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Refurbished Samsung Galaxy S9+

Samsung has accomplished a lot with the perfect S9. From design and screen size to the processing power, this phone really has it all! Buy the refurbished Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus from QwikFone and enjoy our 12-month warranty and free accessory set with every order!
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    Samsung Galaxy S9+ Refurbished & Unlocked

    The Samsung Galaxy S9+ is one of those flagships that were super impressive at the time of its release and continued to achieve an eye-catching success as time passed. While iPhone users were struggling to deal with the notch's annoying existence in 2018, Samsung released one of the most attractive smartphones with super powerful specs and fun features. All of those advantages were hard to be combined together in a single device, yet, Samsung did it in its gorgeous 2018 flagship, the Galaxy S9+.

    Now, QwikFone is offering great prices for the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus refurbished in the UK as well as the rest of the world with the perfect deal terms for a refurbished phone!


    QwikFone's offer on the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus refurbished

    As QwikFone aims to provide high-quality refurbished phones at lower prices, our team developed the best deal for the Samsung Galaxy Plus refurbished in the UK. As we detail the points and terms of this deal, you must keep in mind that while lowering the prices is one of our goals, we also strive to keep the quality of our S9+ refurbished devices as well as our after sales services at its highest.


    Pristine unlocked refurbished Galaxy S9 Plus

    Ensuring the pristine condition requires extensive testing of the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus second hand devices before even the refurbishment process begins. The test starts with CheckMend report to ensure that the device was rightfully and legally bought. Next, our specialists primarily test the outer look and overall appearance of the S9+ to make sure that there are no any major scratches or damages in the phone's body that will prevent it from being pristine.

    After that, devices are refurbished using OEM parts in case the battery, for example, didn't meet the pristine criteria to retrieve the performance of the phone in its new state.

    The refurbished Galaxy S9 Plus is also unlocked to allow customers to use it with their old SIM card and phone number or with any SIM card from any carrier they desire.


    Free accessories

    QwikFone provides a full set of accessories with the refurbished Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus deal. These accessories are complementary from the QwikFone team and will not add any extra cost on the customer. In fact, these accessories save our customers the time and money they would otherwise spend looking for good-quality accessories for the refurbished Galaxy S9+.

    Although our accessories are not Samsung's original S9+ accessories, they do carry the QwikFone logo and that means a lot in terms of quality and performance. We make sure that all of our accessories are especially made to meet the standards of the original accessories. Also, the old accessories of the phone are discarded for hygiene reasons and the safety of our customers.

    The accessory set includes a charger brick, a USB cable, a pair of earphones as the S9 Plus has a 3.5mm jack, and a SIM ejection tool to use and replace your SIM cards as much as you like!


    Warranty & return policy

    Buying the Samsung S9+ refurbished, especially online, has to come with the right terms to represent the right assurances for the customer who won't get to see and examine the device in real life before placing an order. The need for these assurances raises with such a pricey phone as the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus second hand.

    This is why QwikFone is offering the maximum support and protection for all of our Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus refurbished devices. First, there is a 12-month warranty that provides you with a year-long free repairs for any technical problems that are caused by manufacturing mistakes.

    There is also the possibility of replacing the device for free as well if QwikFone's repair professionals find that the problem cannot be repaired or is going to reappear.


    As for returning your refurbished S9+, QwikFone gives you a chance over the course of the first 30 days from your order date to return the phone as long as it has not been damaged. If so, you will receive a full refund of the S9+ refurbished price into the same payment method that was used upon placing your order with QwikFone.


    QwikFone's review of the Samsung Galaxy S9+ 

    Samsung nailed every point when it comes to a flagship in the S9 Plus whether it is about the technical specs that make a powerful phone or the design choices that make a beautiful smartphone. So, let's take a look!


    The Galaxy S9+ design

    Once more, Samsung has given its users the premium looking phone with two glass panels supported by an aluminum frame, but this time with a few changes in the design that made all the difference which qualified the S9+ to have the most perfect design of 2018!

    The first of these changes is the fingerprint scanner which is moved to be in the center of the S9 Plus back right under the camera which makes more sense aesthetically and usability-wise alike.

    The second change in the S9+ from its predecessors is the reduction in the bezels size, especially the bottom bezel. Of course, this allowed more space for the display and a more symmetric and elegant look for the front of the phone as a whole.

    Before moving on from the design choices that Samsung has put into its Galaxy S9+ which turned out to be a huge success, it is worth mentioning that the smartphone creator giant still included both a 3.5mm and an external memory card slot; the very two things, besides the notch, that the lack of is considered to be most annoying in iPhones!


    S9 Plus screen review

    There is no denying that Samsung is the king of displays as it is the company that originally created AMOLED displays, the technology that offer best colors, details, and sharpness in smartphones screens.

