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Second Hand iPhone XR


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Grade A Second Hand iPhone XR Unlocked

Whether you are looking for your next smartphone of looking for an affordable gift with a great value for a loved one, the second hand iPhone XR at QwikFone is the best device that you can gift yourself or your loved ones with. Some comparison even put that phone on top of the latest iPhone 11 in terms of the return value on your investment in the price of the iPhone XR. Buying a pre-owned iPhone XR handset can, of course, be the cause of some worries. However, we, at QwikFone, are aware of the worries and concerns of smartphone buyers and users. So, we have developed the perfect plan that allows you to buy an iPhone at its lowest prices without worrying about its quality of lifespan. We are proud of our relationship with our loyal customers and always happy to gain the trust of new customers and this is exactly the goal of this pre-owned iPhone XR deals.

Before detailing the terms and benefits of the QwikFone deal, let's take a look at the iPhone XR itself and see why it would be worth your money in the first place.


Second hand iPhone XR review

Many smartphone reviewers have came to the conclusion that although the iPhone XR is cheaper, it is better as a purchase options than other iPhones. However, this revelation raises more questions than it answers. For example, how did Apple manage to make this version of the iPhone cheaper? What is the user giving up in exchange for the price reduction? Would it be better to opt for a more expensive flagship instead?


To answer all of these questions, we need to go through the different aspects and features of the iPhone XR to know how good they actually perform aside from the specs list which show numbers that usually don't reflect the actual performance of the phone. 



The iPhone XR design is quite interesting as it joins both the characteristics of the traditional iPhone design that we all know and love and the look of the new iPhones that lost its home button in favor of the new and futuristic front screen appearance. As a budget control move, the iPhone XR is still keeping the aluminum frame around its edges which is preserving that look of when the whole body of the iPhone was made of aluminum. This look is now considered by some to be retro, so it is quite endearing to see a glimpse of it on the iPhone XR edges. The rest of the phone, however, has the newest iPhones look with the glass on the front and back, wireless charging, and the all-display front.

You don't need to worry, however, about carrying around an all-glass iPhone as both sides are protected with Gorilla Glass which is deemed by experts as the strongest glass in the mobile phone industry. Just keep in mind that no matter how strong it is, it is still glass; it's meant to survive accidental drops, but don't expect it to survive severe accidents like being dropped on the street from a long distance.


Screen & display

Coming to the more modern side of the iPhone XR, the screen is taking up almost the entire front of the phone if we overlook the notch at the top. At this point, we have to overlook this space as Apple iPhone engineers seem to insist on placing their most important iPhone features which have to face the front of the phone in a notch.

As for the display quality, once more, we're going back to the previous iPhone display with the IPS LCD screen rather than the OLED that comes with the more expensive flagships such as the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max of the same year. So, is it different? Of course, the OLED displays offers more sharpness and deeper black color. But, it is most definitely cannot be considered a bad thing or a "downside" to the iPhone XR as the user would still be enjoying the great display quality of Apple's Retina technology. 



Another feature of the iPhone XR that caused controversy as the missing secondary lens on the back was seen as a major downgrade by many people. Despite of the generalized opinion, an affordable iPhone such as the iPhone XR had to come with a few features downsized for the price to be realistic. The true measure as to how good or bad any feature would be, is the performance. For cameras, the quality of the images that the iPhone takes should be the only judge of its performance. In other words, the question we should be asking is whether or not the iPhone XR has a good camera.


The short answer for this question is YES! The iPhone X camera is not only a good camera, it is a powerful camera when you compare it to its competitors at the same price range.


Processor & OS

Before getting into the details of the processor's performance of the iPhone XR, it is important to mention that while the iPhone XR was launched with iOS 12, it can now be used with iOS 13.3 and all it would take is a few minutes of upgrade time. This means that, in terms of the software and the iPhone XR interface, it will be identical to that of an iPhone 11. As for the processor, the iPhone XR has the A12 Bionic hexa-core processor same as the two flagships of the same year from Apple, the iPhone XS and the iPhone XS Max.


Battery life

There is no question that one of the most common complains Apple iPhones always generated was the fact that the batteries were always lacking the power to sustain the phone's performance for more than a day before it needs to be plugged into the charger.

When iPhone XR was first released, Apple announced that this phone had the best battery ever put in an iPhone. With a 2942 mAh, the iPhone XR has even a bigger battery than the iPhone XS!


The used iPhone XR deals from QwikFone 

Buying any iPhone used is not a simple decision to make as it can easily have different downsides to it that makes the whole deal a scam in a nutshell! However, if you know how to pick a good trustworthy used iPhone XR deal, you'd hit the jackpot as you'd be able to get the phone in great condition while saving your money at the same time!

