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Cheap iPhone XS

Get the cheap iPhone XS with a free set of iPhone accessories and free shipping. This deal from QwikFone comes with a 12-month warranty to guarantee the perfect condition and performance of the iPhone. Our policy also includes a 14-day return period with a full refund guarantee.

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Find The Best Cheap iPhone XS Contract

While some may argue that the iPhone XS wasn't to their satisfaction due to its price, most of the smartphone users and mobile market observers have found this phone the best iPhone of all time which, in a way, may justify the price point. Either way, no one can deny that the iPhone XS has many interesting features and so much power in performance to offer and all of this is placing it on top of the smartphone market right now. If you wish to get this amazing piece of technology but having second thoughts whenever you look at its price, QwikFone has great news for you with our cheap iPhone XS contracts now available including amazing deal terms and great additions that come by default with the deal for free!


Highlights & key features of the iPhone XS

In 2018, the iPhone XS was released and, once again, Apple proved that it takes the first steps towards the future of the smartphones and everyone else follows. The iPhone XS has many features that qualify it to be one of the top five iPhones ever to be created. In the next part, we're going to take an in-depth look into the best features of the iPhone XS.



In terms of the size, the iPhone XS won't make you feel estranged from carrying a regular-sized OG iPhone 7, for example. So, using the iPhone XS with one hand will not represent any problem at all. 

As for the phone's body, this is where Apple really aced it with a glass body that allows wireless charging while being protected by a layer of the latest that Gorilla Glass technology has reached. 

The glass front and back of the iPhone XS is supported by a stainless steel frame that looks way more shiny, elegant, and timeless than the aluminum frame in older iPhones.



Although the iPhone XS is about the same size as an iPhone 7, it has a bigger screen thanks to the fact that Apple has ditched the bezels on its iPhone's front for a few releases now. Most of the iPhone XS's front is screen except for the top notch which houses the front camera, proximity sensor, and the rest of the front of the phone functionality.


Coming to the next important part of the screen which is the display, the iPhone XS has 1125 x 2436 pixels in resolution. This means a sharp display with amazing detailing. Playing a game or watching a video or even a movie on that screen at such a level of quality is a very comfy and pleasing experience to say the least.


Processor & iOS performance

There has been a lot of talk regarding how good the A12 Bionic performance is in the iPhone XS and the iPhone XS Max, but perhaps one of the greatest examples that can sum up this performance level is the iPhone XS's capabilities when it comes to editing videos. Given that this can be a daunting task using computers and laptops if these devices were not well-equipped for such a heavy-duty task, the A12 Bionic is giving the iPhone XS amazing performance and capacity to do all of your real-life heavy lifting when it comes to your daily smartphone uses.  


Camera & video

Although iPhones have always been known for their superior camera capabilities, ever since Google started releasing its Pixel phones, the competition has been rough for Apple when it comes to the camera and filming sector. 

Thankfully, for Apple fans everywhere, the iPhone XS came around with a much improved camera with a better performance in low-lighting settings and a new depth sensor for portrait mode. The Apple iPhone XS is now not only offering a better sharpness, detailing, and color saturation in indoors and outdoors photos compared to its predecessor, the iPhone X, but also compared to its competition represented in Samsung Galaxy & Google Pixel.



With a 2658 mAh battery the iPhone XS is offering less power than the iPhone X. However, you can draw this conclusion by comparing the numbers of the two phones' batteries on paper. When you, on the other hand, take into consideration the power optimizing capabilities that are now being added by the iOS 13.3 update, you will find out that the iPhone XS is packing a very reasonable battery.

Although, upon its release, Apple did not provide a fast charging prick along with the iPhone XS, the device does support fast charging. So, if you want to, you can get your battery charged half-way in approximately 30 minutes with the help of the fast charger.

Of course, the glass back is not just for the pretty appearance. Although it does give the iPhone XS quite an elegant look, it also allows the phone to charge wireless. 


QwikFone's offer for A Cheap iPhone XS in a pristine condition

Although the words iPhone and cheap may not sound as realistic of a mix when put together in the same sentence, QwikFone has truly made it possible for everyone to find the cheapest iPhone XS deals in the UK while being assured that your money will be well-spent and getting a high value in return.

Since QwikFone has the resources, the experience, and the connections in the smartphone market, we are able to get iPhone XS devices in the best condition possible, which is the like-new condition, at the cheapest price points!


Pristine unlocked iPhone XS!

The secret here is to obtain pristine iPhone XS devices, thoroughly test them to ensure that every detail about the phone looks and works perfectly and as good as new. If any functionality in the phone is found to offer less than like-new performance, the part that is responsible for this functionality is replaced with either OEM or Grade-A part to restore the pristine condition and performance of the iPhone XS while keeping its price relatively cheap.


QwikFone's team also makes sure that the iPhone XS units are all unlocked to enable users to use whatever carrier they'd like with their iPhone XS devices. This makes it easy for users to keep their old phone number without putting any restrictions on the carrier. This also means that you'd be able to travel with your iPhone XS internationally and use it with local carriers all over the world while paying at the local rates for your communication services whether it is calls, messaging, or internet data.


Free brand-new iPhone XS accessories 

Adding more good things to this iPhone XS deal, QwikFone is providing you will a full set of a like-original iPhone accessories. This set includes a charger brick, a lightning cable, and a SIM card ejector since you will be able to switch SIM cards whenever you need to change carriers or even change your phone number with the same handset.

These accessories are guaranteed to work as good as Apple iPhone accessories since they were made to meet the same quality standards.


QwikFone's warranty policy for iPhone XS

QwikFone's team has devised the best warranty policy to guarantee and protect the quality and performance of the iPhone XS. For the first 12 months after your purchase the cheap iPhone XS deal from QwikFone, our repair center will be ready to offer its free top-level services if you come across any technical issue while using the iPhone XS. If our repair professionals find the issue to be so fundamental that it cannot be repaired, we will offer you a replacement for the defective device for free as well.

Please keep in mind that QwikFone warranty covers only malfunctioning that results from a manufacturing mistake or defect. This means that our warranty does not cover damages that are caused by misuse such as water damages or cracking the iPhone's screen.


What if you want to return the cheap iPhone XS?

Well, first of all, it is 100% possible for you to return the order of your iPhone XS within 14 days of your purchase date as long as the device has not been damaged in any manner. Secondly, if and when you return the iPhone XS to QwikFone, our professionals will examine it to confirm its pristine condition. Once that is done, we issue a refund with the full amount of the iPhone XS price that you have paid to the same payment method you used.


How to get your iPhone XS at the cheapest cost?

First, you must make sure to place your order for the iPhone XS during the business hours of QwikFone so that we are able to dispatch and ship out your order as soon as possible on the same day. As for the cost, you can eliminate the additional shipping costs entirely by choosing QwikFone's free shipping method. This method is trustworthy and safe for your phone and it will reduce your order's costs to the minimum.

QwikFone is offering you the optimum deal where you can get grade A products and service at the lowest price rates!

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