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Refurbished Samsung Galaxy S8+

Order the refurbished Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus from QwikFone and get a same-day shipping, free shipping, free accessories, and a monthly payment plan! All of this comes with a 12-month warranty that guarantees the condition of the refurbished Galaxy S8 Plus as well as its accessories.
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    Samsung S8+ Refurbished, Pristine, & Unlocked

    The Samsung S8+ is the perfect smartphone for users who prefer having tall phones with large screens. Granted, most of smartphones with these characteristics are either too large in size or just too expensive. Thankfully, the Samsung Galaxy S8+ refurbished presents the opportunity to get one of the best Samsung phones experiences with premium specs and high-end phone body at a super discounted price.

    Check out the details of QwikFone's offers on the refurbished Galaxy S8+ and our teams full review of the phone.


    The Samsung S8+ pristine deal by QwikFone

    As usual with all QwikFone's refurbished phones, in order to list the refurbished Samsung S8+ devices, every device must be in a like-new condition during the first testing process. Since our testing process includes 4- extensive points, all aspects of the phone are covered. So, not only will the Samsung phone look as good as new, it will also function as good as new.

    So, what happens if there is a worn part within the phone? What if the battery is not pristine or the screen has visible or severe scratches?


    Pristine devices with OEM parts

    Well, according to QwikFone's refurbishment protocols, any non-pristine part in the handsets are immediately replaced with OEM parts. Since OEM parts are manufactured in the same factories and under the same guidelines and quality measures as the original parts that went into the phone as brand-new, these parts enable us to present you with a perfect pristine Samsung Galaxy S8+ refurbished & unlocked.


    Refurbished Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus unlocked

    In order to guarantee the best and most premium experience to our customers who choose the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus at all times, the device is unlocked during the refurbishment process.

    The importance of having an unlocked smartphone lies in having your options open as to which carrier's services you can use.

    With an unlocked Samsung S8 Plus, you can choose any carrier in the UK and even foreign carriers in other countries when you travel abroad. After all, the point of having a high-end smartphone is to be able to use it all the time and not be restricted with a the coverage of a single carrier, and that is exactly the experience that QwikFone provides its customers with this perfect unlocked smartphone.


    Refurbished S8 Plus accessories brand-new

    With buying refurbished Samsung smartphones, there is always the uncertainty of where to get the phone's accessories and whether these accessories would be of good quality, how long they would last, and how much additional cost will the new accessories put on the refurbished phone price.

    With QwikFone's Samsung S8+ refurbished deal, all of these issues and questions do not exist because, simply, you would get all of the most essential accessories that you need for your S8+ to work perfectly well are going to be there in your phone box when you start unboxing the refurbished phone.

    QwikFone's accessories were manufactured in a specific manner and under similar quality measurements in order to meet the quality and performance of the original Samsung chargers and earphones. The accessory set also includes a USB cable to connect the S8+ to the charger brick and USB ports in your computers and laptops, as well as a SIM ejection pin. These items are the default accessories that Samsung includes in the box of a brand-new Galaxy S8 Plus. So, you won't miss out with QwikFone's refurbished Galaxy S8+ experience.


    How to get the refurbished S8+ with installments?

    QwikFone provides its customers with the opportunity to pay on monthly installments over 3 equal payments via 2 options so that our users have the opportunity to choose the best one for them.

    1. PayPal credit: With this option, you can use your PayPal account to pay in credit for your Galaxy S8 Plus and then pay for that credit later. PayPal UK enables its users to pay off their credit over 3 months with 3 equal payments without having to pay any interest or any other costs.

    2. Pay with Klarna: The second payment method, Klarna, provides two options: either pay later in 30 days and only pay if your like your refurbished S8 Plus, or like with PayPal, pay on three equal installments within 3 months.

    All of these options represent the perfect opportunity to buy and enjoy the amazing S8 Plus without having to wait and save money until you have the full price. You can place your order right now and receive your Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus tomorrow!


    The Samsung Galaxy S8+ refurbished return policy

    Whether you choose to pay all of the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus's refurbished price upfront or use one of our payment partners to facilitate monthly payments, you will always reserve the right to return your order and get a full refund thanks to the money-back guarantee that comes with the standard QwikFone return policy.

    Since our return policy grants the user 30 days to return his or her order in order to be refunded, customers must pay attention to that period in order not to miss the chance for refunds in case they decided to return the phone.

    The other condition for this policy to be applicable on your order, is to keep the phone and accessories away from any potential accidental damage. Once the return request is received by QwikFone, our team members run a test on both the S8+ device and the accessories to make sure that everything is in its original state that they were delivered to the customer in ( the phone should be pristine and the accessories should be brand-new) if these criteria is not met, QwikFone will reject the return request and the S8 Plus order will not be eligible for refunds.


    Fast shipping

    If you are eager to get your Samsung Galaxy S8+ refurbished unlocked, you can place your order now and choose our next-day shipping to receive your order within 2 business days from the order date. This option is completely free and won't cost you any additional payments.

    However, keep in mind that this option is only available during QwikFone's business hours in order for our team to be able to dispatch and ship out your order on the same day.

    If you missed the time and would still like to get your order shipped out on the same day, check out our late shipping option which will still be available about 2 hours after the original same-day ship out option's time is out.


    The Samsung Galaxy S8+ review by QwikFone 

    Reviewing a premium smartphone from Samsung is always a delight. While with other phone users might struggle to find an aspect, a feature, or specs that may justify the purchase, with the Samsung Galaxy S8, every specification and feature of this phone is just better than the rest. Many users have fallen in love with it just because of its elegant design and gorgeous color variants.


    Curved screen & tall body

    The S8 Plus's design combines the good parts from the classic and new Samsung Galaxy phones designs. From that all-screen Samsung phones, which were released more recently, the S8 Plus gets its beautiful large 6.2-inch screen. The traditional design comes in with the super thin bezels that contain all the important parts that should be placed in the front such as the selfie camera, the Iris scanner, and the sensors as well as the home button in the middle of the bottom bezel.

    The fingerprint scanner is placed on the back of the phone which is a very much welcomed change from the previous models where the fingerprint scanner was built into the home button in the front. This way with the scanner on the back, it is located nearest to the use's index finger where he or she would normally hold the phone. With a tall phone like the S8+, this is much safer and eliminate the risk of accidentally dropping the phone while trying to unlock it from the home button.

    Of course, all of that can be avoided by using the Iris scanner feature which has a dedicated 2MP lens located in the top bezel. Whether you like unlocking your S8 Plus with your fingerprint or your eye, it is always nice to have options!


    Cameras, display, & processor

    Moving on to the internal parts, which are more effective in the actual performance of the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus.

    The 12MP camera may seem the same as that of the S7 on paper, however, this camera has received major upgrade in both its software and hardware. To this day, the S8+ camera is still occupying a position on "The best phone camera" list.

    The display matches the speed with 1440 x 2960 pixels quality which is higher resolution than almost any other device in this price range and higher.

    Lastly, the Octa-core processors offers a monster performance that suits the expectations of a Samsung flagship.

    With QwikFone's price and money-back guarantee, the Samsung S8 Plus deal cannot be missed! Place your order now & pay later!

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