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SIM Free Phones

QwikFone offers a variety of SIM-free phones. These phones are unlocked and can be used in any country without carrier restrictions. Check out our collection and buy your dream phone with a 12-month warranty, that includes a free replacement when needed, and a 14-day money back guarantee.

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The Best Unlocked SIM-Free Phones in The UK

The perfect smartphone has so many details that would definitely change from one user to the other in terms of specs, features, and price range, among other things. One of these details is the SIM card you are going to use with your phone once you buy it. Luckily, there is not much of a price difference when it comes to buying SIM-free smartphones. In fact, these types of phones can cost less as they reduce the cost of including a SIM card!

If you are buying a locked phone, you would have nothing to think about as your phone will probably come with a SIM card inside which will be the only one you can use it with. As for SIM-free phones, they will come without a SIM card even if the phone is locked. While some sellers allow you to change your SIM card by yourself in locked smartphones as long as the new SIM card would belong to the same carrier that the phone is locked to, others don't allow that and you won't be able to use any other SIM card with your phone.

Buying a phone that already has a SIM card included and everything set up may seem better for users who prefer to have care-free purchasing experiences. However these locked phones come with more restrictions than you think. Buying an unlocked SIM-free mobile phone allows you not only to use your old SIM card with the same phone number that all your friends and family have, you also get multiple benefits from such a phone. Before getting into more details, find out the differences between unlocked phones and SIM-free phone below.


SIM-free mobile phones explained

The word "SIM-Free" is often used interchangeably between two concepts. The first meaning refers to the phone that comes without a SIM card included in the device while the second is the phone that works with any SIM card from any carrier. The only constant here with the term "SIM-free" is that the phone you are buying will NOT come with a SIM card. This is why it is important to ask whether the phone you are buying is an unlocked SIM-free phone or just a SIM-free phone.


Locked SIM-free

This is when you buy a smartphone that can only work with a single mobile phone carrier which should be disclosed in the phone listing. Yet, when you buy the phone, it will not come with the SIM card from this carrier of any other carrier. So, you will, in this case, be obligated to buy your SIM card from the specified network service provider.


Unlocked SIM-free phones

With an unlocked SIM-free mobile, you would still have to buy the SIM card separately, but you can buy whatever SIM card from any carrier you desire. With such a device, you can also travel to any country, buy a local SIM card from a local carrier, insert it in your phone's SIM tray, and it will work fine!


When to buy each type?

Buying a locked SIM-free phone requires a very specific circumstance where you already have a SIM card from the carrier which the phone's SIM software is locked on. There is also the chance when you can find a good deal from a certain carrier and you can find a SIM-free phone that is locked for that carrier only, but, as you can see, this, too, is a very specific situation.

If you have your eyes set on a certain phone while you have an old SIM from a different carrier, it would be better, in such a case, to choose an unlocked SIM-free smartphone. In the next section of this page, you will find a full guide for buying cheap SIM-free phones in the UK.


Can you use SIM-free phones outside the UK? 

Most of the newer SIM free, unlocked handsets can be used in other countries. However, there are still some exceptions to the rule. For example, there are certain countries that may have different standards when it comes to their phones, which means that, what may be common in the UK or in the USA may not be the same in Asia. Most handsets will let you make, receive calls and send and receive texts, but it is important that you check your network provider first or the phone manufacturer if their phone can be used in other countries.

So, while unlocked SIM-free phones will enable you to switch between different SIM cards from different carriers that belong to different countries, you have to make sure that the phone itself supports the network technologies and protocols that the carrier's network is using.


Fortunately, most phones today are designed with support for a wider range of bands making it easier for you to travel in other countries with your phone. Still, it is important that you check this with the network provider or the phone manufacturer prior to buying their handset. Most budget phones that you’ve seen before and today only support dual or tri-band which means that they have less compatibility abroad. Modern phones, however, are offering quad-band or penta-band support, which means that they can support more bands for international usage.

This information can easily be found on the internet. So, if you, for example, want to check what bands your phone, or any mobile phone you are considering to buy, supports, you can visit gsmarena.com and search for the phone to find all of its specs and technical details which will include its network details. Similarly, a few minutes of search will enable you to find a local carrier in the country you are traveling to that uses the same tech. So, it may take a little time to find the right SIM-free unlocked phone you're seeking, but it is much better to spend that time when you're still at home rather than travel to a foreign country just to find out that, even though you bought a SIM-free unlocked phone, it wouldn't be able to work with a local carrier's SIM card.


Are there any restrictions on using SIM-free mobile phones? 

