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    The Ultimate iPhone of 2020: iPhone 11 Pro Max Refurbished!

    Finally, the latest and greatest of all Apple iPhones is here! The iPhone 11 Pro Max is the first iPhone ever to have a 3-lens camera on the back alongside a huge display with amazing ratio and display resolution. If you are looking to upgrading your iPhone to the latest version, this iPhone 11 Pro Max second hand deal from QwikFone is your golden opportunity!

    If there is only one flagship smartphone that deserves its price, it is the iPhone 11 Pro Max. The name may seem too long, and it generated a lot of jokes and memes online, but there is a reason for this name as it indicates the amazing bundle of features that this iPhone is packing. There is an iPhone called Pro and there is an iPhone that is called Max. Well, this is the iPhone that combines the best parts of those two types of Apple flagships!

    To know all about the iPhone 11 Pro Max and the QwikFone deal for this phone in a pristine condition for a discounted price, check the details below.


    Upgrade your smartphone to the iPhone 11 Pro Max now!

    Whether you already have an iPhone or not, the iPhone 11 Pro Max is definitely considered to be an upgrade. Not only for the fact that it is the latest iPhone Apple has released, but also because it is the best iPhone in the market at this moment. So, with this iPhone in particular, you can rest assured that you are getting your money's worth and, with the QwikFone deal, maybe even more!


    Larger battery & a better performance

    The iPhone 11 Pro Max is the heavy-duty device you have been looking for as its huge battery will support your usage of the phone all day long. With 3969 mAh capacity, the iPhone 11 Pro Max provides you with approximately 11 hours which is the longest battery life an iPhone have. This means you get to spend a longer time without needing to recharge it than with any other iPhone.

    The A13 Bionic chip with the hexa-core CPU and the 4-core GPU make the iPhone Pro Max the fastest iPhone yet. This makes this phone not only perfect for filming videos, but for editing as well. No matter what task you want to perform on your iPhone, the iPhone 11 Pro Max is going to do it in the best, fastest, and seamless way possible.


    The most premium display of all iPhones

    Apple is not cutting corners with this flagship. So, it is expected for the iPhone 11 Pro Max to have the best screen an iPhone can get. The Super Retina XDR OLED provides an amazing level of brightness that makes the screen even better than that of an iPhone 11 especially when used outside in daylight. This premium panel allows more color gradations that will blow your mind as you never thought color could look so vivid and so real on a smartphone's screen.

    With the 1242 x 2688 pixels resolution, the details of your favorite series and YouTube videos are going to be better than it has ever been before.


    The most powerful camera in a smartphone

    If your work depends on photography or filming videos in high quality, the iPhone 11 Pro Max is a necessity for you! Buying the iPhone 11 Pro Max at a cheap price would provide you with the value and content quality that you need in your work and, with QwikFone's deals, you also get the required assurances for the devices quality, condition, and performance.

    The main camera on the square module consists of 3 lenses:

    • A wide lens with 12MP photo quality, dual pixel PDAF, and OIS.

    • A 12MP telephoto lens with PDAF, OIS, and 2x optical zoom.

    • A 12MP ultrawide lens.

    All three lenses are supported with a quad-LED flash and HDR for both photo and panorama modes. As for videos, the main camera module of the iPhone 11 Pro Max films 4K videos @24fps, 30fps, and 60fps, 1080p or Full HD videos @30fps, 60fps, 120fps, and 240fps with the support of HDR and stereo sound recording.

    The low-light shots and videos of the iPhone 11 Pro Max has an unprecedented quality in terms of details sharpness and colors clarity.

    The front camera is a dual lens that consists of a 12MP wide lens and an SL 3D depth sensor. The selfie camera is also supported with HDR and films 4K and Full HD videos. This camera is a huge part of what makes this iPhone 11 Pro Max a perfect choice for your YouTube career to take off and your Instagram profile growth to sky-rocket.


    The iPhone 11 Pro Max refurbished from QwikFone 

    QwikFone is presenting all of its customers with an awesome chance to buy iPhone 11 Pro MAx at a cheap price point without having to compromise the phone's condition or any of the deal's details to get that price.


