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Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Refurbished Used

Get a free set of new accessories with Samsung Galaxy Note 8 refurbished. Pay in interest-free monthly instalments over 3 month with Klarna or 4 months with PayPal Credit. This deal includes a 12-month warranty for the phone & accessories & a 30-day return policy with full refund guarantee.

    Refurbished Galaxy Note 8 UK Pristine Deals

    For several years now, Samsung has taken the lead in terms of smartphone market competition by innovating smartphones that are both attractive and powerful. The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 refurbished is the best proof of this argument as this device presents its users with anything and everything they could wish for in a phone.

    In terms of performance, display, sound, and camera quality, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 checks all the right points leaving no space for shortcomings or disappointments.

    The only problem that many users face when considering buying this magnificent phone is its expensive price.

    With special offers on the refurbished Galaxy Note 8 in the UK, you now can get this amazing smartphone not only at a lower price point, but also with monthly payments and other facilities and benefits.


    QwikFone's Refurbished Galaxy Note 8 UK Offers 

    To make sure that our customers are getting the most benefits and value out of our used Samsung Note 8 deals, our smartphone experts ensure that every device is as good as new in the way it works as well as the way it looks on the outside.


    Checking, Refurbishing, & Unlocking the Note 8

    First, the inspection focuses on the outer body on the Note 8 to make sure that it is pristine and free of any severe signs of cosmetic wear or tear.

    The screen is an important part of that test as, for any smartphone, the screen contains most of the functionality of the phone and without a pristine perfect screen, the value of the phone would be almost zero. With the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 in particular, its infinity screen is one of its strongest and most impressive aspects. So, our professionals make sure it remains in its original state with the same levels of brightness and touch sensitivity as when the phone was brand-new.

    During the refurbishment and testing process of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, QwikFone experts also unlock the device's SIM software in a professional and legitimate manner so that the user is able to use the device anywhere around the world without any restrictions.


    New Accessories for Pristine Note 8

    To complete your experience at the lowest cost, QwikFone will also provide a full set of accessories as a part of the cheapest Samsung Galaxy Note 8 SIM free deal. The accessories are similar to those that come in the box of a new Note 8 box from Samsung. To ensure a quality on the same level as the original accessories, QwikFone deals only with manufacturers that create the accessories under the same conditions and quality measures as Samsung accessories themselves.

    The accessory set that QwikFone provides with refurbished Samsung Galaxy phone contains a charger head, a USB cable, a SIM ejections tool, and a 3.5mm wired earphones.


    Pristine Used Samsung Note 8 with warranty

    To guarantee the perfect state of the phone, not only when it is first purchased but in the long run as well, QwikFone provides each unit of the cheap refurbished Samsung Galaxy Note 8 with a standard 1-year warranty.

    As per this warranty policy, our devices are protected and supported so that the customer gets a free repair service if any functionality or performance issue occurs over the course of the warranty, which is 12 months.

    If QwikFone repair specialists find that the problem with the device cannot be permanently repaired, then the device is immediately replaced with another pristine refurbished Samsung Galaxy Note 8 for free.

    The replacement clause also applies to the accessory set in case any item of its components is fount flawed or defective.

    It is important to know that QwikFone's warranty on the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 refurbished covers only manufacturing-related issues and does not cover accidental damages or water damages. In such a case, the technical issue that resulted from accidental or water damage is resolved through QwikFone's paid repair services.


    Returning the Cheap Galaxy Note 8

    Buying the cheapest Samsung Galaxy Note 8 SIM free from QwikFone comes with the default guarantee of getting a full refund within 30 days if you don't like the phone or change your mind about the model itself.

    Since the return policy lasts for a full month, this period gives QwikFone customers a sufficient amount of time to try the Note 8 to make sure that it is pristine and, more importantly, that they like using it as their smartphone.

