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    Pristine Refurbished iPhone 12 mini Unlocked

    For the second time after the iPhone SE 2020, Apple is presenting the market with a budget-friendly variant of its latest model, the iPhone 12. While the word budget is usually associated with less value and less specs when it comes to smartphone. However, things change when it comes to devices as premium and luxurious as Apple iPhones.

    Even though the iPhone 12 mini is considered as “the more affordable option” of the iPhone 12 lineup, there is absolutely no compromise when it comes to this device. The petite iPhone is almost as big as the good old iPhone 4, yet still, it has all the goodness and powerful specs of the iPhone 12 itself.

    Now, the refurbished iPhone 12 mini with all of its glory is available for an even lower price, but no value, condition, or specs reduction whatsoever. QwikFone is bringing you the best iPhone 12 mini second hand deal at the best condition, free accessories, and lowest prices in the market. Keep reading to find out our special deal and get the full review of the amazing iPhone.


    QwikFone’s Full Review on the iPhone 12 mini

    Apple iPhones always have a lot of opinions surrounding their launch. The iPhone 12 lineup was no different. However, the iPhone 12 mini, as a budget variant was the most incredibly appreciated device of the whole lineup.

    This small iPhone-4-sized device got the same exact capabilities as the entry iPhone 12 with an even bigger screen and an amazing resolution and display quality. Let's talk a look at the details of this iPhone.



    If you haven't been happy in the last couple of years with the increasing sizes on Apple iPhones and miss having a compact iPhone that is easily fit in a small pocket and held in one hand with no risk of dropping it due to it large size, then the compact iPhone 12 mini is here for you.

    The device has the same design, build, and components as the entry iPhone 12 which means you won't be skipping any features or downgrading in any way. Yet, the compact size will take you back to the good old days of iPhone 4!

    Besides the bulky body and the flat square edges, the iPhone 12 mini has an additional slot on the side which is the 5G antenna. The camera module is also thinner which means that, with a phone case, it can be leveled out.



    The top notch is still present in the iPhone 12 mini. However, it is hardly noticeable against the amazing Super Retina XDR OLED screen. At its compact size and with the front all screen, the display of the iPhone 12 mini is absolutely breathtaking. Compared to LCD iPhones such as the iPhone 8 and iPhone XR, this OLED display is certainly a leap forward and, combined with the rest of the iPhone 12 mini's capabilities is absolutely worth the price.

    With the addition of special features such as Dolby Vision and True Tone, the display of the iPhone 12 mini brings a new level of color quality to its users combined with the eye comfort thanks to the brightness and temp levels changing automatically according to the room's lighting where you're using the iPhone.


    Battery & Charging

    Apple is turning up the heat on the competitors in all aspects of iPhone that were previously criticized. With a compact iPhone, everyone expected to have a small battery capacity. However, the iPhone 12 mini came with the surprise of a 2227 mAh battery that supports fast charging as well as Qi magnetic fast wireless charging. With the right charger, the iPhone 12 mini's battery will charge up to 50% with 30 minutes as advertised by Apple!


    Photography & Videos

    Just like the rest of its specs, the iPhone 12 mini is not cutting its users short with the camera. The dual-lens module on the back provides you with great 12MP for wide and ultrawide shots supported with an Optical Image Stabilization feature that makes your on-the-go photos as good as those you capture on a tripod!

    As for video recording, it is easily said that the iPhone 12 mini has a better video quality than any previous iPhone model. Your video colors are going to be more vivid and lively than ever thanks to the Dolby Vision HDR feature supporting the video recording. Combined with stereo sound recording, the iPhone 12 mini is going to give you the best video image and sound quality for your content whether you're recording professionally or as a hobby for personal purposes.


