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Cheap iPhone 6S


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Cheap Pristine iPhone 6s Grade A+

When it was first released, the iPhone 6s took the mobile market by storm because of how it offered an upgraded version of its predecessor with the extra support in the phone's body that solved the previous bending issues that the users had experienced with some iPhone 6 units. Despite the naming of the iPhone 6s which led many to think that it was an improved or updated version of the iPhone 6, this phone actually had so much upgrades and differences that qualified it to be its own phone that share only a few things with its predecessor, the iPhone 6. If you are looking for an iPhone that has all the good OG features that traditional iPhone users are now missing in the newer versions such as the earphones jack and the 3D Touch, this is your chance to get a cheap iPhone 6s from the most trusted source in the UK. Check out our offer as well as our review of the pristine iPhone 6s right here.


Testing cheap iPhone 6s for sale at QwikFone

Before getting into the details of the iPhone 6s review, the condition of the iPhone 6s as cheap phone for sale must be clarified as cheap phones come in all sorts of conditions and quality levels and you must be sure of what you are paying for ultimately. 

For QwikFone's units of the cheap iPhone 6s deals, our team conducts an extensive tests to ensure the status of the phone, whether the devices qualify for the pristine condition, and confirm the legitimacy of the origin of the handset by using the Checkmend service to provide a detailed report about where the device comes from. This way we are proudly able to provide our customers with 100% original Apple iPhones with proof of their legitimate source.


QwikFone's testing stages ensures that your cheap iPhone is in a like-new condition. The tests start with inspecting the screen's condition and functionality. This part includes three main points which focus on the touchscreen responsiveness, the brightness level of the iPhone, and that there are no dead pixels anywhere on the screen. 

The testing process is then carried on by QwikFone's mobile experts to include all the internal parts and the outer case look of the phone as well as the battery life which must retain 80%-90% of its powers for it to be considered pristine.


In case the screen, battery, or any of the other iPhone parts did not meet our standards for the pristine condition, this part is replaced by our repair professional with repaired Apple OEM parts. This way, we can guarantee the same performance level and quality of the brand-new Apple iPhone 6s.

The repair process of the iPhone 6s also includes opening the SIM software so that there are no restrictions on which carrier can be used with this handset.

So, if you travel a lot and owning an iPhone has always been too much restrictive for your circumstances, this cheap iPhone 6s is your chance to save money on both the actual phone and the carrier expenses while you are using the phone.


QwikFone's deal terms & quality guarantees

The decision of buying a cheap iPhone deal online needs the user to be aware of all of the downsides to such a deal in order to be able to avoid it. One of the very first signs of how good or bad a cheap iPhone 6s contract is, is this deal's terms. Buying a cheap iPhone does not mean that you should give up any of your rights as a consumer in terms of obtaining a good quality product through this deal as well as your right to return the product and get your money back.

After the QwikFone team has studied the most important points for a customer to be satisfied with the cheapest iPhone 6s deals and came to the conclusion that the device has to be as good as new and the deal terms must also be like the deal or a new iPhone. So, this is exactly what QwikFone is offering! 


Brand-new accessories

Just like the brand-new iPhone, our repaired cheap iPhone 6s come with a free set of iPhone accessories that include the charger, earphones, lightning cable, and SIM ejector. Although these accessories are not the original iPhone accessories, for hygiene reasons, they are made in a specific way following the Apple conditions and measurements for quality in order for them to offer the same level of performance as the original ones.


14-day return period

Just like with any other product or order, QwikFone is offering the standard 14-day return policy for our cheap iPhone 6s. During this period, we will accept all returns of the device as long as no harm or damages are inflicted on the phone or the accessories. For all valid returns, there will be a full refund issued immediately after QwikFone receives the returned items and our mobile experts confirm that the iPhone and the accessories are not damaged and in an acceptable condition for QwikFone standards.

The refund will be issued to the same payment method you originally used to pay for your cheap iPhone order. So, depending on the payment method's specific terms, you will receive your funds as quickly as possible.


1-year warranty services

If you are enjoying your like-new iPhone 6s, keep in mind that this cheap contract also guarantees the safety and performance of the device and its accessories during the first year by the means of our warranty policy. The period of QwikFone's warranty policy is the standard period for new mobiles and electronics warranty which is 1-year.

During this warranty period, any issues that may come while using the phone will be fixed at the QwikFone repair center by our mobile experts for free. This warranty, however, does not cover accidents that result in the screen cracking or water damage. So, we recommend extra caution with these two points.


Same-day shipping

As a rule, all of the orders received by the QwikFone team during our business days and hours, will be dispatched and shipped out on the same day. 

Please view our shipping policy page to find more details on when and how you can get our same-day free shipping service.


Monthly payments option

If you choose to pay for QwikFone's cheap iPhone 6s using PayPal credit, you will be able to pay off this price in monthly installments according to PayPay conditions. On QwikFone's part, paying with PayPal credit does not require any minimum limit for the order. So, no matter how much your iPhone 6s will cost, you can pay for it with this payment option.


Should you choose an iPhone 6s over the latest version?

In other words, how good the iPhone 6s really is? The short answer is that it is so good that it's actually worth buying now in the 2020s several years after its release date and after several other iPhone releases.

To know what benefits or value exactly you will be gaining from buying the iPhone 6s besides the saving aspect of choosing the QwikFone contract, check out this Qwik-review by our professionals.

Other than the traditional iPhone 6 and 6s design, you will be getting an upgrade in the camera, a more sturdy phone body, and the opportunity to use your wired old-school earphones with this device. 

So, with the camera, you will be able to capture 12MP images which is, in iPhone terms, better than most Android phones' resolution thanks to the capabilities of the iOS which pumps up the camera performance enabling it to offer more precision and sharper details as well as a better level of color saturation. 


The 3D Touch, or as Apple used to call it the "Force Touch" is the iPhone 6s most special and somewhat exclusive feature that takes the touchscreen's functionality to its own new horizons. The way this feature works is simple as it only requires a longer tap on the iPhone 6s's screen. The potential of this feature, on the other hand, is limitless as it allows the apps to show different shortcuts or do any sort of additional functionality. The limit with the 3D Touch is really the sky and the mobile app developer's imagination. When this feature was first rolled out, Apple applied it on a smaller scale as it allowed the messaging app to show a shortcut to create a new message and the notes app to show options for the type of notes you would choose to create. In the Mail App, for instance, you can use the 3D Touch gesture to get a preview of your newest emails and then use the same gesture to open up a menu and decide your next action based on the direction you want to take it.


Coming to the most important aspect and major highlight of the iPhone 6s which is the Apple A9 processor. This is definitely one of Apple's best processors to date and it improves every aspect of the phone. So, if you are checking the numbers of the specs of the iPhone 6s and thinking that this won't offer much, you should think it over because this processor along with the latest iOS 13.3 update brings this phone's performance to a whole new level.

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