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Refurbished Samsung Galaxy S10

QwikFone's mobile phone experts are presenting the refurbished Samsung Galaxy S10 at best prices and with all the standard guarantees that come with brand-new Samsung Galaxy S10 phones. Order this deal now to get a free shipping for the pristine device as well as free accessories.
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    The Best Samsung S10 Refurbished Offers

    The Galaxy S10 was Samsung's celebration of its 10th year of creating the S series phones and it was the perfect device to represent the celebration of this amazing line of smartphones. Before the Galaxy S10 was released, mobile phone customers used to ask themselves whether the upgrade was really necessary with each new phone coming out. With the S10 release, however, the question changed from wondering about the importance of the upgrade to wondering about how to get this new upgrade that the Samsung Galaxy S10 provided!

    This amazing phone came with a considerable price tag at the time of its release which made it remain in many people's future bucket list. The great news, for all of those who want an S10 at a more affordable price, is that you can now get the Samsung Galaxy S10 refurbished from QwikFone at a discounted price and with great policies as well.


    Get Samsung S10 refurbished, pristine, & unlocked

    Mobile phone refurbishment at QwikFone guarantees that our third party refurbished phones become as good as new once they are refurbished. Using OEM part by our skillful and experienced professionals makes it easy to offer pristine Samsung S10 refurbished devices at the lowest costs and, therefore, the lowest prices.

    QwikFone created the perfect deal for our customers who want to have a Galaxy S10 refurbished, but need the price to be lower than the price of the brand-new S10.

    With QwikFone, you can get refurbished Samsung phones unlocked and in a pristine condition with all of the benefits of the new S10 and better!

    While a brand-new S10 would come with strings attached such as having the SIM software of the phone locked in order to be able to pay monthly installments as a part of the carrier's contract, This is not the case with refurbished phones from QwikFone.

    Our customers can get pristine devices at the lowest prices and still pay in monthly installments without being attached to a certain carrier since QwikFone's Samsung Galaxy S10 refurbished devices are unlocked.

    Check out all of the details you need to know about this refurbished Galaxy S10 offer.


    Testing the Samsung Galaxy S10

    To offer cheapest S10 deals, QwikFone experts renew the Galaxy devices after purchasing them from their previous owner. So, once QwikFone obtains the Samsung Galaxy S10 device, a preliminary test is performed to confirm their pristine condition, which includes ensuring that there are no severe or visible cosmetic wear signs on the outer body of the phone and, of course, there are no scratches or marking on the screen since, like any other phone with a touch screen, the display and touch panel is one of the most important and crucial parts of the entire phone.

    So, the test pertains to the look of the outer case of the phone i.e. the front and back to confirm that there are no scratches or markings that would disqualify the phone from the pristine state.

    The test process at QwikFone then proceeds to check the internal parts on the S10 device at the hands of professional experts to make sure that all the Galaxy S10's functionality is as good as new. Parts that do not perform as well as expected of a pristine phone are replaced with OEM parts and grade-A parts. Since OEM parts are made by the same manufacturers of the Samsung S10, these parts along with Grade-A spare parts are guaranteed to ensure the same performance of the brand-new S10 for the refurbished S10.

    Our team also obtains a CheckMEND report to track back the phone's history and make sure that it was legally bought by the previous owner. This report is available for QwikFone customers upon requesting it for their devices.


    The Samsung Galaxy S10 refurbished & unlocked

    Once the S10 device passes our preliminary testing process, the refurbishment process is then started. Thanks to QwikFone's expert professionals, who have been in the repair and refurbishment business for 5-10 years, and the use of OEM spare parts, the refurbished Galaxy S10 devices are restored to a like-new condition with a seamless finish.

    During the refurbishment of the Samsung Galaxy S10, our professionals also make sure that the device is unlocked and ready to work with any SIM from any carrier around the world that uses the same network technology that the S10 supports.

    This means that the user of QwikFone's refurbished S10 will be able to use any old SIM card he or she already has with this handset without having to go through any technical issues or needing a professional interference.