    Apple iPhone 12 mini Used Specs

    • iPhone 12 mini size: 131.5 x 64.2 x 7.4 mm

    • Device weight: 135 g

    • SIM: Unlocked single SIM - Nano SIM

    • Body: Gorilla Glass - Aluminum frame

    • Connectivity: 5G - Wi-Fi 802.11 - Bluetooth 5.0 - NFC - GPS - USB/Lightning

    • Sensors: Siri Language Detection - Face ID - gyro - compass - proximity - accelerometer - barometer

    • Sound: Stereo speakers

    • Display type: Super Retina XDR OLED

    • Display size: 5.4 inches

    • Display quality: 1080 x 2340 pixels

    • Display features: HDR10 - Dolby Vision - True-tone - Wide color gamut

    • Rear camera lenses: 12MP 26mm f/1.6 wide + 12MP 13mm  f/2.4, 120˚ Ultrawide

    • Rear camera features: dual pixel PDAF - OIS - HDR - dual-tone flash

    • Rear camera videos: 4K + 1080p - HDR Dolby Vision - Stereo sound recording

    • Front camera lenses: 12MP 23mm f/2.2 wide + SL 3D Depth sensor

    • Front camera features: HDR - gyro-EIS

    • Front camera videos: 4K + 1080p

    • Chipset: Apple A14 Bionic

    • CPU: Hexa-core (2x Firestorm + 4x Icestorm)

    • GPU: Apple GPU (4-core graphics)

    • OS: iOS 14 - Upgradeable to the latest iOS

    • RAM: 4GB

    • Memory storage options: 64GB, 128GB, 256GB

    • Battery type & capacity: Li-Ion 2227 mAh

    • Charging options: Fast charging 20W - USB Power Delivery 2.0 - Qi magnetic fast wireless charging 12W


    QwikFone's Refurbished iPhone 12 mini for Sale 

    At QwikFone, a professional team with over 10 years of smartphone refurbishment experience and iPhone repairs work diligently to ensure that all of our iPhone 12 mini 2nd hand devices are returned to an as-good-as-new condition with the help of their skilled hands and using the best quality spare parts available in the market.


    Refurbishing, Unlocking, Selling!

    QwikFone's iPhone 12 mini devices are all pre-loved and obtained directly from their previous owners. To make sure that the iPhone handsets' authenticity and ownership are all in order, a CheckMEND report is provided detailing the iPhone's ownership history.

    After testing each handset using the top mobile phone testing software in the market, the repair and refurbishing process begins. To provide the best quality as well as lowering the financial and environmental costs of the refurbishment process of the iPhone 12 mini second hand device, our specialists use refurbished OEM parts that are retrieved from other iPhone 12 mini devices that were beyond economic repair (BER) or Grade-A spare parts that provide a similar level of performance.

    As a part of our refurbishment process, QwikFone professionals also unlock the iPhone 12 mini SIM software making it accessible for all networks SIM cards. This means that the QwikFone iPhone 12 mini unlocked is the best deal not only to buy in the UK, in all of the EU as well.


    New Accessories, Full Set!

    One of the biggest issues that iPhone users took with the iPhone 12 mini release is the fact that all of this 12 line is not coming with a charger head. Apple explained this by saying that users already have charging brick from other models and an additional one sent out with each iPhone box would represent only an addition to the E-waste ending up in landfills.

    However, the new cable that is sent with the new iPhone 12 mini is not the same type connector as the older brick versions. So, eventually, users would have to pay for a brick separately for this iPhone.

    This is one of the main reasons why it is a better financial decision to buy an iPhone 12 mini used from QwikFone. Our refurbished mobile phone deal includes a full set of accessories with the charger brick, USB cable, and earphones all included in the price.

    All of QwikFone accessories are measured against the original accessories quality to ensure the perfect experience for our customers who choose the iPhone 12 mini 2nd hand deal.


    1-Year Standard Warranty

    To guarantee that the iPhone 12 mini comes in a like-new condition and function as expected for the first year after the purchase, QwikFone is providing a 12-month warranty policy.

