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Refurbished Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+

Order the refurbished Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus from QwikFone with a 12-month guarantee. The phone is pristine and comes with a set of new accessories as good as the original. QwikFone offers a free shipping and a monthly payment option on this deal.
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    Pristine Refurbished Samsung S6 Edge+

    The Samsung S6 Edge+ is one of the best phones Samsung has ever made with the high points of both the Galaxy line and the Note line without the Pen, of course. This combination of the best features of different lines is very rare to happen for any smartphone company when you come to think about it.

    If you're thinking about purchasing this Samsung masterpiece, you are now able to get the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus refurbished at QwikFone. The device is thoroughly inspected and reconditioned by mobile experts who have more than 10 years of experience in the field, the prices are affordable, and the deal terms are as good as the terms of buying a new smartphone with even the ability to pay in monthly installments! 

    Keep on reading to get to know all of this amazing S6 Edge Plus capabilities as well as the QwikFone's deal terms details.


    QwikFone's expert review & unboxing of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus

    The unboxing experience of any smartphone is crucial as it can give the user a general idea of what to expect of the phone before buying it from holding it to how good the usability of the phone is. This is why we are starting with unboxing and full description of the refurbished Samsung S6 Edge Plus from QwikFone.

    When you first get the Samsung S6 Edge+ out of its QwikFone box, you will be greeted with the metallic shiny finish of the phone. This is a unique experience since this device was one of the first Samsung phone in both lines to have that finish which gives it a high-end expensive look. This look is further improved by the curved bezel that catches the light and makes the front of the phone look even more special.

    The better side of the Note phones which is the larger screen is present in the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus with a 5.7-inch Super AMOLED display that shows colors as saturated as they can get. This technology that was presented by Samsung years ago, offers the darkest black a phone can display which is really hard to achieve; so much so that Apple had to buy the AMOLED tech from Samsung to be able to offer this level of display in its iPhones later.

    The Super AMOLED screen is perfect for the 2K resolution quality as it would be an over-the-top feature with any other phone, but, thanks to the AMOLED capabilities, users are truly able to enjoy this level of high resolution of the 2015 smartphone!

    Thankfully, you don't have to give up the 3.5mm earphones to have this level of elegance in the design and high resolution. The Galaxy S6 Edge Plus has a 3.5mm jack right next to the USB charger port at the bottom edge of the phone.

    The fingerprint scanner is built into the home button in the front. This placement may seem odd with most Android phones nowadays placing the fingerprint reader of their designs on the back of the phone where the finger naturally falls for most users. However, we have to keep in mind that at the time this design of the S6 Edge Plus was released, iPhones were somewhat considered to be the authority on fingerprint security in smartphones and this is where the iPhones had their fingerprint scanners!

    Coming to the functionality of the fingerprint scanner itself, it is quite noticeable that the S6 Edge+ has one of the best, most responsive, and most accurate fingerprint sensors you can find in an Android phone; not just of its 2015 generation, but in later versions from other brands as well. 

    While some may argue that the design of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus is not a big deal because it is, essentially, a bigger version of the S6 Edge, we still must give props to Samsung for not losing the gorgeous looks of the phone in the bigger scale and utilizing the space and offering a 3000 mAh. Speaking of the battery, we must also give this S6 Edge Plus extra points for fast charging as well as its wireless charging capabilities.


    Refurbished Samsung S6 Edge Plus specs

    • Body: Gorilla Glass front & back with aluminum frame

    • Screen: 5.7" Super AMOLED 

    • Display: 1440 x 2560 pixels

    • OS: Android Lollipop - Can be upgraded to Android Nougat

    • Processor: Exynos 7420 Octa-core

    • RAM: 4GB

    • Battery: 3000 mAh - Fast charging - Wireless charging

    • Front camera: 5MP - 1440p videos

    • Back camera: 16MP - 2160p (4K) videos

    • Sound: Loudspeaker + 3.5mm jack

    • Sensors: Fingerprint ID, accelerometer, proximity, gyro, heart rate, compass, SpO2