    The refurbished iPhone 11 Pro Max explained!

    There are two different types of refurbished smartphones, in general. With QwikFone, all of our refurbished devices were pre-owned and renewed to fit the pristine condition terms.

    QwikFone obtains the iPhone 11 Pro Max used in a pristine condition and our team runs the necessary tests to make sure that all units are in the desired condition. Then, if needed, worn parts, such as the battery, are replaced with refurbished OEM parts. This step allows us to return the device to its like-new condition at the lowest cost which, in turn, means that we can keep the iPhone 11 Pro Max second hand price under control in order for it to be affordable for our customers.

    After renewing the handset, and if the iPhone 11 Pro Max used is locked to a certain carrier, our professionals take the necessary official steps to unlock the SIM software to grant more freedom to our users in choosing the carrier that they want to use with this iPhone. This also allows more freedom in traveling overseas and using this iPhone 11 Pro Max with carriers in foreign countries.


    Free charger, earphones, and more!

    In order to make these the best iPhone 11 Pro Max deals in the UK, QwikFone has made every possible effort to add value and minimize the cost for the customer when buying our iPhone 11 Pro Max used.

    Since the accessories are a part of any new iPhone deal, the pristine iPhone 11 Pro Max comes with the same set of accessories that are included in the new iPhone box. Our accessory set includes the charger head, the lightning cable, 3.5mm earphones, and a SIM ejector to put your SIM card into the unlocked iPhone 11 Pro Max and replace it whenever the need calls to do so.

    These accessories are brand-new and made for QwikFone customers. Since the refurbished iPhone 11 Pro Max accessories carry the QwikFone logo, we make sure that they are of the same quality level as the original iPhone 11 Pro Max accessories that are made by Apple.


    The perfect warranty for the perfect iPhone!

    Since the iPhone 11 Pro Max is in a like-new condition, the QwikFone team made sure that all of this deal's terms and details match that of the brand-new iPhone 11 Pro Max deal. So, when you buy our cheap iPhone 11 Pro Max, you will get a full year warranty that covers the device and the accessories' performance and quality.

    With this warranty policy, you can enjoy the free repair services presented by QwikFone experts at our specialized repair center for any issues caused by manufacturing defects in either the iPhone 11 Pro Max or any of its accessories. Please note that, just like the Apple warranty for the brand-new iPhone 11 Pro Max, this warranty does not cover water damages or accidental damages.

    The warranty would also be voided if a third-party, other than QwikFone, opened the iPhone 11 Pro Max or tempered with it in any way. So, please make sure that your iPhone is away from possible damaging situations.


    Returning the refurbished iPhone 11 Pro Max

    With QwikFone, the refurbished iPhone 11 Pro Max deal is made 100% risk-free thanks to our money-back guarantee. As a part of our 30-day return policy, customers get a full refund of the iPhone's price if they decide to return their order within 30 days from the order date. This policy, of course, requires that the iPhone and the accessories should be in the same condition as described and delivered by QwikFone which means that the iPhone has to be pristine and the accessories must be brand-new. If any item from the phone box contents is damaged, QwikFone will not be able to fulfill this return request. Other than the condition and committing to the 30-day period, QwikFone will always issue a full refund to your payment method, should you choose to return your iPhone 11 Pro Max, once our tests of the device are concluded.


    Pay instalments for the iPhone 11 Pro Max refurbished!

    QwikFone added Klarna and PayPal Credit as payment method options, thus, enabling our customers to benefit from the deals offered by both of these payment gateways:

    • PayPal Credit - Renewable
      When you pay for your online purchases from QwikFone using PayPal Credit, the gateway gives you a 4-month period to pay for that credit without any added interest. Any PayPal user can apply to get a credit account and get the result within a couple of minutes. Once your PayPal Credit account is accepted, you can pay for your iPhone 11 Pro Max refurbished order using credit and then get a 4-month period to pay for that credit without interest. Once you've paid all the instalments for your credit, the offer is renewed and you can reuse PayPal Credit for other orders online.

