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    The Unlocked Reconditioned iPhone XS Max 

    When it was first released by Apple, the iPhone XS Max users had so many good things to say about it. Perhaps the most noticeable thing about iPhone XS Max at the time of its release was how it defined newer and higher standards for iPhones which was reflected in its price. When this iPhone was released alongside the iPhone XS, Apple users and mobile phone users around the world knew that premium Apple iPhones are taking smartphones' premium features, and prices, to new horizons.

    This is why it would be perfect to buy an iPhone XS Max in a pristine condition as it will allow you to enjoy the device as it was brand-new at a lower price point.

    QwikFone has the best offers for reconditioned iPhone XS Max. So, keep on reading to find out the deals' details as well as a review of the device's most important features and how to use it to get the most value for your money.


    Unboxing the iPhone XS Max & review

    The iPhone XS Max is most famous for being the largest iPhone to its date. When you first open your reconditioned iPhone XS box, and other than the QwikFone items, you will find the pristine unlocked iPhone XS Max and when you turn it on, you won't be able to see the notch thanks to the cleverly designed and placed Apple wallpaper that hides it in the darkness of space! However, it is still there; so, if you dislike the notch, don't get overly excited as you will be able to see it once you open any app with a light-colored background.

    The notch can be bearable when we keep in mind that it is housing some of Apple's best and coolest technologies such as the facial recognition feature which is crucial to this iPhone now as there is no fingerprint scanner anymore.

    In terms of the iPhone XS Max's material, it is combining all the good points from its predecessors such as the gorgeous stainless steel frame around the phone, the glass back, and, regardless of the notch, edge-to-edge OLED display.

    With the Apple logo, it is always worth paying premium prices for iPhones as users always feel that they would be getting the best quality there is in the smartphone market in terms of the iPhone's build as well as the software exclusivity. In this case with the iPhone XS Max, you get your money's worth in both the hardware and software as well as fun features and great experience!

    The iPhone XS Max is one of the premium phones that truly feel and look premium. When you take out this iPhone out of its box, you will feel that it is worth its price. This feeling will deepen once you start using the phone and experiencing its speed, functionality, and connectivity. You can use the iPhone XS Max with any device that has Bluetooth connectivity and it will give you no hard time whatsoever. The particular feature is so good that it is becoming recommended to test your car's Bluetooth with an iPhone XS Max when selling it for example and it will not fail you once!


    Specs of the iPhone XS Max 

    Getting to know the iPhone XS Max before buying it is an important step that many people may overlook by only getting to know the specs of the iPhone. However, specs don't always reflect a clear image of how the smartphone and how it is going to work, especially with iPhones as their specs numbers may seem much less than other Android less expensive phones, yet, iPhones usually tops its peers in terms of the actual performance.

    However, specs still remain important to some extent and, for some users, specs have the priority to judge a smartphone. So, let's take a look at the specs of the iPhone XS Max!

    • Body: Gorilla Glass back and front with a stainless steel frame.

    • Display: 6.5- inch Super Retina OLED with scratch-resistant glass and 3D Touch

    • Processor: 1242 x 2688 pixels

    • RAM: 4GB

    • Internal storage: 64GB, 256GB, 512GB

    • Dual main camera: 12MP wide lens + 12MP telephoto lens (4K video recording)

    • Selfie camera: 7MP with smart HDR ( Full HD video recording)

    • Sound: stereo loudspeaker - No earphones 3.5mm jack

    • Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.0, WiFi 802.11, GPD, NFC, USB 2.0

    • Sensors: Face ID recognition, proximity, gyro, barometer, compass, accelerometer

    • Battery: 3174 - Supports fast charging

    From the specs alone, you can see that there are major improvements to the display, cameras, and the new addition of the enormous 512GB internal storage option. This storage space will most definitely compensate for the absence of an external memory card slot that many people take as a downside to the iPhone line in general. At one point not too long ago, 512GB was a huge storage space to have even on a laptop. Now, Apple is giving you the same space in an iPhone to carry around in your pocket. 

    Although a new iPhone XS Max would be water and dust resistant, it is important to note that after the refurbishment process, it will no longer be water-resistant. This is why you must pay attention to your device around water surfaces and avoid water damage at all costs.


    QwikFone's deal terms for the iPhone XS Max refurbished

    When you buy the refurbished iPhone XS Max at QwikFone, you will guarantee that the buying experience will be similar to buying a brand-new iPhone XS Max with the exception of the price difference which allows you to save a substantial amount of money.