    • Connectivity: WiFi, Bluetooth 4.2, Micro USB 2.0

    QwikFone's S6 Edge Plus refurbished deals

    Buying a Samsung Galaxy phone refurbished online can, of course, have its risks as you don't get to see the phone in real life before buying it and all you depend on as proof of quality is the stated condition on the phone's description page. However, one of the main pointers as to how good the refurbished phone will turn out to be, is the terms of the deal and whether these terms allow you to have proper assurances of the phone's quality and condition or not.


    Pristine Galaxy S6 Edge Plus refurbished

    With QwikFone you can be 100% sure that you are buying a like-new Galaxy S6 Edge Plus. Our mobile experts test the phone twice to ensure its pristine condition. The preliminary test focuses on the outer body of the phone as it aims to confirm that there are no visible marks, scratches, wears, or tears on the phone's body and screen. This test includes the lenses of both of the front and back camera. Once the pristine condition of the phone's body is ensured, we move to the refurbishment process which includes testing the functionality of the phone and replacing any damaged or worn parts with brand-new OEM parts which are spare part that were manufactured by the original phone's manufacturer. This step is what restores the new state of the S6 Edge+ functionality and overall condition.


    Unlocked Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+

    In today's day & age it is no longer an option to have an unlocked phone for most people, especially those who travel internationally on a regular basis. While the other alternatives to changing mobile carriers include extra expenses whether by buying a roaming bundle from your carrier which your phone is locked to, or by buying a second phone to use another carrier, an unlocked phone will allow you to switch between multiple different carriers by just changing the SIM card without facing any technical or legal problems whatsoever.


    Full set of brand new accessories

    Although the S6 Edge Plus is refurbished, QwikFone offers a full set of accessories free of charge. The accessories are brand-new and custom-made for QwikFone by our partner's factories to offer similar performance levels of the new original Samsung accessories. The set includes a charger head, a USB cable, a pair of earphones, and a SIM tray ejector pin.


    Returning the refurbished Galaxy S6 Edge Plus

    QwikFone's policy for returning the refurbished Galaxy S6 Edge Plus assures that all of our customers get a full refund as soon as the return is confirmed and the items have been received and tested by our team. The only two conditions for the return to be accepted and a full refund to be issued is for the handset and the phone's accessories to be in the original state as they were when first shipped out from the QwikFone's premises.

    The second condition is that this return process has to be done within 30 days form the order date which is the length of our return period.


    Warranty & quality protection

    The most prominent point about the refurbished Samsung S6 Edge Plus condition and quality is the repair warranty the phone comes with. The 12-month QwikFone warranty ensures that any device that suffers from a manufacturing or refurbishment faultiness will be fixed or replaced for free.

    However, this warranty does not cover damages that might be caused by misuse, negligence, or water damage. It is important to point out here that the refurbishment process removes the water resistance of the phone; this is why users must be extra careful when using the refurbished S6 Edge Plus around a water surface whether it is a pool, an ocean, or even the toilet. 


    Shipping for free!

    QwikFone offers a free shipping service as well as a same-day ship out option to all refurbished Galaxy S6 Edge Plus orders that are made and confirmed during our work hours on weekdays.

    Those two options are separate; meaning that even if you don't get to place and confirm your order during business hours, you'd still be able to get the free shipping service option, but without the same-day dispatch option. 

    On the other hand, if you miss the time for free same-day dispatch and want your item to be dispatched on the same day, you can opt for the paid late-shipping option. 


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    Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus FAQs & QwikFone's experts answers

    Is Samsung S6 edge Plus waterproof?

    The Samsung S6 edge has amazing premium features and body. In terms of protection, S6 edge Plus has two layers of Gorilla Glass, the strongest protective glass in the mobile market, on the front and the back of the phone to provide the necessary support for the important parts that reside within the phone's body.
    However, Samsung did not build this S6 edge Plus phone to be waterproof or even water resistant.

