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Refurbished Samsung Phones

Choose your favorite phone of the refurbished Samsung phones and buy it pristine from QwikFone with amazing deal terms as well as a free set of the chosen Samsung phone's most important accessories. This deal comes with a return policy with a full refund guarantee and a 12-month warranty policy.

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Unlocked Refurbished Samsung Phones

If you are a long-time fan of Samsung's mobile phones and want to constantly upgrade your device to get the best and the latest specs to get the fastest processor, the better screen, the longer battery life, and the newest software upgrades, the optimum option for you would be to find cheap Samsung phones to buy.

QwikFone offers you an amazing chance to buy refurbished Samsung phones at a discounted price and keep the same experience of when you buy a brand-new phone.


The best Samsung refurbished phones in the UK

At QwikFone, we proud ourselves in presenting the best reconditioned Samsung phones in the UK, all of our devices are in a pristine condition. All of QwikFone's refurbished Samsung mobiles go through a standard testing procedure that examines how the phone performs compared to a brand-new Samsung mobile of the same model.

The testing also includes the screen's display quality, resolution, and touch sensitivity. This testing process is the same as the one Samsung stores conduct during its certified refurbished phone testing which guarantees and ensures the status and condition of a returned phone or a display device before putting it back on sale. During this testing process, if any technical problem was found in the hardware of the software of the Samsung mobile phone, it gets repaired during the certified refurbishment process.


Reconditioned Samsung mobile phones deal details

Buying a cheap refurbished Samsung phone from QwikFone comes with a guarantee of the phone's quality. This guarantee is represented in our return policy as well as a 1-year warranty. According to our return policy, you get a 14-day period during which you get a full refund if you chose to return your refurbished Samsung phone. The warranty, on the other hand, offers you free repair services from QwikFone specialists for the first year after your purchase.

Refurbished smartphones like Samsung and other brands from QwikFone always come with all the essential accessories according to the device's design and requirements. As a standard, the refurbished Samsung phones will have their brand-new charger, USB cable, earphones, and a SIM ejection tool. The accessories are manufactured by QwikFone's partners according to Samsung's rules and guidelines for manufacturing its original accessories. These accessories are also included in the same 1-year warranty on the phone. So, you don't only get new original-like accessories for free, we also replace them for free if you come across any issue while using them.


Samsung certified refurbished phones unlocked

As QwikFone experts ensure our customers' satisfaction with the entire experience of using our Samsung refurbished phones, they ensure that all of these Samsung mobiles are unlocked so that you're able to use your device not only with any carrier in the UK but also with any local carrier globally without roaming fees. The trick here is that you will be able to purchase a SIM card in any country with a local plan and local prices of the country you're in and the SIM card will work just fine in your Samsung refurbished smartphone. Some people don't even know the fact that unlocking smartphones is possible or legal, but the fact is that it is both legal and super easy with QwikFone.


Refurbished Samsung phones deal terms

With all of these advantages, QwikFone is also providing you with some of the easiest refurbished smartphones deals terms in all of the UK.

  • Use PayPal to transfer money safely and pay for your refurbished Samsung mobile without worrying.

  • You don't have to save up the phone's price beforehand as you can pay in monthly installments.

  • QwikFone accepts PayPal credit. So, this means that you can get your phone immediately and pay later in every sense of the word.

  • All orders made on the QwikFone website before 3:00 PM UK time will be dispatched and shipped out on the same day.

  • We provide different shipping options to cater to your needs in terms of pricing and delivery time.

  • Saving the best for last, if you order one or more refurbished Samsung mobile phones for more than £50, you will get your order shipment for free!


Choosing the best cheap Samsung phone to buy

The word affordable can be relative when it comes to the judgment of different people examining mobile phones deal. The one constant in this changeable equation is the value that you will get. So, essentially, besides the price factor, you should also be looking for good affordable Samsung phones to make sure that you'll get the best value of your purchase.

There is no single model that would provide the best value when it comes to finding the best cheap Samsung phone. So, QwikFone team has selected a list that contains a variety of models that would both provide a good smartphone experience and be at a relatively low price. The list contains a number of cheap old Samsung phones as well as some of the newest models that are available refurbished.


  • Galaxy S6

  • Galaxy S6 edge

  • Galaxy S6 edge+

  • Galaxy S7

  • Galaxy S7 edge

  • Galaxy S8

  • Galaxy S8+

  • Galaxy S9

  • Galaxy S9+

  • Galaxy S10

  • Galaxy S10+

  • Galaxy S10e


With such a wide variety of models and prices you have an enormous space to find and choose your perfect match when it comes to Samsung phones. No matter what model you choose from our cheap Samsung phones to buy, you can always rest assured that it is going to be in a like-new condition.

