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Refurbished Samsung Galaxy S10+

Get the ultimate premium Samsung phone with a great discount. The refurbished Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus from QwikFone has a money-back guarantee as apart of our 30-day return policy as well as a pristine quality guarantee with the famous 12-month warranty from QwikFone's mobile experts.
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    Buy Samsung Galaxy S10+ Refurbished & Unlocked

    For smartphone users, in general, buying a new device is always a compromise. You must set a list of the features that are most essential for your standard usage of the phone, and then look for the device that has most of the points on your list of features in the prices range of your available budget.

    With the Samsung S10+ refurbished neither of these conditions are necessary for you to have the perfect smartphone purchase and usage experience. First, there is the Samsung Galaxy S10+ itself, which is one of those rare smartphone devices that pack all the features and the quality of specs that the user can hope for in his or her phone. Then, there is the QwikFone deal terms for the Samsung S10 Plus refurbished, which frees you, as a customer, from all budget constraints you may have. 

    So, keep on reading and find out the amazing features of the Galaxy S10+ and the offer package from QwikFone on the refurbished pristine version of it!


    QwikFone's review of the Samsung S10 Plus

    The Samsung Galaxy S10+ deserves its title of the most powerful and inclusive flagship of 2019. It has a screen that is large enough to qualify it for offering an amazing watching and gaming experience, but, at the same time, it is not the largest smartphone device in the Samsung line-up. So, you would definitely have to use both hands for tasks that require any form of texting, but you would still be able to hold the S10 Plus in one hand if you are watching a video or talking to someone online. In other words, the screen is huge, but, it's not like you're holding a tablet!


    Galaxy S10+ design

    The design, material, and finish of the S10 Plus proves that this phone is one of the best flagships that offers high-end quality and value in exchange for its price. Your choice of the S10+ finish is not affected by any thing other than your preference regarding your smartphone's appearance as all of the finishes of the Galaxy S10+ supports wireless charging. 

    So, the Samsung S10 Plus can have a glass back with Gorilla Glass 5 or a ceramic back, but in all cases, it has a reliable aluminum frame and a glass front with a top layer of Gorilla Glass 6 for protection.

    In terms of the design language, the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus is one of the most elegant and smooth-looking smartphones of the year 2019. Without any loud noise, the Samsung team provided the user with the best features in the most subtle-looking phone ever. There is nothing in the front besides the screen other than a tiny camera hole on the top right corner. With the proper wallpaper choice, this front camera small cutout can be easily hidden. The back of the phone is also completely clean and has nothing than the horizontal main camera module that is perfectly aligned in the center of the phone's width which adds to the organized clean look of the phone.


    Screen & display

    The Galaxy S10+ has one of the top-line AMOLED screen technology that Samsung has developed which is the Dynamic AMOLED. This new level of display quality by Samsung includes HDR10+ as well as the color and contrast quality of a cinema-grade screen. This technology also has a quality that is not in any other screen tech which is the ability to reduce the harmful blue light which digital displays emit. This particular point makes the Samsung S10 Plus directly contribute in helping its users to improve their sleep and lessen the strain on their eyes as well as the sleep disturbances they may be experiencing with other screens. 

    In terms of the display quality, the S10 Plus has the resolution of 1440 x 3040 pixels, which means you will be watching your favorite Netflix shows at a Quad HD quality level. This quality on the 6.4-inch screen offers one of the best display experiences in smartphones and handheld devices in general.

    As if the Galaxy S10 Plus was not impressive enough, Samsung added the cool feature of the under-display fingerprint scanner. So, when you are unboxing your S10+, you'll notice the little hole in the protective plastic on the screen at the lower part of the screen which marks the placement of the fingerprint scanner to set up your Touch ID.


    Hands-on experience (performance)

    When it comes to the performance of any smartphone, it is important to look at it from two aspects. The first is how does it compete to other flagship of the year of its release, and the second is how it performs when measured against the requirements of the most recent apps and games of the present moment whenever that may be.

    The Samsung S10 Plus refurbished in the pristine condition is a powerful phone that exceeds all expectations in both aspects of the comparison. It offers impressive performance when compared to 2019 phone as well as 2020 phones. Gaming on this phone is perfect thanks to its Exynos 9820 chip and Octa-core processor and the support of the massive RAM space which ranges between 8GB and 12GB depending on which version you are choosing.

    Then, of course, there is the humongous storage space. Samsung is not playing with the specs of the S10+. The standard size comes at a 128GB storage, and you can go in space up to 1TB of internal storage space. There is no reason here to mention alternative storage mediums whether it is an external memory card slot or even using any sort of cloud storage for your data.

    Finally, all of these functionalities is powered by a 4100 mAh battery that supports both fast charging and wireless charging. As you can see, there is absolutely no down side to this phone. Samsung has planned and created a perfect flagship with the Galaxy S10+.