    Pristine devices

    The iPhone XS Max from QwikFone has been tested by iPhone experts to confirm that it is in a like-new state in terms of its outer appearance, inner parts, and functionality and performance quality level.

    During the refurbishment process after the initial testing, our professional mobile specialists repair and replace any parts that may have been defective with refurbished OEM or grade A parts to offer the same performance as the brand-new iPhone.


    Unlocked iPhone XS Max

    While the iPhone XS Max is being refurbished by QwikFone refurbishment specialists, we unlock the device so that our customers are able to insert any SIM card from any carrier in the world and use the iPhone normally with no restrictions. 

    If you need to switch carriers for any reason, the refurbished iPhone XS Max unlocked is perfect for you. This phone is especially handy for users who travel a lot. With an unlocked iPhone, you'd be able to avoid roaming charges and use local carriers at local rates.


    Brand-new accessories

    Although we don't provide the original Apple accessories with the refurbished iPhone XS Max to keep the price and your budget under control, we do provide a full set of this iPhone's most essential accessories such as chargers, earphones, USB to Lightning cables, and SIM tray ejection tools. 

    All of those accessories are manufactured by QwikFone manufacturing partners following the Apple guidelines for original accessories in order to provide similar quality and performance of the original Apple accessories.

    The entire accessory set that is included in the iPhone box is also included in the refurbished iPhone's price. This means that you will only pay for the handset and get the accessories for free.


    12-month warranty

    QwikFone offers one of the best deals on the iPhone XS Max unlocked that includes a 12-month warranty. As per this warranty, customers of QwikFone are able to get free repairs for their refurbished iPhone XS Max devices if the device turns out to have a manufacturing problem. We will also offer a free replacement if the problem with the iPhone XS Max cannot be fixed. 

    This warranty policy is also extended to the accessories for the same 12-month period. Any defective accessories will be replaced for free with brand-new ones.


    Refund guarantee

    QwikFone's return policy on all of our refurbished phones includes a full refund guarantee for any order returns made within 30 days from the purchase date. Customers don't have to have a specific reason for returning the iPhone XS Max. Once the customer changes his or her mind about a purchase, QwikFone issues a full refund as soon as the return is made. With us, it is always as simple as that!

    The only condition for the refund to be applicable is for the iPhone and the accessories to be present in the phone box and in the same original condition QwikFone sent them in. 

    With this return policy, you are able to order the phone, check it out in person after it arrives, test it for a while before deciding whether you want to keep it or not.


    Free shipping

    As QwikFone aims to offer a deal that enables the customer to pay only the refurbished iPhone XS Max price and get everything else for free, we include a free shipping option with all of our iPhone XS Max deals. This option is 100% safe and trustworthy. 

    If you manage to place your order during our business hours, we will be able to provide a same-day dispatch service and ship out your order on the same day. For more details about our working hours and shipping methods, please visit our shipping policy page.


    Monthly Instalments (PayPal & Klarna)

    The refurbished iPhone XS Max by QwikFone can now be purchased and paid for in a monthly instalment plan. There are two plans available in addition to a "Pay later in 30 days option":

    • PayPal Credit:
      According to PayPal UK, when the customer use Credit to pay for his or her online shopping, this customer can pay for this credit later within 90 days period without the addition of any interest.

    • Klarna instalments:
      Klarna offers a similar option with the a more structured payment plan as the first payment is due when the order is confirmed and the rest are charged to the customers account over two later payments over the coming two months.

    • Klarna's pay later option:
      Klarna is also providing an option that allows customers to get their iPhones and use them for a month to make sure that everything is fine before deciding to pay for the deal. This offer also does not include interest payments.

    Most Asked Questions About Unlocked Refurbished iPhone XS Max

    How much is an unlocked iPhone XS Max?

    The iPhone XS Max is priced between £540 and £680 depending on the internal storage space you are getting. While the smallest memory space, which is the 64GB iPhone XS Max, can definitely be sufficient for all of your storage needs, the largest memory space is a whooping 512GB that will help you not to use cloud storage and have all of your content and material locally on the phone if that is what you want to do.

    Is it worth buying a refurbished iPhone XS Max?

    The iPhone XS Max is absolutely worth buying in 2020 and much longer after that. This phone has the whole package from the great design and nice color variations, to the powerful platform thanks to the Apple A12 Bionic chip and Hexa-core CPU. The iPhone XS Max also still receive Apple's security and software updates which makes it run the latest iOS version and will continue to do so for years to come.