Also, since all of these models are flagships designed and created by one of the largest players in the smartphone market, you can count on how well these phones age. While released as flagships in their respective times, most of these phones come at a budget-friendly price and offer a mid-range phone performance and quality, while the rest, which come at a mid-range price easily provide a performance and features that are able to compete with 2020 flagships of other brands.

At QwikFone, your chances of finding good cheap Samsung phones are 100% guaranteed.

Lastly, if you've been wishing for a certain model that is just too expensive even refurbished, you don't have to settle for less and get one of the cheap old Samsung phones even in pristine condition.

Our team makes sure that not only will you get your phone pristine and look and work as good as new, but also that you are able to buy the phone that you truly want, not just the one you can afford.

Through our partnerships with financing facilitators such as PayPal and Klarna, you can buy your Samsung phone now and pay for it later. Here how it works:


PayPal credit:

PayPal credit UK enables you to pay for your purchases from QwikFone even if you don't currently have the order's full price upfront and then pay for your credit over the course of 3 months on 3 equal payments.

While you might be thinking that this will end up increasing the final price of the Samsung phone you're buying, the fact is this is not the case at all!

Thanks to PayPal UK terms and conditions, all credit purchases that are paid off within 90 days of the purchase, which is 3 months, will have a 0% interest rate.

This means that you will be able to pay in installments without any additional costs whatsoever.



Klarna also enables easy payments for your Samsung phones purchases with QwikFone. All you need to do is to place your order with QwikFone, choose Klarna as your payment method, then Klarna will pay for your order, and you will pay Klarna later!

With Klarna, you will have two options to choose from:

  • First, to pay over 3 equal installments within 3 months. The first installment in this option will be paid with the submission of your order once you receive the order confirmation from QwikFone. The second payment will be paid 30 days after the order, and the third and final payment will be charged to your card or bank account after 60 days of the day that you placed your order on the QwikFone website.

  • The second option is to pay later within 30 days of your order. This option is more suitable for customers who like to eliminate any remaining risk factors when buying refurbished Samsung phones online. You will place your order, pay with Klarna, and then you will have a 30-day window during which, you receive your phone, use it for as long as you'd like within this period, and, if you like the phone, you can then decide to pay for it! So, essentially, you'll order the phone and pay for it only if you like it!


So, there is nothing that can stop you from upgrading your phone with a refurbished smartphone from Samsung with QwikFone. Cheap prices, high quality, and easy payment. A 100% risk-free deal for all Samsung phones refurbished. This is why QwikFone is the best place to buy refurbished Samsung phones in the UK!

The most asked questions about the Samsung Refurbished Phones

Should I buy a refurbished Samsung phone?

Refurbished Samsung phones at QwikFone are pristine and come with a 12-month warranty as well as a money-back guarantee. So, there is 0% risk in our deal which encourages all of our customers to buy refurbished Samsung phones.

With this deal, you will have the full power of having an entire repair center at your disposal so you don't have anything to worry about. Thanks to our 12-month warranty, if you come across any issue while using the refurbished Samsung phone from QwikFone, you will have it fixed for free in no time!

Which site is best for refurbished Samsung phones?

Generally with refurbished phones, the most important thing is the warranty as it is the first guarantee of quality that the site offers. So, you'd want to choose the site that provides the best and longest warranty period.
QwikFone provides a 12-month warranty with all of its refurbished Samsung phones including the chance to replace the device entirely. As long as this warranty is valid, our repair center will repair any malfunctioning you may come across for free and, as part of our warranty policy, if the problem cannot be repaired, QwikFone will offer a replacement for the Samsung phone with another device of the same model.

What are the disadvantages of refurbished Samsung phones?

There is a general risk with refurbished phones which is the condition and quality. Buying a refurbished Samsung phone in a pristine condition with a 12-month warranty covers this problem as you will have the required guarantee of quality for a long time after purchasing the phone.
What may count as a disadvantage with refurbished Samsung phone is that, naturally, the phone is not going to be brand-new. However, QwikFone makes every possible effort to make this experience for you as good as buying a brand-new phone while keeping the advantages of saving money on a refurbished phone deal. So, the refurbished Samsung phone will come in a branded phone box which will also include a set of brand-new accessories that would normally come with the new phone.
Finally, there is a 14-day return period which enables you to receive a full refund in case you don't like the phone. So, there is absolutely no risk and, ultimately, no disadvantages to this deal!