QwikFone offers you this opportunity as we have second hand iPhone XR devices in a like-new condition tested and confirmed by UK's best mobile experts. Check out this deal's details below.


2nd hand iPhone XR pristine

There are two main points that stir the concern of any mobile phone shopper who is looking into buying a second hand iPhone. These points are the condition of the phone and the quality of its performance. These are the main points that QwikFone's team focuses on guaranteeing in all of our second hand iPhone XR devices. First, we make sure to check that the device is legally obtained by the seller through a Checkmend report. The next step is to check the different functionalities of the phone to make sure that all of its parts qualify as a pristine condition.

This test includes the screen functionality in terms of the display brightness, the responsiveness of the phone to the touch, and the display quality as to not having any dead pixels. The test also includes checking the battery life to make sure that it is still able to retain 80-90 percent of its original power capacity.


Unlocked iPhone XR used

An unlocked iPhone XR from QwikFone will enable you to use the device with any SIM card from any carrier. Not only in your country, but internationally as well. This means that traveling with your iPhone is now both possible and will enable you to save money by using local carriers in whatever country you may travel to!


Where to get accessories for the used iPhone XR?

You don't need to look for a charger or a lightning cable for the iPhone XR even though you'll be buying is used as QwikFone will provide you with a brand-new set of the iPhone accessories. The accessories are all especially made for QwikFone and they are guaranteed to offer a similar performance to the original Apple accessories. 


The iPhone XR used with a warranty

The used iPhone XR from QwikFone comes with a 1-year warranty to offer the user the necessary guarantee of the device's quality. This warranty gives the user the right to get a free repair for any faults in the iPhone during the first year after the purchase. If our repair specialists finds that the error would reoccur or deem it irreparable, we provide a free replacement for the iPhone with another pristine iPhone XR.


The most asked questions about second hand iPhone XR

How much is a used iPhone XR?

The used iPhone XR's price is between £560 and £750 depending on the internal memory space as the 256GB used iPhone XR naturally costs more than the 128GB used iPhone XR. While other iPhones may have different prices depending on the color variant that the device comes in, the iPhone XR have the same price for all of its beautiful color within the same internal memory storage size group. The iPhone XR comes in very unique set of colors that is rarely available in Apple iPhones. So, it is a great opportunity to get your favorite vibrant color without paying extra.

Is the second hand iPhone XR a good deal?

For customers who are looking for a phone in this price range, the second hand iPhone XR deal from QwikFone is a perfect opportunity as the device will be in a pristine condition, come with brand-new accessories, and a repair/replace warranty for a year. You can also test the device and see whether you like using it or not. If not, then you can use our return policy to get a full refund with the phone's price.

Should I get iPhone 8 or iPhone XR?

There are so many differences between the iPhone 8 and iPhone XR starting with the price. While you can get a second hand iPhone less than £300, the second hand iPhone XR starts at £560 for 128GB memory size. This difference in the prices stems from that the iPhone XR has a lot of the features of the flagships that came after the iPhone 8.

So, with the iPhone XR, you get the Apple A12 Bionic chip, 3GB RAM, Face ID, and 6.1-inch Liquid Retina display which is not only a larger screen than that of an iPhone 8, but also a better screen type. In terms of design, the iPhone XR has cooler colors and the front is all-screen unlike the iPhone 8 which has bezels and the traditional home button of the classic iPhones.

Why is second hand iPhone XR for sale cheap?

When users see the price of iPhone XR for sale it may seem to them that it is too cheap in a suspicious way. However, it is important to remember that the second hand iPhone XR from QwikFone is renewed and tested by mobile phone experts who have been in the market for 10 years. Thanks to the experience of our team members of mobile repair professionals and using renewed OEM parts in our repairs of the second hand iPhone XR we are able to lower the cost of the used iPhone XR. Although our prices may not be the cheapest in the market, it is important also to achieve the balance between the cheap price of the iPhone XR and the condition of the device to keep it pristine and of high value.

Is the 2nd hand iPhone XR camera any good?

The 2nd hand iPhone XR is in pristine condition and it is tested by QwikFone's experts to ensure that the functionality of all of its different parts is like-new. This, of course, includes the camera which is tested to ensure that the lens has not flaws and the software has no issues. So, essentially, the camera of the 2nd hand iPhone XR is as good as the camera of the brand-new iPhone XR.

Should I get second hand iPhone XR or XS?

Technically, both of those iPhones have the same processor, the same A12 Bionic chip, run iOS 12 initially and can be upgraded to iOS 13.4. However, the iPhone XS is a flagship with a second 12MP telephoto camera lens on the back and a Super Retina display. On the other hand, the second hand iPhone XR has a bigger battery and a larger screen size. So, other than the additional camera lens, the iPhone XR is a better option.

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