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Refurbished Samsung Galaxy S7

The pristine refurbished Samsung Galaxy S7 is offered by QwikFone's mobile experts alongside a full set of brand-new accessories. This cheap Samsung S7 deal includes a full-year of warranty with the opportunity to replace the device for free whenever needed as well as a full refund guarantee.

    Refurbished Samsung Galaxy S7 Pristine Unlocked

    The Galaxy S7 is still hot and trending as a low-budget smartphone. This Samsung flagship is able to give its users great value in exchange for its super affordable price and, as other flagships from Samsung, it is aging very well! With great features such as wireless charging and Super AMOLED display. The Samsung Galaxy S7 is also one of the first Samsung flagships to have a premium look and feel. So, when you hold this phone in your hands, you will feel that you are really holding a top-tier smartphone.

    With QwikFone's offer for the refurbished Samsung S7, you will be able to pay the phone's price and receive a free set of accessories, a 12-month warranty, and a refund guarantee. QwikFone experts are not only bringing you this great phone in a pristine condition, but also, a detailed review of the Samsung Galaxy S7. So, keep on reading! 


    Buying the refurbished Samsung S7 in the UK

    Buying this refurbished Samsung unlocked phone from the UK's top refurbishment experts at QwikFone comes with much more than just a phone in a good condition. The deal from QwikFone is especially designed to provide all of our customers with a similar experience to that of buying a brand-new phone.

    So, the refurbished S7 deal includes a standard warranty policy that provides the user with 12 months of security regarding the Galaxy S7 condition and performance. During the warranty period, whenever the user comes across any technical difficulty whether it is related to the hardware or the software, QwikFone is obligated to provide free repair services in order to fix this issue.


    Please note that our warranty policy does not cover accidental damage. This warranty protects the phone only against potential manufacturing faults and mistakes. The warranty also covers the full set of accessories that comes with the refurbished Samsung Galaxy S7. This set of accessories include a pair of 3.5mm earphones, a charger brick, a USB cable for charging and for connecting your Galaxy S7 to your computer or laptop, and a SIM ejection tool to insert and remove your SIM card. 


    Since it is not possible to provide the original S7 accessories as it wouldn't be safe or even hygienic to refurbish earphones, for example, the accessories that QwikFone offers with the refurbished S7 are brand-new and manufactured by our partners to meet the standards of the original Samsung earphones and chargers. 


    After buying the reconditioned Samsung S7 whether you're in the UK or overseas, you will have a 30-day period to test the phone and try it out. During this time, which is the period of our return policy, if you decide to return the refurbished Galaxy S7, you will receive a refund no matter what your reason for returning the phone is.


    Testing the  pristine refurbished Samsung S7

    To ensure the state of the refurbished Samsung Galaxy S7, QwikFone uses the CheckMEND services and the expertise of our team members to first ensure that the device is legitimately purchased by the seller, and secondly, that the device is pristine and has not sever scratches or cosmetic wear signs. The testing process of the refurbished Samsung S7 also includes the internal parts on the phone to make sure that it will perform as good as new and will last for a long time with the user as it should have a similar life expectancy of the new Galaxy S7.


    The testing process, which is conducted by QwikFone's top mobile experts before the refurbishment of the Samsung Galaxy S7 includes testing the whole screen in terms of its display quality to ensure that there are no dead pixels and that the brightness levels are not affected or dimmed in any way.  


    Another aspect of QwikFone's testing process for the Galaxy S7 devices is the battery as it has to hit the minimum of 80% power capacity in order for it to be considered pristine. So, what if the battery, screen, or any other part of the Samsung Galaxy S7 is not up to the pristine condition standards? Well, this is when the refurbishment of the Galaxy S7 steps in to retrieve the like-new condition of the smartphone device.


    Lowering the costs of the Samsung Galaxy S7 refurbished

    During the refurbishment and renewal of the Samsung Galaxy S7, there are two main factors that affect the end result of the refurbishment process. Those two factors are the quality of the spare part, which is used to replace the non-pristine part in the phone, and the experience and skills of the repair professional who is replacing the said part.


    For the parts, QwikFone professionals use OEM and refurbished OEM parts in order to provide the level of performance that the original old part did when the phone was brand-new. As for the experience and skills, QwikFone professionals have 5-10 years of experience in the field of repairing smartphones. This, in itself, is a guarantee that every single person of our repair team is highly skillful to repair and replace the most intricate parts of the Galaxy S7 and return it to its new state without a mistake or a flaw.


    Why you should get the Samsung S7 refurbished unlocked? 

    Also, during the preparation of the Samsung S7 to become refurbished, QwikFone unlocks the SIM software on the phone. Using the refurbished Samsung S7 unlocked will enable its user to insert any SIM card and have it work on the phone without restrictions unlike locked phones which limits you to using a single carrier's SIM card. While locked phones may not be that big of a deal for those who are used to them, the issues start to appear when you travel internationally as you won't be able to use a local carrier's SIM card from the new country you are traveling to. This means that you will either be forced to buy an expensive roaming deal from the carrier of your locked phone, or that you won't be able to use your phone outside your country in the first place.