Are Samsung refurbished phones good?

Samsung phones are of excellent quality in terms of their body material, internal parts, and software. This is why the refurbished Samsung phones are not only good but also can be as good as the brand-new ones if purchased from the right seller. Buying Samsung refurbished phones from the refurbishment experts at QwikFone guarantees that you get a like-new Samsung phone refurbished by skillful professionals using OEM parts and comes with a full set of brand-new accessories. Moreover, the Samsung refurbished phones from QwikFone comes with a 12-month repair warranty and a 14-day return policy that grants the customer a full refund upon returning his or her order.

Do refurbished Samsung phones have new batteries?

Depending on the testing phase of the Samsung phone, if the battery is able to retain at least 80% of its power capacity, then the phone will have its original battery as it would meet the pristine condition requirements. If, however, the battery is not in a pristine condition, it is then replaced with an OEM battery. To explain further, OEM parts, including batteries, are made by the same manufacturer that made the phones, in this case, Samsung, to provide the same level of performance if and when the phone needs a spare part.

Is it good to buy refurbished Samsung phone from Amazon or from QwikFone?

There are two main differences between Amazon and QwikFone as sources to buy refurbished Samsung phones from. The first one is that on Amazon, there are multiple sellers on the marketplace which means that it is unlikely to get a consistent result with your shopping experience and, most of the time, the source of your refurbished phone would be just a third party seller, whereas QwikFone is a specialized refurbishment center. The other point is that QwikFone has a dedicated repair center. This means that you will always have a repair specialist to help you form the same source that refurbished and sold your refurbished Samsung phone.

Which refurbished Samsung phone is best?

According to your budget and your smartphone needs, you can determine which model of Samsung phones to buy. While the more recent models of Samsung phones, naturally, have more advanced features, it is important to weigh the benefits you get from the phone against the price you are going to pay for it in order to be able to estimate the value of the phone and whether it is worth buying in your opinion or not. Of course, the more recent phones such as the Samsung Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10+, and Galaxy S10E are better as they were manufactured only a couple of years prior to being refurbished.
Once your mind is set on a certain Samsung phone, buying this phone refurbished should come with certain criteria, some regarding the phone itself and some regarding the deal. When it comes to the refurbished Samsung phone, it must be in a pristine condition to guarantee that it is worth the price and won't waste your money. The pristine condition does not only mean that the phone looks new without any major scratches, marks, or cosmetic tears and wear signs, but it also means that the phone functions like-new without any complications.
One of the ways to make sure that the refurbished Samsung phone will perform well on the long term is to get the QwikFone offer that includes a 1-year warranty to guarantee the phone's condition and performance.
So, in a nutshell, the best refurbished Samsung phone to buy is the one that comes with a warranty and the opportunity to return it and get a refund as in QwikFone's offer.

Which is the best Samsung mobile in low price?

In the low price-range, the refurbished Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge are Samsung's best phones that you can get for less than £200. Both of these phones have premium flagship qualities with a 5-inch Super AMOLED display, the 16MP cameras that film 4K videos, Exynos 7420 Octa processor, and 3GB RAM. Both of these phones also have considerable batteries capacity that support fast charging as well as wireless charging.

How do I know if my Samsung phone is refurbished?

Refurbished or reconditioned Samsung phones have gone through a repair or renewal process to return to the like-new condition. Some time, the refurbishment process requires replacing some parts. At QwikFone, we only use OEM part to make the phone truly like-new in the way it works, not only in the way it looks.
All of QwikFone Samsung phones are pristine reconditioned devices unless stated otherwise. It is important to buy your phone from a reliable and trustworthy source that can be held accountable as it is quite difficult for the user to make 100% sure whether the phone is new or reconditioned. So, you will either have to take the seller's word for it.
There is, however, a way to see if the phone is refurbished, but it does not work for everyone. This method requires dialing this number from your phone: ##786#. The phone will open the RTN menu. Tap on "View" and then scroll down until you find the option called "Reconditioned". If this option set to "Yes", then your Samsung phone is indeed refurbished.

Is it safe to buy unlocked refurbished Samsung phone?

While many people fear that unlocking a smartphone may be illegal as they are used to having only locked phones, buying an unlocked refurbished Samsung phone at QwikFone is 100% safe as the phones are refurbished and unlocked by our mobile professionals using legitimate methods.

Can I buy a Samsung phone without a contract?

QwikFone's reconditioned Samsung phones come without a contract to any carrier or network service provider. All of our Samsung phones are unlocked, therefore, you can use them with any SIM card and purchase the carrier package that suits you separate from the phone's deal.