    • Klarna - 3-Payments
      Klarna's first option is similar to PayPal's as it pay for your order in full and then you get to pay for the amount over monthly instalments without added interest. Once your Klarna account has been accepted and activated, you will be able to use this service unlimited times as long as your previous payments are paid off.

    • Klarna - Pay in 30 Days
      A second option from Klarna gives you the chance to get your order delivered without paying for it in advance; Klarna pays for the order. This way, you can examine the iPhone and try it before paying for it. If you decide that you like the phone, you can pay for it within 30 days. If you don't like the iPhone and wish to return it, you won't have to pay its price and then wait for the refund as Klarna would be refunded by QwikFone.

    The answers to your most asked questions about the iPhone 11 Pro Max

    Is the iPhone 11 Pro Max worth it?

    As one of the most recent iPhones that Apple has released, the iPhone 11 Pro Max is 100% worth buying. It has the latest technologies that are available in a flagship in the market. Since it was only recently created, the iPhone 11 Pro Max is still supported by Apple and will continue to receive software updates, security patches, and run the latest version of the Apple iOS for years to come. So, there is no better investment in a smartphone than the iPhone 11 Pro Max refurbished.

    What does the refurbished iPhone 11 Pro Max do?

    The iPhone 11 Pro Max is one of the latest and best Apple iPhones. Since it has the latest iOS features combined with Apple's newest and most premium design and built, this iPhone can do the absolute most in the display, speed, multi-tasking, performance, battery, and camera departments. So, essentially, the iPhone 11 Pro Max can do anything a 2020 flagship can do, but with the special touch of Apple's premium quality.
    One of the most exciting things about the iPhone 11 Pro Max is its camera as this is the first time Apple introduces an iPhone with a triple camera module. The performance of the wide, ultrawide, and telephoto lenses is astounding. Users will have the time of their lives taking photos and filming videos with this iPhone.

    Is iPhone 11 Pro Max too big?

    While it has a considerably large screen, the iPhone 11 Max Pro is not at all too big to be handled with one hand. In fact, its width is a little bit smaller than that of the iPhone 8 Plus. So, if you're comfortable using an iPhone 8 Plus, the iPhone 11 Pro Max would be a delight to use. With the Readability feature that Apple has recently added to iOS, you will also be able to reach the far corners and edges of your iPhone apps by pulling them down.

    Can second hand iPhone 11 Pro Max fit in pocket?

    This issue and question that usually is brought up with large phones that have large screens. It is well-known that in order to enjoy a large display with great image quality, the phone itself has to get bigger which carrier the price of the iPhone losing its compact manageable size that allowed older iPhones to fit in the user's pockets.
    While the iPhone 11 Pro Max is not so big that it is difficult for users to hold it and use it with one hand, it won't quite fit in the pocket of your jeans due to its size. So, unless the pocket is quite large, the iPhone 11 Pro Max won't fit in it.

    Is 64GB enough for unlocked iPhone 11 Pro Max?

    The internal space of the iPhone the user chooses depends entirely on the user's own needs in terms of apps and storage space. With that being said, having a 64GB iPhone 11 Pro Max can cover most users' storage needs. Even photography lovers who need large spaces to save their portfolio of different photography styles will find that 64GB is sufficient especially with the help of the iCloud storage.

    Is the iPhone 11 Pro Max waterproof?

    While the brand-new iPhone 11 Pro Max is water resistant, this does not mean it is waterproof. Water resistance means that the iPhone won't be ruined is to get a few drops of water or a splash like with light rain. Waterproof, on the other hand, means that you can go for a swim with the iPhone in your pocket and it won't be affected.
    So, according to its specs, the iPhone 11 Pro Max is water resistant, but not waterproof.

    Which Colour is best for iPhone 11 Pro Max?