Since most people are used to buying their mobile phones from a carrier to guarantee a contract that will enable them to pay monthly installments for their phones instead of paying full price upfront, it is not common knowledge that you can buy your mobile SIM-free without facing any problems.

Some of the risks that come with unlocking a locked smartphone that, if it was a part of the sellers warranty as a locked phone, unlocking it would break the warranty. However, since our SIM-free phones are unlocked by our in-house mobile experts, the phone would be covered by the QwikFone warranty as unlocked and SIM-free.

QwikFone experts ensure and guarantee that your SIM-free smartphone will work as good as any phone you buy with a carrier's contract, with the added value of the freedom in choosing your carrier and changing your SIM card and phone number whenever you like to!


The best SIM-free phones in the UK by QwikFone

QwikFone is offering the best of the best SIM-free phones in the UK which are the unlocked variant. As we strive to provide our customers with a maximum quality and freedom of user experience at the cheapest prices possible, our unlocked phones come with the guarantee of our testing process, due diligence, warranty, and refunds!

With QwikFone's deals, you will find out that there is a whole new meaning to the word cheap as you will see that cheap SIM-free phones mean quality and dependability in performance.


Pristine SIM-free mobile phones

The pristine SIM-free mobiles at QwikFone are in the stat of a like-new phone thanks to the experience of our team that helped the QwikFone brand thrive in the mobile market for over 10 years. As we started at first as a mobile repair service center, every single one of our professional team members have the rare skills of returning any smartphone to its new state using OEM spare parts and year of repair experience.

As a result, all of QwikFone's smartphones look as good as new and perform as good as new, too.


Due diligence with CheckMEND

CheckMEND services provide QwikFone with a detailed report about each device as to how it was acquired by the previous owner. Naturally, all devices that have any sort of illegal history in terms of how they were sold or bought in the past are rejected by QwikFone. This is how we ensure that all of our SIM-free phones are 100% original and legally bought. This report by CheckMEND is also available by QwikFone if a customer wants to view it when purchasing one of our devices.

As for the originality of the inner parts and the quality of the spare parts that are being used in the repair process, if the phone requires any, these are guaranteed by QwikFone's warranty and the experience of our team members.


Free new accessories with each handset

Dealing with smartphone professionals who have been in the game for a little more than a decade has to come with many benefits. So, we at QwikFone include a full set of whatever accessories your SIM-free phone requires in the phone box. These accessories do NOT increase the price of the phone as QwikFone offers them for free with any of our smartphone deals.  

As for the level of quality, the accessories are especially made to match the quality, and in some cases, the look, of the original accessories that comes with the phone as brand-new. 

So, for example, if you chose to buy a SIM-free unlocked iPhone from QwikFone, the iPhone box will include a brand-new charger brick, lightning cable, SIM ejection tool, and a pair of earphones if the iPhone that you chose has a 3.5mm headphone jack.

In such a case, these accessories would be especially manufactured to match the performance and quality of Apple's original accessories in order to provide our customer of a user experience that is as similar to brand-new Apple iPhones as it can be.


12-month quality assurances

All SIM-free smartphone deals from QwikFone comes with the included warranty of 12 months. This warranty ensures that the user would get free repairs or free replacement of the phone in case the phone has any manufacturing issue.

So, let's assume that a certain QwikFone customers comes across an issue with his or her phone. In this case, and assuming that the issue was not caused due to negligence or an accident such as dropping the phone on a hard floor or in water, the user would have the right to have his or her phone repaired for free by QwikFone repair professionals using OEM & grade A parts. 

If, during the repair process of the phone, our repair professionals find out that this problem cannot be fixed or that it will reappear in the future, we, then, offer to replace the device with another SIM-free pristine handset of the same brand and model for free.


Returning a SIM-free unlocked smartphone

Perhaps this is the most important part when it comes to choosing a perfect deal for a SIM-free phone in the UK or anywhere else in the world. The return policy of any seller is a huge indicator of whether you can trust the quality of the product or not. The lack of a return policy, especially with a smartphone deal, is a red flag that should warn you about this phone.

Thankfully, QwikFone is allowing a 14-day return policy that includes a full refund guarantee for all orders. So, no matter what your reason for returning your SIM-free phone to QwikFone is, we will issue a full refund of your payment for the phone once we receive the device and run our regular test.


You can now choose your favorite smartphone from a wide variety of brands and models of SIM-free smartphones by the UK's top experts and have your phone shipped out your way on the same day that you placed your order. Take your first step now towards a more free smartphone experience with the QwikFone team and enjoy our massive assurances and guarantees!

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