What is the cheapest unlocked Samsung smartphone?

The Samsung Galaxy S6 is the cheapest unlocked Samsung phone at QwikFone at the price of £113. Since the word "cheap" can be misleading, it is crucial to keep in mind that this refurbished unlocked Galaxy S6 is pristine and comes with all of its new accessories from QwikFone.

What are the different types of refurbished Samsung phones?

There are 3 main grades when it comes to refurbished Samsung phones:

Grade A:
This is the top-tier of refurbished Samsung phones, the devices are guaranteed to be pristine inside and out and, with QwikFone, the phone will come in a new phone box with new accessories.

Grade B:
Those phones have more of a used-look to them as they may have a few scratches and the batteries would have less capacity and lower performance quality levels.

Grade C:
Grade-C refurbished phones will have the most signs of being used and worn out. These phones are not recommended for personal use as their batteries would be in the worst condition and the phone itself will have sever scratches and maybe even cracked screens.

Is Samsung better than Apple?

The answer to this question will mostly depend on your personal preference. In the past, Apple used to provide the most innovative options in smartphones in terms of both software as well as hardware, while Samsung represented the more affordable option of smartphone.
In the most recent years, however, Samsung began to offer high-end flagships that are close to Apple's iPhones in both quality, innovation, and price. There is also a huge leap forward in Android which enables it to be a worthy opponent of the iOS.
So, if you would like to have a variety of options between flagships, mid-range, and budget phones with excellent quality, then, Samsung is the better option for you.

What does the refurbished Samsung phone means?

Refurbished Samsung phones are 100% authentic Samsung phones that were pre-owned by other users who kept the devices pristine. When QwikFone obtains these devices for the purpose of selling them as refurbished, our team conducts multiple thorough tests to ensure the authenticity and condition of every single Samsung phone.
So, the prices of refurbished Samsung phones are lower, but the quality and authenticity is the same as brand-new Samsung phones.

What is the difference between a new and a refurbished Samsung smartphone?

The brand-new Samsung phone comes in the original Samsung phone box with Samsung accessories and a warranty by Samsung. The same goes for refurbished Samsung phone, but this time all of the additional services and guarantees are presented by QwikFone. So, the refurbished Samsung phone will come in a QwikFone phone box and it will come with QwikFone brand-new accessories and a 12-month warranty from QwikFone.

The refurbished Samsung smartphone is in a like-new condition with the guarantee of our experts. QwikFone's refurbished phones also comes with a money-back guarantee. So, the refurbished Samsung smartphone deal from QwikFone is completely risk free.

Which is better, Amazon certified refurbished Samsung phone or QwikFone's refurbished Samsung phone?

With QwikFone, the refurbished Samsung phone deals come with the support of a fully equipped repair center and the skills of mobile repair professionals who have 5-10 years of experience in the field. With the 12-month warranty and the 14-day money-back guarantee this deal is 100% risk-free and better than any other one.

Is a renewed Samsung Phone better than the refurbished Samsung phone?

Both of the terms renewed and refurbished mean the same thing as they refer to Samsung phones that were repaired or renewed to restore their like-new condition. At QwikFone, the main factor that our choice of Samsung smartphones depends on is that all of the devices have to be in a pristine condition initially and look as good as new. So, the renewal process may pertain to replacing the battery, for example, but the outer case of the phone would only require a simple polish to shine as good as new.

What are the disadvantages of refurbished Samsung phones?

There are several possible disadvantages of refurbished Samsung phones that the customer should be aware of when purchasing one. These disadvantages include the phone's condition, the phone's performance over long-term period, and having to buy the phone's accessories separately.

With QwikFone, all of these issues are non-existent thanks to our perfect refurbished Samsung phones deals that include a 12-month warranty to ensure the phone's pristine condition, a money-back guarantee which is a part of our 14-day return policy, and the deal includes a full set of brand-new accessories that comes for free with your refurbished Samsung phone.

Where can I buy refurbished unlocked Samsung phones in bulk at wholesale rates?

You can find the best refurbished unlocked Samsung phones at wholesale prices on the QwikFone marketplace.
All of our devices are as good as new and have a warranty for 12 months as well as a money-back guarantee. Also, all devices come with their accessories included in the deal's price & in a new condition. Finally, the shipping is free and you can pay for the deal over 3 monthly payments with 0% interest rate.

Why Samsung refurb phones at QwikFone are so cheap?

