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Refurbished Samsung Galaxy S20 / S20 Plus SIM Free

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    Samsung Galaxy S20/Plus SIM Free Available for Sale Pristine & Unlocked

    Although the Samsung Galaxy S20 is mostly presented and reviewed as the entry level phone out of all the S20 models, this phone is by no means cutting corners when it comes to its specs and special features. As Samsung users were expecting, the S20 came with cutting-edge features that took all of the smartphone industry and the competition to new levels to keep up with this line, especially the S20 as an entry level phone of the flagship line.

    The Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus has the same level of impressive capabilities with the addition of the improved features that comes with every Plus version of Samsung phones

    You can now get the best refurbished Samsung Galaxy S20 SIM Free and the Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus SIM free as well in the UK from QwikFone in a pristine condition and similar terms and conditions to those that come with brand-new Samsung phones as well as all of the phones important accessories included in the price. Check out this page to know all about those two impressive phones and the different ways to pay interest-free monthly instalments for the refurbished deals on both the S20 and the S20 Plus.


    QwikFone Deals on SIM Free Galaxy S20 & S20 Plus Refurbished 

    Getting a cheap deal on a Samsung phone is not all that hard in the UK. The real challenge is to find a cheap Samsung S20 or a cheap Samsung S20 Plus not only in the handset condition but also in the deal terms and the additions that comes with the refurbished cheap phone deal. Since the common belief is that cheap products have to come with certain compromises regarding the quality and some times even compromises when it comes to the customer rights to a good warranty policy or a good return policy, many people prefer to suffer from the financial burden than to consider buying a Samsung S20 used or an S20 Plus second hand.

    QwikFone is changing this whole concept by providing our customers and the entire market with refurbished Samsung phone deals that give the user a like-new experience in every way.


    Second Hand Pristine Cheap S20 & S20+

    QwikFone's refurbished Samsung Galaxy S20 & Galaxy S20+ devices are all pre-owned renewed devices. By refurbishing pre-loved devices using parts from other BER devices, QwikFone is not only adding the option of high-end smartphones at affordable price rate to the market, but also contributing to the environmental efforts by reducing E-waste amounts since refurbishing products is a form of recycling especially when it is refurbished with parts from other devices that would end up in landfills if not used in refurbishment as spare parts.

    With our refurbishment quality and standards, the pristine condition of the Samsung Galaxy S20 SIM free and Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus SIM free at the cheapest prices. Our talented and expert professionals use the best testing and refurbishment software to mark all software and hardware issues that may exist in the phone to make sure that everything is repaired perfectly so that the S20 & S20+ are working as good as new.


    Unlocked S20 & S20 Plus SIM Free

    An important part of our refurbished Samsung S20 SIM free deals is to remove all sorts of restrictions that may be attached previously to the device. For example, a locked smartphone can only be used with a single carrier's network without the ability to switch carriers without switching the handset itself. More often than not, the SIM tray is shut so that the user is unable to change their SIM card even if the new one belonged to the same carrier the phone is locked to.

    At QwikFone, our refurbishment process includes unlocking the phone's SIM software so that the handset can accept any SIM card from any carrier and the user can replace the SIM card with anyone they like at any time.

    With our deal on the Samsung Galaxy S20 refurbished unlocked, you can benefit from the low prices all over the EU and use your phone in any country without limitations. Same with the deals on the Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus refurbished unlocked, buy your phone from the UK and use it in any country in the EU or around the world as long as your carrier is using the same network technologies as the ones Samsung built its mobile phones for.


    New charger, cable, and more!

    Another aspect of refurbished phone's misconceptions that QwikFone is fixing with these Samsung S20 SIM free deals is the phone's accessories. When you buy a Samsung S20 second hand from QwikFone, we guarantee that all devices come with a full set of new accessories so that our users get the same experience they would expect when buying a brand new S20 or Galaxy S20+.

    The accessories we provide with our cheap Samsung S20 Plus and S20 is ensured to offer a high-end performance and longevity. Your Samsung S20 used is going to come with new charger adapter, USB cable, earphones, and SIM ejector.


    Warranty for Samsung Galaxy SIM Free Deals

    With QwikFone deals on the Samsung Galaxy S20 refurbished unlocked and the Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus refurbished unlocked, a 12-month warranty covers the handset and the accessory set so that all of your phone box contents are ensured to perform as expected, the phone is pristine and the accessories are brand-new and high-end.

