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Choose your favorite iPhone 11 Pro refurbished and pristine form the QwikFone collection and have your order ship out on the same day for free. This deal comes with a free set of accessories, a 12-month warranty, and a 30-day return policy including a full refund guarantee.
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    The Refurbished iPhone 11 Pro Pristine & Unlocked

    The latest & greatest iPhones are made available and possible to buy by QwikFone at best prices ever. With our deal terms, the refurbished iPhone 11 Pro is going to make you more than happy enjoying the most recent creations of Apple without breaking the bank!

    The iPhone 11 Pro is the more premium iPhone of all 2019 releases. Buying this iPhone may seem as a dream for many users, however, with QwikFone, this dream can easily come true at the lowest cost and with the easiest payment conditions possible in the mobile phone market in and out of the UK. Check out all of the details below.


    The iPhone 11 Pro refurbished deal terms from QwikFone

    Buying an iPhone 11 Pro at a cheap price point comes with many questions that should all be answered before taking the decision to by this deal or not. With the QwikFone iPhone 11 Pro cheap deals, there is a guarantee for every aspect of the iPhone's condition, the performance, and the deal itself so that our customers feel 100% safe when ordering our iPhone 11 Pro.


    Pristine iPhone 11 Pro second hand

    Since all of QwikFone's iPhone 11 Pro devices are obtained from their previous owners to be refurbished and sold, we perform an extensive process of testing before approving our devices as pristine.

    The initial test pertains to how the iPhone 11 Pro looks. So, our experts focus on ensuring that the back and front of the phone have no cosmetic wear signs of any kind. Then, the test moves on to the screen's performance in terms of display, brightness, and touch sensitivity. All of these points must meet the pristine condition criteria for performance. Next, the internal parts are tested in terms of how they perform compared to the brand-new iPhone 11 Pro.

    Devices that meet all of our conditions, are then unlocked in order to be able to work with any carrier that the user may choose. So, not only is our customer will buy an iPhone 11 Pro cheap, but also, he or she will be able to travel internationally and save money on the carrier services by avoiding roaming and using local carriers of any country at the local prices.


    Refurbished iPhone 11 Pro with free accessories

    Usually when buying a used phone, the phone's accessories are not included in the deal for hygiene reasons. This issue is resolved with QwikFone's iPhone 11 Pro cheap deals as we provide a set of brand-new accessories with our UK refurbished mobile phones. The set consists of a charging cable, a charger brick, a SIM tool, and a pair of 3.5mm earphones. All of these accessories are made specifically for QwikFone's refurbished iPhone 11 Pro to provide the same quality and performance level of the original accessories made by Apple.


    The iPhone 11 Pro second hand with warranty

    The first guarantee of the iPhone 11 Pro's performance and condition from QwikFone is the warranty policy. This is a similar warranty to the one offered for the brand-new iPhone 11 Pro and any other iPhone. QwikFone's warranty is 12-month long and covers the phone and accessories for that period. The support and repair services within our warranty are for free and provided by our repair experts from the QwikFone repair center. Our repair specialists will provide a reliable and transparent repair service. So, if the problem with the iPhone cannot be repaired, QwikFone will offer another pristine iPhone 11 Pro as a replacement for the defective device for free.

    This warranty policy covers technical issues that are caused by a manufacturing error. Our repair center is happy to provide paid repair services for any accidental damage. However, these damages can void the warranty policy. So, our team recommends that our customers take care of their iPhone 11 Pro devices so that your phone can remain pristine for as long as you want to keep using it.


    How to return an iPhone 11 Pro used?

    The QwikFone return policy is straight forwards and provides the necessary assurance that any customer requires while buying a refurbished iPhone. First, the return period is 30 days long to allow the user to test the iPhone and decide whether he or she enjoys it and wants to keep it or not.

    Upon returning the iPhone 11 Pro used, QwikFone's team check's the device to ensure that it is still in a pristine condition and no damages are present on the device's outer body or inner parts. Once that is confirmed, QwikFone will refund the customer with 100% if the deal's price.


    Free same-day shipping

    Buying the refurbished iPhone 11 Pro at the cheapest price is not everything to consider about your deal. QwikFone offers much more than the affordable price of the iPhone 11 Pro refurbished.

    QwikFone provides a free shipping service that you can choose on the check out page and get your iPhone 11 Pro at its lowest cost possible. You can also get a same-day shipping for free as QwikFone offers its same-day ship out services for all orders that are placed during business days and business hours without any additional cost.

    If you would like to get a same-day ship out service but you have missed our business hours, you can check that option also on the checkout page for a small fee.


    PayPal Credit

    Finally, and thanks to the PayPal credit plan, you can pay off the price of your second hand iPhone 11 Pro over the course of 4 months with no interest. It takes only minutes to fill your PayPal Credit application and get your result back. Once you're approved, using PayPal Credit will not be limited to only one purchase. You can use it again after each time you pay for your credit in full.

    The details of this option are available on the PayPal website. So, please make sure to check it out before using this payment option.


    Klarna's Options

    Klarna is offering two payment plans. If you choose Klarna as your payment method, you can either way for your order's full amount later within a month from the order date, or pay over 3 monthly payments.

    In both cases, Klarna will charge your account only with the order's amount without adding any interest as all of these services are interest-free.