    Brand-new accessories from QwikFone

    A new device comes with new accessories and so does the pristine Samsung Galaxy S10 device from QwikFone. When you first open your QwikFone S10 refurbished box, you will be met with the pristine new-looking phone and underneath it there will be a full set of brand-new accessories that has the QwikFone logo printed on them.

    The accessories are especially made for QwikFone as we follow strict quality requirements to present our customers with accessories as good as the original ones from Samsung. This high-end quality will cost you nothing as the set of accessories are complimentary from the QwikFone team and require no extra payment on the customer's part.

    The accessories consist of a pair of earphones, a charging brick, a USB cable, and, finally, the SIM ejector to insert and replace your SIM card whenever you want to.


    Galaxy S10 with technical support!

    The refurbished S10 by QwikFone has a 12-month warranty which provides the necessary support that the user may need while using the phone during the first year. This warranty also represents an important guarantee for the phone's condition and performance in the long run and it includes coverage for the accessories quality as well.

    QwikFone guarantees that any problem with the Galaxy S10 refurbished will be repaired by our repair experts for free. Additionally, devices that have a problem which cannot be repaired, QwikFone will replace them with another pristine Galaxy S10 for free as well.

    Finally, the warranty policy of QwikFone also includes our accessories. So, not only will you get brand-new high-quality accessories, you also have the guarantee that those accessories can be replaced with brand-new ones if they are malfunctioning in any way.

    The only condition for this warranty policy to remain valid throughout its lifetime is for the user to avoid any accidental damage for both the S10 and its accessories as QwikFone's warranty policy only covers manufacturing-caused issues and defects. It is also important to point out that the warranty policy does not cover water damage. So, as the S10 users, QwikFone recommends protecting your phone around water surfaces whether near the pool or in the shower.


    Return with a full refund!

    The refurbished Galaxy S10 from QwikFone comes with a full refund guarantee. So, you can feel 100% safe in case you want to return the purchase, there will be absolutely no loss of the price that you paid for the refurbished Samsung phone unlocked.

    There is only one condition for this 30-day return policy to be valid is for the phone and accessories to be in their original respective conditions as delivered by QwikFone. This means that the phone has to be pristine and the accessories must be brand new. If any item is damaged, this will result in the return request being revoked.


    This deal keeps getting better!

    If you thought that this was the end of the benefits and advantages that are presented in the QwikFone deal of the S10 refurbished, think again! This deal still has so much more surprises that will pleasantly surprise you and help you get the most out of the deal and the phone. Here are a few of the additional goodies that our deal comes with:

    - Free shipping

    - Same-day ship out

    - Monthly installments

    - Pay using bank transfer, credit card, or PayPal


    Reviewing the Samsung Galaxy S10  

    In recent years, we became accustomed to Samsung's S series releases having it all from gorgeous design to premium specs and cool features and the Samsung Galaxy S10 is no exception. This phone represented the best creation that Samsung could come up with as a celebration of its 10-year anniversary. In this section, we are taking a close look at the most prominent specs and features that you will enjoy with this refurbished Galaxy S10.


    Samsung Galaxy S10 specs at a glance:

    • Body: Gorilla Glass 6 front & Gorilla Glass 5 back & Aluminum frame

    • Dimensions: 149.9 x 70.4 x 7.8 mm

    • Screen: 6.1 inches - Dynamic AMOLED

    • Display: 1440 x 3040 pixels resolution - HDR10 - Always-on display

    • Main camera module: 12MP Wide lens + 12MP telephoto lens + 16MP ultrawide lens

    • Front (selfie) camera module: 10MP wide lens

    • Processor: Exynos 9820 - Octa-core CPU - Mali-G76 MP12 GPU

    • RAM: 8GB

    • Battery: 3400 mAh - Fast charging - Wireless charging - Reverse wireless charging


    Beautiful & practical design

    As mentioned before, the Samsung S10 design turned the table so that the conversation would change from customers wondering if they actually need the change that this phone brings to wondering just how to get this gorgeous powerful device!