    This warranty covers any malfunction that may happen while the user is enjoying his or her iPhone 12 mini from QwikFone. We provide free repairs within the warranty policy as well as free replacement iPhone devices for issues that are not eligible for repair according to our repair professionals ruling.

    Accessories get the same warranty period as the iPhone, but only replacing malfunctioning accessories is possible as we do not repair defective accessories.

    Our warranty policy applies only to phones that start malfunctioning on their own due to a manufacturing or refurbishment error. In other words, QwikFone warranty does not cover repairing accidental damages for free.

    We do, however, provide paid repair services for accidental damages and water-related damages. Since third-party repairs can and will void this warranty policy, our repair professionals provide these paid services to keep the warranty policy valid for the future as long as the 12-month period lasts.


    Return Policy for 30 Days

    At QwikFone, we completely understand the stigma surrounding refurbished phones, especially when it comes to online shopping where you purchase a mobile phone that you have never seen before and didn't get the chance to examine before buying.

    This is why we provide a 30-day return policy that guarantees a full refund to help our customers feel safe while purchasing their second hand iPhone 12 mini devices online. With this return policy applicable to all the refurbished iPhones we sell, simply, if you don't like the device or if you change your mind, you get your money back in full, no cuts, no questions asked.


    Pay in Monthly Instalments

    QwikFone is facilitating different payment methods to make the order easier on our refurbished phone fans and customers. Now, you don't have to wait and save up the price of the refurbished iPhone 12 mini to pay it in advance. You can pay in monthly instalments free of interest, or even buy right now and pay later within a month period, also without any interest added to the price.

    Use PayPal Credit or Klarna to divide the price of the iPhone 12 mini second hand over monthly instalments or use Klarna's Pay Later in 30 Days option to get a month period to test your iPhone before deciding to pay for it!

    Frequently Asked iPad Mini Questions

    Is the refurbished iPad mini worth it?

    QwikFone is offering the refurbished iPad mini at a super affordable price which, compared to the many advantages of the pristine iPad mini, is 100% worth paying. This deal provides much more value than just the like-new iPad mini as it also provides free accessories, free shipping, and free support for 12 months.

    Is iPad mini worth buying in 2021?

    Considering its budget-friendly price, the iPad mini is worth buying is 2021 as it provides Apple's great specs and features and supports software upgrades up to iOS 9.3.5. It also provides good camera quality and large battery capacity to support heavy users.

    What's the best refurbished iPad mini to buy?

    QwikFone's refurbished iPad mini comes in a pristine state guaranteed by the market's top refurbishment experts. The QwikFone deal also includes a free set of brand-new accessories and free shipping.

    How long will the iPad mini be supported?

    In terms of software, the iPad mini gets upgrades up to iOS 9.3.5. QwikFone also offers technical support for the device for the period of 12 months after the purchase. If the user comes across any error or hardware issue, our repair professionals will fix the issue for free. Also, according to the judgement of our repair specialists, we may offer a free replacement for the refurbished iPad mini within the warranty policy.

    Is the iPad mini obsolete?

    No, the iPad mini runs up to iOS 9.3.5 which is a good version of iOS that enables the iPad mini users to enjoy many fun apps and games. So, the device is still in and it is not obsolete by any means.

    Are some iPad mini handsets too old to update?

    Since Apple puts a limit to all of its devices' upgrades after they have exceeded a certain period, the iPad mini is no different. So, the iOs version in the iPad mini will upgrade up to iOS 9.3.5, but it will not upgrade to iPad OS versions that came out after that.

    How can I tell if my iPad mini battery needs to be replaced?

    If your iPad mini battery is draining to fast or causing the device to overheat without a reason, it might be time to change the battery and replace it with a new one. Please contact QwikFone's customer service to schedule the shipping time and date of your device to perform the necessary maintenance within the warranty policy. If your device is out of warranty due to period or other reasons, QwikFone repair experts will still be able to help you replace the iPad mini battery for an affordable fee.

