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Top SIM Free iPhones Unlocked in UK

Buy an iPhone SIM free in the UK from QwikFone and get a perfect deal on the perfect phone. Everything that you can think of or wish for in a smartphone is provided in QwikFone devices. Our team, which consists of smartphone experts, created the all-inclusive deal that covers all the important points that our customers look for when purchasing an Apple iPhone SIM free in the UK.


Find the best iPhone SIM free deals

Finding a place to buy an iPhone SIM free in the UK is not that difficult. However, there are many more details to the decision of buying an iPhone than the device just being SIM free. For example, there is the price issue, as well as the iPhone's condition. Also, finding iPhones for sale SIM free doesn't necessarily mean the iPhones will be unlocked, there is a huge difference even though many people use those two terms interchangeably. So, in the next section, you'll find all details in terms of the QwikFone SIM free iPhone deals.


Pristine iPhone SIM free deals

While looking for an Apple iPhone SIM free in the UK in general, you should always pay attention to the condition of the iPhone as one of the very first factors that would affect your decision of buying the iPhone or not. The reason for this is that whether the iPhone is brand-new or not, you still pay a considerable amount of money for it. So, you would want it to be in a perfect condition to look good and live for as long as possible so that you're able to get the maximum use and value out of it before you have to pay money for another phone.

QwikFone is offering iPhones for sale SIM free in a pristine condition with all the guarantees that support and protect this condition throughout the user's experience using this iPhone. Thanks to our decade of experience with repairing and renewing iPhones, QwikFone professionals have developed a perfect testing procedure that consists of 40 detailed steps which provides a thorough insight into the iPhone condition and how well it is going to perform in its future use.

Moreover, QwikFone also obtains a CheckMEND report that tracks back both the authenticity and the legitimacy of all of our iPhone device. This report is available for our customers to view upon request.

So, you can feel safe with this deal and enjoy your pristine SIM free phone with all of its glory as good as new in the way it looks as well as the way it performs.


SIM free unlocked iPhone

This is one of the most important points to clarify as a SIM free iPhone does not always mean that the iPhone is unlocked as many people would think. Before choosing one of the online Apple iPhone offers in the UK SIM free, check out the difference between SIM free & unlocked iPhones.

SIM free means that the iPhone will not come with a SIM card included. This means that, if you are looking for an Apple iPhone SIM free in the UK, for example, it will not come with a SIM so that you can use your old SIM. However, the iPhone may be locked to a UK carrier which will prevent you from using this iPhone in any other country or with any other carrier in the UK. This is when it's important to check whether it is a SIM free unlocked iPhone or not.

Unlocked iPhone enables you to use it with any carrier you desire whether in the UK or any other country in the world. As long as the carrier is using network technologies that are compatible with the ones that the unlocked iPhone is built for, and most of them do, you will face no restriction no matter where you are in the world.


iPhone accessories for free!

This particular detail is often overlooked when customers are looking for iPhones for sale with SIM free condition achieved. However, an iPhone accessory such as the charger, for example, should make or break your acceptance of an iPhone SIM free deal.

The reason for this is that even though the iPhone can come at a low price, having no charger or cable means the iPhone is useless unless you pay extra to buy a charger that will keep your iPhone going.

This is why QwikFone includes a full set of iPhone brand-new accessories with all of our unlocked SIM free devices. Our experts make sure that the quality of the complimentary accessories that come with our iPhones are of similar quality to the original Apple accessories that come with the iPhone in its brand-new state. This means that not only will you be getting free accessories, they are also guaranteed to work as good as Apple's original accessories and last for as long, too!


SIM free iPhone deals details

When you buy an iPhone that's SIM free & unlocked at QwikFone, you get:

- 12-month warrant

- 14-day return policy

- free shipping

- Paying installments

 There are many more details to these terms that make them so much better than the title may imply. So, let's take an in-depth look at the benefits QwikFone is providing with all of our Apple iPhone offers in the UK SIM free.


