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Buy cheap iPhone 12 refurbished like-new & pay in monthly instalments free of interest. The iPhones are unlocked and come with all accessories included. QwikFone provides free shipping, 12-month warranty, and a 30-day refund period, no questions asked.
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    Unlocked Refurbished Apple iPhone 12 for Sale Pristine

    With almost every Apple iPhone release, there is some kind of controversy and the launch of the Apple iPhone 12 lineup was no different. The changes started with the launch date itself. With the whole world used to expecting the new iPhone to be launched in September of every year, the iPhone 12 launch event was streamed online in October of 2020.

    Once the iPhone 12 was presented to the world, the design changes were the most common point that caught everyone's attention. The device is shorter and more bulky than its predecessors which, for the last few generations were thin with a curved display.

    Now, the square-edged and flat screen iPhone 12 is refurbished by QwikFone's mobile experts and it is available for sale at great prices with full accessories included in the price and a 12-month warranty to guarantee the pristine condition of the iPhone.


    QwikFone's Pristine iPhone 12 Deal Terms 

    Buying a cheap iPhone 12 is now possible without giving up on any of the guarantees of the quality and authenticity of the device. As the QwikFone team works on testing and refurbishing the used iPhone 12 devices, a CheckMEND report is also acquired to make sure that the devices are all 100% authentic & original.


    Refurbished & Testing iPhone 12

    QwikFone's process starts with performing a thorough testing and inspection process on the entire device from the state of its outer case appearance to the performance of its inner parts such as cameras, speakers, and motherboard.

    After that, a detailed report is produced using the mobile repair industry's best testing software. Depending on that report, the refurbishment process starts at the hands of our most experienced professionals with 5+ years of knowledge and experience in renewing and repairing iPhones. As our team only uses refurbished OEM and Grade-A spare parts, the original performance and overall state of the iPhone 12 is restored to like-new.


    Free New Accessories

    QwikFone provides a full set of accessories with the iPhone 12 refurbished device. This is a huge plus compared to the brand-new iPhone 12 deal itself as Apple only provides a USB cable in the phone box which makes the user obligated to purchase the charger brick separately.

    With QwikFone's second hand iPhone 12, we provide the charger brick, a USB cable, a SIM ejector, and a pair of earphones. All of this is for free and does not require any sort of additional payment other than the iPhone's listed price as second hand.

    The accessories are manufactured under similar quality regulations and measures to the original Apple accessories in order to provide the same level of quality at the lowest costs on the customer and the environment.


    Full Year Repair & Replace Warranty

    To provide the complete experience and offer a safe online purchase opportunity for our second hand iPhone 12 customers, QwikFone provides a 12-month warranty for both the iPhone 12 handset and its accessories.

    If the user is faced with any malfunction in the iPhone 12 during the first year, he or she has the right to get the problem fixed for free at QwikFone's repair center. If our repair professionals rule the problem as irreparable, QwikFone offers a replacement of the defective device, another pristine iPhone 12 with the same specs as the one that needs to be replaced.

    The accessories are also covered with the same 12-month warranty policy, but can only be replaced as accessories are not repaired. So, any item of the accessory set that turned out to be defective within the warranty period, this item will be replaced with a new one.

    Please note that QwikFone's standard warranty comes for free with all orders and covers all manufacturing caused issues in the iPhone 12 and the accessories. Accidental damages on the other hand will be repaired through our paid repair center.

    It's also important to note that third party repairs will void the warranty policy. This is why we recommend that in case of damages, accidental or otherwise, contacting QwikFone's repair center to deal with the issue without affecting the validity of your 12-month warranty policy.


    Return with a Full Refund

    With refurbished iPhone deals, the seller always must provide the most and best assurances that the deal is safe and that it is guaranteeing the user's right to be satisfied or get their money back.

    This is exactly what QwikFone is offering with the cheap iPhone 12 deals in the UK and all of the EU. If you order the iPhone 12 second hand and, after receiving the order, you find out that the phone is not to your liking or even you just want to change your mind about getting this deal altogether, QwikFone is giving you a 30-day window to get your money back.