    The QwikFone experts review iPhone 11 Pro 

    The iPhone 11 Pro second hand, just like the brand-new, is available in 4 colors: Space grey, midnight green, gold, and silver. While the colors names may sound as if these colors are redundant, Apple has really done its magic in making all of these colors even more elegant and attractive than before. So, while the space grey, for example, is the most traditional color name for iPhones, in this iPhone 11 Pro, it is more perfect and great-looking than ever!


    Sleek design & manageable size

    The size and looks of the iPhone 11 Pro is reminiscent of the iPhone XS, which is great as the iPhone XS was one of the most beloved iPhones in the previous year's releases. The biggest and most noticeable change is, of course, the triple camera module on the back of the iPhone 11 Pro. The back of the phone is definitely cleaner and more smooth-looking as there is no writing or printing present on it. Other than the camera and the Apple logo, there is nothing on the iPhone 11 Pro's back.


    Large display with amazing resolution

    The iPhone 11 Pro has a 5.8-inch Super Retina XDR OLED screen which offers its user one of the best viewing experiences available in the smartphone market up to date. Of course, this level of premium specs is what is expected from an Apple flagship. The only difference here is that you'll be getting the amazing iPhone 11 Pro at its cheapest price and in a like-new condition.


    Triple camera module

    Once again, Apple is taking the mobile photography to new heights with its triple camera module on the back of the iPhone 11 Pro. All three lenses are 12MP but the differ in the lens type to provide different types of images depending on your setting and surroundings. The night mode in the iPhone 11 Pro camera has a the prefect performance of the photo's quality and the clear details that everyone was wanting in previous iPhones. So, you can capture the best low-light shots ever with your new iPhone 11 Pro camera now without a single worry about how those images would turn out!


    The world's fastest phone! 

    You will be surprised at the speed of the iPhone 11 Pro thanks to Apple's A13 Bionic chipset. Thanks to this amazing chip, the GPU, CPU, and machine learning performance of the iPhone 11 Pro is improved by 20% compared to its predecessors.

    As for the battery, is has over 3000 mAh capacity and supports fast charging as well as wireless charging.

    According to most tests, the iPhone 11 Pro's battery will last about 9 to 10 hours in average. Considering the benefits of having a smaller-sized device that you can handle with one hand, this battery is absolutely amazing in terms of both capacity and performance.


    The iPhone 11 Pro specs at a glance

    • Dimensions: 144 x 71.4 x 8.1 mm

    • Body: Gorilla glass front & back with stainless steel frame

    • Screen: 5.8-inch Super Retina XDR OLED

    • Display quality: 1125 x 2436 pixels

    • OS version: iOS 13

    • Chipset: A13 Bionic

    • CPU: Hexa-core (2x2.65 GHz Lightning + 4x1.8 GHz Thunder)

    • RAM: 4GB

    • Front camera: 12MP wide lens + 12MP telephoto lens + 12MP ultrawide lens

    • Rear camera: 12MP wide lens

    • Battery: 3046 mAh

    Have a question about the iPhone 11 Pro? It's answered below!

    Is iPhone 11 Pro the best phone?

    The iPhone 11 Pro is without a doubt one of the best phones in the market. It has a relatively compact size that enables the user to fit it in their pockets, it has a relatively large screen with a 5.8-inch and about 82% screen to body ration which is awesome, and a huge battery with over 3000 mAh capacity.
    The iPhone 11 Pro also has Apple's ultimate triple camera module, the best camera system Apple has put in an iPhone so far. It's no stretch to say that the night mode in the camera of the iPhone 11 Pro capture photos as good as the ones captured in broad daylight by other flagships. Apple as spared nothing to make the iPhone 11 Pro the best phone indeed!

    Is the iPhone 11 Pro waterproof?

    The iPhone 11 Pro is only water resistant in its brand-new condition and it is NOT waterproof in neither its brand-new condition nor in the pristine refurbished state.

    Does refurbished iPhone 11 Pro need a case?

    It is recommended by experts to protect your iPhone 11 Pro with a case whether it is brand-new or refurbished. While the phone is covered with layers of protective Gorilla Glass, which will prevent its inner parts from shattering with the glass back at the first fall, Gorilla Glass is still, after all, glass. So to prevent any potential scratches and to help your phone stay pristine for as long as possible, it is better to use a sturdy good case.

    How many hours does a used iPhone 11 Pro last?

    The iPhone 11 Pro has a 3046 mAh which is huge considering the standard or usual Apple iPhones battery capacities This battery allows the iPhone 11 Pro to last about 18 hours which is about 4 hours more than the time that the iPhone XS battery lasts.

    Is the iPhone 11 Pro fragile?

    Not at all, the iPhone 11 Pro has a stainless steel frame which provide both a reliable and sturdy support as well as a good look for the phone. Although it has a glass back, both the front and back of the phone are covered with Gorilla Glass, the strongest glass known so far in the mobile market.
    So, in no way is the iPhone 11 Pro fragile. It is recommended to get a case for your iPhone 11 Pro, but that is to keep it pristine as long as you can.

    Which Colour is better in the second hand iPhone 11 Pro?

    The most distinctive colour of the iPhone 11 Pro is the new matt midnight green which Apple has rolled out especially for this release. The color is a dark subtle green and it looks really intriguing and attractive.
    There are also the three traditional iPhone color variants which are: space grey, gold, and silver. All of the iPhone 11 Pro colors has a matt finish which looks super elegant on the glass of the back.

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