QwikFone refurbishment professionals have 5-10 years of experience in this field. This level of experience provides a skillset that is not easy to come by and facilitates performing the most intricate refurbishments in the shortest time.
Also, using OEM and grade-A quality spare parts provide high quality at low costs. Since QwikFone has been in the mobile spare parts and repair market for a decade, our networks, connections, and experience allows us to obtain the highest quality in phones, parts, and accessories at the lowest cost which enable our customers to shop for their favorite Samsung phones refurbished at the cheapest prices while being sure that they are getting the best quality in the refurbished phone market.

How safe is it to buy a cheap Samsung phone from QwikFone sale vs Amazon Sale?

QwikFone has created the most perfect and safest deal for a cheap refurbished Samsung phone. The terms include:
- A 12-month warranty for the pristine Samsung phone.
- A full refund of the phone's price in case of returning the order.
- A safe and free shipping method.
- Two different methods for monthly installments plans with Klarna & PayPal.
- A plan to order you phone and pay later in 30 days with Klarna.

Which power bank is best for old Samsung handsets?

Depending on the capacity of your Samsung phone battery, you should go for at least a 5000 mAh power bank.
The Vidvie PB710 Power bank is a great option as it packs a 5600 mAh which will cover charging your Samsung phone at least twice.

What specifications should I check before buying?

For most users, the most important parts of the smartphone, according to their usage, are:
- The screen panel type
- The screen size
- The display quality (resolution)
- Battery capacity
- Camera quality
- Video quality
- The material of the phone's body
- RAM & processor

Where can I buy 1,000 Samsung Galaxy phones at a wholesale price?

QwikFone is offering all the major Samsung Galaxy phones releases at great wholesale prices and with the opportunity to pay monthly installments. All devices come in a new, branded phone box with all of the phone's accessories and a 12-month warranty. Also, if you'd like you can return the order in exchange for a full refund with the entire price you paid.
You can also get your order shipped for free with our safe next-day shipping method.

How can I buy cheap Samsung phones online at a wholesale price?

Place your order now with QwikFone.com with as many Samsung units as you want at the cheapest wholesale prices & get pristine phones and new accessories. The deal also comes with the opportunity to pay in 3 equal installments with PayPal or Klarna.
Finally, QwikFone makes this deal the safest wholesale Samsung phone deal online with our money-back guarantee.

Where do I buy cheap refurbished Samsung mobile phone with original new accessories online?

Find the best cheap refurbished Samsung phones deals at QwikFone. The devices are all refurbished with the industry's top professionals using one of the best inspection and refurbishment software systems.
With the like-new Samsung phone comes a set of top-quality accessories that provides a performance quality as good as the original Samsung ones. These accessories are made by QwikFone's manufacturing partner's factories which ensure the same quality and same manufacturing guideline as the original accessories.

Which newest Samsung refurbished phone is coming out in 2021?

The Galaxy S21 is expected to be Samsung's next big release in 2021. Although these remain just rumors for now, they can be closer to the actual phone that is going to be released next year.
The Galaxy S21's price is expected to be around £899 for the entry device. As can be expected, even the entry level of the Samsung Galaxy S21 is going to have some of the most impressive premium specs the market has ever seen.

Can I get the cheapest Samsung phone without hanging?

If you get the phone pristine, you will not experience any hanging with the cheap Samsung phone as it will work as good as new.
QwikFone's refurbished Samsung phones are both renewed and tested by the market's best professionals using top tools and equipment. This, in addition to our 12-month warranty policy can guarantee that your cheap Samsung phone will not be hanging!

Are the prices of Samsung phones at QwikFone low in comparison to Amazon?

QwikFone's refurbished Samsung phones are not only much cheaper than the ones found on Amazon, but QwikFone's deal also includes the phone's accessories brand-new for free as well as a 12-month warranty. On the other hand, some of Amazon's refurbished Samsung phones deals may require to pay extra just to get the warranty.

Which refurbished Samsung phone has the largest screen?

Samsung Galaxy phones are known for their large screens compared to other brands that are still struggling at 5+ inches. The Samsung Galaxy

Are the Samsung unlocked phones on eBay cheaper than QwikFone?

The price of Samsung phones might differ, but, as the customer, you must pay attention to the deal's details as well as the price itself. So, while you might have a cheaper price on eBay, the phone is probably not going to be pristine.
Moreover, other deal terms that QwikFone offers, such as the free accessories, 1-year warranty, and money-back guarantee is not going be available with a cheaper deal from a non-specialized seller.
Last but not least, QwikFone deal enables you to either over 3-month installments interest-free, or to pay later in 30 day. Both options are most definitely not available on eBay where your will need to pay the full price of the phone upfront.

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