    The Samsung S10+ Cameras

    The rear camera module has 3 lenses at the quality of 12MP for the wide lens, 12MP telephoto, and 16MP for ultrawide shots. The features supporting this camera system includes auto-HDR, Super Steady video, Optical Image Stabilization (OIS), 2x Optical Zoom. 

    The rear camera also films 4K videos @60fps, 4K videos @30fps, and 1080p (Full HD) videos @30/60/240fps. 

    If you have been wondering why the front camera had to be in this cutout that the Galaxy S10 Plus has instead of the punch hole of the S10, it is because the front camera is the S10+ has to lenses at the quality of 10MP and 8MP which is the depth sensor.

    The front camera allows dual video calls and it also has auto-HDR just like the main camera. As for video quality, you can film 4K videos @30fps. In other words, you can film phenomenal vlogs and YouTube video quality with the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus refurbished.


    How to get the Samsung S10 Plus refurbished?

    QwikFone is offering amazing deal terms and prices for users who are looking for the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus refurbished. With the experience of our team members, who are all mobile phone repair expert professionals, all of our Galaxy S10+ devices go through an extensive testing process that consists of 40 inclusive points before conducting the refurbishment which aims at returning the phone to the pristine condition.


    Free S10+ accessories

    The refurbished S10+ from QwikFone comes with brand-new accessories as a compliment from the QwikFone team. These accessories are made under strict quality terms in order to provide the same performance of the Samsung original items.


    Warranty for the refurbished S10+

    The refurbished Galaxy S1- Plus from QwikFone comes with a 1-year warranty. Our policy when it comes to the warranty aims at imitating the warranty of the brand-new smartphones. This is why the period is complete 12 months, we repair any manufacturing errors for free, and we replace any defective devices with issues that cannot be repaired for free as well.

    This warranty also includes the free set of accessories which are included in the phone box from QwikFone.


    QwikFone return policy

    Just like the brand-new one, the Samsung S10+ refurbished can be returned in exchange for a full refund as long as there is no damage was caused to the device. The return policy for all of QwikFone's orders of refurbished phones is 30 days. So, make sure to make your decision of keeping the phone or returning it during this time.

    The Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus is one of the best smartphones which was carefully designed to satisfy the need of a wide range of users from different backgrounds and preferences in their tech gadgets. This is why this phone is going to be on top of smartphone lists for a long time. Whether you are deciding to buy it one year after its release, or several years after, it still is one of the most advanced and futuristic, yet comfortable to use, flagships in the smartphone market.

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    All you need to know about Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

    How much is a refurbished Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus worth?

    The refurbished Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus comes at a great price thanks to QwikFone deals. For less than £400 you can get a pristine S10+ 128GB. The price goes higher, however, as the memory space increases. The Galaxy S10 Plus 512GB, for example will cost about £850, while the S10 Plus 1TB is £1,200.

    If you are looking for the best price, the 128GB version has the most affordable price and the deal terms of QwikFone will enable you to pay using your PayPal credit which means that you can pay this phone's price in installments!

    Is Galaxy S10 Plus waterproof?

    The Galaxy S10 Plus is only water resistant in its brand-new state. This means that the phone can withstand being splashed by water or resist being in the rain for a short amount of time, for example, but it cannot be submerged in water which means that it is not waterproof. So, users won't be able to go swimming with their Galaxy S10 Plus phones. With such a price tag as the S10 Plus's, QwikFone experts that you protect your phone from all water sources to be safe.

    Does the refurbished S10 Plus need a case?

    The refurbished S10 Plus is pristine which means that it is like a new S10+ and there is no visible difference in terms of the appearance. The refurbished S10+ looks as flawless as the brand-new one. The case, on the other hand is for protection.
    It is highly recommended to have your S10 Plus protected by a case as it has a glass back. Of course, Samsung has a layer of protective Gorilla Glass over the front and back of the phone. So, it won't shatter at the first or softest drop. However, it is better to be safe and protect this precious and beautiful phone.

    Which one is better S10 or S10+?

    It goes without saying that the S10+, which was released after the S10, is the advanced version. The S10+ has a bigger screen and a bigger battery. So, it definitely offers a better performance and a better user experience. The most important difference between the two phones is the memory as the Galaxy S10+ offers a 1TB memory space with 128GB RAM, which is rare to find in any smartphone, not just the Samsung Galaxy line. The Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus would definitely be the more interesting experience of the two.

    Does the refurbished unlocked Samsung S10 Plus have headphone jack?

    Just like the brand-new Samsung S10 Plus, the refurbished one has a headphone jack. With the QwikFone deal, you will also get a free 3.5mm earphone as a part of our complimentary accessory set that we provide with all refurbished phones. The earphones supplied with QwikFone's refurbished Samsung S10 Plus are, of course, brand-new and custom-made to resemble the original Samsung earphones in both the appearance and performance.

    Our warranty policy covers both the refurbished phone and the accessories to ensure a premium performance and meet the life expectancy of a Samsung device.

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