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Cheap iPhone XR

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Best Deals for The Pristine Cheap iPhone XR

When Apple first released its iPhone XR, many users were excited to upgrade their iPhone as it was the first opportunity in a long time that mobile users were able to by an iPhone a mid-range price. Now, the iPhone XR comes at an even cheaper price as QwikFone offers the renewed version at discounted price rates with amazing guarantees and assurances as well as free charger and other accessories.

While it has been a couple of years since the iPhone XR release, you can get it as good as new as if it was only released this year. You'd also feel that you're using the latest iPhone with the software update that brings iOS 13.3, the latest iOS, to the interface of your iPhone XR after a few minutes of updates installation.

To know all about the amazing features of the iPhone XR and how to get the cheapest contract for it, keep on reading!


All you need to know about the iPhone XR before buying it

Perhaps the iPhone XR is one of the most underrated iPhones and smartphones of all time. Many people seem to stop too much about how iPhone XR doesn't have an OLED display or a second lens on the rear camera disregarding the fact that this phone was especially designed and made to be an affordable option following the iPhone X that hit the £1000 making it too difficult for the majority of Apple fans to buy a flagship!

People also disregard how important, or rather, insignificant the changed specs in the iPhone XR from the flagships such as the iPhone X, XS, and XS Max.


While the OLED display has it undeniable merits, it was not introduced to iPhone users until recently with the iPhone X. Up until the iPhone 8, one of the best value iPhones to this date, we were all used to and happy with the Retina IPS LCD in all Apple flagships. That said, the iPhone XR is an opportunity to get a recent Apple device at a cheaper price rate with the traditional Apple display that we all know and love. That's a win!


As for the missing second lens on the back camera, there is no denying that it offers a different quality of images, but the comparison should be made between the iPhone Xr and other devices of the same cheaper price range. In other words, we should consider the fact that the iPhone XR deals are cheap! It wouldn't be fair to compare the specs of a mid-range phone to those of a flagship. So, when comparing the iPhone XR's photos to other photos taken by smartphones of the same price range, Apple's camera technology immediately prevails.


With these two main objections to the iPhone XR cleared and proved to be actually a better option the most, we can safely say that the cheap iPhone XR is offering a better value than some of Apple's very own flagship. This does not mean that iPhone XR is ultimately more superior than the iPhone XS for example; it means that you get more features, functionality, and quality in exchange for the price of the iPhone XR.


The iPhone XR design & body

Apart from the single camera lens, the iPhone XR has the same design language as the iPhone XS and XS Max. The front and back of this affordable iPhone are made of protective Gorilla Glass which is the strongest glass you can get on a smartphone. Since the back of the phone is made of glass, it means that you can use wireless charging with the device. 

The phone's body is supported with an aluminum frame for strength and dependability. Since the iPhone XR has some new vibrant and gorgeous colors, it was only logical for the frame and sides of the phone to have the same color. This is how the iPhone XR got its monochrome look which makes it distinctive among the rest of the Apple iPhone line.


Processor, performance, & battery

These details are the reason why the iPhone XR is so valuable and worth its price and more. While iPhone XR is considered cheap, it has the same Apple A12 Bionic chipset as the iPhone XS and XS Max and it has an even bigger battery! As for the software, the iPhone XR comes initially with iOS 12. With a fast update, you can have the device running iOS 13.3 same as iPhone 11 in no time!

The iPhone XR also supports fast charging as you can charge 50% of the 2942 mAh battery just in 30 minutes. So, you can get the cheapest deal on an iPhone XR and enjoy the performance of the best flagships from Apple.


The secret behind QwikFone's cheap iPhone XR deals 

Buying an iPhone from any source other than Apple itself must come with multiple assurances to prove the device's authenticity and good condition that makes it in a usable state. QwikFone's policy when it comes to obtaining and offering cheap iPhone XR for sale is to follow a strict process and a specific set of steps that ensure that all of our devices are 100% original and in a pristine condition. 


What is the pristine condition?

iPhone devices that are not brand-new may have various condition states. While it is common to see these devices listed as in a good or excellent condition, we at QwikFone choose to offer the iPhone XR deals at cheap prices in pristine condition. The reason for this is that other condition descriptions such as good or excellent may be subjective and depend on different people's perspectives of what constitutes a "good" smartphone. The pristine condition, on the other hand, has a specific set of criteria that defines it. This criteria can be summarized in the phone being as good as new. This includes the look of the phone as well as battery life and the speed and performance of the phone.


QwikFone's renewal process of the iPhone XR

Of course, it may so happens that while our mobile specialists are testing the iPhone XR devices, they find a part, such as the battery for example, that doesn't hold up to the pristine condition terms. In this case, we use OEM parts made by the same original iPhone manufacturer to replace the specific part and retrieve the like-new state of the iPhone.

During this process, our specialists also unlock the SIM software to enable our customers from inserting their SIM cards into the device and have them work without any restrictions on what carrier they can use with the handset.

The other benefit of offering the iPhone XR unlocked is that it allows the user to travel to almost any destination in the world and not be obligated to either buy a pricey roaming package or give up on using their iPhone abroad altogether. In such a circumstance, the user would be able to buy a SIM card from a local service provider at the country he or she is currently residing in and start using that SIM card with the iPhone without paying expensive fees or facing any problems.


Free accessories & warranty assurance

Once you receive the cheap iPhone XR box from QwikFone and start unboxing it, you'll find that it still has even more value to offer that just the device itself and its specs. In the phone box, you will find a 1 year warranty and the iPhone XR most essential accessories.

The accessories include a brand-new charger, a lightning cable, and a SIM tool which you will use to open the SIM tray of the phone and insert your SIM card. These items are all made for QwikFone and have our branding on it. The quality of the accessories as well as the condition and quality of the iPhone XR is guaranteed by our 12-month warranty. This warranty has the same terms as any brand-new mobile or electronic device warranty. 

This means that QwikFone is obligated to fix any defective item for free. The only condition is for the problem to be caused by a manufacturing issue, not damage caused by an accident while the user was using the device.

Moreover, QwikFone is obligated to replace the iPhone XR with another pristine device of the same make and model if the problem is so severe that it cannot be 100% fixed.


The return policy of the cheap iPhone XR

Unlike any other deal for a cheap iPhone XR, QwikFone enables you to return the device and the whole order just like any other brand-new iPhone order. This policy has a standard 14-day period during which you can return the phone box with all of its contents safe and sound. In this case, you will receive a full refund of the price you paid for the phone. Please keep in mind that and damages in the handset or the accessories or any missing items from the phone box will void the warranty and your return request will not be eligible for the refund.


The refund is usually issued to the same payment method that you used to pay for the iPhone XR order on QwikFone's website. It may take a few days for you to be able to see the refund amount in your account.

Finding the cheapest deal on iPhone XR should be your priority as a customer, however, it is also important to pay attention to the deals' details in order to ensure that your money is well-spent. We, at QwikFone, help you to achieve both goals.

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