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    Refurbished Pristine Samsung Galaxy Note 9 for Sale

    At the time of its launch, the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 captured everyone's attention for having a larger size than its predecessor and better color variations. Like many other flagships from Samsung and other flagships from premium brands, the only downside to the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 was its expensive price which stood as a barrier between the phone and its fans who found everything they dreamed of in a smartphone in this Note model.

    Now, this is no longer an issue as QwikFone is offering the Samsung Note 9 at the most affordable prices and with monthly instalment options to enable out customers in the UK and all of the EU to get this magnificent and flawless flagship without affecting their budgets.

    Keep reading to know all about QwikFone's special offers on the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 refurbished and how to get one.


    Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Specs  & Features

    • Device dimensions: 161.9 x 76.4 x 8.8 mm

    • Build: Gorilla Glass 5 (Front & Back) + Aluminum Frame

    • Weight: 201 g

    • Color variants: Ocean Blue, Midnight Black, Alpine White, Lavender Purple, Metallic Copper

    • SIM: Nano SIM - Unlocked

    • Main camera: Dual (12MP Wide + 12MP Telephoto) - 4K videos

    • Front camera:  Dual (8MP Wide + 2MP Iris Scanner) - 1440p videos

    • Screen size: 6.4 inches

    • Panel type: Super AMOLED

    • Resolution: 1440 x 2960 pixels

    • Memory options: 128GB 6GB RAM, 512GB 8GB RAM

    • Additional memory: MicroSDXC memory card up to 1TB

    • OS: Up to Android 10, One UI 2.5

    • CPU: Octa-core

    • Chipset: Exynos 9810 Octa

    • Battery: Li-Ion 4000 mAh

    • Fast charging + Qi/PMA Wireless charging


    Full Review of Samsung Galaxy Note 9 

    With a huge screen and battery thanks to its larger size compared to its predecessors, the Galaxy Note 9 pack a punch as can be expected from a Samsung flagship. In addition to the increased sizes of the display and battery, the camera is also improved to reach a level where it now provides a superb performance in low light settings. Let's take a deeper look:

    Galaxy Note 9 Design

    With a slightly wider and shorter body than the Note 8, Galaxy Note 9 feels more substantial in the hand and even easier to hold and reach all corners of the screen with just one hand.

    The Note's size also makes it perfect for carrying around in your pocket, since the device is not too wide or too long, it fits perfectly.

    Thanks to the sleek design, there are no annoying notch or bumps that get in the way while you're watching content on the Note 9 or placing it on a table. In terms of security and ease of unlocking your phone, Samsung stuck with the traditional fingerprint scanner and placed it on the back of the phone right below the horizontal camera module. The fingerprint ID reader is placed in the middle of the Note's width. So, the user's finger naturally lands on it when holding the phone which facilitates better accessibility.

    The front of the Note 9 is mostly the Super AMOLED display with the exception of the top and bottom of the screen which have the thinnest bezels. The forehead and chin of the Galaxy Note 9 are barely noticeable and, at the same time, they are doing the terrific job of hiding the selfie camera, iris scanner lens, and proximity sensor in addition to other features and functionalities that have to be placed in the front of the phone without resorting to having a notch disturbing the user's watching time in landscape mode.


    Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Display

    In traditional LCD screens, the phone would usually have an additional layer on top of the actual display to recognize the user's touch and translate it into a certain function. Since Samsung rolled out the Super AMOLED display technology, the touch recognition function is now integrated within the screen itself resulting in a thinner screen and a lighter phone overall.

    In addition to its groundbreaking capability to include the touch function into the display panel, the AMOLED tech also provides an improved display quality as it automatically adapts its brightness depending on the surrounding lighting setting of the environment. This makes watching videos and using the phone's screen in general easier on the user's eyes.


    Photography Experience with Note 9

    With the camera of the Note 9, users get a unique feature that is rarely found in other smartphones, perhaps other than the Galaxy S9, which is having a single lens with a dual aperture. Don't confuse this with having a dual-lens camera.

    While the rear camera of the Note 9 does have a dual-lens system, wide lens and telephoto lens for zooming and long shots purposes, the wide lens itself switches between two different apertures to absorb and distribute the light according to the scene's lighting.

    So, for lower light settings, the 12MP wide lens will deploy the f/1.5 aperture as for natural lighting or, in other words, bright day lighting, the same 12MP wide lens would switch to the f/2.4 aperture.

    The second lens of the Galaxy Note 9's main camera module, which is the telephoto lens, provides up to 2x optical zoom which is the best type of zoom as it manipulates the light features in order to perform a close-up on the photo's subject whereas digital zoom merely crops the photo to give the illusion of the subject being closer, which results in the photo being of lower quality. Optical zoom, on the other hand, keeps the photo quality unaffected which is better.


    Memory, Battery, & Performance

    The Note 9 is best known for its large size which allows a large battery. The Li-Ion battery in this phone has a 4000mAh capacity and it supports fast charging at 15W and Qi/PMA wireless charging.

    In terms of memory, the Galaxy Note 9 offers a better option than any other flagship, not only because of its 128GB & 512GB memory options but also thanks to the additional memory slot that accepts up to a 1 terabyte microSDXC card. This option gives the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 user a memory space that beats even that of many laptops. With this memory space managed by Exynos 9810 chip and supported by 6GB or 8GB RAM, the performance of the Note 9 is as smooth as can get.


    QwikFone's Offers on Cheap Galaxy Note 9 

    With a smartphone as powerful and impressive as the Note 9, customers must be aware of its refurbishment source and process to make sure that nothing of the phone's unique features is going to be lost of affected during or after being refurbished.

