website, you will know the exact time of the year when it was released.

So, why should you purchase a refurbished phone one year after its release?

Well, all the major smartphone companies release new phones each year around the same time. Apple, for example, releases iPhones in September of each year. So, it is usually around the same time that users would want to upgrade their phones and get the latest release.

This means that buying the refurbished phone pre-owned a year after its release guarantees its pristine condition and guarantees that you will find enough devices listed for sale from whatever model you want to buy.


What to buy refurbished?

While pristine refurbished smartphones makes the refurbished idea in itself seems like the solution to the escalating prices of almost everything, there are certain electronics that are best when bought refurbished while others better to be bought brand-new. So, what should you buy refurbished?

To answer this question, we must first identify electronics that can be refurbished in a way that restores the products original state as brand-new, otherwise, buying a refurbished tech gadget that is not as good as new is just a waste of money.

So, to sum up, products that customers should buy refurbished are quality items that are often come at an expensive price, and products that have high-quality spare parts available so that the refurbishment is able to present pristine devices.

Apple products

Most major tech websites and experts will recommend iPhones, iPad, MacBooks, and even AirPods on top of the "what to buy refurbished" list.

Apple products are even too expensive for many customers, but as refurbished, they become much more affordable. In terms of quality, the iOS experience truly deserves the purchase and the quality of spare parts when it comes to Apple products are unmatched.

Laptops, tablets, smartphones

As long as the laptop, tablet, or smartphone that is being refurbished is from a reliable or major brand such as Samsung or Google, for example, it is highly recommended to buy the laptop, phone, or tablet refurbished from a well-known source that will use OEM parts to renew the device.

Gaming consoles

Another expensive electronic that can take a good part of anyone's budget is gaming consoles. Luckily, gaming consoles are also one of the most popular electronics that are sold and bought as used and refurbished.


Opposite form gaming consoles, Kindle devices are not the trendy thing to buy. This turned out to be in favor of the refurbished Kindle market. Since certain people buy these devices, its users often take good care of their Kindle devices, so, it makes it very easy to find pristine Kindles with their original parts intact.

Camera lenses

Camera lenses prices can be shocking, especially the Canon lenses. This is why it is a famous practice to buy refurbished lenses for your professional camera to save money. The industry of refurbishing lenses has also took leaps forward since this market started flourishing.


The benefits & advantages of buying a refurbished phone

While the main benefit that buyers usually focus on when purchasing a refurbished smartphone is the lower price, there are multiple other advantages for both the individual and the community. These advantages include:

  • Saving money: As the main goal, this should be the first point!
  • Saving the environment: Refurbished phones are better for the environment as they reduce the amount of plastic needed for a new phone.
  • Opportunity for a better smartphone: Since refurbished phones are cheaper than brand-new, it allows you to upgrade the phone you want to a better one.
  • Warranty: By picking the right refurbished phone deal, such as QwikFone's, the refurbished phone will come with a 12-month warranty that guarantees its pristine condition.
  • Full Refund: This point is also dependent on the source of your refurbished mobile. With QwikFone, the deal includes a 14-day money-back guarantee.

How to choose your refurbished phone deal?

Depending on the price of the offer, you can determine whether the refurbished product is good or not. So, you shouldn't take the price as the only factor in measuring how good the refurbished product is. If you are choosing to buy a certified refurbished product, then you already have the guarantees of the 1-year warranty and the return policy that ensures a full refund upon returning that product. However, with smartphones, for example, there is much more to the phone than the handset itself. For instance, there can't be a smartphone without a charger. So, does the seller include the charger with the refurbished phone? Or do you have to spend extra money to buy one? And how good will that charger be anyway?

With the QwikFone deals for refurbished phones, the benefits do not only include the phone's charger, each phone from QwikFone comes with a full set of brand-new accessories from the charger to the SIM ejector pin tool and, of course, the USB cable and earphones if the phone and charger designs require those. Since the phone is refurbished, the accessories are not the original ones. However, since the accessories are brand-new and have the QwikFone logo on them, they are guaranteed with the same 1-year warranty that the phone has. So, if you are worried about the quality of your phone's accessories, you can rest assured that they will be replaced at once if they malfunction in any way during the first year.

Another benefit of buying a refurbished phone from QwikFone is that you can pay using PayPal credit. So, even if you don't have the phone's price at the moment of buying it, you can still get it and pay for it later!

So, to sum up and answer the question of whether certified refurbished as good as new, yes, if you are considering refurbished products, then certified refurbished is the best way to go. So, don't let the state of this economy stop you from upgrading your phone or any other device you need because you will need a powerful and durable smartphone to connect you to the world as long as we all have to stay at home and stay safe.


Myths about refurbished phones

The most appropriate refurbished meaning is saving money. But when it comes to refurbished phones, especially third-party refurbished, there are a few common myths that are shared among the collective. In this section, we're going to explore the different misconceptions about refurbished smartphones and the truth regarding them.

Refurbished phones have lower prices because they have lower quality

Refurbished phones have lower prices because:

  1. They were pre-owned.

  2. They needed some sort of repair.

However, this does not mean that the refurbished phone would be in a bad condition or of bad quality whatsoever. While this may be the case of an old phone you're buying from a friend or the previous owner directly, this is not the case with phones that were refurbished by professionals at specialized centers.

With professionals such as QwikFone, the phones are renewed, repaired, and tested by experts. So, you can expect them to be as good as new phone in every aspect.


Refurbished phones are not sanitary

Since refurbished phones are per-owned and went through a lot of hands during the refurbishment process, there is a common belief that refurbished phones are not clean and carry germs.

The truth is that refurbishment experts at QwikFone use safe and sanitary practices to ensure that the phones are not only 100% clean and safe, but also as good as new.


Refurbished phones won't last for a long time

One more myth that stems from the fact that refurbished phones were once owned by other users, so, the device must be worn and won't work as good as advertised.

Well, this is why it is important that a refurbished phone has a warranty that extends over at least 6 months if not a full year.

With the warranty policy, the phone should be guaranteed to work as good as new for as long as a new phone would last.

In addition to warranty, there are different assurances that comes with refurbished phones such as the return policy. Like a new item, a refurbished product must have the same return policy of a new one to enable the customer to get their money back in case the phone is not satisfactory to them.

With a risk-free deal, there will be no harm in ordering a refurbished smartphone and trying it to see for yourself that all of these myths hold no truth at all.

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