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Cheap iPhone SE


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Unlocked Cheap iPhone SE for Sale

Looking for a cheap iPhone that can perform the functionality of the most expensive and latest version of iPhones, the unlocked iPhone SE from QwikFone is your perfect choice to get all the capabilities you wish for in a smartphone at the cheapest prices. With QwikFone's team of mobile experts, you will find all the details you need about the iPhone SE and the deal terms. Please read this page carefully to be able to make an informed decision whether to buy this phone and make it your main device.


Testing the cheap iPhone SE

For many users, buying a cheap iPhone SE directly means either bad quality or a questionable origin of the phone. This is not the case here. While QwikFone is offering one of the cheapest iPhone SE contracts in the UK, we are also offering the necessary guarantees and assurances for the phone's origin and quality alongside the deal. 

At first obtaining the iPhone SE devices, QwikFone team also gets a Checkmend report that traces back the previous ownership of the iPhnoe to ensure that all of the devices were legitimately obtained by the seller. These reports are available for any buyer that requests them from the QwikFone's team.


All the iPhone SE devices that pass the Checkmend testing goes into technical testing stage at the hands of QwikFone mobile experts. Our team has been in the mobile repair business for 10 years. Over this time, we have developed the perfect testing process to guarantee that all of our iPhone devices are in a pristine condition in terms of how they look and how they work as well.

QwikFone testing process goes over 40 points that include the motherboard, the phone's software, the cameras, the sound, touchscreen, and display quality. This way we can promise our customers to have a like-new iPhone SE at the cheapest price without worrying about the device failing after a little while or stopping to work for any reason.

Besides the skills and experience of the QwikFone team of repair specialists, we also use OEM and grade A parts exclusively to replace any defective part of the iPhone SE. This way, we are able to retain the pristine condition and the like-new performance of the phone without raising the cost or the price of the cheap iPhone SE.


After the repair and testing process is finalized, our mobile specialists also make sure to unlock the software of the iPhone that controls and runs the SIM card of the device. This way, the handset is able to operate with any SIM card from any carrier, not just in the UK, but internationally. 

If you have tried to travel overseas with a locked iPhone before, you would know how crucial it is to have the iPhone SE unlocked. Not only will it enable you to use your old SIM card with your old number that all of your contacts know, but it also will enable you to switch carriers in and out of the UK with just switching the SIM card itself in the phone.


QwikFone's warranty for the cheap iPhone SE

As a part of our cheap iPhone SE contract, all of the devices are covered by a 1-year warranty. During this time, if our customers discover any technical issues in the iPhone, be it in the software or the hardware, our repair team will be responsible for fixing this issue for free.

If the repair specialists at QwikFone deems the problem with the iPhone SE device as irreparable, the warranty policy will guarantee that the customer receives a replacement for the defective device for free. In all cases, you, the customer, will get a pristine iPhone SE at the cheapest price.

The only condition for this warranty policy to remain valid besides the period condition, is that the problem with the device is not caused by negligence or accidental damage as the warranty covers manufacturing issue only.


The QwikFone return policy for the cheap iPhone SE

The cheap iPhone SE contract from QwikFone comes with the standard return policy that is guaranteed with any mobile phone or any other electronic device. The return period is 14 days. During this period, you can return your order and get a full refund with the mobile's price that you have paid. There is one condition for this return policy other than the 14-day period which is the condition of the device and the accessories. Since QwikFone is sending a pristine iPhone SE and a set of its accessories brand-new, we expect that the returned items will be in the same state. Damaged returns will not be accepted and refunds for damaged devices will be revoked.


The accessories of the cheap iPhone SE 

Although the cheap price of the QwikFone iPhone SE deal might lead you to think that the phone would be of less quality or the benefits of the deal may be somehow less, the truth is the opposite of that. With a 1-year of warranty protecting and the ability to get a refund in case of returning your order, you will also get a set of free and brand-new accessories for the cheap iPhone SE in order to cut your costs of that order further. The set of accessories contains the most essential items that are needed for the iPhone SE to work perfectly and as good as new. The charger, lightning cable, earphones, and SIM ejection tool are all manufactured according to special measures of quality in order for them to offer a performance level and lifetime similar to those of the original accessories made by Apple for the brand-new iPhone SE devices. 

The cost of these accessories is a part of the iPhone SE cheap price which means that you are not required to spend extra money on your charger and earphones.


How good is the iPhone SE features?

Staring with the design, the iPhone SE has the same design language and build material of the iPhone 5S. This means good news in many ways. First, the size of the iPhone SE will enable you to carry and use it with a single hand without fearing of dropping it. This means texting your friend while holding a drink or answering that important call while holding your baby with no problems or any sort of duscomfort for any of you!

The aluminum body and frame of the phone along with the Gorilla Glass offer a good amount of protection for the device in case of mild accidents such as dropping the phone.


The iPhone SE has a 4-inch screen with a 1136 x 640 pixel display quality. Although this resolution may not seem as much, it is perfect for the 4" screen and, as experts have stated, any higher level of resolution on this screen size would have been a waste. This means that the iPhone SE will offer you great experience when watching videos or playing games in terms of the display quality and details sharpness.


Comin to the most important and most powerful feature of the iPhone SE, which is its processor and platform in general, the iPhone SE is packing an Apple A9 chipset, a dual-core 1.84GHz CPU, and runs iOS version 9.3. Initially, the iPhone SE offers good performance and admirable speed of response. The 2GB RAM is sufficient for managing all of the phone's functionalities without any lagging time or having the user being faced with a frozen screen. You would be able to open a few apps simultaneously without having any of them to reload and lose your on-screen data until a few minutes have passed.


Of course, one of the main reasons for buying a camera phone is its camera. So, is the iPhone SE 12MP camera any good? In a time when smartphone cameras are getting better by the day, iPhone cameras in general are still holding their grounds as some of the best camera phones ever to exist. Granted, the 12MP seems a bit of a let down when looking at it as a mere number on paper. However, the iPhone SE camera comes with a secondary layer called Focus Pixels. The role of this layer is to quickly sharpen the detail of whatever image the phone is trying to capture. This layer does its business in milliseconds. So, you don't have to point the phone and keep it steady for a while before capturing the image.


Although it has been quite a few years since the release of the iPhone SE and the formula of what constitutes a popular smartphone has changed, this device is still able to strongly compete with much more recent and more expensive smartphones thanks to the high-end technology and top quality Apple has packed into this device making it truly worthy of the brand's name and market position. 

Order the iPhone SE with the cheap deal terms from QwikFone now and guarantee a like-new device and benefits.

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