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Do you want an iPhone that will support your heavy usage any time, any where on a budget? Buy iPhone 6s unlocked refurbished & unlocked from QwikFone! This iPhone is in a pristine condition and comes at a great price, has a 12-month warranty, and a money-back guarantee!
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     Apple iPhone 6s Refurbished Unlocked

    When it was first released, the iPhone 6s took the mobile market by storm because of how it offered an upgraded version of its predecessor with the extra support in the phone's body that solved the previous bending issues that the users had experienced with some iPhone 6 units. Despite the naming of the iPhone 6s which led many to think that it was an improved or updated version of the iPhone 6, this phone actually had so much upgrades and differences that qualified it to be its own phone that share only a few things with its predecessor, the iPhone 6. If you are looking for an iPhone that has all the good OG features that traditional iPhone users are now missing in the newer versions such as the earphones jack and the 3D Touch, this is your chance to get a cheap iPhone 6s from the most trusted source in the UK.

    If you haven't tried using this phone yet, the Apple iPhone 6s is absolutely worth a try. With QwikFone's cheapest iPhone 6s deals, you will be able to get it for a very affordable price with so many benefits and additions that make up even for the iPhone's price itself!


    Top features and specs of the refurbished iPhone 6s

    When the iPhone 6s was first released it was widely welcomed and got popular really fast. After time passed and people realized that this is the last iPhone ever to have a 3.5mm headphone jack, the popularity of the iPhone 6s hit the roof!

    While QwikFone offers the refurbished iPhone 6s 16GB, 64GB, & 128GB, the rest of the features and specs are basically the same across all the iPhone 6s versions. Check it out:

    • Battery: 1715 mAh

    • OS: iOS 9

    • Processor: Apple A9 & Dual-core 1.84GHz

    • RAM: 2GB

    • Front camera: 5MP w/ Face detection & HDR - Full HD videos

    • Rear camera: 12MP w/ Dual-LED flash & HDR - 4K videos

    • Connectivity: Wifi 802.11, Bluetooth 4.2, GPS, USB 2.0, Apple Pay

    • Display: 4.7 inches - 1334 x 750 pixels resolution

    Finally, when you buy iPhone 6s unlocked refurbished from QwikFone UK, your device will be unlocked and allows you to use any available carrier in your area and in the world. So, if traveling overseas is a big part of your life, this refurbished iPhone 6s is the solution to all of your communication problems and the over-priced roaming fees.


    The iPhone 6s review by QwikFone 

    Although most people are interested in viewing the specs of any smartphone listed in points as its easier to get an overview of what a smartphone can offer in terms of performance this way, with iPhones, the users usually get much more value than what the mere numbers of the specs may indicate thanks to Apple's premium processors and iOS which utilizes and improves the specs better than anyone can imagine. The true performance of the amazing iPhone 6s can be showcased with a fully detailed review and this is exactly what the QwikFone team is bringing you in this section.


    Design and build of the iPhone 6s

    Although the iPhone 6s has a similar design language to the iPhone 6 in terms of size, main camera, and display resolution, the iPhone 6s has one thing that makes it stand out when compared to the iPhone 6 which is the rose gold color variant. However, this is not the only reason why customers usually prefer this color when buying the iPhone 6s refurbished & unlocked from QwikFone. The real reason is how gorgeous and unique the rose gold iPhone actually looks! It is not as quiet and shy as the gold and silver ones look, but, at the same time, it is the right shade of pink that it looks elegant, not childish.

    The iPhone 6s is made of an aluminum back and an aluminum frame which provides the necessary support alongside the Gorilla Glass protected screen.


    The reconditioned iPhone 6s display quality

    The iPhone 6s has a 4.7-inch screen made of the reliable Apple's IPS LCD panel that all iPhone users know and love. This LCD offers good colors quality and sharpness as it is able to display deep blacks which is very difficult to achieve without an AMOLED which, in turn, would require buying a flagship smartphone at an astronomical price. So, the iPhone 6s display offers you this level of quality with sharp details, the famous iPhone brightness levels, and deep vibrant colors for a much less price point which is amazing!