    First, there is the punch hole camera that told all smartphone users around the world that they are right to be annoyed with the notch and there are alternatives that do the job better and more elegantly.


    The beauty of this screen does not end at the absence of the notch as it is also packing a fingerprint scanner under it. A feature that ended the debate about whether this scanner should be beneath the camera or next to it and brought it back to its original placement in the front side of the phone!

    With the fingerprint scanner in the display, the back of the S10 became even more aesthetically pleasing than its predecessors as the 3-lens camera is the only thing on the back of the phone and perfectly aligned in the center of the top half of the phone.


    Flawless display

    Coming to the display, the Samsung Galaxy S10 just keeps getting better! With an 88.3% screen-to-body ratio, this phone has one of the biggest screens in the market without having to make the phone's body too big for the average hand. So, you will be able to hold it comfortably while enjoying your favorite videos and games on this 6.1-inch screen.

    The display itself is Dynamic AMOLED, one of Samsung's latest and greatest screen technologies that offers cinema-quality for phones' display! Moreover, this technology also helps reducing the blue lights that emits from mobile phones screens and harms the eyes as well as cause sleep disturbances.

    So, with the Galaxy S10, it's not only about the perfect viewing experience, but also about the users' well-being.


    Impeccable photos & videos

    The main camera module of the Samsung S10 allows it user to take photos at any angle thanks to the triple camera module on the back of the phone. No matter the setting you are taking photo in and no matter what the lighting conditions are, the Galaxy S10 takes perfect photos. Once you are ready to upload your S10 photos to Instagram, you will find that you don't need any filter to enhance their beauty. This S10 camera was definitely made with social media in mind. A super smart move!

    Since YouTube is one of the biggest and most popular social media platform, the Samsung S10 is also perfect for filming videos with 4K quality @30/60fps, as well as Full HD videos (1080p)@30/60/240fps.

    Last but not least, the front camera will enable you to take flawless selfies at 10MP with auto HDR, film 4K videos, and have dual video calls.


    Performance, processor, & battery

    The Samsung Galaxy S10 comes with an Exynos 9820 Octa (8 nm) chipset and an octa-core CPU (2x2.73 GHz Mongoose M4 & 2x2.31 GHz Cortex-A75 & 4x1.95 GHz Cortex-A55). All of this provides a noticeable increase in the phone's speed and overall performance.

    As for the battery, it has 3400mAh capacity and allows fast charging, fast wireless charging, and reverse wireless charging which is also known as wireless powerShare which enables you to share your phone's battery power with other Galaxy devices and gadgets!


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    Answering the most frequently asked questions about S10 refurbished

    Is refurbished Samsung S10 worth buying?

    The refurbished Samsung S10 comes in a similar condition to the brand new one thanks to the pristine condition guarantee from QwikFone. The phone also comes in a phone box that contains all you need to start using the phone directly once you place your SIM card into it. You get a brand new charger, earphones, cable, and SIM ejector as well as a perfectly refurbished pristine S10. So, it is 100% worth buying with the great deal terms of QwikFone! Also, you can learn more about the meaning of refurbished by visiting this page.

    How much is a Samsung Galaxy S10 in the UK?

    The refurbished Galaxy S10 512GB, which is the largest storage space available comes at £575 from QwikFone. This price includes free accessories, a 12-month warranty, monthly payments, and a full refund guarantee. This deal's price will save you £100 compared to the brand-new S10.
    QwikFone's S10 also comes unlocked which means you will be getting the benefits of having a carrier deal, which is the monthly installments, without having to deal with the restrictions of a locked phone!

    Which is the best Samsung Galaxy S10?

    The best S10 device is the one that comes with a warranty that lasts for a significant amount of time. QwikFone offers a 12-month warranty that includes a free replacement of the S10 for free if it needs to be replaced during that time. The warranty also covers the accessories which come for free with the phone as a part of our refurbished Samsung Galaxy S10 deal.

    Is refurbished Samsung S10 waterproof?