    The unlocked Samsung S7 lifts off all of this cost and procedures to use your smartphone in different countries and replaces them with just inserting the new SIM card into the refurbished Galaxy S7.


    Reviewing the Samsung Galaxy S7 refurbished

    While Samsung produced top quality smartphones and stayed on top of the Android smartphone market for the longest time, the plastic casing of the Samsung phones was always a weak spot as the plastic back gave the phone a cheap look no matter how advanced and premium the inner parts and the performance were. Thankfully, the Samsung Galaxy S7 is one of the newer generations of the Galaxy phones line-up that has a glass back. In addition to the premium look of the Galaxy S7 with the glass back, this finish also adds to the functionalities and capabilities of the devices itself as it allows wireless charging. This is what really sets Samsung phones as flagships from other brands as other phones may have the glossy and luxurious look of the glass back without the added value of wireless charging.


    The design of the Galaxy S7

    The S7 has the same design language as its predecessor, the Galaxy S6. Since the Galaxy S6 was very well-received by users and has a good feedback for the most part, you can tell that the design and build of the Galaxy S7 will have the same reaction from users. The curved sides of the phone allows you to have a nice and firm grip on it without fearing to drop it. The back and front of the S7 are protected with Gorilla Glass 4. So, there is no need to worry about cracking the body of your phone at the slightest impact.


    Samsung was aiming to give the S7 a more advanced look despite its similarities with the S6. This is why you'll notice that the metallic edge around the home button in the S6 is not there on the Galaxy S7. This allowed the button to blend into the bottom bezel and it definitely served the overall look of the phone as it makes it look cleaner.


    The camera bump is as small as can be which is awesome in more ways than one. First, when you place your Samsung S7, it will not move and wobble around as much. Secondly, once you slip your S7 into a case, the thickness of the case is, in most cases, going to hide the camera bump leaving the back of your Galaxy S7 leveled and smooth which, also, protects the camera further against any potential hits or scratches.


    Getting a flagship smartphone at a budget price is not easy to achieve, especially if you want your phone to be pristine. With QwikFone, it is not only possible, but you also get to save more money on the accessories and any needed repairs during the first year thanks to the warranty. Don't miss your chance and place your order now! 

    Frequently asked questions about Samsung Galaxy S7

    Q. Should I buy a refurbished Samsung Galaxy S7?

    The Samsung Galaxy S7 is a powerful phone that is worth buying for both its reliable performance and its affordable price. As a budget friendly phone, the Galaxy S7 definitely have some fascinating specs and features that are worth getting.
    As expected with Samsung flagships, these phones age very well and continue to provide a high value for years after they are released.
    At a budget price, the S7 definitely gives high-end quality and performance thanks to its premium build and specs.

    Q. Is the refurbished S7 still worth buying?

    The refurbished Galaxy S7 by QwikFone is pristine and tested by the UK's refurbishment and repair experts to ensure that it is in an as-good-as-new condition in both the way it looks and the way it works.
    In its pristine condition, the Samsung Galaxy S7 has some of the most impressive Samsung flagship specs such as the Super AMOLED display, the Exynos 8890 Octa chip, and the 3000 mAh battery, to name a few.
    The camera is also quite impressive with a 12MP wide lens and the ability to film 4K videos. The front camera also won't let you down as it films 1440p videos which is awesome front camera video quality considering that the phone is a mid-range to budget price.

    Q. How long will Samsung S7 be supported?

    In terms of software, the Samsung Galaxy S7 comes with Android 6.0 (Marshmallow) installed and it can be upgraded to Android 8.0 (Oreo) with all of the security updates that comes with this version of Android.
    In terms of hardware, the refurbished Samsung S7 has a 12-month warranty from QwikFone. With our dedicated repair center, the Samsung S7 will have full support over the course of the first year after the purchase.

    Q. How old is the cheap Samsung S7?

    At QwikFone the cheap Samsung S7 is as good as new. So, although the phone was released in 2016, QwikFone professionals has renewed it using manufacturer OEM parts and high-quality grade A parts in addition to a decade of experience with QwikFone to return it to its brand-new state.

    Q. Can you replace the battery on a Samsung Galaxy S7?

    While the Samsung Galaxy S7 has a non-removable battery, it can be replaced, if needed with professional help from QwikFone repair and refurbishment experts. Our refurbishment process uses OEM battery replacements to provide the same original performance, capacity, and lifetime.

    Q. How do I know if my Galaxy S7 battery is new?

    There are several ways to know whether your Samsung's phone battery is new or not. The first and most famous method is to make sure that the battery charges fully to 100%. Also, you can check the manufacturing date on the battery if it is visible. Finally, since batteries' size and shape change as they age, in some cases, you will be able to tell that the battery is old just by looking at your Samsung Galaxy S7 and the battery inside.