    If you're looking for a phone to watch long videos with a clear image and good resolution at an affordable price, then the iPhone 6s refurbished is the one for you!


    3D Touch introduced for the first time!

    With the iPhone 6s release, Apple rolled out the 3D Touch feature which was widely liked by this iPhone's users as well as everyone else who tried several releases of iPhones after that. The 3D Touch was the opportunity for creating a new gesture that makes room for an additional functionality.

    For its essential purpose in the iPhone 6s, the 3D Touch is activated by long-tapping on an icon to display a shortcut menu that enables you to create a new message or note or email, for example, without having to open the app itself. This feature has been utilized by iOS developers as well. So, you can use it in third-party apps that were created and updated after the iPhone 6s was released.


    The iPhone 6s refurbished camera

    At first glance, the iPhone 6s's main camera may not seem like it has much to offer with only 12MP quality in a world where mid-range cameras are reaching 48MP. However, you must always keep in mind that Apple iPhone cameras are not about the numbers!

    In fact, the 12MP camera of the iPhone 6s refurbished offers a better quality and a better performance in low-light settings than most phones from other brands whether these phones are of the same price range as the refurbished iPhone 6s or even higher!

    There is, of course, also the fact that the 12MP rear camera of the iPhone 6s is an upgrade to the iPhone6's 8MP camera. This upgrade comes with adding the ability to film 4K videos to the iPhone 6s with the new camera lens. So, with the iPhone 6s, you can film 4K videos @30fps, Full HD (1080p) videos @60fps, Full HD (1080p) videos @120fps,  and 720p videos @240fps.


    The iPhone 6s performance review

    The iPhone 6s comes with iOS 9 installed and ready for use and, although the iOS is super fast and easy to use, you can also run a quick update for your iPhone's software to run iOS 13.6.1 which is the latest iOS version. In other words, you would be having the same interface and software performance as the iPhone 11 on your iPhone 6s.

    Finally, the iPhone 6s battery is checking all the points that users wished for in the previous versions of the iPhone. The 1715 mAh battery will give you approximately 14 hours of talk time and about 50 hours of music play time.

    As usual with Apple iPhones, the performance cannot be indicated or measured by the numbers shown on the specs sheet. So, from our period of using the iPhone 6s refurbished for this review, the battery performed perfectly!


    Testing cheap iPhone 6s for sale at QwikFone

    Before getting into the details of the iPhone 6s review, the condition of the iPhone 6s as a cheap phone for sale must be clarified as cheap phones come in all sorts of conditions and quality levels and you must be sure of what you are paying for ultimately.

    For QwikFone's units of the cheapest iPhone 6s deals, our team conducts an extensive tests to ensure the status of the phone, whether the devices qualify for the pristine condition, and confirm the legitimacy of the origin of the handset by using the CheckMEND service to provide a detailed report about where the device comes from. This way we are proudly able to provide our customers with 100% original Apple iPhones with proof of their legitimate source.

    QwikFone's testing stages ensures that your cheap iPhone is in a like-new condition. The tests start with inspecting the screen's condition and functionality. This part includes three main points which focus on the touchscreen responsiveness, the brightness level of the iPhone, and that there are no dead pixels anywhere on the screen.

    The testing process is then carried on by QwikFone's mobile experts to include all the internal parts and the outer case look of the phone as well as the battery life which must retain 80%-90% of its powers for it to be considered pristine.

    In case the screen, battery, or any of the other iPhone parts did not meet our standards for the pristine condition, this part is replaced by our repair professional with repaired Apple OEM parts. This way, we can guarantee the same performance level and quality of the brand-new Apple iPhone 6s.

    The repair process of the iPhone 6s also includes opening the SIM software so that there are no restrictions on which carrier can be used with this handset.

    So, if you travel a lot and owning an iPhone has always been too much restrictive for your circumstances, this cheap iPhone 6s is your chance to save money on both the actual phone and the carrier expenses while you are using the phone.


    Why choose QwikFone deals on iPhone 6s refurbished ?

