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    SIM Free iPhone XS Max Pristine With Warranty

    Looking for a good iPhone XS Max deal? You're in the right place!

    Whether you have previous experience using iPhones or not, the iPhone XS Max is a good choice as it is a good point to be introduced to the iOS and the whole Apple EcoSystem concepts and it has advanced features that will impress you if you are already familiar with iPhones from a previous iteration.

    So, if you want an iPhone with a large screen, a great processing power, and iOS most recent updates, order the iPhone XS Max SIM free from QwikFone and get the best deal terms and technical support for a year following your order.


    The full guide to the iPhone XS Max

    Upon the initial examination of the iPhone XS Max, you will feel that this is the iPhone that has it all. The performance, the design, and the large screen & battery are all there! As you start to take a closer look, you will be sure that this is the most perfect iPhone. So, let's take a look at the iPhone XS Max best features any why you must buy it!


    The iPhone XS Max design

    The iPhone XS Max has an elegant design with an upgraded size that allows both the larger display and the larger battery. No matter which color variant you choose to buy, you will be able to enjoy the lovely luxurious look of the glass back and the all-screen front.

    The sleek look of the iPhone XS Max is undisturbed by any buttons on the back or bezels on the front. To unlock the phone, Apple gave us the Face ID which is placed in a sensor in the notch at the top of the screen which is cleverly hidden in the wallpaper of the iPhone XS Max. Coming to the wallpaper, you will notice that impressive graphics in the wallpaper are activated by the 3D Touch. So, for example, with the default wallpaper that shows a yellow-ish planet, when you 3D-Touch the screen, the planet's surface starts to move around in a very attractive pattern.

    The iPhone XS Max does not have a 3.5mm jack as Apple is trying to push towards a wireless user experience. This is a smart move because Apple also allows using wired earphones with this phone by using a dongle and, with the iPhone XS Max free SIM deals by QwikFone, you will get a pair of 3.5mm earphones in your phone box for free.

    So, if you’re still not entirely onboard with the AirPods idea or have difficulty using them for one reason or another, you can still use the regular earphones that you know and love!


    iPhone XS Max Display

    This is the star of the show as the iPhone XS Max has one of the best screens that any iPhone has ever gotten. This iPhone has a Super Retina OLED with 6.5-inch size which means an awesome experience watching content on your iPhone XS Max in terms of the images quality and details sharpness as well as the screen size itself.

    This screen enables its user to view apps in split-mode so that you are able to run two apps, such as the Mail and Calendar, for example, simultaneously.

    The brightness levels of the Super Retina is absolutely stunning and, thanks to the OLED panel, the colors are very impressive as this panel covers 123% of sRGB color gamut!

    So, you can be sure that watching your favorite series online or playing any game, no matter how detailed its graphics may be, is going to be more enjoyable with the iPhone XS Max's Super Retina OLED.


    Photos & videos with the iPhone XS Max

    There is no question that the iPhone XS Max, just like any other iPhone, captures the best images with sharp details and has a great camera performance in low-light settings. To know how good the iPhone XS Max camera is, let's take a deeper look.

    The main camera module of the iPhone XS Max XS comes with a 12MP wide lens with dual pixel PDAF and OIS and a 12MP telephoto lens with PDAF, OIS, and a 2x optical zoom. Both lenses are supported with a quad-LED flash and HDR. On this main camera module, you can film 4K videos @24/30/60fps and Full HD videos (1080p) @30/60/120/240fps. Of course, all of these video capabilities come with HDR and stereo sound recording. So, if you're looking for an iPhone at an affordable price to use in your career as an influencer, the iPhone XS Max is definitely the one for you.

    With the front-facing camera of the iPhone XS Max, you will notice that the performance and image and video quality is greatly improved thanks to the SmartHDR and bokeh controls. Choose the Stage Light effect to have the front camera blackout all of the background and light up only your face. This effect comes in handy in the cases where you want to film professional-looking videos.


    Performance, speed, and battery

    The main point to look at when using iPhones in general is the iOS version that the iPhone in question is running iOS 13.6 and, since it will continue to be supported by Apple for years to come, it will run the latest iOS version for a long time into the future. With the Apple A12 Bionic chipset and hexa-core processor supported by 4GB RAM, you can expect a spectacular performance level that enables you to run any number of apps with out the screen freezing, apps restarting, or your iPhone XS Max heating up.

    However, buying an iPhone is a guarantee in itself against any malfunctioning or any other unpleasant experiences. The true goal with the iPhone XS Max is Apple's promise that the high performance offered by the two 2.5 GHz Vortex cores which boosts the iPhone's speed by 15%. This is the superior Apple iPhone performance that users expect!

    The 3174mAh battery offers 16 hours of talk time and up to 65 hours of music play. This battery has fast charging enabling you to charge up to 50% of its total capacity within only 30 minutes and it can also be charged with a wireless charger.


    QwikFone's iPhone XS Max SIM free deals details 

    QwikFone offers the cheapest iPhone XS Max SIM free with amazing deal terms and all devices are in a pristine condition. Check out all the details below.


    Pristine & unlocked iPhone XS Max SIM free

    With QwikFone's experts, you can rest assured that your iPhone XS Max is thoroughly tested to confirm its pristine condition and its performance levels. Buying the cheapest iPhone XS Max SIM free with QwikFone means that you get a like-new condition with the best deal terms available in the market.

    The SIM free iPhone XS Max is also unlocked. So, you don't have to think about which carrier you have to use as you can use your old SIM card or even choose whichever carrier you like without any restriction. When it comes to international traveling, having an unlocked iPhone is an absolute delight as you will be able to save a lot of money by using local carriers at local prices in any country you are visiting.


    Free top-quality accessories

    Just like any brand-new iPhone XS Max deal, the SIM free iPhone XS Max from QwikFone comes with all of its essential accessories included. The accessory set from QwikFone does not require any additional cost and it includes the charger brick, a lightning to USB cable, a pair of 3.5mm earphones, and a SIM ejector pin. All of the accessories are brand-new and have the QwikFone logo. These accessories are especially made by our manufacturing partners to make sure that they will provide the same level of quality and performance as the Apple original accessories. So, with QwikFone, free means quality and longevity.


    1-year warranty for repairs & more

    All of QwikFone's deal for the iPhone XS Max include a 12-month warranty. This warranty policy guarantees that your iPhone performs as good as new for the longest time. If any malfunctioning starts to happen due to a manufacturing issue, QwikFone's repair experts will fix this issue for free as a part of our warranty policy. If the issue reappear or our repair professionals find it to be irreparable, the warranty policy will guarantee that the customer receives a free replacement for the iPhone XS Max SIM free.


    A full refund with the return policy

    Deciding to return any order is the customer right no matter what the deal is. This is exactly what the QwikFone return policy philosophy revolves around.

    With our 14-day return policy, you will be able to feel safe ordering this SIM free iPhone XS Max knowing that if you don't like it, you can get your money back once you return it.


    There are so much more amazing details in the iPhone XS Max such as free same-day shipping and monthly payment option. So, make sure to check out our policies pages and place your order right away!

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