    This is why our team at QwikFone follows a delicate and precise process starting from testing the Samsung Galaxy refurbished devices to ensure that they are in an acceptable condition to be refurbished and restored to a pristine condition, to the latest step of the refurbishment procedure itself and the post-refurbishment testing procedure as well.


    Testing, Tracking, Refurbishing

    Since QwikFone's Samsung Note 9 used devices were obtained from their former owners, there are several steps that have to be taken to ensure that the device is both legitimate and authentic.

    First, a CheckMEND report is acquired for each device. This report contains the history of the phone since it was sold by Samsung itself. Then, a thorough test is preformed using the industry's latest and most accurate software to produce a detailed report of the Note 9's condition.

    Then the refurbishment process begins where worn parts are replaced with new OEM or refurbished OEM parts restored from other BER phones to ensure authenticity and lowering the cost of the refurbishment at the same time.

    Finally, another test is performed by the mobile phone's market best experts to ensure that each Samsung Galaxy Note 9 refurbished phone is as good as new in every way inside and out.


    Samsung Note 9 Unlocked with Accessories

    Getting the Samsung Note 9 refurbished unlocked opens greater opportunity to use different carriers if traveling internationally is part of your routine. Also, if you're outside the UK, you can get this phone now and use it in your country to benefit from the discounted price with no limitations on the carriers.

    So, in essence, this cheap Galaxy Note 9 offer helps you to save money in multiple different ways other than just the price.


    To add even more value to this Samsung Galaxy Note 9 deal, the used cheap device, which is ensured to be in a pristine state, also comes with a full set of the most essential accessories of the Note for free.

    The accessory set includes a new charger adapter with a USB cable and a 3.5mm earphones as well as a SIM ejector since the user will be able to switch and replace SIM cards with this phone whenever he or she needs to.


    Payment Options & Instalments Plan

    Unlike any other used phone deal, the QwikFone Samsung Note 9 used phone can be paid for over monthly instalments with no interest to increase the phone's ultimate cost. If you're trying buying a refurbished phone for the first time with this Samsung Galaxy Note 9 second hand for the first time and would like to have more assurances of the phone's quality, you can buy now and pay later with another option facilitated by QwikFone.


    Monthly instalments with PayPal

    The first plan is offered through PayPal. Since QwikFone accepts PayPal Credit as a payment method, you can use this opportunity to pay for your Galaxy Note 9 over the course of 4 months interest free. This offer from PayPal is reusable once you've paid off the whole amount. Applying for PayPal credit on the PayPal website is super easy and it takes only a few minutes to get your application result back.


    Klarna Offers 2 Payment Options

    With Klarna, you get a similar plan to the one PayPal is offering as you can benefit from interest-free monthly instalments over 3 equal payments. Once you place your order and choose Klarna's 3-payment plan as your payment option, Klarna pays for your order in full. Once the order is confirmed by QwikFone, the first payment is charged to your account by Klarna. 30 days later, the second payment is charged and 60 days from the order date, the third and final payment is charged to your account by Klarna.


    The second option is called "Pay Later in 30 Days". With this option, you get to make the order, receive the Note 9, and pay within a 30-day period. During this period you can use the phone to make sure that everything is in order, the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is as good as new and the accessories are in a perfect new condition. You can then decide to pay for the order or return it without paying, in which case, Klarna is refunded by QwikFone directly.


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    Most Asked Questions About Samsung Galaxy Note 9

    Is Note 9 still worth buying in 2021?

    The Note 9 is now available at a mid-range / budget-friendly price range. So, compared to other phones in its new price range, the Samsung Note 9 is a perfect choice for 2021 in terms of specs, features, and even its software version and updates.

    Is SIM free Note 9 really waterproof?

    No, the SIM free Note 9 is not waterproof whether it is brand-new or in its refurbished state. As brand-new the Galaxy Note 9 is only water resistant which means that it can only withstand a splash of a few drops of water such as that of a light rain.
    The refurbished Samsung Note 9's warranty does not cover water damages. We recommend protecting it from being subjected to water in any way or form.

    Does the cheap Note 9 have a good camera?

    The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 camera is more than great as the main module consists of two 12MP lens for wide and telephoto shots. The wide lens provides dual pixel PDAF, and OIS. As for the telephoto lens, it provides your Note 9 camera with AF, OIS, and 2x optical zoom.
    In terms of videos, you can film 4K videos at 30 or 60 frames per second as well as Full HD (1080p) videos at 30, 60, 240 frames per second. All of this supported with HDR, and gyro-EIS & OIS.

    Does Note 9 support 4K video?

    Yes, the Note 9 films 4K videos at 60 frames per second and at 30 frames per second with stereo sound recording.

    Does the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 second hand have HDR?

    Yes, the Galaxy Note 9 has Auto-HDR in both its rear and front cameras. The second hand Note 9 is not different from the brand-new one in that regard as it has its pristine camera with the same software version which means the same features for the camera and other functionalities.

    Is the Note 9 AMOLED?

    Yes, the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 has a 6.4-inch Super AMOLED display with HDR10 and always-on display.

    How do I turn on HDR on my Note 9?

    Open the camera app and tap on the Settings icon within this app. Once you find the HDR option, tap on the toggle to turn on auto-HDR in the Note 9.

    Does refurb Note 9 have wireless charging?

    Yes, the Galaxy Note 9 supports Qi/PMA wireless charging.

    What is the fastest charger for Note 9?

    Since the Note 9 support fast charging 15W, the best and fastest chargers for it are Samsung Adaptive Fast Charging (AFC) Quick Charge (QC) adapters as they both offer 15-18W for the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 which is perfect for this phone's fast charging requirements.

    Does Note 9 refurbished by QwikFone have 5G?

    The Note 9 was created and released in 2018. This means that this phone was not built by Samsung itself to support 5G. So, the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 does not have 5G as brand-new or refurbished.

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