    According to our standard return policy, the customer reserves the right to return the second hand iPhone 12 order and receive a full refund of the paid price, no questions asked.

    The only condition that this policy requires in order to be valid is that the iPhone and its accessories must be in their original pristine/new condition as delivered by QwikFone. Damaged items will not be eligible for returning and refunding by QwikFone.


    Shipping, Payments, & Instalments

    QwikFone has a free shipping option that is available for all orders without a minimum amount required. This free next-day shipping service is available for all orders placed within our working hours and it also includes a same-day dispatch service.

    Our team is also providing a late-shipping option in exchange for an affordable shipping fee for customers who missed out the cut for our free shipping time and would still like to get a next-day shipping service.


    As for payments of refurbished mobile phones, QwikFone accepts a variety of payment methods to meet the needs and requirements of our customers. In addition to traditional payment methods such as bank transfers, credit cards, and PayPal direct payments, QwikFone has also added two special payment methods that enable our customers to pay for their used iPhone 12 order over the course of several months.

    • PayPal Credit:
      With this option, PayPal enables your to use your account for credit payments and get a 4-month period to pay the credit with no interest for any order that exceeds £99.

    • Monthly instalments with Klarna
      Pay through Klarna as another monthly instalment payment method. Just like PayPal, this option is also interest free. With this method, Klarna pays the amount due for your order to QwikFone and then charge your bank account over 3 equal instalments. Each payment is charges 30 days apart from the previous one.

    • Pay later with Klarna
      If you want to try the iPhone before paying for it, Klarna is making this possible with their "Pay Later in 30 Days" option. As its name indicates, this option enables the customer to receive their order from QwikFone and pay for it later within a 30-day period. You can, of course, decide not to pay for the order and return it instead. In this case, QwikFone refunds Klarna directly and your account is not charged with the order's amount.


    Apple iPhone 12 Specs in a Glance

    • Body materials: Gorilla Glass Back, Gorilla Glass Front, Aluminum Frame

    • Weight: 164 g

    • Device size: 146.7 x 71.5 x 7.4 mm

    • Screen size: 6.1 inches (90.2 cm2)

    • Display panel: Super Retina XDR OLED

    • Resolution: 1170 x 2532 pixels

    • Display features: HDR10, Dolby Vision, Wide color gamut, True Tone

    • Sound: Loudspeakers with stereo speakers

    • Main camera: (Dual) 12MP wide 26mm f/1.6 + 12MP ultrawide 13mm f/2.4, 120˚

    • Video quality: 4K@24, 30, 60 fps + 1080p@30, 60,120, 240 fps + Stereo sound recording

    • Selfie camera: 12MP wide 23mm f/2.2 + SL 3D depth sensor

    • Video quality: 4K@24, 30, 60 fps + 1080p@30, 60,120 fps + gyro-EIS

    • Battery: Li-Ion 2815 mAh

    • Charging options: Qi magnetic fast wireless charging 15W + Fast charging 20W

    • SIM: Unlocked Nano-SIM

    • Chip: Apple A14 Bionic

    • Processor: (Hexa-core) 2x Firestorm  + 4x Icestorm

    • OS: iOS 14.1 - Up to iOS 14.4

    • RAM: 4GB

    • Memory options: 64GB, 128GB, 256GB

    • Sensors: Face ID, Siri, Ultra Wideband, gyro, accelerometer, compass, proximity, barometer

    • Connectivity: Wi-Fi 802.11, Bluetooth 5.0, NFC, GPS, USB Type C


    Apple iPhone 12 Review  by QwikFone

    The iPhone 12 surprised everyone with its different design. While it is somewhat reminiscent of the iPhone 4 and iPhone 5 design with its square edges and bulky body, it was completely different from its immediate predecessors, the iPhone 11 and iPhone X. Unlike the round edges of the iPhone 11 lineup, the iPhone 12 have wide smooth edges so much so that it can stand on its own when placed on any one of its wide smooth 4 sides.


    Despite the fact that the iPhone 12 is bulky compared to the iPhone 11, its outer body is considered more sleek as the camera module is noticeably slim which leaves the back with the smallest camera bump that can be hidden within the protective case that the users usually add to the phone.