    For the Galaxy S9 Plus, Samsung added a 6.2-inch Super AMOLED screen which occupies about 90% of the phone. The infinity display from the previous Galaxy phones was quite impressive and satisfactory for all users, so, it makes sense that the S9+ has it too.

    Of course, this is not all! The S9 Plus's screen comes with a ton of good stuff such as:

    - 1440 x 2960 pixels resolution

    - HDR10

    - 3D Touch for the home button


    While there were multiple comments on how there is no an in-screen fingerprint scanner in the Galaxy S9+, we can now say that the lack of this particular feature is not majorly affecting our review and experience with the S9+ as the traditional back-mounted fingerprint scanner works perfectly and is easy to use. So, to conclude, the initial criticism of the lack of an under-display fingerprint scanner was stemming from the disappointment of the users who wanted it back in 2018.

    All of this is covered and protected by a layer of Corning Gorilla Glass 5 and the same for the back of the phone. So, we can say that the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus is quite durable and won't shatter at the first and slightest accidental drop.


    Taking photos & videos with S9 Plus

    The Samsung Galaxy S9+ has 2 lenses for its main camera module on the back as well as 2 camera lenses for selfies. The main camera module takes the best low-light settings photos and has an f/1.5 aperture which is a first in smartphones in general. So, it's time to get over the lost dream of having an under-screen scanner for fingerprints and take a deep look at this amazing camera performance which, at the end of the day, makes a real difference in the phone's performance and evaluation from a functionality perspective.

    The idea Samsung is using in this particular camera module aims to imitate the human eye as it switches between f/1.5 and f/2.4 apertures to reduce the amount of light the lens is getting in order to control and adjust the lighting of the photo. This enables the S9+ to get in more light by 28% compared to the S8 and be able to control and reduce the image's noise as well. As for videos, the main camera shoots 4K and full HD videos with HDR and stereo sound recording. A quality level that you will find worthy of the phone's price and perhaps even more!


    The front camera consists of an 8MP wide lens and a dedicated 2MP lens for the iris scanner which is another level of security in the Galaxy S9 Plus. This selfie camera allows dual video calling and has auto HDR. As for videos recorded on the front camera, they are at the quality of 1440p (2K).


    With the QwikFone deal, buying the Samsung S9+ refurbished will give you the chance of enjoying all of these amazing features and much more with the 3500mAh battery and Exynos 9810 Octa chip while saving money and enjoying the protection of a year-long warranty. So, place your order now and start showing off your S9+ photos all over social media!

    Refurbished Samsung S9 Plus FAQs Answered

    Is Samsung S9 Plus worth buying in 2021?

    The Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus is a great phone with reliable specs and impressive features that makes is the perfect budget phone to buy in 2021.
    The S9 has one of the best cameras that performs really well in low-light settings which is a missing feature in a much more expensive phones.

    What's the warranty period on Samsung S9 Plus refurbished by QwikFone?

    QwikFone offers a 12-month warranty period for the refurbished Samsung Galaxy S9+. During the period of the warranty, QwikFone will cover any technical issues or defects that may come up with the phone or any of its accessories.

    What is special about Samsung S9 Plus?

    At a budget price, the Samsung Galaxy S9+ packs a lot of premium specs & features, including but not limited to:
    - Super AMOLED display with HDR10
    - 1440 x 2960 pixel-resolution
    - Screen protection with Corning Gorilla Glass 5
    - 3D Touch in the home button
    - Android 10
    - Octa-core processor
    - Dual 12MP camera with 2x optical zoom and OIS
    - 4K video recording with stereo sound recording
    - Iris scanner
    - Li-Ion 3500 mAh battery that supports wireless charging & fast charging

    Will S9 Plus unlocked get Android 11?

    The S9 Plus comes with Android 8.0 (Oreo) installed. This OS can be upgraded up to Android 10 with One UI 2.5.

    How long will the Galaxy S9+ be supported?

    QwikFone provides technical support for the software and hardware of the refurbished Galaxy S9+ for 12 months after the purchase.

    Are there any problems with the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus?

    From a technical point of view, the Galaxy S9 Plus is one of the best phones to get. The only criticism that the S9+ was too pricey at the time of its release. This issue is now resolved with the QwikFone refurbished offer that provides a great low-budget price.

    Should I buy Samsung Galaxy S9+ if I will use it for 3 years?

    Absolutely. The Galaxy S9+ is a reliable phone with premium features and specs that enables the phone to compete for years in the future.

    What if I keep my Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus on a wireless charger every time? And what will be the impact on the battery?

    The Samsung S9+ supports wireless charging. There is no impact on the battery as long as the charger being used is made for the same technology of the S9+ Plus.

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