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Explore the best iPhone 11 refurbished deals with QwikFone, the top refurbishment experts of the UK market. Each order comes with a free set of accessories in a brand-new condition as well as a 12-month warranty for the iPhone and the accessories. Also, this deal has a money-back guarantee.
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    The iPhone 11 Refurbished Deals from QwikFone

    The iPhone 11 started off with a bang thanks to its new color variants and new camera module that contributed to creating a much needed change in the iPhone's design after it stood still for the past few years with the iPhone X, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR. It was a long journey with multiple releases of iPhones with the same design for better or worse.

    You can now get the iPhone 11 refurbished from QwikFone, the mobile refurbishment experts of the UK at amazing prices and with all the guarantees that usually come with brand-new iPhones. Know more about QwikFone, the iPhone 11 cheap deals details, and the iPhone's performance and most important features right here!


    The iPhone 11 review from QwikFone mobile professionals 

    The iPhone 11 was a surprise for many as it offers a much more advanced features, especially when it comes to the camera performance, than most Apple users expected it to. The processing power and the iPhone speed are also of next level which made all of this iPhone users pleasantly surprised with the value that they get in exchange for its price.



    The iPhone 11 has a similar design to the iPhone XR with the change of the square camera module on the back which carries two of the best camera lenses Apple has created so far.

    The iPhone 11 has a slim and sleek body with two layers of Gorilla Glass on both the front and back of the phone. The stereo speaker is located, as usual with iPhones at the bottom edge. At the top of the screen, there is the famous iPhone notch that contains the best selfie camera you can get in a smartphone.



    Apple has brought back the Retina display for the iPhone 11, but this time, it is a Liquid Retina display at the size of 6.1 inches. The 828 x 1792 pixels resolution is perfect for the panel's size and quality. So, whether you are watching a short YouTube video, a long Netflix documentary, or playing an online game with complex graphics, you will get the superior display quality that you can expect with a 2020 iPhone.



    This is the most prominent feature of the iPhone 11. While Apple usually reserves the dual lens camera for the "Plus", "Max", or "Pro" models of any of its iPhone, the standard iPhone 11 comes with 2x 12MP wide and ultrawide lenses. It is easy to switch between the different lenses of the camera with a toggle at the bottom half of the camera app interface. If using the iPhone 11 is your first experience with Apple iPhones in general, you would need a little time to get used to the camera app and how to get the best shots, but rest assured that even without spending time practicing using this camera, you would take the most gorgeous-looking and professional-like photos ever from the get go!

    Like the display and camera, the rest of the features of the Apple iPhone 11 are as impressive as can be expected from Apple's 2020 big release iPhone.


    The refurbished iPhone 11 specs

    • Body: Aluminum frame with Gorilla Glass front & back

    • Dimensions: 150.9 x 75.7 x 8.3 mm

    • Screen: Liquid Retina IPS LCD

    • Resolution: 828 x 1792 pixels

    • Sound: Loudspeaker with stereo speakers

    • Main camera: 12MP wide lens + 12MP ultrawide lens

    • Rear videos: 4K, Full HD (1080p), HDR, Stereo sound recording

    • Selfie camera: 12MP wide lens

    • Selfie videos: 4K, Full HD (1080p), with gyro-EIS

    • Chipset: A13 Bionic

    • CPU: Hexa-core ( 2x Lightning, 4x Thunder)

    • GPU: 4-core graphics

    • RAM: 4GB

    • OS: iOS 13 - Can be updated to iOS 13.6.1

    • Battery: 3110 mAh - Fast charging - Qi wireless charging

    QwikFone's offer on the refurbished iPhone 11 cheap & unlocked!

    When you buy an iPhone 11 refurbished from QwikFone, you guarantee that you get a like-new experience in everything starting with the iPhone itself and not ending with its accessories. QwikFone team makes sure that our customers enjoy the best experience possible with their refurbished iPhone 11 devices at the lowest price point possible while minimizing other costs at the same time. Check out our iPhone 11 refurbished deals below.