Warranty for SIM free iPhones

When you buy an iPhone that's SIM free from QwikFone, you will have the support of our repair center. So, if, at any point during this year, you come across any malfunctioning of any kind while using the iPhone, our repair experts will help you and fix the issue for free, of course, as a part of our warranty.

QwikFone also replaces defective iPhone devices that have issues which cannot be repaired. The replacement of any defective iPhone is, of course, of the same model and comes for free. Free replacements are also available for any defective item of our accessory set that comes with the iPhones. So, if the charger or earphones are not working as they are supposed to be, QwikFone will replace them for you with brand new ones as a part of our warranty policy.

The only condition for this warranty to remain valid other than the period is for any defect to be caused by a manufacturing issue or mistake, not an accidental damage. The device should also not be opened or repaired by any other party than QwikFone's repair center as this voids the warranty policy.


Returning Apple iPhone to QwikFone

QwikFone is offering a standard 14-day return policy for all the purchases of Apple iPhone SIM free in the UK or any other location. This policy guarantees a full refund of the iPhone's price for all customers who decide to return their purchase whether the reason for the return is the customer does not like the phone or just change his or her mind regarding the purchase for any other reason.

Just like the warranty, the only condition for this return policy to remain valid over the course of the 14-day period is that the iPhone device should not be damaged in any way.

QwikFone's deals on the SIM free iPhones contain all the right details that make it perfect for the customer in terms of cost, quality, and even timing.

First, the same-day shipping option allows your order to be shipped out to your address on the same day you are placing the order. QwikFone only requires that the order be placed on a business day and during business hours for the same-day shipping option to be applicable to your order. The specific times and days for same-day shipping can be found on our Shipping Policy page. So, make sure to check our policy pages out before placing an order to get the most out of your purchase.

As for the free shipping option, you will find out that it is available for all orders not matter how big or small the order price may be. You can choose free shipping on the checkout page as the final step of your order.


Monthly installments

While it is not possible to find a SIM free iPhone & pay monthly for it as monthly payments are usually a part of a carrier contract, which means that this iPhone would be locked to the specific carrier that sells it and enables the monthly installment payment plan, QwikFone is making this option available with unlocked SIM free iPhone in the UK thanks to PayPal credit payment options.

According to PayPal's terms, customers can pay off their credit in monthly installments. Check out the PayPal website to find all the details and see how you can get this deal with 0% interest!


With this plan, you can get a more advanced and more expensive SIM free iPhone & pay monthly as you wouldn't have to pay the full price of the iPhone upfront. This means that you can get any iPhone you dream of and not be limited by the budget. QwikFone is providing the best and latest iPhones that have it all. From wireless charging to an all-screen front, you can enter the Apple world and start enjoying its famous ecosystem right now. It is all just a click away; so, click order now!


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Most asked questions about SIM-free iPhones

Can you put any SIM in a SIM free iPhone?

A SIM free iPhone will come without a SIM card included in the iPhone, however this is not a guarantee that the iPhone will be unlocked. So, if the SIM free iPhone is locked, you would have to use a SIM card from the carrier it is locked to.
With QwikFone, all of the SIM free iPhones are guaranteed to be unlocked as well. So, you will indeed be able to put any SIM on a SIM free iPhone from QwikFone.

How do I activate my iPhone SIM free?

SIM free iPhones from QwikFone are super easy to activate and use. All you will need to do is insert your SIM in the iPhone SIM tray. This SIM can be from any carrier since our iPhones are all unlocked.
The next step is to turn on your iPhone and follow the on-screen instructions to set it up & start using it immediately!

Why would you buy a SIM free iPhone?