    With color variants of the iPhone 12, Apple stuck with the traditional plain colors names such as: White, Black, Red, Blue, and Green. However, the colors of the iPhone 12 are far from traditional. All color variants are extremely unique, special, and attractive. So, no matter what color you choose, the glossy finish of the back making a contrast against the matte finish of the aluminum frame is going to grab attention and turn heads around you.   


    The one thing that had everyone not 100% comfortable with the release of the iPhone 12 is the fact that the iPhone box is only going to include a USB cable without any charger brick. Apple said that the purpose of this is to reduce the amount of E-waste ending up in landfills as most users already have charger bricks from their older iPhones.

    However, the older charger bricks came with a USB type A connector while the iPhone 12 cable has a USB type C connector. This means that even if you already have an old iPhone's charger brick at home, you will be obligated to buy the iPhone 12's charger brick separately to have the right connector type!


    Luckily, you won't have to face this issue or pay extra for your iPhone's charger when you buy the refurbished iPhone 12 from QwikFone as our free full set of accessories will contain the charger brick, the USB cable, and a pair of earphones in addition to a SIM ejection pin so that you're able to replace your SIM card whenever you like since the iPhone 12 refurbished by QwikFone is also unlocked and can be used with different carriers in and out of the UK!

    Place your order now to enjoy the free shipping and free accessories along with your pristine iPhone 12.


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    Frequently Asked iPad iPhone 12 Questions

    Is iPhone 12 worth buying in 2021?

    As the latest model of the Apple iPhone line until the iPhone 13 is released towards the end of 2021, the iPhone 12 is the best iPhone to buy in 2021. It offers the latest technologies that Apple has to offer in an iPhone as well as premium specs, a large screen, powerful processor, and a huge battery capacity that is only improved by the amazing futuristic features of the iOS 14.5.

    Does refurbished unlocked iPhone 12 have Touch ID?

    No, in terms of ID sensors, the iPhone 12 only has a Face ID with a highly sensitive and smart face recognition system.

    Will iPhone 12 have a home button?

    No, since Apple has adopted the all-screen design starting from the iPhone X, all following iPhone model designs followed the same concept. In terms of the home button functionality, it is replaced with screen gestures and Face ID instead of the fingerprint Touch ID.

    Does iPhone 12 second hand have 2 SIM cards?

    Except for the iPhone 12 models made for China, all other iPhone 12 models support only 1 physical SIM card. You can have a second SIM through using an eSIM on the unlocked iPhone 12 from QwikFone.

    How many eSIM can iPhone 12 have?

    The iPhone 12 accepts one eSIM in addition to the physical Nano-SIM card which can ultimately serve as a dual SIM system.

    Is eSIM better than physical SIM in case of iPhone 12?

    In many ways, eSIMs are better than physical SIM cards for the iPhone 12 as there is no actual card that requires replacing or swapping. The absence of a physical card is definitely the better environmental option and requires little interference, all you need to do is scan the QR code given to you by the carrier.
    There is no limitations as to which carrier you can get your eSIM from as the iPhone 12 by QwikFone is unlocked and works fine with any carrier, not just in the UK, but in all of the world as well.

    Is iPhone 12 worth upgrading?

    Absolutely! With the QwikFone offer, the affordable price of the iPhone 12 and the easy monthly payments makes the purchase 100% worth it!

    Should I wait for iPhone 13 or buy iPhone 12?

    The iPhone 12 is already here and available at the best price from QwikFone. Waiting for the iPhone 13 means that you'll have to wait for several long months for a phone that all we know of until now is rumours. There is also the chance that the iPhone 13 will turn out to be an iPhone 12s! For all those reasons, getting the iPhone 12 is definitely the best option.

    Can iPhone 12 second hand take pictures underwater?

    No, the iPhone 12 second hand is not waterproof and neither is the brand-new iPhone 12. We advise all of our customers who buy the iPhone 12 to keep it away from water sources and any other setting where the iPhone can be water-damaged.

    What colours will the iPhone 12 come in?

    The iPhone 12 colour variants are:
    --> White
    --> Black
    --> Blue
    --> Purple
    --> Green
    --> Red

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