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Second Hand iPhone 8

Get a iPhone 8 second hand pristine with brand-new accessories, free next day shipping, and pay monthly installments. This deal from QwikFone includes a 12-month repair warranty with the option to replace the device as well as a 14-day money back guarantee.

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Second Hand iPhone 8 Unlocked & Pristine

The iPhone 8 is one of the best iPhones of all times. To this day, the iPhone 8 still offers a great value and a monster performance which is usually found in much more expensive iPhones. With the iPhone 8, it is easy to get a flagship-level of performance at a budget-friendly price tag.

Get Apple's most loved iPhone 8 second hand from QwikFone with a money-back guarantee, a full year warranty, and much more. Learn all about the QwikFone deal as well as the iPhone 8 performance and features review by the QwikFone mobile experts.


QwikFone's iPhone 8 second hand

As market experts on renewing the second hand iPhones, QwikFone is offering second hand iPhone for sale at best prices with all the standard guarantees of the pristine condition and the like-new performance that we promise in our devices.


Pristine 2nd hand iPhone 8

Tested and renewed by London's top iPhone repair experts, the iPhone 8 sold by QwikFone is guaranteed to look and work as good as brand-new iPhone 8 devices.

Once the iPhone 8 devices are obtained by the QwikFone team, an extensive testing process that includes 40 test points is conducted on the handsets to ensure that all the different parts provide a pristine-level performance as well as looking new on the outside.


CheckMEND report

In order to make sure that the second hand iPhone 8 for sale by QwikFone are 100% authentic and safe to purchase, we use CheckMEND services to run a check on each device and ensure that it was legally sold to the previous owner by Apple. This report is available for customer who will buy the iPhone 8 and request to view their devices CheckMEND report.


Unlocked 2nd hand iPhone 8

Users can count on the QwikFone team to get an unlocked iPhone 8 which can be used with various different carriers rather than being limited to one single carrier with a locked iPhone.

Once traveling internationally is back to normal, users will be able to use local carriers in different countries with their unlocked iPhone 8 with no restrictions whatsoever.


Free accessories for iPhone 8  

QwikFone provides a set of accessories with all the second hand iPhone 8 deals. The accessories are not second hand, of course, as we value our customers' health and using someone's old earphones can be dangerous. This is why QwikFone provides a brand-new charger, cable, earphones, and a SIM eject tool with the QwikFone branding as well as quality guarantee.

To guarantee the accessories quality and performance level, QwikFone has its own accessories especially made for our customers with the original Apple accessories quality in mind. So, even though these are not the iPhone's original charger and earphones, the performance, quality, and lifetime are as close to the original as they can get.


A 12-month warranty

QwikFone's warranty covers both the iPhone 8 in its pristine condition and the accessories as brand-new. So, essentially, when you buy the iPhone 8 pre-owned from QwikFone, you will receive the same support of a brand-new phone.

The QwikFone warranty grants the user free repair services if the phone starts to malfunction due to a manufacturing error. Also, if QwikFone's repair experts find that the problem causing the iPhone 8 to malfunction cannot be resolved, the warranty covers a free replacement with another pristine iPhone 8 pre-owned device.

The warranty for the accessories does not include a repair service as defective accessories are usually replaced with brand-new ones, not repaired.

Since this warranty policy only covers manufacturing errors, QwikFone professionals advise all our customers to avoid accidental damages such as water damage and cracking the phone as repairing such damages would be through our paid repair services, not the QwikFone warranty.


The pre-owned iPhone 8 return policy

The per-owned iPhone 8 from QwikFone comes with a full refund guarantee as a part of our standard return policy. After ordering the iPhone 8 from our website, the return policy will extend over the course of 14 days during which you can return the iPhone and get your payment back in full.

Like any other return policy, QwikFone's return has one condition to be valid. This condition requires the iPhone and accessories to be in their original state and not damaged.


Free next day shipping

QwikFone offers a free next day shipping for all orders placed during our business hours. Our free shipping is completely safe and secure to use for your iPhone order.