There are several cases in which the user would benefit from buying a SIM free iPhone. For example:
- If you already have an old SIM card and would like to keep using the SIM number.
- If you travel to other countries often and would like to switch SIM cards according to the local carriers of the countries you travel to.
- If you are going to buy a new SIM and want to have the freedom of choosing the best carrier deal for you.
There are other scenarios where it would be better for the user to buy a SIM free iPhone. In all cases, make sure that your SIM free iPhone is also unlocked so that you're not restricted to one carrier for as long as you're using the iPhone.

What does it mean if an iPhone is SIM free?

It means that the iPhone is not going to include a SIM card or a carrier deal. So, when the user gets the iPhone, they will need to get a SIM card and put it in the iPhone and start using it.

Is it safe to buy an iPhone that is SIM free?

As long as the iPhone comes from a trustworthy and reliable source, it is completely safe to buy SIM free iPhones.
QwikFone has the UK's top experts to test and renew the SIM free iPhones. The devices are also professionally unlocked so that our users can use any carrier's services they like.
Finally, all of QwikFone SIM free iPhone deals come with a 12-month warranty as well as a full refund guarantee.

Are there any disadvantages with the SIM free iPhones?

QwikFone's SIM free iPhones are ensured by mobile experts to be pristine, unlocked, and in a perfect condition.
Thanks to the 12-month warranty policy and the 14-day return policy, there are no disadvantages to be worried about when you buy the SIM free iPhones from QwikFone.

Can I buy a SIM free iPhone from QwikFone UK and use it in India/Canada?

Yes, QwikFone's SIM free iPhones are also unlocked. This means that you can use the iPhone in any country around the world and switch carriers without having to use roaming services.

What is the best SIM free iPhone UK to buy?

QwikFone has a wide collection of pristine SIM free iPhones to choose from. You can go for one of the latest models with the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, or iPhone 11 Pro Max, or, if you prefer the classic design, choose an iPhone 7 or iPhone 6.
All of these models that are available on our website has the iOS 14 upgrade available and you can install it as soon as you receive your device.
When it comes to value, the iPhone 8 is for sure the one you should go for.

What are the cheapest SIM free iPhones to buy in 2021?

The iPhone SE 2016 & iPhone 6 are among the best cheapest iPhones to buy in 2021. The reason for this is that both phones are getting the iOS 14 of late 2020, which going to be the latest version of iOS throughout 2021.
If you want to upgrade to a more recent model of iPhones, you can benefit from the offers of our financing partners like Klarna. When you choose Klarna as your payment method, you will be able to pay in 3 monthly installments for your iPhone. This offer is interest-free, so, there are no extra payments or increase in the price will be required if you choose this payment method.

When is the best time to buy SIM free iPhones?

QwikFone's SIM free iPhones are available year-round at super affordable prices. However, the Black Friday offers will allow you to save an additional amount of money thanks to the special discounts for the holiday season.

How long will the SIM free iPhone UK last?

Since our devices are pristine, they are expected to last as long as the user needs them to. QwikFone deals include a 12-month warranty. So, we guarantee a pristine condition and performance throughout the first year of the iPhone's lifetime.

Should I buy an unlocked SIM free iPhone or a carrier phone?

Carrier phones have their appeal thanks to the fact that you can pay for them in monthly installments. However, Unlocked SIM free iPhones overcome the limitations of the locked carrier phones and, thanks to QwikFone's deals, you can also pay for these unlocked iPhones in monthly installments without being limited to one carrier!

Are all the SIM free iPhones being sold by QwikFone unlocked?

Yes, all of QwikFone's iPhones are unlocked as well as being SIM free.

Where can I find a cheaper SIM free iPhones in the UK? Amazon, eBay or QwikFone?

QwikFone is offering the cheapest SIM free unlocked iPhones in the online market space.
Our deals has it all from the 1-year warranty to the full refunds in case of returning the order and the free shipping.
Also, QwikFone iPhones all come with a full set of new accessories according to each phone. The standard accessory set contains the charger, SIM ejector, charging / data cable, and earphones. These accessories are included in the iPhone's original price as listed on the QwikFone website and included in the warranty policy as well.

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