    The iPhone 11 Pro Max has 3 traditional colors and one new and rather unique color. The traditional colors are space grey, silver, and gold, and the new color is called midnight green.
    The midnight green is a dark green color which goes really well with the matt finish of the iPhone 11 Pro Max's back. So, this is the color that is definitely recommended the most!

    What kind of battery life can we expect while buying iPhone 11 Pro Max refurbished from QwikFone?

    The iPhone 11 Pro Max comes with an either pristine battery, or a brand-new Grade-A battery. This means that you can expect a 100% battery life in the refurbished iPhone 11 Pro Max when you fully charge it.

    Why should I go for an iPhone 11 Pro Max and not OnePlus Nord?

    The iPhone 11 Pro Max has an important advantage which is that it is an Apple device. So, the iPhone 11 Pro Max will continue to get the latest updates of the iOS while OnePlus Nord, and Android phones in general, usually stop at a earlier version of Android when compared to Apple iPhone.
    Also, getting an iOS device such as the refurbished iPhone 11 Pro Max enables you to enjoy popular iOS exclusive apps such as The famous popular game Animal Crossing and the sky-rocketing social media app ClubHouse.

    Which iPhone 11 Pro Max colour is the best?

    The iPhone has 4 different colour variants all come in a matte finish. The space grey and midnight green variants are great choices for those who prefer dark colours for their sophisticated shades and durable colours.
    The silver and gold colour variants are the way to go if you prefer light and bright colour variants in your iPhones.

    What accessories do I get with iPhone 11 Pro Max?

    QwikFone's standard accessory set for the refurbished iPhone 11 Pro Max includes a charging brick, a lightning-to-USB cable, a SIM ejection pin, a pair of 3.5mm earphones which can be used through the iPhone's lightning port once it is connected to a dongle.

    Why should I buy 11 Pro Max refurbished and not a brand-new?

    The refurbished iPhone 11 Pro Max is not only much cheaper than the brand-new one, it also comes with full benefits and a similar package to that of the brand-new iPhone 11 Pro Max.
    QwikFone provides a 12-month warranty, a 30-day refund period, free shipping, and monthly instalment options to pay for the refurbished iPhone 11 Pro Max.

    Which is better, the Samsung Fold or the Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max?

    There is no denying that the Samsung Fold is an impressive phone with a foldable large screen and its innovative tech. However, all of the fold features come at an enormous price that is nearly £2000.
    The iPhone 11 Pro Max on the other hand comes refurbished at a much affordable price with all the goodness of Apple tech and the latest iOS. So, the iPhone 11 Pro Max is definitely the better option.

    Which is better, an iPhone 11 Pro Max, or a OnePlus 7 Pro?

    Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max is better than the OnePlus 7 Pro in terms of software upgrades, hardware specs and relevance.
    The iPhone 11 Pro Max is considered more relevant than the OnePlus 7 Pro. It has better specs and, since it is still supported by Apple, the iPhone 11 Pro Max will still get iOS upgrades for several years to come.

    How can I identify if my iPhone 11 Pro Max is original or a first copy?

    QwikFone ensures that all of our iPhone 11 Pro Max devices are original through a CheckMEND report that tracks the history of the device. There is also a way in which you can confirm the authenticity of your iPhone.
    Go to Settings > General > About
    Scroll down to find the iPhone's IMEI number.
    Tap on the number long enough to copy it.
    Use the IMEI Number of the iPhone to search on this website IMEI24.com and find out whether your iPhone is original of a copy.

    Does the iPhone 11 Pro Max has a microSD card slot?

    No, the iPhone 11 Pro Max does not have a slot for microSD memory. However, you can always use iCloud storage to extend the storage space of your iPhone.

    Which is better, iPhone 11 Pro Max or Samsung Galaxy Note 10?

    The comparison between Samsung and Apple has always come down to whether the user would prefer to use iOS over Android or the other way around. With the iPhone 11 Pro Max, it is considered a great opportunity to try one of the best iOS versions that was ever released by Apple. Also, since the iPhone 11 Pro Max was released in 2019, it is going to continue to get the latest iOS upgrades until 2024 at least!

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