PayPal credit & monthly payments

To make payment easier for our customers, QwikFone accepts PayPal credit for the iPhone 8 offer. As per the PayPal UK offer for credit customers, you will be able to pay the price of the iPhone 8's price over the course of a few months with 0% interest.


 The iPhone 8 specs at a glance 

  • Body: Aluminum frame + Gorilla Glass front & back

  • Screen: 4.7 inches - Retina IPS LCD

  • Resolution: 750 x 1334 pixels

  • Battery: 1821 mAh - Fast charging - Wireless charging

  • Main camera: 12MP - HDR - 4K videos

  • Front camera: 7MP - Face detection - HDR - Full HD (1080p) videos

  • Sound: Stereo speakers

  • Core: Hexa-core (2x Monsoon + 4x Mistral)

  • Chip: Apple A11 Bionic

  • RAM: 2GB

  • Memory storage: 64GB, 256GB

  • Sensors: Fingerprint (home button) - Siri - Accelerometer - proximity - gyro - compass - barometer

  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi 802.11 - Bluetooth 5.0 - GPS - NFS - USB 2.0


Reviewing the iPhone 8 performance

Perhaps a good way to thoroughly describe the iPhone 8 is as an iPhone 6 or 7 case with the power of iPhone X! With the latest update that the iPhone is going to receive the latest iOS 14 update, the iPhone 8 has much more to offer than ever before!


Traditional iPhone design with a twist!

Although the iPhone 8 has the same design language as the iPhone 7, in theory, when you put the two iPhones side by side, you will be easily able to tell which one is the iPhone 8. The reason for this is that the iPhone 8 has a glass back which makes it far more elegant and distinguishable from the metal back of the iPhone 7. Also, the iPhone 8 has a red color variant unlike the iPhone 7. So, if you chose to get that one, your iPhone 8 will not look like an iPhone 7 whatsoever.

Although the back of the iPhone 8 is glass, it is not such a fingerprint magnet as can be expected which is perfect if you want to enjoy the beauty of the iPhone 8 without a case. However, we at QwikFone do recommend preserving the pristine iPhone 8 in a protective case.


Apple's premium screen

The iPhone 8 has the top technology Apple has reached in the display department represented in the Retina screen. The iPhone 8 has a 4.7-inch panel with a 750 x 1334 pixel resolution. The display quality on the Retina display is flawless and cannot be found in any other smartphone of this price range and this is the true strength point of Apple; the quality that stands the test of time as years pass.


Monster processing power

The iPhone 8 will arrive with the iOS installed, but you can run minutes-long software update to get the latest version of the iOS which is the iOS 14 as Apple announced the iPhone 8 among the list of devices that will be getting its latest release of the iOS.

With the A11 Bionic and hexa-core processor, the iPhone 8 is going to provide a great power to run Apple's impressive features in the iOS 14. So, prepare to be awed by the perfect and amazing performance of the iPhone 8!

Multi-tasking with the 2GB RAM goes super smoothly thanks to the optimizing of the iOS. Remember that iPhones performance is not indicated by the numbers listed in the specs like other smartphones. The change that iOS brings to the table makes the level of iPhones' performance higher than other phones in the same price range and higher than the phones that have higher specs in numbers.


The right camera for photography lovers

Once again, the Apple camera quality blows its users away and compete with DSLR cameras thanks to the digital enhancements of the photos after they are captured.

The main camera has a wide lens that captures photos with a 12MP quality. This camera performs extremely well in low-light settings and, thanks to the dual-tone flash, the photos of the main camera comes out with great colors and an attractive contrast.

Filming 4K @24, 30, & 60fps at a mid-range and budget friendly prices is made possible with the second hand iPhone 8. So, if you want a high-quality camera for professional-looking videos at an affordable price, the iPhone 8 is the right choice.

Finally, the front camera captures gorgeous selfies with a 7MP lens supported by HDR which improves the quality and contrast of your selfies after they are taken in one second. The front camera of the iPhone 8 also films HD videos at 30 frames per second.


Get Apple's premium quality and high-end performance now at the lowest price and with a 12-month support from QwikFone and enjoy our offer.

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