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Second Hand Samsung Galaxy S6

Shop pristine Samsung Galaxy S6 second hand at low prices & with 1-year warranty. QwikFone's deals guarantees a premium like-new quality & brand-new accessories for all devices. Our deals come with a 30-day money-back guarantee.
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    Pristine Unlocked Samsung S6 Second Hand

    When Samsung first released the Galaxy S6, most opinions voiced how perfect this phone was. It had only one flaw: too expensive. This is no longer an issue now and this perfect phone can be just perfect with the amazing affordable prices of QwikFone for the Samsung S6 second hand deals.  

    While it is hard to believe, QwikFone enables you to get a second hand Samsung phone with amazing premium features such as Super AMOLED screen, wireless charging , and high resolution better than even smartphones that promises a full HD resolution. All of that comes at a and affordable price. The Samsung S6 price second hand is less than £200.


    Samsung Galaxy S6 specs

    • Material: Gorilla Glass front & back - Aluminum frame

    • Body size: 143.4 x 70.5 x 6.8 mm

    • Screen type: Super AMOLED

    • Screen size: 5.1 inches

    • Display resolution: 1440 x 2560 pixels

    • Back camera: 16 MP - 28mm wide lens - 4K videos - HDR - Stereo sound recording

    • Front camera: 5 MP - 22mm wide lens - 1080p videos - Auto-HDR

    • Memory space: 32GB, 64GB, 128GB

    • RAM: 3GB

    • Processor: Exynos 7420 Octa - Octa-core (4x Cortex-A57 - 4x Cortex-A53)

    • OS: Android 5.0 (Lollipop) - Can be upgraded to Android 8.0 (Oreo)

    • Battery: 2550 mAh - Fast charging - Wireless charging


    The full review of Samsung Galaxy S6 second hand

    The biggest change, and also competitive point, in the used Samsung S6 is the design. For the longest time, Samsung phones got criticism for having an all plastic body which compromised the phone's safety and stood against the devices no matter how advanced and premium their features were.

    Thankfully, Samsung recovered from this mistake with the S6 release. Now, we can over look the Samsung plastic era and enjoy the premium features that make the good old Samsung 6s able to compete in 2020 market!


    Galaxy S6 build & design

    Now that the Samsung S6 has an elegant and premium looking glass and metal body, the back is no longer removable and neither is the battery. Perhaps this is for the best as the new Samsung phones batteries are Li-Ion and non-removable which means that instead of having to guess what is wrong with your phone and start replacing batteries on your own, which is an additional cost, now professionals that specialize in mobile phone repairs can inspect the device for you and let you know once and for all whether the issue is truly with the battery or other parts. In such a case, there will be no need to replace the battery of your phone.

    The aluminum frame provides a nice shine to the phone which is a nice addition to the shiny glass body.

    Since this phone has bezels, it also has a home button with a built-in fingerprint scanner. On the back of the phone there is the main camera bump which is a little higher than the rest of the phone's body, but once the phone is put in a protective case, the back is almost leveled again.


    Screen & display quality

    While the size of the pre-owned Samsung S6 is somewhat small which makes it quite easy to hold and use with one hand while keeping the other hand free for whatever task you want, except for driving, the seasoned smartphone creators at Samsung were still to place a quite large screen that makes the phone worth the money when it was brand-new and more so the Samsung S6 price second hand.

    The screen panel itself is a 5.1-inch Super AMOLED panel, one of Samsung finest and most premium display technologies in the mobile world. The AMOLED screen helps your used Samsung S6 display true colors better than most flagships that are not using the same tech in their screens.

    With such a large screen size, Samsung gave us a great level of quality thanks to the 1440 x 2560 pixels resolution. It is safe to say that the Galaxy S6 display quality is suitable to this screen size and even perfect for larger screens!


    Cameras, battery, & processing power

    As we progress in this review, the old Samsung S6 proves itself to have only good things in store for its users.

    Starting with the camera, the Samsung Galaxy has a 12MP wide lens that represent the biggest highlight in this phone right after the flashy elegant glass body.

    The camera performance is more than brilliant to the extent that it qualifies the phone itself to be the perfect phone for anyone who has photography as a hobby. At the Samsung Galaxy S6 second hand price, this camera is beyond any quality expectation that you can possible have for a £200.

    With the combination of this high-end camera and the Super AMOLED screen, your going to have the time of your life enjoying taking photos and filming videos and watching them on your Samsung S6 second hand.

    As for the battery, it has the capacity of 2550 mAh which provides good power for reasonable user for the whole day. For heavy users who need more on-screen time, you might need to recharge the S6 during the day, but nothing to severe that you'd be limited in movement just to be near an outlet for the entirety of your time.

    Finally, the Exynos 7420 Octa chip is powered by a 3GB RAM which helps this impressive chip to offer its best in terms of performance and speed especially when it comes to gaming and running multiple apps without having the apps in the tray reloading and losing the feed that you need to look at.


