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Second Hand iPhone 7

Choose your favorite color & memory space from QwikFone's 2nd hand iPhone 7 collection. All devices are pristine and come with new accessories. This deal enables monthly installments & has a money-back guarantee.
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    Pristine Second Hand iPhone 7 Review

    Buying an iPhone and enjoying being a part of the iOS experience is no longer an exclusive activity to those who can afford spending nearly £1000 on the device and its accessories that are required for the iPhone to function properly and, yet, never included in the original price somehow.

    Now, the iOS experience is available at the most affordable prices from QwikFone. When buying the iPhone 7 pre-owned from our website, not only do you get to pay a much more affordable price than the brand-new one's price, but also, you get all of the iPhone's most essential accessories included in the phone box for free.

    There is so much more to this deal's details, but first we must take a deep look at the iPhone 7's design, processing performance, and camera quality.


    QwikFone's professional of the iPhone7

    When it was first released, the iPhone 7 blew people's minds with how fast, responsive, and powerful its performance was. As expected, this particular iPhone aged phenomenally and, now, the 2nd hand iPhone 7 is working as good as new and strongly competing in the market of the new decade as an affordable option to use iOS 14 and enjoy Apple's latest innovation in software.


    iPhone 7 Design

    There is almost no changes in the design of the iPhone 7 when put next to its predecessors such as the iPhone 6. When compared to the more recent models of iPhones such as iPhone X and beyond, the iPhone 7 looks even more identical to the iPhone 6.

    This is not by any means against the iPhone 7 as the Apple traditional design for its older iPhones is widely loved and preferred by many users over the new all-screen design. The reason for this is mostly the home button as it has a fingerprint scanner to unlock the iPhone. Using fingerprint ID is much easier and more convenient especially when the user is wearing a facemask.

    Another reason why the iPhone 7 design is sturdy aluminum body and the Gorilla Glass protecting the front and the screen. Using this phone is more safe in many people's opinion that using an all-glass phone. The home button is also a capacitive touch button rather than the old mechanical button which ran the risk of the button being worn with time. So, while the change in the design and build of the iPhone 7 from the iPhone 6 is slight and can almost go unnoticeable, it makes a huge difference in the iPhone 7's lifetime and longevity.


    2nd hand iPhone 7 display

    The iPhone 7 has a good 4.7-inch screen. The Retina panel is one of Apple's best quality in the iPhone screen technology. Although the resolution is not the highest in an iPhone, the iPhone 7's 750 x 1334 pixels are perfect quality for the 4.7-inch screen.

    For protection, the iPhone 7's screen is made of Ion-strengthened glass with a layer of oleophobic coating and, as mentioned earlier, the iPhone 7's whole front is covered with a protective layer of Gorilla Glass.

    Another difference in the iPhone 7 design from that of the previous iPhone models is the 3D Touch. While older iPhones' 3D Touch feature was limited to the screen, the iPhone 7 has 3D Touch enabled in both the screen and the home button since the button is essentially considered to be a touch screen.


    Cameras review

    In a major upgrade from the iPhone 6, the iPhone 7 has a 12MP main lens for the rear camera and a 7MP lens for selfies. While these numbers may seem not that promising, camera quality is not indicated by the numbers of megapixels when it comes to Apple iPhones.

    The one thing that you can count on with Apple iPhone cameras is the natural-looking pictures without over saturation of colors which can ruin the most perfect shot.

    The iPhone 7 camera is also improved in terms of low-light settings and photos that are snapped in darker scenes.

    Video quality of both front and back camera is awesome as the rear camera films 4K videos @30 frames per second and the front camera films Full HD videos. So, if you've been looking for an affordable option to start your career on YouTube, the iPhone 7 offers great quality as your first step in this promising career path.


    QwikFone's offer on the iPhone 7 pre-owned 

    The iPhone 7 price in the UK second hand may vary according to the device's condition, the benefits that the seller is providing, and what comes with the device in the box. At QwikFone, there is one simple rule: Highest quality at lowest prices.


    Ensuring pristine iPhone devices

    Since QwikFone's iPhone 7 devices are pre-owned, our experts make sure before accepting any unit that the phone is in an acceptable pristine condition with a like-new appearance and flawless functionality performance.

    QwikFone repair specialists may repair or replace any parts of the iPhone 7 if there is a need for parts replacement. To ensure a like-new condition for the phone, our specialists always us high quality parts that are either Grade-A or renewed Apple OEM parts.


    Complimentary accessories

    The first surprise that the iPhone 7 price in the UK second hand phone includes is the iPhone's accessories. Since it is neither safe nor recommended to use second hand mobile accessories, QwikFone makes sure that you still save your money while ensuring your safety at the same time. The second hand iPhone 7 box from QwikFone contains brand-new set of accessories to guarantee that your experience with this phone is as close as it can get to the experience of using a brand-new iPhone 7 at the full price.