    QwikFone offers the best deal terms in the market for the refurbished industry. For example, while most refurbished phone deals require an up-front full payment, QwikFone allows our customers to pay in installments. Check out the deal's terms below:


    Pristine iPhone 6s

    QwikFone's refurbished iPhone 6s is in a pristine condition. This means that the phone is in a like-new condition and will work at a quality and performance level similar to that of a brand-new iPhone 6s. In terms of the outer look of the phone, it may have a minor wear mark or two. However, these marks would be so tiny and unnoticeable that you won't be able to see them unless you're actively looking for them. Some devices have no marks whatsoever.


    Free charger & more

    All of QwikFone's deals on iPhone 6s refurbished include a full set of the iPhone's most important accessories such as the charger, lightning cable, SIM ejector, and 3.5mm earphones. These accessories are new and made especially for your iPhone 6s following the quality guides of Apple's accessories to offer similar performance.


    Free repair & replacement on the iPhone 6s cheapest price

    With the refurbished iPhone 6s from QwikFone, you will get a 1-year warranty to ensure that your experience using this phone for the first year is smooth and has no problems. If any problem happens, however, our iPhone experts will fix it for free as long as it is a manufacturing or refurbishment problem. Our warranty does not cover accidental damage or broken screen. So, try to keep your refurbished iPhone safe!

    If our professionals found that the device cannot be fixed or that the problem might re-surface in the future, we offer a replacement device for the iPhone 6s for free as well. So, no matter what happens, you are 100% safe and getting your money's worth and more with QwikFone.


    Refunds ensured

    If you get the refurbished iPhone 6s and feel like you don't like it, it is not the right smartphone for you, or you don't want a new phone at the moment, we are happy to refund you and accept our phone back. The only condition for this return policy is that you must ensure that there are no damages on the reconditioned iPhone 6s.


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    The Most Common Asked Questions About Refurbished iPhone 6S

    How much is a refurbished iPhone 6s?

    The refurbished iPhone 6s's price from QwikFone ranges between £125 to £250. The reason for this range is the range of the internal storage memory space which enables the users to choose between 16GB, 32GB, 64GB, and 128GB. While each memory space comes with its price point, everything else about the refurbished iPhone 6s devices remains the same in terms of the pristine condition, the unlocked SIM software, the set of brand-new accessories, and the warranty and return policy details.

    Whats is the difference between the iPhone 6 and 6s?

    Both the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s are the best-selling iPhones of all of the iPhone releases. However, there are quite a few differences between the two iPhones:
    - Build quality:
    One of the most infamous issues with the iPhone 6 was its tendency to bend which, obviously, meant that the oPhone 6 was bound to be broken at any point. The iPhone 6s came to fix this build material and design issue and it did the job beautifully, but it also came with multiple other upgrades to the older version.
    - 3D Touch:
    The iPhone 6s has the 3D Touch while the iPhone 6 doesn't. The reason for this is that the iPhone 6s is the first iPhone ever to have the 3D Touch feature. This feature allows additional functionality such as shortcuts opened from the app icons by pressing a long tap on the screen.
    - Platform:
    The iPhone 6 has iOS 8 and can only be upgraded to iOS 12.4, Apple A8 chip, and 1.4GHz processor.
    The iPhone 6s has iOS 9 and it can be upgraded to the latest iOS version, iOS 13.4, Apple A9 chip, and 1.84GHz processor.
    - RAM:
    The iPhone 6 has 1GB RAM whereas the iPhone 6s has 2GB RAM
    - Cameras:
    The iPhone 6 has 8MP rear camera, films Full HD videos, and has a 1.2MP selfie camera. The iPhone 6s, on the other hand, has a 12MP rear camera which films 4K and a 5MP selfie camera.
    - Battery capacity:
    This is the only point where the iPhone 6 exceeds the iPhone 6s as the first has a 1810 mAh battery whereas the latter comes with a smaller battery of 1715 mAh capacity.
    - Rose Gold:
    The iPhone 6s has a Rose Gold color variant whereas the iPhone 6 does not.

    Is iPhone 6s worth buying in 2020?