    Pristine iPhone 11 with professional testing

    Generally, there are two kinds of refurbished iPhones. The first kind is the brand-new iPhones that had some sort of technical issue or a faulty part. When this device is returned by the old user, it is barely used, but needs to be repaired. So, when it is repaired and re-listed by the manufacturer or a carrier for sale, it is listed as refurbished.

    The other kinds are iPhones that are absolutely fine and have no problems. These devices were pre-owned by other users who want to sell their iPhones. In this case, the iPhone has to be pristine and has no visible cosmetic wear and tear signs. The initial test that QwikFone's professionals perform confirms the pristine state of the iPhone 11 refurbished devices. After this test is done, QwikFone then obtains a CheckMENDs report to make sure that the iPhone device was legally bought by the previous owner as well as confirming the iPhone's authenticity as an original Apple iPhone. QwikFone also makes these reports available for our customers upon request.


    The iPhone 11 unlocked & renewed

    The refurbishment process of the iPhone 11 focuses on renewing and replacing any part that does not perform as good as new with a refurbished OEM part or a grade-A part to restore the like-new condition of the iPhone while ensuring the longevity of its performance on the long run. During this refurbishment process, the QwikFone team also unlocks the SIM software of the iPhone 11 if it were locked to enable the future user to use whichever SIM card he or she already has. The user can also choose any carrier he or she likes to use with this iPhone.

    This feature is especially important for users who travel internationally on a regular basis as using an unlocked iPhone would be much easier. While with a locked iPhone the user would be required to either buy a roaming bundle from the phone's carrier, which can be costly, or buy a new handset to use local carriers in the country where he or she is currently residing, with an unlocked phone, the user would be able to use local carriers' services at the local prices with the refurbished iPhone 11.


    Get free accessories with the refurbished iPhone 11

    In order to make this the cheapest deal to buy an iPhone 11 in the UK, QwikFone added a set of free accessories that contains the most important items that the user would need to experience using a refurbished iPhone 11 just like a new one. The accessory set consists of a charging brick, a charging cable, a SIM ejector, and a pair of 3.5mm earphones. All of these accessories are brand-new. QwikFone makes sure that our accessories are made according to the same quality standards that the original Apple accessories are following. This way, we can ensure that our accessories will provide the same quality of performance as the original accessories of the iPhone 11.


    Buy an iPhone 11 at a cheap price with a warranty!

    The iPhone 11 refurbished deals from QwikFone comes with a 12-month warranty policy, not only to assure the customer that the iPhone will look and work as good as a new iPhone 11, but also to provide the necessary support in case the iPhone needs to be repaired for any reason during the first full year after purchasing it.

    When you buy your refurbished iPhone 11 from a trustworthy source such as QwikFone, you get the support of our mobile repair center. This means that if you come across any issue while using this iPhone, our experienced repair professionals will fix this issue for free as a part of our warranty policy. Also, if the repair experts at QwikFone find that the issue cannot be fixed, the warranty ensures that you, the customer, get a free replacement with another pristine iPhone 11 unlocked.


    A full refund guarantee with the iPhone 11 deal

    Finding the cheapest place to buy an iPhone 11 is not always easy as it often comes with several compromises. This is not the case with QwikFone as we make sure that all of our deal terms are just like the terms that come with buying a brand-new iPhone 11.

    The QwikFone return policy allows all of our customers a 30-day period during which the customer gets a full refund if he or she decides to return the order.

    The return policy only requires the device and the accessories to be undamaged and that they have not been repaired by a third party. Once the QwikFone team receives the returned items and tests them to confirm that the iPhone and accessories are in an acceptable state, the refund will be immediately issued to the customer's payment method.


    Monthly instalment plans & more!

    QwikFone is accepting two different payment methods that facilitate paying over interest-free monthly payments.


    1- PayPal Credit:

    As a PayPal user, you can apply for a PayPal Credit account and use it for your online purchases over £99 and pay for that credit over 4 months with no interest according to PayPal terms. Apply online and get the result of your application instantly via the PayPal website.