    While the Samsung S10 in its brand new state is water resistant, it can withstand being submerged in water at a 1 meter depth for 30 minutes maximum. This means that neither the brand new nor the refurbished Samsung S10 is waterproof. Also, please note that the QwikFone warranty does not cover water damages as our refurbished S10 comes with a warning that it should NOT be submerged in water at any depth for any time.

    Are there any problems with the Galaxy S10?

    The Galaxy S10 is one of the most well-rounded smartphones that has it all. Perfect design that offers a large screen with a good size that enables you to have a good grip over it as well as premium specs and cool features to keep you entertained and amazed. With the pristine S10 from QwikFone, you won't even notice any difference from the same phone in a brand new condition. It is absolutely flawless.

    What cool things can the refurbished Galaxy S10 do?

    There is many cool and amazing things that your refurbished Galaxy S10 can do. Since this is a pristine device, it can do whatever a brand-new S10 does. So, essentially, we are going to focus on what Galaxy S10 can do in general.

    1- Set a video of your choice as your phone's wallpaper and lock screen.

    2- You can adjust the brightness of the S10's flashlight from your quick settings menu by tapping on the text that says "Flashlight" under the icon.

    3- You can move the camera shutter button in the camera app to change its place to anywhere you want on the S10 screen.

    4- You can also take selfies by only placing your hand over the screen!

    5- You can also move or uninstall multiple apps at the same time. All you need to do is long-tap on one app, then select "select items" from the small menu that will appear. Then you can select all the apps that you want to perform the same action on and either move them around your home screen or choose uninstall.

    These are only the top 5 of the coolest features that Galaxy S10 enables you to use. There are much more to discover with this incredible phone!

    Is Samsung S20 better than S10?

    Although, at the time of its release, the S10 had a similar price tag to the S20, now it is much cheaper and, if you make sure to buy the pristine refurbished version, you will save an additional huge sum of money.

    So, in terms of budget, the S10 is definitely a better option among the two. As for design, features, and specs, the S20 can be better or worse than the S10 depending on how you look at it. For example, if you look at the specs of each phone aside from other factors such as the price and the value you're getting from each of them, the S20 would definitely win as it is the most recent Samsung phone between the two and has the newest specs.

    Perhaps the biggest and most apparent difference between the two phones is the main camera module which looks better in the S10 for all those who love symmetry out there.

    Is Samsung S10 better than iPhone?

    If you are an Android fan, then the Samsung S10 would be better than the iPhone of the same year. Another point that made many iPhone users switch to Android, and choose the Samsung Galaxy S10, is the fact that the S10 does not have a notch. In fact, other than the little punch hole of the front camera, the S10 has nothing on the front of the phone other than the gorgeous 6.1-inch Dynamic AMOLED screen which provides one of the best viewing experiences available in the smartphone market right now. The screen type of the S10 is enough to choose it over an iPhone as this specific type of display works on reducing the blue lights emitted from your mobile screen which contributes to reducing the harm the screen has on the eyes as well as helping you to get better sleep at night!

    Can I take my refurbished Samsung Galaxy S10 in the shower?

    The refurbished Samsung Galaxy S10 is not water resistant which means you would be compromising your phone if you took it in the shower. Since the QwikFone warranty does not include or cover water damages, repairing any damage that occurs due to taking the S10 refurbished in the shower would need a paid repair service, if the repair was possible.

    How many years will the S10 last?

    The S10 from QwikFone is pristine which means that it is expected to last as long as the brand-new Samsung Galaxy S10 would last. QwikFone's warranty lasts for 12 months. However, the premium quality for the Samsung flagship is expected to last and work perfectly years after even the warranty period ends.

    How long should a refurbished Samsung S10 battery last?

    Since the refurbished Samsung Galaxy S10 from QwikFone is pristine, the battery should last as good as the new S10 battery would, which is between 8-10 hours. The Samsung S10 battery supports wireless charging as well as reverse wireless charging. So, there is no need to worry about finding an outlet as long as there is another Samsung device near by!

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