    Is Samsung S6 edge Plus a good phone?

    When it first came out, the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge Plus was an impressive phone that had only one flaw which is its expensive price tag. Now, with the refurbished prices, the S6 edge Plus is just an amazing phone that offers high-end body and design, premium specs, and advanced features all at a mid-range to budget prices.

    How much RAM does Galaxy S6 edge Plus have?

    The Galaxy S6 edge Plus has a 4GB RAM which provide amazing level of power for the processor to offer good speed for the phone as well as good performance for multi-tasking with several apps. So, the phone offers a good amount of time when an app is minimized before your newsfeed is reloaded and the information is lost.

    Does refurbished Galaxy S6 edge Plus have wireless charging?

    Yes! This is one of the best features of the Galaxy S6 edge+. While it takes so much money to get a smartphone with premium features such as wireless charging, this Samsung Galaxy phone gives you wireless charging at an amazing price point which gives this phone a huge advantage over more recent and more expensive phones like many iPhone models which cost much more and still don't have wireless charging.

    How do I check RAM on S6 edge Plus?

    From your S6 edge+ home screen:

    - Open Apps and then open your phone's settings app.
    - Tap on the "General" option
    - Then go to Device manager -> Application manager
    - Then swipe to the left to view the screen titled "Running".
    - You will find the used and free RAM values at the bottom left corner

    How do I free up space on my S6 edge Plus?

    While the direct solution that most users think of is removing apps and photos, there are other things that take up more space of Samsung phones memory and controlling them will allow more free internal memory space without having to sacrifice your important photos and apps. These items include:
    - Widgets
    - Animated wallpaper and widgets
    - Additional unused some screens

    Does Galaxy S6 edge Plus have 4G?

    Yes, the Galaxy S6 edge+ has 4G as well as 3G which offers high speed over mobile data.

    Will the Samsung S6 edge Plus in new condition be a great phone to have in 2021?

    According to its specs the Samsung S6 edge+ is a great budget phone to have in 2021. In terms of display, The S6 edge+ has a 5.7-inch Super AMOLED screen which is amazing panel size and quality that some of the 2020 flagship phones have just recently reached.
    Also, the cameras of the S6 edge+ are far more superior than what users generally expect with a budget phone. The main camera is a 16MP wide lens and it films 4K videos @30fps with optical image stabilization, auto-HDR, and Panorama.
    Finally, the Samsung Galaxy s6 edge Plus has a huge 3000 mAh battery that supports wireless charging, another flagship feature that the Samsung S6 edge+ is easily offering at a super affordable price!

    What are the chances of a Samsung Galaxy S6 edge Plus exploding?

    The chances of QwikFone's refurbished Samsung S6 edge Plus exploding is next to none. While there are cases where the battery's over draining may result in the phone overheating, it rarely leads to the phone exploding.
    If you're facing an overheating problem and want to resolve it, you should look for the apps that are causing your S6 edge+ to drain its battery too fast and get rid of those apps.

    What is the refurbished Samsung Galaxy S6 edge Plus charger output, V & A?

    According to the information provided on the Samsung S6 edge Plus, the charger output is:
    9.0 V -- 1.67 A
    5.0 V -- 2.0 A

    How can I take good photo with my cheap Galaxy S6 edge Plus?

    The cheap Galaxy S6 edge Plus is as good as the new one thanks to QwikFone's refurbishment experts. So, the photos quality will be as good as the brand-new S6 edge+ photos. Here are some tips on how to improve your Samsung Galaxy S6 edge Plus photos:
    - Adjust the contrast of the camera before taking the photo
    - Choose the right "Mode" for the scene
    - Adjust the undertone of your photo from cold to warm using the Kelvin scale
    - Change the ISO settings according to how much light the scene has
    - Use a high shutter speed for photos of fast motion scenes

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