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Refurbished Samsung Galaxy S9

Enjoy the unique design and the gorgeous color variants of the refurbished Samsung Galaxy S9 from QwikFone. Our devices are all guaranteed to be pristine and come with a full set of brand-new accessories. Both the S9 and its accessories are protected with our 12-month warranty.
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Full Description & Review of the Refurbished Samsung Galaxy S9

Samsung flagships started taking a new and more interesting turn with the S8 & S9 releases. With a gorgeous design, impressive software and powerful specs, the Galaxy S9 was able to move into a new territory of the smartphone market and gain a wide range of users who were taken by this amazing Android phone.

You can now get the Samsung S9 refurbished in the UK through QwikFone's online shop for pristine mobile phones.


The best Samsung Galaxy S9 refurbished in the UK

QwikFone is providing its customers with the best Samsung Galaxy S9 refurbished devices in the UK. While some customers may focus on the mere number that represents the price and others focus on the mobile phone's condition at any cost, our team has finally reached the perfect formula that allows us to offer premium quality of the product and its related services as well as keeping the price at a reasonable point that makes the refurbished S9 deals affordable and do not defeat the purpose of buying a refurbished smartphone, which is, for most cases, saving as much money as possible.


Pristine refurbished S9 testing

The Samsung S9 mobile devices that are available by QwikFone, go through an extensive process of testing before the refurbishment procedure even starts. First, our repair and refurbishment specialists must make sure that the S9 device is in an acceptable condition that is compliant to the pristine standards in terms of looks and core parts performance.

Once the testing is done, the refurbishment begins at the hands of our experienced and skillful specialists who have been in this field for 5-10 years. If any part is found to be dysfunctional of affected in anyway, it is, then, replaced with an OEM part in order to restore the previous and original performance of the refurbished Samsung S9 as a new phone.

This is how the pristine condition and like-new performance is guaranteed by QwikFone's experts.


The Samsung S9 refurbished & unlocked

There is an additional advantage to choosing QwikFone's refurbished S9 deals which is the unlocked SIM software. Buying the refurbished S9 unlocked will enable you to use it with any SIM from any network or carrier you like. This feature lifts the restriction of locked phones that dictates using a single carrier without the ability to change it unless you change the whole device.


Brand-new accessories with the refurbished S9 deal

QwikFone's deal for the Samsung S9 refurbished in & out of the UK includes a set of new accessories for the phone. These accessories include a pair of earphones, a charging brick, a USB cable, and a SIM ejector to help you insert your SIM card in the refurbished S9 and replace it with different SIM cards whenever you want without any negative effect on the performance of your Samsung Galaxy S9.

While these accessories are manufactured by our partners in the manufacturing line of smartphone accessories, QwikFone makes sure that they are made following the same standards that are set for the original Samsung accessories. This means that our customers can expect these chargers & earphones to provide the same level of performance and quality as the original accessories of the Samsung Galaxy S9 phones.


QwikFone's warranty for the S9 refurbished

The experience of buying a Samsung Galaxy S9 refurbished in the UK should always come with a warranty. The question is: how long does that warranty extend for?

With QwikFone, you get a full year of technical support for your refurbished Galaxy S9 through our warranty that guarantees free repair services for any issue of any type as long as that issue is caused by a manufacturing error. Even if the issue turns out to be irreparable, QwikFone will still provide you, the user, with a replacement for the Samsung S9 in a pristine condition for free.

This warranty policy also includes the brand-new accessories that come with the pristine refurbished Galaxy S9 device from QwikFone. However, the accessories can only be replaced with new ones if found defective.

Please pay attention to the fact that, like other warranty policies, QwikFone's warranty does not cover accidental damage. In the case of accidentally damaging your Galaxy S9 device, our repair professionals would be happy to provide you with their premium repair services, but as a part of our paid repairs, not as a part of the free repairs of the warranty.


The best return policy for a Samsung S9 refurbished in the UK

Refurbished phones usually come with a minimal opportunity to return the phone, if there is a chance for return to begin with. All of this changes with QwikFone's deals for Samsung Galaxy S9 refurbished phones.

Our return policy allows 14 days for the user to return his or her order after purchasing the refurbished S9 with a full refund guarantee. The return process itself is quite simple as it does not require any specific reason for your return to be valid. The only condition for our team to accept the returned item(s) and issue the refund of the full refurbished S9 price, is that the phone and accessories must be undamaged.


The full review of the Samsung Galaxy S9

When the Galaxy S9 was first released, its attractive color variations were the first thing that most users noticed about it. As time passed, the S9 started to prove its worth as one of the best flagship smartphones that Samsung has ever presented to this market.

In this section, we are going to take a look at the most prominent features of the Samsung Galaxy S9.

Key specs of the Galaxy S9:

  • Body: Front & back Gorilla Glass 5 + Aluminum frame

  • Dimensions: 147.7 x 68.7 x 8.5 mm

  • Screen size: 5.8 inches

  • Display resolution: 1440 x 2960 pixels

  • Battery: 3000 mAh

  • Rear camera: 12 MP - 4K@30/60fps - 1080p@30/60/240fps

  • Selfie camera: 8 MP + 2 MP (iris scanner) - 1440p@30fps

  • Processor: Exynos 9810 (10 nm)

  • OS: Android 8.0 (Oreo)

  • RAM: 4GB

  • Internal storage: 64GB, 128GB, 256GB


Design & display

Although you might mistake the Galaxy S9 for S8 as they have the same design, there is an essential difference between the two which is that S9 is stronger. The reason for this difference is the huge step forward that the S9 has taken with the Gorilla Glass 5 which provides more protection for the S9 allowing its user to enjoy its lovely colors without a protective case. Another major change in the design of the Galaxy S9 is the placement of the fingerprint scanner which has been moved to be below the camera while it was next to it in the Galaxy S8 which was annoying to say the least!

The fact that Galaxy S9 has the same design as the S8 is not a disadvantage in itself as the S8 design is one of the best and premium-looking designs Samsung has released in a long time.

The S9 has a 5.9-inch screen with an 83.6% screen-to-body ratio which is placed perfectly in the middle of the front of the phone leaving the space of two small bezels above and below the screen.

Coming to the display itself, the S9 has one of the best displays a Samsung phone has ever had with the infinity-looking display and seamless finish of the bezels that hides the front sensors perfectly.

We have to mention the speakers here as they are necessarily going to be a part of watching any content on that display. The combination for the top and bottom front-facing speakers is giving the effect of having a great stereo speaker. If you accidentally block the bottom one with your hand while holding the S9 in landscape mode, the top one will still continue to produce sound perfectly.



Cameras have always been one of Samsung's strongest features in the Galaxy line and the S9 is no exception. The 12MP main camera on the back is, according to reviewers, enough on its own as a feature to buy the Samsung Galaxy S9 as it offers an amazing quality for your photos especially in low-light settings which is not easy to nail, but Samsung has done it!

The main camera sensor has the intelligence to physically switch between f/1.5 aperture, which is used for the low-light shots, to f/2.4 for the bright shots while being able to analyze and improve photos at the same time. The mechanism that is needed to achieve this alone is super impressive and you will be more impressed when you get to use that camera and see the sharp and detailed photos it can capture.


Performance & battery

The Samsung Galaxy S9 has a 3000 mAh battery which is a considerable capacity and perfect for the size of the phone. Perhaps the best thing about this battery is how fast it charges whether you choose to use the wired USB-C charger that comes in the phone box or go with a wireless charger of your choice. In either case, you will be amazed at how fast the S9 battery recharges.

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