    The refurbished iPhone XS Max from QwikFone comes in pristine condition with a 1-year warranty and a set of brand-new accessories for free.

    Is iPhone XS Max waterproof?

    While the brand-new iPhone XS Max has a water resistance quality that enables it to be submerged in a 2-meter deep water for maximum 30 minutes, the refurbished iPhone XS Max is not waterproof and QwikFone strongly recommend that customers do not subject their reconditioned iPhone XS Max devices to water as water-related damages are not covered by our 1-year repair warranty.

    Can I take pictures underwater with my refurbished iPhone XS Max?

    When the iPhone XS Max is refurbished, it loses its water resistance properties. This is why it is not possible for users to take pictures underwater with the refurbished iPhone XS Max. The brand-new iPhone XS Max is also not ideal for underwater photos at big depths as the phone is originally built to sustain its functionality under 2m of water for only 30 minutes. Any more distance or time under the surface is going to risk damaging the phone irreversibly.

    Do refurbished iPhone XS Max have new batteries?

    There are two options regarding the battery of the refurbished iPhone XS Max. During the initial testing process of the device before reconditioning it, the battery is checked against the pristine condition requirements for refurbished phones batteries. If it is found eligible and retains 80% of its power, it is kept as is. If the battery is not able to retain the marked percentage of its capacity, it is then replaced with a new battery.

    Is iPhone XS Max discontinued?

    No, updates are still available for the iPhone XS Max and it is still supported by Apple. This iPhone is expected to be supported by Apple for 5 years or more.

    Does the iPhone XS Max fit in your pocket?

    The iPhone XS Max's dimensions are 157.5 x 77.4 x 7.7 mm this means that it is slightly smaller than the iPhone 8 Plus. This makes it suitable to fit in larger pockets that can usually be found in men's trousers.
    However, it is important to note here that putting your iPhone, in general, in your pocket is not the best practice as you can accidentally damage it for one reason or the other as well as that you might feel uncomfortable due to the large size of this specific iPhone XS Max.

    Should I get the XS Max or XS?

    The iPhone XS Max is a better choice than the iPhone XS as it has a larger display with better resolution and a much bigger battery with larger capacity. There is one more important difference that usually goes unnoticed, yet, it is super important. This difference is that the iPhone XS Max has smaller bezels. Although you won't be able to tell by just looking at two iPhones in the home screen mode, the watching experience on the iPhone XS Max definitely will let you feel the difference!

    With the perfect deal created and offered by QwikFone, you can buy the iPhone XS Max pristine for a great price and pay installments as well! The device comes with free accessories, 12-month warranty, and a 14-day refund guarantee.

    What cool things can the unlocked iPhone XS Max do?

    The iPhone XS Max is one of the most wholesome iPhones that were released ever. So, you can expect it to do all sorts of cool things, and it does. These are some of the tips and tricks that make it easier for you to use and get the most out of your iPhone XS Max

    - Press and hold the power button to launch and talk directly to Siri.
    - Press and hold the power button + volume down button to power off iPhone XS Max.
    - Quickly press the power button + volume up button to take a screen shot
    - The iPhone XS Max's Face ID can be enabled to unlock your iPhone even if you're not directly looking at the phone/sensor which makes it a lot faster. To do this, go into settings and turn off the option called "require attention for Face ID".
    - You can now use the Apple music app in iPhone XS Max to search for songs by lyrics.
    - Switch your iPhone XS Max display to the dark mode by triple clicking the power button. To set this up, go to settings -> General -> accessibility -> accessibility shortcut -> smart invert.

    Is the iPhone XS Max camera better?

    The iPhone XS Max has a better camera module than most iPhones. The main/back camera module consists of 2 x 12MP lenses. The wide lens has f/1.8 aperture while the other lens is for telephoto shots and has f/2.4 aperture.
    The main camera module is supported by Quad-LED dual-tone flash and HDR. It films videos with 4K@24/30/60fps quality as well as Full HD 1080p@30/60/120/240fps with stereo sound recording.

    The selfie camera captures 7MP photos with f/2.2 aperture, SL 3D depth sensor, ad HDR as well. As for videos, the front camera films Full HD 1080p@30/60fps.

    Is the iPhone XS Max worth the price?