    2- Klrana monthly plan:

    When you pay using Klarna, you get the opportunity to pay for your order to Klarna over 3 equal payments. The way it works is that Klarna pays QwikFone for your order. Then, once the order is confirmed, Klarna will charge your account with the first payment of a total of 3 payments. The other payments are then charged to your account with a month period apart.


    3- Klarna 30-day payment plan:

    If you wish to get a chance to test the iPhone before paying for it, Klarna's second option would be perfect for you. With this option, Klarna pays for your order directly to QwikFone. Then within a month time period, you can choose to either pay Klarna for the order, or return it without having to pay at all.


    No matter what you choose, QwikFone is providing all the options to make this deal 100% safe and risk-free for your convenience.


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    QwikFone answers all of your iPhone 11 questions

    Is the refurbished iPhone 11 worth the money?

    The iPhone 11 brought so much better technologies and more advanced features that the iPhone X, XS, and XS Max at a lower price point! This means that not only is the iPhone 11 is worth its price, it is also a huge opportunity to get Apple's finest creation at such a great price point.

    Is the iPhone 11 worth buying in 2020?

    As a 2019 flagship, the perfect time to buy the iPhone 11 is 2020!

    Should I get an iPhone 11 or wait for the iPhone 12?

    The perfect time to get an iPhone 12 is when a year or more has passed since its launch. This way, you allow yourself, and the iPhone, to be tested and reviewed by more than just the influencers who give an initial review right after the launch. It is better to have the opinions of normal users available for you before buying an iPhone or any other smartphone or gadget, and those opinions cannot be considered to be fully formed or reliable unless a year has passed so that enough people have tried the product.
    Also, when buying an iPhone one year after its release, you can get it refurbished for less money and pristine at the same time. So, it would be much better to buy the iPhone 11 refurbished as it offers a better value for a lower price than the iPhone 12.

    Which color iPhone 11 second hand should I get?

    Unlike its siblings, the iPhone 11 Pro and the iPhone 11 Pro Max, the iPhone 11 has a wide variety of soft, yet interesting colors. There are exactly 6 colors you can get your iPhone 11 in: White, yellow, green, red, purple, and black. Depending on your personal preference and your needs, you can choose your favorite color.
    However, you should keep in mind, as you have probably seen already, that the iPhone 11 color variants are not as deep or vibrant as the iPhone XR, which is the other iPhone that has such colorful options. The iPhone 11 are light and toned down. So, even if you want the strongest color of them, that would be, of course, the red one. If you like light, more quiet, colors, the purple and green ones are going to be perfect for that purpose.

    Is iPhone 11 good for photography?

    The iPhone 11 is perfect for photography as it offers the top-end camera quality and technology of the iPhone 11 Pro, the camera giant, in its dual lens camera system. So, if you want to get the iPhone 11 only for its camera capabilities, experts encourage you to do so.

    Can iPhone 11 replace DSLR?

    It may seem odd at first, but, the answer is yes!
    Photography experts were impressed, to say the least, when they compared photos captured by the iPhone 11 dual camera system to those captured by a Pro DSLR camera and many were not able to tell the difference between the two photos.
    Although no one has ever anticipated a smartphone's camera to be better than a professional camera that costs thousands, it was achieved by Apple in its iPhone 11 thanks to computational photography. This refers to capturing and processing images using digital computations and techniques rather than depending on the optical processing of the image.

    Does refurbished iPhone 11 have fingerprint?

    Since the iPhone does not have a home button, which is the traditional place for fingerprint reader in Apple iPhones, there is no fingerprint in the iPhone 11. This was intended by design from Apple's side as the Face ID as replaced the fingerprint ID in the most recent Apple iPhone models that have an all-screen front and no bezels.

    What are the pros and cons of the used iPhone 11?

    The pros of a pristine used iPhone 11 are the same as the brand-new iPhone 11 which include, phenomenal performance, amazing camera, great display, and a large battery with wireless charging.
    There are certain cons that can appear when buying a used iPhone 11 and they are all related to the condition of the iPhone, its performance, and quality. However, all of these cons can be avoided by ensuring that the iPhone 11 you are buying used is pristine, has a good warranty and a money-back guarantee to eliminate any potential risk with the purchase.

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