    If any item of the QwikFone phone box contents malfunctions without being subjected to accidental damages or negligence from the user, the warranty policy covers free repairs from QwikFone for items that can be repaired and replacements for items that cannot be repaired whether the issue is in one of the accessories or in the phone itself.


    Return policy for the Samsung S20 & S20+

    To provide complete safety and eliminate the factor of risk that is almost inevitable with an online deal on cheap Samsung S20 or a Galaxy S20+, QwikFone provides a 30-day period for full refunds in case the customer wishes to return the phone and get their money back.

    Within the return period, you can return your order from QwikFone at any time and receive a full refund of your payment. The only thing that is required for the return policy to remain valid is for you to keep the phone in its pristine condition and the same applies for the accessories.

    Just like any other standard return policy, the safety of the returned items is a main condition for the refund to be applicable. Once QwikFone receives your returned items and our team makes sure that everything is in the required condition, the refund of the full phone's refurbished price that the customer has paid is issued to the same payment method used for the order. Even if you used one of our monthly instalments payment methods, the refund of the paid amount will be issued in full once the order is returned.


    Payment Methods for Samsung S20+ & Samsung S20 SIM Free Deals

    While you can pay for your Samsung S 20 second hand and S20 Plus second hand order using usual payment methods such as direct bank transfer and credit card, QwikFone also added two payment methods that enable you to ultimately pay for your refurbished Samsung flagship in monthly instalments.

    • PayPal Credit:
      Most PayPal UK customers overlook this option that PayPal gives you to use your account for dividing your online purchases over a 4-month period free of interest. Apply for a PayPal Credit account online and get the result of your application instantly.

      Once the application is through and your account is approved to use PayPal Credit, your order on the Galaxy S20 and S20 Plus will be paid by PayPal Credit, and then you can pay off this credit over 4 months, no interest added.

    • Klarna's Instalments Plan:

      Klarna is another payment method that will cover your full order amount and then you get to pay over monthly payments also free of interest just like PayPal Credit. Klarna's plan divides your phone's price over 3 equal payments the first of which is paid by you when QwikFone confirms your order. After 30 days, the second payment is due and another 30 days later, the third payment is charged to your bank account that you registered your Klarna account with.

      Klarna is also offering another option which is "Buy now & pay later in 30-month" This option is also interest free and frees you from paying in advance for the refurbished Galaxy S20 & S20 Plus.

    Samsung Galaxy S20 Refurbished Unlocked Specs & Features 

    • Dimensions: 151.7 x 69.1 x 7.9 mm

    • Weight: 163 g

    • Screen: 6.2 inches - Dynamic AMOLED 2X - 120Hz

    • Resolution: 1440 x 3200 pixels

    • Display features: HDR10+ - Always-on display

    • Processor: Octa-core - Exynos 990

    • RAM: 8GB

    • Battery: Non-removable - Li-Ion 4000 mAh

    • Charging: Fast charging 25W - Fast Qi/PMA wireless charging 15W - Reverse wireless charging 4.5W

    • Main camera: (Triple) 12MP wide + 64MP telephoto + 12MP ultrawide

    • Camera features: OIS - Dual Pixel PDAF - 1.1x optical zoom - 3x hybrid zoom - Super Steady video - Stereo sound recording - HDR10

    • Videos: 8K@24fps - 4K@30, 60fps - 1080p@30, 60, 240fps

    • Front camera: (Single) 10MP wide

    • Camera features: Dual Pixel PDAF - Auto-HDR - Dual video call

    • Videos: 4K@30, 60fps - 1080p@30fps


    Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus Refurbished Unlocked Specs & Features

    • Dimensions: 161.9 x 73.7 x 7.8 mm

    • Weight: 186 g

    • Screen: 6.7 inches - Dynamic AMOLED 2X - 120Hz

    • Resolution: 1440 x 3200 pixels

    • Display features: HDR10+ - Always-on display

    • Processor: Octa-core - Exynos 990

    • RAM: 8GB

    • Battery: Non-removable - Li-Ion 4500 mAh

    • Charging: Fast charging 25W - Fast Qi/PMA wireless charging 15W - Reverse wireless charging 4.5W