    The iPhone XS Max is the perfect iPhone in every aspect, feature, performance, and specification. When it comes to cost, the iPhone XS Max's price is great for the value you will be getting in return as you use this phone. In terms of quality, it's Apple! So, there is no question of how premium this iPhone's sound, display, and over all performance quality is.

    With the QwikFone deal, all of this goodness that is the iPhone XS Max comes with all the security and guarantees you need. In addition to the refund guarantee and the 12-month warranty, QwikFone adds a set of brand-new iPhone accessories with your device, free of charge!

    How much is the iPhone XS Max in 2020?

    QwikFone is offering the best iPhone XS Max deals with free accessories, free shipping, and even installments through PayPal credit. The iPhone XS Max can cost you between £600 and £750 depending on the phone's internal storage space size. The available sizes are 64GB, 256GB, and 512GB.

    Depending on your needs for storage capacity and your budget, you can decide on which iPhone XS MAx to get!

    Should I buy iPhone 11 or XS Max?

    In terms of performance and software, the iPhone XS Max runs the latest iOS version which is the same as the iPhone 11. This means that what you see inside your iPhone's screen is the same. Also, the iPhone XS Max is still supported by Apple and will continue to be supported for years to come. This means that the iPhone XS Max will receive iOS updates and security updates as soon as Apple rolls them out. So, it would be a better option to choose the iPhone XS Max. QwikFone is providing you with the best deal on iPhone XS Max with great terms and amazing details that include a monthly installment plan, free shipping, and free set of brand-new accessories.

    Does the refurbished iPhone XS Max have fingerprint?

    Just like a brand-new iPhone XS Max, the refurbished one does not have a fingerprint scanner. Apple has removed this feature along with the home button as they made an all-screen iPhone. Instead, you can use the Face ID security feature which just keeps getting better and better with time!

    Is it worth upgrading from iPhone XS Max to the iPhone SE 2020?

    Well, changing an iPhone XS Max for an iPhone SE 2020 wouldn't exactly be considered as an upgrade since the iPhone XS Max is a flagship and the iPhone SE is a budget phone.
    The iPhone XS Max is much better than the iPhone SE 2020 in terms of specs, software version, and cameras. Here's a quick rundown of what you'll be missing if you chose the iPhone SE 2020 over the iPhone XS Max:

    - Screen quality:
    The iPhone XS Max has a better screen, Super Retina OLED, while the iPhone SE 2020 has a traditional Apple Retina IPS LCD.

    - Screen Size:
    The iPhone XS Max's screen is 6.5 inches whereas the iPhone SE 2020's screen is only 4.7 inches.

    - Display resolution:
    The iPhone XS Max has a higher resolution of the 1242 x 2688 pixels compared to only 750 x 1334 pixels with the iPhone SE 2020.

    - Better camera:
    The iPhone SE 2020 has a single lens camera. The iPhone XS Max has a dual-lens camera with much more capabilities.

    - Better design:
    The iPhone SE looks like the older iPhones with the bezels, home button, and smaller limited screen. The iPhone XS Max has an all-screen front with a gorgeous edge-to-edge screen.

    - Larger battery:
    The iPhone XS Max battery has a much bigger 3174 mAh battery while the iPhone SE's battery is only 1821.

    These are a few of the aspects in which the iPhone XS Max is much better than the iPhone SE 2020. So, replacing the iPhone XS Max with an iPhone SE 2020 will be considered a downgrade.

    My 14 year old son wants an iPhone XS Max . What should I do?

    The iPhone XS Max is a solid device that guarantees the top premium Apple tech in iPhones at a good price. The iPhone XS Max is not suitable for your budget, check out QwikFone's offers on the refurbished iPhone XS Max. The iPhones are pristine, come with free accessories and a 1-year warranty. You can also pay in monthly installments with the PayPal credit plan. Finally, you can feel safe with our deal as it includes a money-back guarantee with our 14-day return policy.

    Will refurbished iPhone XS Max work on 5G?

    The iPhone XS Max was released before 5G was available for smartphones. So, whether brand-new or refurbished, the iPhone XS Max was not built to support the technology that runs 5G.
    In other words, the refurbished iPhone XS Max will not support 5G because it was not designed with 5G in mind.

    Is reconditioned iPhone XS Max worth $100 more than XS?

    The iPhone XS Max has a larger screen, a better display quality, and a bigger battery than the iPhone XS. So, upgrading to the more premium version for only $100 is worth it.