    Q. How do I turn on fast charging S7?

    First, make sure that your charger is capable of fast charging. If your Samsung Galaxy S7 came with the fast charging option disabled by default, enabling it would be easy. Just go to Settings, scroll down to battery options. On this page, you will find an option called "Fast cable charging". Tap on it to activate it and that's it!

    Q. Is Fast charging bad for cheap reconditioned S7?

    The cheap reconditioned S7 at QwikFone is actually pristine. So, it is as good as brand-new Galaxy S7 which means fast charging is not bad in any way. However, just with any other smartphone, there is the issue of the device heating up a little bit when it is fast charging. Although this does not represent much of a big deal, it is recommended to not use fast charging in your phone while using other functionality that would also cause the device to heat up such as playing a heavy mobile game.

    Q. Can Samsung S7 charge wirelessly?

    Yes, with the right type of chargers, the Samsung Galaxy S7 supports wireless charging as well as supporting wired fast charging.

    Q. What are the features of the Samsung Galaxy S7?

    The Galaxy S7 is one of Samsung's flagships that aged incredibly well and makes a great budget phone right now. The phone packs multiple impressive features and specs in addition to having a sleek and elegant design. These are the most prominent Galaxy S7 features:

    - A Super AMOLED display with 1440 x 2560 pixels resolution.
    - Considerable 3000 mAh battery capacity
    - Wireless charging & fast charging
    - 12MP wide-lens camera with HDR, LED flash light, and 4K video filming @30fps
    - 5MP front camera with auto HDR and filming 1440p video
    - Loudspeaker with high-quality sound
    - 3.5mm earphone jack

    Q. What is the battery life of a cheap refurbished Samsung S7?

    The refurbished Samsung S7 from QwikFone is guaranteed by our experts to be in as-good-as new condition. Since one of the pristine state requirements include the battery life and performance, the battery should retain 80-90 percent of its original capacity as brand-new. If this is not the case with the original battery, the part gets replaced with an OEM battery replacement by QwikFone's professionals during the refurbishment process.
    In its new condition, the Galaxy S7 battery provides about 5-6 hours of screen time.

    Q. What is the best color for a Samsung Galaxy S7 Phone?

    The Samsung Galaxy S7 comes in 5 different color variants: black, white, silver, gold, and pink gold. While all colors have their appeal thanks to the elegant design of the S7, the pink gold color variant is the most attractive and unique looking one.

    Q. What does the Samsung Galaxy S7 battery replacement cost in UK?

    QwikFone offers the most affordable repair services and the best battery replacement prices for your Samsung S7. The battery replacement from QwikFone comes with a 12-month warranty. For more details, please check out our repair website.

    Q. What is the best security app for refurbished Samsung S7?

    There are multiple antivirus and security apps to choose from. These are the top 5 security apps for your refurbished Samsung Galaxy S7:

    - Total AV
    - Norton
    - McAfee
    - Avira
    - ScanGuard

    Q. I want to gift a phone to my younger sister. Is Samsung S7 a good choice?

    It's cool-looking with a durable body and premium specs. The Samsung S7 is the perfect gift as it will provide great performance and, if you add a wireless charger to that gift, you'll win sibling of the year award with your sister!

    Q. Does Samsung Galaxy S7 come with an IR blaster?

    While the previous Galaxy versions had an IR blaster which allowed users to use their Samsung phones as universal remote to control TV, AC, and any other device that required a remote control, Samsung did not add an IR blaster to the Galaxy S7.

    Q. Will I get an original new battery with refurbished Samsung Galaxy S7?

    QwikFone's refurbished Samsung Galaxy S7 will either have the original battery pristine which means the battery has at least 80% of its brand-new capacity, or an OEM / Grade-A battery replacement.
    Both types of these spare parts replacements provide the best performance for your refurbished Samsung S7. The OEM batteries are also manufactured by the same manufacturer of the Galaxy S7, which is Samsung factories.

    Q. Are there any problems with the Samsung Galaxy S7?

    Typically, there are no issues with the Samsung Galaxy S7 that is refurbished by QwikFone. Our dedicated refurbishment center with all of its expert professionals make sure that all S7 devices are pristine and work as good as new.
    However, this is not all what QwikFone offers. With every refurbished Samsung S7 deal, our company provides a 12-month warranty. So, if any issue arises with the S7, our repair center will gladly take care of it for free.

    Q. Is it sensible to buy a cheap Galaxy S7 in 2020?

    Absolutely! While cheap, the refurbished Galaxy S7 at QwikFone is guaranteed to be pristine and comes with all of its accessories. The accessories are all new and manufactured for QwikFone at high-quality measurements to meet the original quality of Samsung accessories.
    This deals is perfect as it allows you to save all other expenses such as buying new accessories and shipping cost. QwikFone will provide all that for free in addition to an option for paying in monthly installments if you choose to.

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