    Use this time to enjoy all features of the Galaxy Note 8. Try the camera and film videos, watch content to ensure that the display is perfectly healthy, and don't forget to notice the battery performance in the process.

    During that month, if you decide that you don't want this Galaxy Note 8, QwikFone will receive your return request, test the device and accessories to ensure that no damage is present in any item of the phone box contents, after that, a full refund is provided to the same payment method that the customer used to pay for their order on QwikFone's marketplace.


    Payment Methods & Interest-Free Instalments Refurbished Galaxy Note 8 UK

    With QwikFone's various payment methods, you can choose whichever payment plan that suits your needs and budget the best. You can use PayPal or Klarna and get interest-free instalment plans over several months.

    • PayPal Credit
      With this option, PayPal Credit enables you to pay the amount of your order over 4 months without any interest included or added to the price of the order itself. Also, this offer is renewable. Once you've paid off the amount of credit in your PayPal account, you can reuse the service as many times as you need or like!

    • Klarna's instalments
      Over 3 equal instalments, Klarna provides you with the opportunity to buy your dream Samsung Galaxy Note 8 without having to have the full price ready at the time of the order. Only the first instalment will be charged at the order confirmation time, and the other two instalments will be one month apart each. This offer is interest-free as well.

    • Klarna's Pay Later Offer
      Klarna's second option enables QwikFone customers to get their Note 8 and have a month-long period to pay for it. With this option, Klarna will pay for your order so that you're able to pay for it later within 30 days. If you decided to return the Galaxy Note 8 refurbished order within this period, Klarna will be refunded by QwikFone. So, you will not have to pay for it.


     Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Specs 

    • Build: Gorilla Glass 5 front - Gorilla Glass 5 back - Aluminum frame

    • Body dimensions: 162.5 x 74.8 x 8.6 mm

    • Weight: 195 g

    • Colors: Orchid Grey, Maple Gold, Deep Sea Blue, Midnight Black

    • SIM: Unlocked Nano-SIM

    • Connectivity: Wi-Fi 802.11 - Bluetooth 5.0 - GPS - NFC - USB

    • Sensors: Fingerprint scanners - Iris scanner - gyro - proximity - compass - heart rate

    • Sound: Loudspeaker + 3.5mm jack

    • Display: 6.3 inches Super AMOLED - HDR10 - 3D Touch

    • Resolution: 1440 x 2960 pixels

    • Camera: 2x 12MP - 4K + Full HD videos

    • Selfie: 8 MP - 1440p videos

    • Battery: Li-Ion 3300 mAh

    • Charging options: Wireless charging Qi/PMA - Fast charging

    • OS: Up to Android 9 (Pie)

    • Processor: Exynos 8895 - Octa-core

    • RAM: 6GB


    QwikFone Experts' Review of Samsung Galaxy Note 8

    It's been a couple of years since the Note 8 was released. While the price of the Galaxy Note 8 has been dropping since its launch price, the value of the phone and the quality of its features has proven to be worthy of being a flagship.


    Design & Appearance

    While the Note series of Samsung phones are known for having somewhat of square and defined edges, the Note 8 size and dimensions make up for the corners. Since the device is relatively small, users with even smaller hands than average will not face any trouble handling this device with one hand.

    The redesign of the Note series that started with the release of the Note 8 has redefined a lot of details for smartphones across the board.

    The two most noticeable changes in the Note 8 design is its infinity display and the S Pen. Although the screen is 6.3 inches, the Note 8 is not larger than its predecessors by any means. Interestingly enough, this phone "Acts" big, while remaining in a small and manageable size.


    Display quality & features

    When comparing this generation of the Note series to its sibling in the Galaxy S series, the Note 8 would definitely win, not just because the display is slightly larger, but also because of the square corners which give substance to the phone when you hold it and use the S Pen to write and doodle on the screen.