    Can I use iPhone XS Max without a case?

    The iPhone XS Max is entirely made of glass with the exception of the frame which is made of stainless steel. While both the front and back of the iPhone XS Max has Gorilla Glass on top for protection, it is highly recommended to get a sturdy protective case for your iPhone.

    Can we upgrade the refurbished iPhone XS Max to iOS 14? Will QwikFone team offer any support in this?

    Absolutely! The iPhone XS Max is getting the iOS 14. So, it can definitely be upgraded. While the upgrading process in itself is performed by the iPhone itself, QwikFone's customer support team would be delighted to help you start the upgrade and walk you through the process as well as offering any additional help you may require with your QwikFone iPhone XS Max refurbished.
    As for the iPhone XS Max, it will continue to be supported by Apple's software updates for more years in the future. So, the QwikFone refurbished iPhone XS Max is expected to be running the latest Apple software version as well as receiving the latest security patches and updates for years to come.

    Will the iPhone XS Max cheap survive more than six months?

    QwikFone provides a 12-month guarantee for the refurbished iPhone XS Max. With our warranty policy, the device is going to work as good as new, or we fix it, or replace it entirely, for free.
    This warranty policy covers not only the iPhone XS Max itself, but also the accessories that the QwikFone team includes in your refurbished phone box for free. The set of accessories comes with every refurbished iPhone XS Max order and it contains a charging adapter, earphones, SIM ejector pin, and a USB-to-lightning cable for charging and data transfer purposes.

    Will QwikFone team also help in repairing of the iPhone XS Max?

    Of course!
    The refurbished iPhone XS Max has a standard warranty policy provided by QwikFone and extends over the course of the first year after the phone's purchase. If the customer comes across any technical difficulty of any sort when using your refurbished iPhone XS Max from QwikFone, our repair center specialists will make every effort to repair whatever the issue with the phone may be. If the issue is not responding to our repairing efforts, we will replace the defective iPhone with a pristine fully functioning iPhone XS Max.

    Any guidelines while the refurbished XS Max is plugged into charging?

    The iPhone XS Max refurbished comes with a brand-new high quality charger. Since the iOS upgrade, a new feature called "Optimized Battery Charging" became available on iPhones. This feature enables your iPhone to become smarter when it comes to an overnight charging so that there are less negative effects on your battery's lifetime caused by overnight charging. However, it is important for the user to pay attention when charging her or his smartphone so that the battery is not worn faster. While it is not absolutely crucial to leave your iPhone plugged into the charger until it reaches 100%, it can be damaging to the battery to keep the charger in beyond that number.
    So, just to be safe, remove the iPhone XS Max from the charger at 98%, 95%, or even 80% for a better battery performance and a longer lifetime for the battery of your iPhone.

    What are the contract terms if I wish to get the broken iPhone XS Max UK screen replaced which I bought from QwikFone?

    If the damage is caused by the manufacturer, then your iPhone XS Max's screen is going to be replaced for free at QwikFone's specialized repair center. If, however, the damage is accidental or happened due to the user's negligence, the repair service will not be for free as QwikFone warranty policy does not cover accidental damages.
    In this case, our repair professionals will be happy to repair the iPhone by replacing the broken screen in exchange for the repair service fee.
    Please pay attention that the warranty policy will also be considered void if the iPhone was opened or repaired by any other party than QwikFone's official repair specialists at our repair center.

    Which one is better, XS Max or Pixel 3 XL?

    Since both phones were released in the same year and both have great specs since they are made by the two largest smartphone software creators in the market, each user must first define his or her software needs and preferences. If you are an iOS fan, the iPhone XS Max is definitely the way to go.
    If you've been an Android user and considering switching to iOS, then the XS Max is the perfect way to do so!
    The large device with a considerable screen size will offer you a great experience in terms of hardware. The iPhone XS Max has a high-end body with quality glass on the back and the front, which allows wireless charging, as well as a stainless steel frame, which gives the iPhone a lovely luxurious look in addition to durability.

    Define the quality of the microphone used in refurbished iPhone XS Max.

    Microphone are rarely damaged or worn in iPhones. This is why the refurbished iPhone XS Max's microphone is probably going to be the original one. However, if the microphone needed to be replaced during the refurbishing of the iPhone XS Max for some reason, QwikFone is going to use refurbished OEM microphone or the original microphone from an old iPhone that cannot be repaired and has a functioning mic.

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