    The accessories include the iPhone's charger as well as the lightning cable and a SIM ejection tool in addition to 3.5mm earphones. While the iPhone 7 does not have a 3.5mm jack, with a small dongle, you can use these earphones by connecting them to the lightning port when you're not charging your iPhone 7.

    These accessories are manufactured by our partners so that QwikFone is able to guarantee a performance quality close to the quality of original Apple accessories. To further guarantee the quality of these accessories,QwikFone also includes them in the same warranty as the iPhone 7 second hand itself.


    Second hand iPhone 7 warranty

    Just like a brand-new iPhone 7, QwikFone's second hand iPhone 7 has a 12-month warranty as a protection against any potential manufacturing defect. The accessories warranty is also 12-month long. However, there is an important difference in the accessories warranty compared to that of the phone.

    While any defect in the iPhone is evaluated by our center's specialists to determine whether the iPhone needs to be repaired or replaced, the accessories are only replaced with brand-new ones if it is found defective.

    No matter the case is, QwikFone's warranty policy guarantees that you always have a pristine iPhone 7 in a perfect condition and brand-new accessories that are performing as good as the original Apple accessories without having to pay any additional money other than the iPhone's 7 price as second hand.


    A pristine iPhone or your money back!

    The deal on the second hand iPhone 7 presented by QwikFone includes a 14-day standard return policy that guarantees the customer's right to return and refund any order that he or she changes their mind about.

    This policy makes our deals the safest out there as you can order the iPhone, try it, and then decide to keep it or return it and receive a full refund of the iPhone's price second hand.

    Of course, just like any other return policy, QwikFone's returns must be undamaged items so that the customer is able to retain his or her right to a full refund. If any devices or accessories items are found damaged or broken, the return policy will not be applicable to them.


    Monthly installments via different methods

    Pay for your iPhone 7 in monthly installments with the help of Klarna or PayPal credit. Both methods facilitates paying over the course of 3 month at a 0% interest rate. Klarna also offers an option to pay later within 30 days to enable customers to spend one month with the device using it before taking a final decision about the purchase. So, is you like the phone, you can pay for it later within 30 days. If you don't like the phone, you can return it within the 30-day period and you won't have to pay for it.

    To choose one of these payment methods, you will need to select either PayPal credit, or Klarna as your payment method on QwikFone's checkout page.

    Remember that Klarna will require your credit card information or a UK bank account so that they are able to charge your account with the rest of the installments later on.

    With Klarna's 3-month interest-free payment method, your account will be charged with the first payment, which is third of the whole order's price, once you receive the order confirmation from QwikFone.

    This is the only amount you need to place your order for the pristine second hand iPhone 7. Take this chance and place your order now!

    Second hand iPhone 7 FAQs answers!

    What is a used iPhone 7 worth?

    At QwikFone, the pristine used iPhone 7 prices start at £180 for the entry level 32GB iPhone 7. The highest price for the larges memory space available, which is the 256GB variant is £230.
    This super affordable price for one of the fastest and most reliable iPhones of all time also includes all of the iPhone 7 accessories brand-new, a 12-month warranty, and free shipping.

    What is the price of 2nd hand iPhone 7 in UK?

    The price will differ according to the condition and quality of the device. The pristine iPhone 7 second hand from QwikFone is between £180 and £230.

    What should I look for when buying a used iPhone 7?

    Well, with pristine iPhone 7, you should inspect the screen brightness and the battery health as the first test.
    As for the deal itself, you should get the deal that has a reliable warranty policy and make sure that you will get a full refund if you decide to return your used iPhone 7 order. Last but not lease, get a deal that includes the iPhone accessories in a new condition to avoid any potential health hazards from used accessories.

    The iPhone 7 has been now discontinued. Is the 2nd hand iPhone 7 still worth buying in 2019-2020?

    Absolutely, the second hand iPhone 7 from QwikFone comes in a like-new condition and with a full 1-year warranty to guarantee the quality and performance of the phone. Also, the price includes a full set of accessories especially made for this second hand iPhone 7 to provide our customers with the full new experience.
    Since iPhone 7 is one of the devices that Apple announced among the iOS 14 compatible list, this iPhone is now the perfect budget-friendly smartphone for 2019, 2020, and up to 2021 and 2022!

    I am planning to buy a second hand iPhone 7. I am planning on using it for at least one year. How much battery life percentage should be considered as good for this case?

    A pristine iPhone should have at least 80% of its original battery capacity. If you buy your second hand iPhone 7 from QwikFone's specialized experts the device will be renewed by our professional which means that if the battery is not as good as new, it is then replaced with either a renewed OEM battery, or a brand-new Grade-A battery.

    How much should I pay for a pre-owned iPhone 7?

    Depending on the condition of the iPhone, the price will range.
    It is important to go for a pristine pre-owned iPhone 7, this way you can guarantee it will live longer and won't break in a few months.
    QwikFone's pristine iPhone 7 price range is £180 - £230. This price includes a free shipping service as well as all of the iPhone 7 accessories new for free.

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