    Can I replace the iPad mini battery myself?

    The iPad mini battery is non-removable by design, this is why it requires a specialist to replace it. Instead of compromising your entire iPad mini, please contact QwikFone professionals who will do the job for you for a low repair fee.

    What's the highest iOS for refurbished iPad mini handsets?

    The iPad mini accepts software upgrades up to iOS 9.3.5.

    Can Apple pencil work on reconditioned iPad mini?

    No, the iPad mini was created and released before Apple thought of creating the Apple Pencil. This is why the two gadgets are not compatible.

    Is iPhone 12 mini any good?

    The iPhone 12 mini is one of the best iPhones you can get at the moment. It has all the advantages of the iPhone 12 model line with the small and more manageable size. So, it would be a great opportunity to enjoy Apple's latest and greatest creations at its lowest price without the additional costs of, say, the iPhone 12 Pro, for example.

    How bad is the second hand iPhone 12 mini battery that I purchase from QwikFone?

    The second hand iPhone 12 mini's battery is as good as new with 80 to 90 percent of its brand-new lifespan reserved. This means that the battery charges up to 100% and work as good as new battery for as many times as 80 or 90 percent of the number of times it would be charged when brand new.
    So, if the battery's lifespan is to be charged fully for 1000 times, then the pristine battery would be charged fully and function as good as new for 800 to 900 times.

    Why is my iPhone 12 mini battery draining so fast?

    It is not normal for an iPhone 12 mini's battery to drain too fast. If you're experiencing this, please check your apps as too many apps running in the background can drain the battery too fast.
    If you need QwikFone technical help to inspect and/or replace the battery, please contact our customer service through the Contact Us page to schedule a repair appointment. If your iPhone is within the QwikFone warranty policy, the repair and replacing of the defective battery will be free of charge.

    Is it OK to charge iPhone 12 mini overnight?

    Smartphone experts all advise against leaving your iPhone or any other smartphone in the charger overnight as this can affect your battery's health and cause it to be worn out faster.
    However, with iPhone 12 mini and all iPhone models that get the iOS 13 upgrade and higher, the "Optimized Battery Charging" feature allows the iPhone to learn your charging patterns in order to protect the battery from being worn when charged overnight.

    How do I keep my refurbished iPhone 12 mini battery healthy?

    To keep the health of your iPhone 12 mini battery try to avoid power consuming apps and overnight charging. In general, unplug the iPhone from the charger when it is nearly 100% or 98% charged. This way, you'll keep the battery healthy and avoid the damage that happens over time when the phone is kept charging past the 100% mark.

    Does the iPhone 12 mini need a screen protector? If yes, does QwikFone sell a screen protector?

    Yes, it is recommended to always have a screen protector to keep your iPhone 12 mini in a pristine state.
    QwikFone does sell screen protectors on our trade website for spare parts and accessories for mobile phones.

    Does the cheap iPhone 12 Pro need a case?

    While the iPhone 12 mini has Gorilla Glass to protect is on the back and front, it is recommended to always keep your device in a protective case. QwikFone is offering the latest protective cases for iPhone 12 mini. Visit our Trade website to pick your necessary accessories to keep your iPhone pristine.

    Is iPhone 12 mini waterproof?

    As brand-new, the iPhone 12 mini is water resistant only and NOT waterproof. Refurbished iPhone 12 mini are not waterproof or water resistant.

    Is iPhone 12 mini bigger than iPhone 7?

    No, in terms of size, the iPhone 12 mini is actually smaller than the iPhone 7.
    Apple iPhone 7 size: 138.3 x 67.1 x 7.1 mm
    Apple iPhone 12 mini size: 131.5 x 64.2 x 7.4 mm

    Is 64GB enough for reconditioned iPhone 12 mini?

    Yes, the 64GB iPhone 12 mini provides its users with over 50GB free internal memory space after the installation of the latest iOS and all system files and apps.

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