    The Super AMOLED panel is the perfect choice for the Galaxy Note 8 to complete the mission behind choosing the "infinity" look for this device. With this type of display panel, the Note 8 has the intriguing look as well as the premium functionality of the AMOLED that provides sharp and vivid colors while keeping in mind the user's best interest by protecting their eyes through changing the brightness levels in the screen automatically as the surrounding environment lighting levels changes.

    With this large screen size, Samsung creators provided the Note 8 users with the perfect resolution at 1440 x 2960 pixels. Not only is this screen with this resolution perfect for watching video content and high res images, but also it is the perfect choice for a Note phone that you would spend longer time with as you use it to draw, do business, or read and study.


    Front & Back Cameras

    When talking about camera phones, there is no denying the Apple iPhones have always captured most eyes. This is why when the Samsung presented the market with the Note 8 and its cameras that surpasses its iPhone opponent quality, we had to stop and reevaluate everything!

    The main or rear camera module of the Galaxy Note 8 has a dual 12MP lens. The first one is for wide shots and it is supported with Optical Image Stabilization (OIS). The second 12MP lens of the rear module is a telephoto lens with 2x optical zoom as well as OIS. In other words, capturing photos of far subjects on the move with this camera is as smooth and clear as it can be!

    In terms of video recording, you get the same level of impressive high quality content with the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 refurbished thanks to the 4K recording at 30 frames per second. Whether you choose the highest video recording quality or choose to switch to an 1080p at 60fps quality, you will get the support of stereo sound recording, HDR, and gyro-EIS for all of your Note 8 videos!


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    Most Asked Questions About Samsung Galaxy Note 8

    Is Samsung Note 8 still worth buying?

    Yes, as a budget-friendly phone, the Note 8 has premium specs and great potentials in terms of performance and software features.
    Samsung flagship phones, including the Note 8, always age very well to provide great capabilities for those who look for high-value phones at a low price.

    How do I know if my Galaxy Note 8 is refurbished?

    At QwikFone, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 devices are refurbished at the hands of the best mobile phone repair experts. QwikFone states whether a listed device is refurbished or brand-new, and so do all trustworthy sellers.

    Is the Note 8 waterproof?

    No, the Galaxy Note 8 is not waterproof, nor does that QwikFone warranty cover water damages in that phone.

    How much is a used Note 8 worth?

    The entry-level Galaxy Note 8 64GB refurbished at QwikFone is under £220. This price includes all of the phone's essential accessories like the charger, cable, and earphones, as well as a 12-month standard warranty and a 30-day return period with a full refund and free shipping.

    Is used pristine Note 8 5G ready?

    Since the Galaxy Note was launched before 5G networks were created, this phone is not build for 5G networks and does not support them.

    Can Note 8 battery be replaced?

    Yes, QwikFone professionals can help you replace the Note 8 battery whenever the need calls to.

    How many GB is SIM-free Note 8?

    The Note is is available in 3 different memory variants:
    Samsung Galaxy Note 8 64GB, 128GB, & 256GB.

    How long is the Note 8 in inches?

    The Samsung Note 8 is about 162.5 mm / 6.40 inches long

    How do I check my RAM on my Note 8?

    All Samsung Galaxy Note 8 variants have 6GB RAM. To check the RAM status on your Note, go to Settings, Device care, then Memory.

    Does Note 8 have dual SIM?

    Yes, there are dual-SIM variants of the Galaxy Note 8 available. Please check with the seller upon placing your order to ensure you're getting the dual SIM version of the Note 8.

    How do I know if my Note 8 is dual SIM?

    Before purchasing the phone, you can check with the seller whether your Galaxy Note 8 is dual SIM or not. If you already have the phone, use the SIM ejection tool to get the SIM tray out and check whether it has one or two slots for the SIM card(s).

    Which is better Note 8 or S9?

    If you prefer to have the S Pen and your smartphone experience requires using a pen, then the Note 8 would be the better option to go for in terms of having an affordable phone with premium specs.

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