    Samsung Galaxy S6 second hand deal from QwikFone

    At QwikFone, the Samsung S6 second hand price packs a wide variety of benefits and more opportunities to reduce the ultimate cost of the S6 order.


    Pristine devices, full warranty

    Since our S6 devices are second hand, they must go through a testing process that was especially designed by QwikFone experts to ensure that all phones are in a pristine condition and that they show no sign of being used before.

    The Pre-owned Samsung S6 must look and perform as good as new in order for it to be listed among QwikFone mobile phones for sale.

    The devices also go through a repair process that aims to restoring the brand-new condition as much as possible so that our customers will always end up with a like-new Galaxy S6 at the price of a second hand one.

    To assure our customers and protect the performance of the device and the experience of the customer as a whole, QwikFone provides a 12-month warranty.

    So, if the phone starts to malfunction or perform in a less like-new manner, we will fix it for free.


    Free accessories with warranty

    The pristine Samsung Galaxy S6 second hand price also includes all of the S6 most important accessories in a brand-new condition. For the safety of our customers, the S6's accessories are made especially for QwikFone's second hand devices in order to avoid dealing second hand accessories which would be both in a bad condition and a health hazard, especially when it comes to items such as earphones which should not be passed from one user to the next.

    To ensure the quality of the S6 new accessories, we also provide a 12-month warranty. Since it wouldn't be practical to repair defective accessories, we replace any item that has problems with brand-new items for free as a part of our warranty.


    Easy payments in installments

    To make this deal more secure and easier for our customers, we provide easy way to pay for your second hand Samsung Galaxy S6 order in monthly installments over the course of 3 months.

    This option is available through two sources which are Klarna and PayPal Credit. Both options here include a 0% interest clause. So, you can rest assured that if your choose to pay in installments, there will be no increase on the costs that you are going to afford since there is no interest rate.

    Of course, both of these two payment options have different terms and conditions to use them. So, we encourage you to read up on both offers before opting for one of the two payment plans to find out which one is better for your budget and needs.

    Klarna also provides an additional option that allows QwikDone customers to pay within 30 days. So, Klarna will pay for your order and, once you try the product and if you like it, you can pay later in 30 days without any costs or interests.


    Return within 30 days

    Even if you choose to pay directly to QwikFone, we make sure that all of our customers feel safe to order. This is why our 30-day return policy include a money-back clause. So, even if you have paid for your order upfront and wish to change your mind and return the Samsung Galaxy S6, we guarantee that you receive a full refund of your payment for the phone no matter what the reason for the return is.


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    The most asked questions about second hand Samsung S6

    Should I buy a used Samsung S6 32GB in 2021?

    While the Samsung S6 has great capabilities in terms of hardware such as a sturdy, yet premium glass body that allows wireless charging, which makes it perfect as an affordable smartphone in 2021, the 32GB internal storage might be just enough for a light smartphone user.
    However, if you want to have all of your work-related apps, games, and social media apps, it would be better to get an S6 64GB or even a 128GB variant. This way, you can make sure that the Samsung S6 will provide the required level of performance.

    How much is a Samsung Galaxy S6 worth second hand?

    At QwikFone the 3 variants of the Samsung Galaxy S6 are available: 32GB, 64GB, and 128GB. The entry level S6 32GB second hand is priced at £113 and the 64GB variant is £150. Last but not least, the Samsung Galaxy S6 variant with the largest memory storage space, 128GB, comes with the affordable price of £190.
    These prices include a full set of the S6's accessories brand-new and a 12-month warranty for the phone and the accessories. The deal also includes a full refund guarantee as a part of our standard return policy.

    Is it worth it to buy a second hand iPhone 6 16GB?

    In 2020 & 2021, buying a 16GB iPhone 6 has more issues that you'd care to resolve. For example, there is the famous bending problem where the iPhone 6 would bend in its users pockets. Also, the iPhone 6 does not get an iOS upgrade and the latest version it runs is iOS 12. Finally, the 16GB storage version will not be enough for using the iPhone at the speed and performance that makes it worth its price.
    At the same price, you can get an Android Samsung S6 with a premium and reliable build thanks to the Gorilla Glass and aluminum body. The Galaxy S6 camera is also much better than that of the iPhone 6 and, finally, the S6 has wireless charging which would cost much more to get in an iPhone.

    Is it wise to buy a used Samsung S6 (at 60% of original price)?

    If the Samsung S6 is guaranteed to be pristine, then this deal would be a catch. Pristine phones are in a like-new condition and they are renewed by experts. So, you would be essentially getting a phone that is as good as new for less than half its price.
    At QwikFone, the used Samsung S6 deal has a 12-month warranty included. So, for the first year, the quality and performance of your phone will be protected and supported with professionals help and a fully equipped repair center.

    How can I take a screenshot on a used Galaxy S6?

    Like most Samsung phones that have a home button, taking a screenshot is done by pressing and holding the home button and power button for 2-3 seconds.
    You can then find the captured screenshot in your phone's photo gallery in a folder named "Screenshots".

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