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Second Hand iPhone XS Max

Buying the iPhone XS Max second hand is now 100% guaranteed with QwikFone warranty and return policy. With a full refund ensured as well as a 12-month repair warranty, you can buy your favorite iPhone with no worries. QwikFone also provides free iPhone accessories & free shipping.

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Grade A+ iPhone XS Max Second Hand

There are a few iPhones to get in 2020 and beyond other than the latest iPhone 11 which is the one that all Apple iPhone users are looking at now. In fact, some of these iPhones are a better choice than the iPhone 11 as they offer a better value when the price and benefits of the features are compared. One of the most prominent among these iPhones is the iPhone XS Max. When this particular iPhone was first released, it was a success in every way. However, it had a price point that made many users change their minds about buying it at that time. Now, however, it is the perfect time to buy the iPhone XS Max second hand and enjoy all of its awesome features are an affordable price rate thanks to the release of the next iPhone in this line, the iPhone 11.

While this sounds like a great deal to some users, others refrain from buying second hand iPhones because they lack the assurances that comes with the brand-new smartphones, lack accessories for obvious hygiene and safety reasons, and don't even come in a phone box like the new one would.

With the second hand iPhone XS Max from QwikFone, however, users can get all the deal terms and features as they come with a brand-new iPhone XS Max. If you want to know how to get an iPhone XS Max at the second hand price but with the brand-new qualities, keep on reading!


Qwik-review of 2nd hand iPhone XS Max

Before getting into the deal's terms and explaining how you can buy a like-new iPhone XS Max at 2nd hand price, QwikFone experts are bringing  you a thorough review of the most important points that most users look for in their next iPhone as well as the most important features Apple has highlighted in the iPhone XS Max launch.


The first feature that most people noticed about the iPhone XS Max when it was first released, was its size which was pointed out as the largest iPhone size to date. This allows the iPhone XS Max to provide users with the largest display with 6.5 inches screen since all of the front of the iPhone XS Max is display except for a notch on the top. This notch have created huge controversy as it bothers many iPhone users who want the front of their iPhones to be all screen and nothing else, yet, this notch also houses some of the best of Apple's technologies and iPhone features such as the camera and sensors. 


Since there is no bezel or, as some may call it, chin in the iPhone XS Max, users get a bigger display space at the expense of the absence of a home button that used to include the fingerprint reader on previous iPhones. While other smartphones place the fingerprint reader on the back of the phone, Apple assigns this location for its logo. As a result, the iPhone XS Max has no fingerprint ID to lock and unlock the phone. This means that the only security you get is the Face ID feature. So, is the Face ID feature good enough to secure your iPhone XS Max and unlock it quickly?


If you have a previous experience with the iPhone X Face ID, you might not like this feature so much. However, Apple has brought its best technologies for the iPhone XS Max Face ID. The upgrade has not only fixed all the issues the iPhone X users pointed out, but also added more sensitivity and speed to the sensor's responsiveness.

So, to answer the question, the Face ID is more that sufficient to replace the Fingerprint ID as the main, and only, security gate to your iPhone XS Max.

Now, coming to the iPhone XS Max star feature which is the iOS 12 operating system, there are two main additions that benefit users which are the Screen Time menu and the grouped notifications. 

The Screen Time feature enables you to limit the time you look at your phone allowing you to enjoy life more. The grouped notifications, on the other hand, allows you to view and manage all of the notifications from your different apps at the same place.

Later upgrades of the iOS 12 included new emojis as well as a group FaceTime feature. The iPhone XS Max will also allow software updates that will run iOS 13 which, of course, offers much more advanced and more fun features.


The iPhone XS Max specs

  • Body: Stainless steel frame, Gorilla Glass back & front

  • Screen: 6.5 inches with Gorilla Glass protection

  • Display resolution: 1242 x 2688 pixels

  • Internal storage: 64 GB - 256 GB - 512 GB

  • RAM: 4 GB

  • Platform: iOS 12 - Apple A12 Bionic chip 

  • Main camera: 2 x 12 MP - 2160p for video recording

  • FaceTime camera (selfie): 7 MP - 1080p videos

  • Battery: Fast charging 3174 mAh battery


The second hand iPhone XS Max condition & battery life 

When you search for a used iPhone XS Max for sale online, there are multiple tips and tricks to get the phone in its best condition available and get good deal terms as well. QwikFone offers only pristine used iPhone XS Max. This means that, although the phone is used, it is in a like-new condition. Here is how we do it:


QwikFone testing & renewing

When QwikFone first receives the used iPhone XS Max, our specialists thoroughly test the device to ensure that it meets our standards for like-new used phones. This test process includes inspecting both the software and the hardware of the device. The second hand iPhone XS Max must also meet the standard grade-A criteria for second hand phones to ensure perfect performance and the best battery life. 


Thanks to our repair center, we are also able to replace the battery with a brand-new OEM on if the original battery of the second hand iPhone retains less than 80% of its capacity.

Another part of our renewal process for the used iPhone XS Max is unlocking the SIM card software. The point here is to remove the restriction of using a single service carrier and enable users to change carriers and use the same handset freely overseas with local carriers in different countries.


Brand-new accessories

Perhaps thinking of the accessories of a second hand phone doesn't come as the first thing since most users focus on getting a good quality phone in a good condition. However, with QwikFone, you won't even have to think about where or how to get accessories for your second hand iPhone XS Max. QwikFone will provide a set of brand-new accessories that were specifically made to match the original iPhone accessories quality. The accessories are included in the iPhone box and price. This is why it won't cost you any additional payments.


Free shipping option

Ordering a second hand iPhone XS Max online usually comes with an additional cost for the shipping. With QwikFone, you'll get free postage service that enables you to get the entire package only at the handset's price.

We also provide a same-day shipping options without any additional costs for all orders that are placed and confirmed within our working hours. Please check out our shipping policy page to find detailed information regarding our business hours and when to order to get the same-day shipping.


One-year warranty

One of QwikFone's iPhone XS Max deal greatest highlights is our one-year warranty that ensures the quality and performance of the device and its accessories. According to this warranty, you get free repairs for any issues you might come across while using the phone for the first year. As for the accessories, we will replace them for free if they have any defects.

Please keep in mind that this warranty does not cover water damages. So, make sure that you take extra care of your second hand iPhone XS Max around the pool and other water surfaces.


How to return the second hand iPhone XS Max

QwikFone's deal for the used iPhone XS Max comes with the assurance that you can return it and get a full refund with the iPhone price. Our return policy has the standard 14-day period during which you can return the device. The only condition for the return request to be valid and the refund to be issued is for the device and accessories to be present in the box, no item is damaged, and the device and accessories remain in their original pristine and brand-new conditions respectively.

You can expect your payment to be refunded into your payment method within the periods mentioned on our return policy page. Please note that refunds are issued after QwikFone receives the returned items and the safety of the devices are confirmed by our mobile specialists.


For any further inquiries regarding the iPhone XS Max second hand or the deal terms, please contact our customer service representatives who will be happy to answer all of your questions.

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