    From a performance viewpoint, the iPhone 6s is absolutely worth buying in 2020. It has the Apple A9 chipset, which is one of the best chips Apple has made, and The iOS can be upgraded to the iOS 13.4 version which is the same version that the iPhone 11 runs.
    The camera are amazing too as the main camera has a 12MP quality and films 4K videos. The selfie camera films Full HD videos which is something most 2020 smartphones are yet to offer.

    Will the iPhone 6s stop working?

    The iPhone 6s is still supported by Apple. This means that it gets security updates installations besides the upgrade to iOS 13.4, which is the latest iOS version in 2020. So, it is safe to say, that the iPhone 6s won't stop working as long as it has not been accidentally damaged in some way. The refurbished iPhone 6s from QwikFone is in a pristine condition works just like the brand-new one with the addition of being unlocked and working with any SIM card from any carrier.

    Will the iPhone 6s still work in 2020?

    The refurbished iPhone 6s works perfectly fine in 2020 as it has the same iOS as the latest iPhone 11. The iPhone 6s is still supported by Apple and gets the latest security software updates. So, it will work fine in 2020 and beyond as well.

    How long will the iPhone 6s be supported?

    It is known that Apple iPhones in general are supported by the company for at least 5 years. This means that the refurbished iPhone 6s will continue to be supported for the rest of 2020 and probably beyond. It is important to point out here that the support means getting software updates. So, whenever the iPhone 6s supports stops, it will still be able to work fine as it used to with no issues.

    Is the iPhone 6s outdated?

    The refurbished iPhone 6s is definitely not outdated as it runs the latest version of iOS (13.4) which is the same iOS version that runs on the iPhone 11. In terms of design, it is safe to say that Apple iPhones design in general tend to standout among other smartphones as being both elegant and luxurious and the iPhone 6s is no exception. The design and the build quality and materials of this phone qualifies it to be a 2020 phone especially as it is unlocked and will work with different carriers.

    Will iPhone 6s support iOS 14?

    According to macworld and other sources, all iPhones that support iOS 13 will get iOS 14; that, of course, includes the iPhone 6s. So, although there has been no official statement yet, the answer is likely yes, the iPhone 6s will run and support iOS 14. Buying a refurbished unlocked iPhone 6s with this capabilities is a great deal.

    Is the iPhone 6s still supported by Apple?

    Yes, the refurbished iPhone 6s is still supported by Apple throughout 2020 and, most likely, beyond 2020, as it is expected to be running the new iOS 14 which is yet to be released later this year.

    Is iPhone 6s a good phone?

    The iPhone 6s is more than just a good phone. First of all, it is a flagship at the price of a budget-to-mid-range phone. Granted, it is not a 2020 flagship. However, it is a flagship from Apple. This means that the high-end build and the premium performance will remain no matter how long it has been since its release. The other point to note here is that Apple iPhones, in general, are always a step ahead of all other smartphone brands in the market. This means that the iPhone 6s is more than perfect for a 2020 user needs.

    Is the iPhone 6s or 7 better?

    The iPhone 7 came after the iPhone 6s which means that it is more advanced. However, when you take a deeper look at the differences between the two iPhones while taking the price differences into consideration, you will find that the iPhone 6s is the best choice as you get the same 4.7-inch screen with 750 x 1334 pixels resolution and the same 12MP camera. There is not much difference in the design as well. So, it's better to go with the option that has the less price tag which is the iPhone 6s.

    Is refurbished iPhone 6s waterproof?

    The iPhone 6s is not waterproof in neither its brand-new condition nor the refurbished state. Upon its release, Apple did not mention that the iPhone 6s is waterproof. This means that this iPhone will not withstand being submerged in water. While it might be able to take a few drops or a mild splash of water, QwikFone experts advise all of our customers not to expose their refurbished iPhone 6s devices to any water sources.

    What does the S in the iPhone 6s mean?

    There are several interpretations for the S in the iPhone 6s name. While in iPhone 4s the S was for Siri and with the iPhone 5s the S was for security, many people debate that in the iPhone 6s, the S stands for sensitivity as the release of the iPhone was the first to have a 3D Touch. Another meaning that is suggested by many is that the S in the iPhone 6s stands for the word "successor" as this release was the successor for the iPhone 6.

