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Refurbished Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

Congratulations! You found the best refurbished Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge deals in the UK! Order your Galaxy S7 Edge now in a pristine condition and get a complimentary set of accessories for free as well as our free shipping services. This deals includes a monthly payment plan. Check it out!
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    Refurbished Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Pristine & Unlocked

    The 5-star-rated Samsung Galaxy S7 edge is now available at a budget-friendly price thanks to QwikFone's refurbishment center. If you're looking for a reliable phone with an elegant design and don't want to spend a fortune, then the Samsung S7 edge is the way to go.

    Learn more about the Galaxy S7 edge from the design to a full review of the actual experience of using it right here with our team's review of this great smartphone.


    Reviewing the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge refurbished 

    Before getting into the refurbishment of the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge and how QwikFone team works the magic to return this powerful phone to its glory as good as new condition, let's first take a look at what the phone itself has to offer in terms of its body material, design, and internal specs and parts.


    Beautiful design & unique screen

    The first and most noticeable thing about the S7 edge it the way it looks. As one of the very first Samsung phones to have an edge the Galaxy S7 edge is very unique-looking and recognizable unlike other smartphones from other brands which will require extensive inspection and research to find out which model it was meant to be!

    This impressive look of the phone is because of its screen that is curved at the edges. As can be expected from a Samsung flagship, the S7 edge has a glass body with an aluminum frame which provides the premium look, feel, and features of glass phones in addition to the strength and durability that the aluminum frame provides to the precious interiors of this phone.

    The screen itself is a Super AMOLED panel which Organic Light Emitting Diodes screen used for mobile phones to provide the deepest colors possible on a digital screen and the darkest black which is almost impossible to achieve without this type of panels in smartphones.

    Of course, all of this quality in the screen had to come in a corresponding size to be able to show its magnificence. This is why the Samsung S7 edge has a 5.5-inch screen and this screen has the awesome resolution of 1440 x 2560 pixels.

    While the design does not have the all-screen front that all 2020 flagship are now adopting, the edge definitely makes up for it. Also, since the S7 edge has bezels, this means no notch. While this may seem as a side note and doesn't hold much value, users who experienced using phones with notches and did not get comfortable with the awkward portion of their screens being cut off really appreciate having a phone's display that is clean-cut and has no interruptions.


    Performance & gaming

    As usual with Samsung phones, the S7 edge does not disappoint when it comes to the performance of its processor & chip. The Exynos 8890 and Octa-core processor, which consists of 4 cores of 2.3 GHz Mongoose and another 4 of 1.6 GHz Cortex-A53, are powered by the considerable 4GB RAM.

    So, whether you're gaming on the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge or using multiple social media apps simultaneously, the performance is going to be not only up to par, but quite impressive as well!

    Since we have bezels and a home button, the fingerprint scanner is front-mounted as it is built into the button itself as the tradition, set by iPhones, dictates.


    Cameras, battery, & more

    Cameras are, of course, the aspect that matters the most for most camera phones users. Thankfully, at such an affordable price, the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge refurbished has an amazing camera system!

    The main camera is a 12MP wide lens that offers a super fast auto focus as well as a great performance in low-light settings compared to other smartphones at this price range and even higher.

    The main camera also has Optical Image Stabilization, auto-HDR, an amazing panorama mode, and it is supported with a LED flash light for shots that are taken at night to improve the lighting of the images.

    As for videos, as it should be with flagships, the Samsung S7 edge refurbished films 4K videos @30fps as well as 1080p@30fps & 60fps.

    The front camera is 5MP and, while the number might not seem as a lot, the actual selfie quality of the S7 edge is much better thanks to the help of auto HDR in the front camera as well as the back.

    Moving on to the battery, both the numbers and the actual performance show great potential for the Samsung S7 edge.

    The battery is 3600 mAh and it supports both fast charging and wireless charging. Make sure to buy the refurbished Samsung Galaxy S7 edge in the UK from QwikFone as our refurbishment experts ensure that you get a pristine or brand-new battery that will provide the best performance this phone can possibly have.


    Buy Samsung S7 edge refurbished & unlocked at low prices

    Now that you know all of this phones great features, it is time to find out where to buy the refurbished Samsung Galaxy S7 edge in the UK and get the best deal possible. Thankfully, you're already here. So, you can just press "add to cart" and in only 1-2 business days receive your perfect S7 edge device in a pristine condition along with all of its accessories brand-new. Check out all about our deal below.


    Testing the S7 edge units

    Once QwikFone acquires the S7 edge devices, our team of experts follows a specific and precise process of testing and inspecting the phones in order to make sure that all devices are pristine and there are no major or significant damages in any unit.

    Then, the refurbishment process begins. During this process, our professionals repair and replace any internal parts of the phone that does not meet the pristine condition standards. This way, when the units are listed on the QwikFone website, Samsung S7 edge is refurbished, unlocked, and as good as new in every aspect.


    Why choose the unlocked S7 edge?

    With an unlocked Samsung Galaxy S7 edge, you will have the complete freedom in choosing the carrier service that suites your network usage needs the best.

    Also, when you're traveling outside of the UK, you will be able to use the same handset that you know and are familiar with without needing to buy a roaming service, which can be too expensive.

    With an unlocked S7 edge device, you will only need to buy a SIM card from any local vendor of your choice in any country around the world and still be able to put different SIM cards in your phone and use them as usual.


    No need to buy accessories

    While refurbished phones usually lack the accessories that come in the box of a brand-new phone, the refurbished Samsung Galaxy S7 edge from QwikFone comes with all of its accessories and important attachments included in the QwikFone phone box.

    Our deal's price always include a USB charger cable, the charger adapter, and a pair of earphones that work with 3.5mm jacks as well as a SIM ejection pin to remove and insert SIM cards as often as needed by the user.

    So, QwikFone customers who get this deal on the pristine Samsung Galaxy s7 edge, will not need to spend additional costs to get the most essential items that are needed for the S7 edge to work as good as new.


    Warranty & quality protection from QwikFone

    At QwikFone, refurbished smartphones are as good as brand-new condition in every aspect. This, of course, must include the warranty policy. So, QwikFone provides, with every S7 edge device, a 12-month warranty that covers the phone as well as the accessories.

    So, there is no worry if any item of your phone box contents shows any sign of malfunctioning, the QwikFone dedicated repair center will provide you with our premium repair services for free as a standard part of the warranty policy.

    Since the accessories are not applicable for repairs, we offer new items to replace any defective chargers, cables, or earphones.

    The important thing to note with QwikFone's warranty policy is that this policy covers malfunctioning that is a result of a manufacturer defect only. This means that any accidental damages caused by the user, such as broken screen or water damages, will require a paid repair service at QwikFones repair center.

    Also, having the device opened or repaired by any party other than QwikFone will void the warranty policy.


    QwikFone's money-back guarantee

    The standard return policy from QwikFone includes a full refund guarantee. This means that, by returning your order from QwikFone within 30 days, you will receive the full payment for the phone. This policy does not require any specific reason for the return to be accepted.

    The only condition for this return to be accepted is that the phone must be pristine and the accessories must be brand-new. Any damaged items will make this return request invalid and the full refund will not be applicable in such a case.

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