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Second Hand iPhone X

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    The Used iPhone X Pristine, Unlocked, & Affordable!

    Apple's anniversary celebration for the 10th year of its iPhone life was the release of the new and improved iPhone X. Since this particular iPhone model was for such a special occasion, Apple had to make significant changes, and the American tech giant did not disappoint.

    This time, the upgrade was not only in the internal parts and specs where users had to look to a technical list and compare the new iPhone to its predecessor to understand what has changed.

    With the iPhone X, all you need to do is look at it to know that this is an entirely new release with outstanding features that were never before presented or available in an Apple iPhone.


    Second hand iPhone X: an overview

    The most interesting, and sometimes controversial, point about the iPhone X since its release has always been its design. First, users were skeptical about whether or not the absence of the home button will affect their experience with the iPhone negatively.

    Then, came the issue of the Face ID not working properly, which, later on, turned out to be caused by a misuse of the feature upon setting it up that affected its performance later on.

    In this section, we're going to review the whole iPhone X and every major aspect of the changes it brought to the traditional iPhone design and performance.


    The iPhone X design

    It is now no surprise that the bezels, home button, and fingerprint ID are gone from iPhones since the release of the iPhone X. Thanks to the new design of the iPhone X, this model, and all the models that followed, have an all-screen design. The fingerprint scanner that used to be built in the home button is now replaced with the new impressive Face ID feature which works by the means of a special sensor installed in the front notch that occupies the top middle part of the screen. This placement of the notch, as well as its existence in itself. Many people had objections to the notch as it took up a part of the screen especially visible when trying to watch videos in the landscape mode.

    However, Apple provided the perfect solution to this issue by allowing videos to play in a smaller space within the screen so that the videos would be shown in a perfect rectangle.

    Users would still have the option to zoom in the video to fill the screen. So, it is up to you how you prefer to watch your videos.


    Use Face ID correctly

    For a while after the release of the iPhone X, users complained about the Face ID not being accurate and that it requires multiple attempts for the iPhone X to actually unlock successfully.

    Now that enough time has gone by and the second hand iPhone X is available in the market which means that most of its users had enough time with the device for them and experts to figure out the issue, it turned out that the Face ID feature in itself had no issues and the problem was with the set up with the Face ID itself.

    When users first get their iPhone X devices, the Face ID setup is unusual for them, so, most of them would hold the phone up to the level of the face when setting up this new ID.

    However, when it comes to using the Face ID to unlock the iPhones, it is normal for people to look down on the device, not lift up their arms to meet the level of the face.

    So, the solution to this issue turned out to be quite simple actually. Just set up your Face ID in the same manner and position you would be using in the future.

    So, essentially, the iPhone S Face ID feature is flawless!


    Bigger screen than ever!

    At the size of 5.8 inches, the iPhone X occupy the largest screen every position among all of its predecessor. Such a large screen requires also a decent resolution to go with the 10th iPhone anniversary and that is exactly what we have here with 1125 x 2436 pixels resolution which is more than perfect on this screen size. Whether you're scrolling through Instagram feed, playing a mobile game, or watching your favorite show online, the iPhone X's screen promises a premium performance with a high-end display quality, great sharpness, and impeccable details.

    The screen occupies almost the entirety of the iPhone X's front, in addition to the back being made of glass as well, the body of the phone required a strong and reliable protection.

    So, Apple added two layers of Gorilla Glass, which is the market's strongest and most premium protective glass available for smartphones, to the back and front of the iPhone X.

    While older iPhones had an aluminum frame, the iPhone X's frame is made of stainless steel which provides a special sheen to the rim of the phone that adds to its elegant look.


    Premium camera system

    As one of Apple's most important flagships, the iPhone X has a camera that exceeds not only the previous iPhone models' cameras, but also, exceeds most of its users' expectations.

    The rear camera consists of two 12MP lenses. The Wide lens is 28mm and has  dual pixel PDAF as well as Optical Image Stabilization (OIS). As for the secondary lens, it is 52mm telephoto lens.

    The whole rear module is supported with HDR, and a dual-tone flash. Videos on the main iPhone X camera come at these qualities: 4K @24, 30, & 60 fps and 1080p@ 30, 60, 120, 240 fps.

    The front camera is one lens with 7MP quality for photos. The 32mm standard lens provides you with Full HD vlog quality at 30 frames per second.


    Processor & performance

    Before buying a used iPhone X, the performance of the device should be clear as this is the one aspect that will affect the entire experience with this iPhone.

    With one of Apple's most powerful chipset, the Apple A11 Bionic, the iPhone X provides a great performance with the newest iOS, the iOS 14.

    Also, running multiple apps with the 3GB RAM is going to run smooth and without issues on the iPhone X.

    As for the overall performance of the iPhone X, it has greatly improved thanks to the upgrade of the latest version of the iOS. While the iPhone X will come with the iOS 11.1.1 already installed, a little upgrade of the iOS will leave you with the best iOS version ever released with the most beneficial and fun features of all iOS versions, the iOS 14.

    One of the new iOS greatest features is the improvement of the 2716 mAh battery performance thanks to the intuitive feature of Optimized battery charging that makes your iPhone smarter when it comes to charging power during the longest period the iPhone is plugged into the charger, which is usually overnight.


    The iPhone X pre-owned deal from QwikFone 

    When buying second hand iPhones there are two things that customers usually look for: price and security in the deal. There is no question that every customer wants to buy his or her smartphone at the lowest price possible and this is the first reason to consider buying the iPhone X pre-owned. However, lower prices come with the risk of a lower quality.

    The key to solving this dilemma is by choosing the right source to buy your second hand iPhone X from.


    Pristine device with warranty

    At QwikFone, our deals ensure a pristine iPhone X handset and a 12-month warranty so that the user feels the required security in this deal. If the iPhone starts to malfunction, the QwikFone warranty will be covering any issues to be repaired for free. If the problem is too profound to be solved, then QwikFone will replace the entire device also for free since this is a standard part of our warranty policy.

    The one thing to pay attention to is water damage as our warranty policy will not cover this sort of damage.


    New free accessories

    The pristine iPhone X from QwikFone also has brand-new accessories that comes with it to ensure the best experience and the lowest cost for the customer.

    The accessory set contains the iPhone's charger along with the lightning cable as well as a pair of earphones that has a 3.5mm connector.

    While the iPhone X does not have a 3.5mm jack, these earphones can be connected to the phone through the charger lightning port through a dongle, which is available at super affordable prices.


    Full refunds for every return

    The ultimate assurance aspect of this iPhone X is our return policy which guarantees a full refund in case the customer changes his or her mind about buying the iPhone X pre-owned. This policy does not require the customer to provide any reason for the return. So, there is no condition for the refund to be issued other than for the phone and accessories to be intact with out any damages or scratches.

    So, place your order now to enjoy our awesome deal terms with all the needed assurances to make it a 100% risk-free purchase.

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