    What's the difference between an iPhone 6s and 6s Plus?

    There is one main difference between the iPhone 6s and the iPhone 6s Plus which is the size. As a result of this difference, there are differences in the screen size, the display resolution, and the battery size and capacity. Also, the iPhone 6s has the 3D Touch feature in the home button while the iPhone 6s Plus has the 3D Touch in the display itself as well.

    What is the lowest price for the iPhone 6s?

    The refurbished iPhone 6s from QwikFone comes at the price of £123 pristine and with a set of brand-new accessories for free. This variant is 16GB and all of its color variants are available in a like-new condition.

    Is iPhone 6s worth buying in 2020?

    Absolutely! The iPhone 6s has one of Apple's best processors, the dual-core Twister processor and the Apple A9 chip powered by a 2GB RAM.
    The screen is 4.7-inch in size and has a great display quality of 750 x 1334 pixels. As for the camera quality, the main rear camera is a 12MP standard lens and it films 4K videos. The front camera is a 5MP lens with face detection and it films full HD videos (1080p).
    The iPhone 6s is still supported by Apple, which means that it has the iOS 13 update which enables the Optimized Battery Charging feature and it is also going to get the iOS 14, the same software running on the latest releases of iPhones in 2020.

    I'm going to buy a cheap iPhone 6s, Is 16GB worth buying or else should I go for 64GB?

    The 64GB version is a better option as it guarantees a sufficient storage space for your apps data, photos, videos, and any other sort of data. With the QwikFone offer, the price difference between the 64GB and the 16GB is less than £20 which makes the 64GB iPhone 6s super affordable!

    How much free memory does the iPhone 6S 32GB come with?

    The 32GB iPhone has between 26GB to 27GB of free storage. The reason for this is that the rest of the memory is reserved for the iOS as well as the stock apps that are already pre-installed on the iPhone.

    What is the current price of the cheapest iPhone 6s 32GB?

    QwikFone has great offers on the refurbished iPhone 6s 32GB at the cheapest prices without compromising the quality of performance of the iPhone. Since our refurbishment process utilizes refurbished OEM parts, which are parts manufactured by the original manufacturer of the iPhone, as well as grade-A parts, which are the best quality spare parts in the market, our refurbished iPhones provide the same performance and the same level of quality as a new iPhone 6s.
    This deal also includes all of the iPhone 6s's accessories, a 12-month warranty, and a 1-day return policy with a money-back guarantee at the price of £130.

    Is iPhone 6s refurbished dual SIM?

    No, the iPhone 6s has only one slot for a Nano-SIM card. However, you can use different SIM cards with the refurbished iPhone 6s from QwikFone because it is unlocked. So, even if you want to switch between carriers back and forth, you can do that with no restrictions.

    What is the condition of the camera of this cheap 6s iPhone model?

    The whole device is pristine including the camera. So, the cheap iPhone 6s camera is as good as new.

    Is 6s 4G?

    Yes, the iPhone 6s has 2G, 3G, and 4G bands.

    Is it VoLTE supported or only LTE?

    The refurbished iPhone 6s supports both LTE and VoLTE which enables the user to make voice calls while browsing the internet over 4G.

    I want to buy cheap 6s as I don't have much money and want to keep for 3 years. Is it ok? Will it become obsolete or already obsolete?

    QwikFone offers a great variety of iPhone 6s devices at cheap prices and in a pristine quality that will allow you to use this phone for several years. The phone box contains all of the necessary accessories that are needed for the iPhone to function as good as a brand-new one as well as QwikFone's 12-month warranty which protects both the iPhone and its accessories.

    The iPhone 6s itself is not obsolete. In fact, it is supported by Apple and received the 2020 iOS update, the iOS 14. So, your cheap iPhone 6s will be running the same software as the latest iPhone of 2020!

    Can I get the delivery in the next 2 days as it is somewhat urgent?

    You can get your QwikFone order delivered within 2 days and it won't cost you anything other than the iPhone's price!

    QwikFone facilitates free shipping over two days. The only condition to get this fast shipping for free is to place your order during our business hours to make sure that your order is dispatched and shipped out on the same day.

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