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Cheap iPhone XS Max

The dream of buying a cheap iPhone XS Max is now a reality with QwikFone's deals! With the low prices, each deal comes with a free set of accessories, an option for free shipping, a 12-month warranty, and a money-back guarantee, the pristine iPhone XS Max has never been better.

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Cheap iPhone XS Max offer & expert review

At the time of the iPhone XS Max release, the Apple iPhone prices had officially went through the roof and people were faced with the fact the flagship iPhones now are going to cost £999+. At this point in time, it would have been absolutely insane to combine the words iPhone XS Max and cheap in the same sentence. However, now it is not only possible to find a deal that is offering a cheap iPhone XS Max, but it is also possible for the same deal to include a free set of accessories, a free shipping service, and a monthly payment option! If you want to know how to get all that and more, keep on reading!


How to choose your iPhone XS Max cheap deal?

Although finding a cheap iPhone XS Max for sale can be super exciting, you have to take a second to stop and think about the device's condition and the deal terms before your click that order button. The reason for this is quite obvious as most users have this stigma regarding cheap offers and products that they are essentially a scam and a waste of money at best. So, if you make sure that you'd be getting an iPhone XS Max in a good condition and that the terms of the deal itself can guarantee your rights as a consumer, you will be able to rest assured that you will get the best end of the deal without any shortcomings of any sort.


This is exactly what QwikFone is offering with the iPhone XS MAx cheap contracts; the opportunity to save money, without compromising the quality of the phone or any of the deal's terms.


One of the first things people's minds go to when they hear about a cheap iPhone deal is that it is either a not original iPhone or it must be severely damaged. With the QwikFone deal, however, you will be able to get a detailed report provided by Checkmend showing not only the authenticity of the device and that it is an original iPhone XS Max, but also this report tracks the legitimacy of the iPhone and how it was obtained from the original owner.

Coming to the quality part and how good a cheap iPhone XS Max can actually be, QwikFone has a mobile repair center where all the devices are carefully inspected and tested against the pristine condition requirements. This means that the outer case of the phone must have minimum or no signs of wears and tears, the screen must be as good as new, and the battery must retain at least 80% of its power if not more. 

In case any of the iPhone XS Max details or aspects does not match our criteria for the pristine condition, our mobile experts will use OEM parts to replace that part and restore the like-new condition of the device. OEM parts are mobile spare parts that were manufactured by the factory that made the iPhones, or the device depending on the brand, and this is why these parts are able to provide a performance level similar to that of the brand-new phone part.

After the testing, repairing, and part replacing process is done, your iPhone XS Max is ready to provide you with the best performance at the lowest prices.


Unlocked iPhone XS Max

One of the most famous downsides to buying and using an iPhone is that you'd have to be tied and restricted to a certain network service provider without the ability to change it no matter what. In most cases, you'd have to buy the iPhone itself under a contract from that carrier store. With QwikFone, however, you can receive an unlocked iPhone XS Max that will enable you to use your old SIM card without having to change your number every time you change your handset as before. In fact, there will be no procedures involved in the process other than using a SIM ejection tool to get your SIM card in our of the old phone and insert it into your new cheap iPhone XS Max and start using it right away.

As for traveling internationally with that handset, you can rest assured that you will be able to use local mobile networks without having to pay the expensive fees of roaming or buying a new phone for the new SIM card.


The best place to get an iPhone XS Max accessories

Buying a pre-owned iPhone XS Max means that your device will probably not be accompanied by its accessories. However, it is absolutely crucial for an iPhone to have a charger. So, will this mean that you need to look for a good quality iPhone charger and spend extra money on buying it? 

Well, QwikFone includes a full set of iPhone accessories including the charger, lightning cable, earphones, and even the SIM ejector which you will use to insert your SIM card into your iPhone XS Max. This entire set of iPhone accessories comes for free on your iPhone XS Max box from QwikFone.

The items included in our iPhone accessory set are manufactured by our partner and the factory makes sure that these accessories fit Apple's standard for quality and performance level.


A warranty can make it or break it!

The one most important indicator in any cheap device deals and especially an iPhone XS Max is whether the device has a warranty or not, a cheap electronic gadget that has no warranty is considered on of the biggest red flags that you should not trust or take the deal in the first place. The length of the period of the deal is also important as it should allow a reasonable amount of time for the user to use the iPhone enough in order to discover if there is anything fundamentally wrong or needs repairing.

QwikFone's warranty is 12 months long which means that for the first year after purchasing the cheap iPhone XS Max you will get the phone repaired for free if you find out that it has any errors or technical issues caused by manufacturing. 

Damages that are caused due to accidents, on the other hand, will not be covered by this warranty. So, please be careful not to subject your phone to water damage or any other form of accidental damages.


Return your iPhone & get a full refund

The return policy for the cheap iPhone XS Max at QwikFone is straight forward. If you are dissatisfied with your phone, change your mind about the purchase, or just want to return it for any other reason, you can return it within 14 days and get a refund with 100% of the iPhone's price. 

There is one condition that can get your return request revoked if not met, which is the state of the iPhone and accessories. In other words, if the device or accessories are damaged in any way, the return policy will no longer be valid.


Pay in installments

Since QwikFone accepts PayPal credit, you can essentially pay for your iPhone XS Max in installments as you pay off the amount to PayPal over the period of 3 months! The terms to this agreement are determined by PayPal. So, please view their terms & conditions for more details.


Best of the cheap iPhone XS Max key features

Perhaps one of the most common criticism Apple has received for their iPhones was the screen size as much cheaper phones have provided large screens much earlier that iPhones did. This is why the iPhone XS Max was most celebrated for its 6.5-inch screen as this size was a first in the iPhone history.

So, with this iPhone, your watching and gaming experiences will be taken to a whole new level on the 6.5" Super Retina OLED screen with an impeccable resolution of 1242 x 2688 pixels.


As for the processing power, it is one of Apple's latest creation with the Hexa-core A12 alongside the 4GB RAM. Once you update the iPhone XS Max to the iOS 13.3, you will have one of the top performance levels in a smartphone in today's market.


Since the biggest criticism aimed at this iPhone was that it is the most expensive iPhone of all time, and since this fact was confirmed even more when the next version, the iPhone 11, came out at a lower price point, the iPhone XS Max can be considered a flawless iPhone in terms of features and value when you overlook its price. With this deal from QwikFone you will actually be able to overlook the price because you'd be able to get it at a cheap price which will remove this point of objection to the iPhone XS Max altogether. 

In a nutshell, this deal from QwikFone enables you to obtain the best iPhone of all time at the most affordable price with the best deal terms!

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