    • Main camera: (Quad) 12MP wide + 64MP telephoto + 12MP ultrawide - 0.3 MP, TOF 3D

    • Camera features: OIS - Dual Pixel PDAF - 1.1x optical zoom - 3x hybrid zoom - Super Steady video - Stereo sound recording - HDR10

    • Videos: 8K@24fps - 4K@30, 60fps - 1080p@30, 60, 240fps

    • Front camera: (Single) 10MP wide

    • Camera features: Dual Pixel PDAF - Auto-HDR - Dual video call

    • Videos: 4K@30, 60fps - 1080p@30fps


    Why Buy a Refurbished Samsung Galaxy S20 / S20+ Used? 

    For many people, buying flagship smartphones is out of the question due to the high prices of these phones. This is why most smartphone users would rather miss out on the premium experience of a flagship than pay such expensive prices for a smartphone.

    With QwikFone's offers on refurbished flagships such as Samsung Galaxy S20 & Galaxy S20 Plus, not only are you getting premium phones at their lowest price rates in the UK and all of the EU, but also, you get to pay for your refurbished unlocked Galaxy flagship over monthly instalments without being tied up to a carrier contract or having to pay high interest, or any interest whatsoever!


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    Everything you need to know about the Samsung S20 & S20 Plus before buying it

    Is Samsung Galaxy S20 better than iPhone 11?

    Depending on your preference in the software of the mobile phone you're using, the main choice between an iPhone and a Samsung depends on the choice between iOS and Android.
    In terms of features, the Samsung Galaxy S20 is definitely better than the iPhone 11 as the first is more recent than the latter. While you get only 2019 flagship specs with the iPhone 11, the Galaxy S20 gives you all the goodies of a 2020 flagship, which is the most recent features in the smartphone market.

    Does the Samsung Galaxy S20 need a case?

    As an all-glass phone, the Samsung Galaxy 20 definitely has a luxurious look and feel to it, which has to be protected with a protective case to keep the phone pristine and prevent any potential scratches or more severe accidental damage.

    Is it worth it to upgrade from the Galaxy S8 to the SIM Free S20?

    The upgrade from Galaxy S8 to S20 is absolutely worth it. This upgrade moves you from 2017 directly into 2020 in terms of the phone specs, features, speed, and network connectivity.

    Should you get the unlocked Galaxy S20 or the iPhone 12?

    Both phones are released in 2020. However, the unlocked Samsung Galaxy S20 is a better choice as it enables you to use any carrier's SIM card with no restrictions. If you're an Android fan, then the Galaxy would be the perfect choice.

    What is the difference between the Samsung Galaxy S20 and the S20 FE?

    Samsung released the Galaxy S20 FE or (Fan Edition) as an affordable version of its flagship, the S20. While both phones have the same core, processor, and chip as well as running the same version of Android and One UI, the differences lie in the display, camera modules, and the material of the phone.

    Samsung Galaxy S20 has a glass back - S20 FE has a plastic back
    Samsung Galaxy S20 has a Dynamic AMOLED 2X display - S20 FE has Super AMOLED
    Samsung Galaxy S20 main camera module is a 12 MP + 64 MP + 12 MP
    S20 FE main camera module is a 12 MP + 8 MP + 12 MP

    Does the Samsung Galaxy S20 refurbished unlocked support reverse charging?

    Yes, the Galaxy S20 supports Reverse wireless charging 4.5W.

    Which is better, OnePlus 8T or Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus?

    Samsung is known to lead the way in the smartphone market in terms of innovation and unmatched high-end features. This means that the S20 Plus is leaps and bounds better than the OnePlus 8T.
    The Samsung S20 Plus has a larger screen, better display panel, and higher resolution. The camera of the S20+ is also much better with a triple-lens module containing a telephoto lens that provides better zoom capabilities than the OnePlus 8T.
    Finally, the S20 Plus has a Li-Ion battery which is much better in terms of its lifetime and aging compared to the Li-Po of the OnePlus 8T battery.

    Do the refurbished unlocked Samsung S20 and S20 Plus support 5G?

    Yes, both versions of the Galaxy S20 and S20+ do support 5G networks.

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