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Second Hand iPhone XS Used

QwikFone is offering iPhone XS second hand in a like-new condition with the guarantee of the 12-month warranty as well as our 30-day return policy that guarantees full refunds for all returns. The iPhone XS deals include a brand-new set of iPhone accessories for free as well as easy payment methods.
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    Top Second Hand iPhone XS Deals

    When the iPhone XS first came out, many users were waiting to see what it will add to the table since, as we are all accustomed to the fact that the S variant of any iPhone would offer minimum upgrades to the previous version. Yet, the iPhone XS offered much more than we can hope for given, again, that it was expected to be an improved version of the iPhone X.

    Now the iPhone XS is available at second hand price rates from QwikFone experts. Of course, buying a second hand iPhone can be quite the task if you don't know what to look for or how to examine and test the phone to make sure that it is in an acceptable condition and is overall to your satisfaction. This is why QwikFone experts are presenting you here with the ultimate guide to how to choose and test your second hand iPhone XS as well as a detailed review of the most important and prominent features of this amazing phone to help you decide whether it is the right iPhone to fulfill your smartphone needs or not.


    The ultimate review of the iPhone XS

    Starting with the good parts of the iPhone XS, it is easy to say that this phone offers more good quality features than anyone has anticipated. Starting with the more important, yet more boring side of the iPhone XS capabilities, Apple has packed one of its best processors to date into this phone. The A12 Bionic boosts the powers of the iPhone XS and the Neural Engine is bringing better performance throughout the entire device.

    Moving on to the more "fun stuff", this processor is powerful enough to provide a better AR gaming experience. In other words, Apple took the gaming experience to a new level with this phone and obtaining it at its second hand price is a definite win! 

    Another win is the improved Face ID feature which eliminated the previous glitches that many users have reported in the iPhone X. You see, although iPhone X was the first to have this Face ID feature, everyone remembers the embarrassing moment during its launch presentation when it just didn't work. This is why it is safe to consider the iPhone XS the first iPhone to offer a consistent performance of this feature with the iOS 12 upgrade. Now that the iPhone 11 is out with iOS 13.3, there is much more potential with iPhone XS once you run the updates on your device after receiving it!

    Luckily, the iPhone XS is once of the iPhones that has the 3D Touch feature or, as some call it, the Force Touch which allows extra functionality options by pressing the screen for a little longer than the usual quick tap. For the basic Apple apps such as the messaging app, the 3D Touch will open shortcuts to several options such as creating a new message directly from your phone's home without opening the app and then choosing a new message.


    Moving on to the design of the iPhone XS, you will find that it is, in more ways than not, identical to the iPhone X. This is not a surprise since, as motioned before, the S variation of an iPhone usually indicates a similar design and minimum upgrades. So, with all of the build and software upgrades the iPhone XS is presenting, no one can really be mad at the design, right?


    iPhone XS Specs

    • Phone size and dimensions: 143.6 x 70.9 x 7.7 mm

    • Phone body material: Stanless steel frame + glass front & back

    • Screen size: 5.8 inches - Super Retina OLED

    • Display resolution: 1125 x 2436 pixels

    • Processor: A12 Bionic - Hexa-core

    • RAM: 4GB

    • Main camera: 2 x 12 megapixels dual camera system (4K videos)

    • Selfie camera: 7 megapixels (Full HD videos)

    • Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.0, WiFi 802.11, GPS, NFC, USB 2.0

    • Sensors: Face ID, gyro, proximity, accelerometer, barometer, compass

    • Battery: 2658 mAh - Fast charging, Wireless charging 


    All you need to know about the second hand iPhone XS from QwikFone

    After reading all about the good features and amazing capabilities you'd be enjoying with the iPhone XS, you wouldn't want your experience affected when you buy a second hand iPhone XS due to any issues. This is exactly QwikFone's ultimate goal with this deal; we make sure that you get a flawless 2nd hand iPhone XS in a like-new condition so that you don't have to deal with any technical difficulties with the phone.


    Second hand iPhone XS in a pristine condition

    Before any second hand iPhone XS unit is listed on QwikFone's website, it is tested by our mobile experts to confirm that it is in a pristine condition and all of the iPhone's functionalities are as good as new.

    The testing process includes making sure that there are no visible scratches or cosmetic signs of the phone being used or a second hand. Besides the marks and the outer appearance of the phone, its internal parts must be checked as well to guarantee the phone's future performance.

    If any of the internal parts of the phone such as the battery for example offer a level of performance that is below the pristine level, QwikFone repair professionals replace that part with OEM and grade A parts to restore the like-new level we are looking for to offer to our customers.


    Unlocked iPhone XS like-new

    During the inspection and renewal process of the second hand iPhone XS, QwikFone experts adds an additional feature to this amazing handset by unlocking the SIM card software. 

    While usually iPhones come locked and restricted in order to be used with one specific carrier or network service. Yet, with the help of QwikFone professionals, you will be legitimately able to use whatever carrier's SIM card with this second hand unlocked iPhone XS without paying any additional charges or having to take any additional or special measures of any kind. 

    This feature is especially important for iPhone users who often travel to different countries. With an unlocked iPhone, you would be able to purchase a local SIM card from a carrier in the country you are currently residing in and insert it into your iPhone without any restrictions or technical difficulties. Paying for your calls, messages, and internet service at local rates wherever you are is definitely better than paying the expensive fees of a roaming bundle for international calls and communications.


    Second hand iPhone with new accessories

    One of the important issues of buying a second hand iPhone is where to get the accessories from. You obviously can accept the original accessories as they have been used by someone else; so, basic hygiene rules would prevent you from using the old earphones even if they were still working fine. 

    Realizing this, QwikFone decided to eliminate the additional cost the customer would have to afford to obtain new earphones and a charger by adding these items to the second hand iPhone XS box.

    These accessories are brand-new and they have the QwikFone as they were manufactured by our partner's factory. This is how we ensure the top quality and a performance level similar to what Apple's original accessories provide. These QwikFone accessories for the iPhone will cost you nothing as they come for free as a part of the iPhone XS deal.


    A warranty protection for 12 months

    While we, at QwikFone, are certain of the quality of our second hand iPhone XS devices, it is only logical for the customer to have his or her doubts. This is why our warranty policy is necessary. We guarantee the quality and the performance of our devices and if you ever come across any problem while using one of our iPhones, we will either fix it or replace the device if our repair experts find the problem to be irreparable. The important point is that you would be paying only once for a healthy pristine iPhone XS and QwikFone offers all of these follow-up services for free as a part of our 12-month warranty policy.


    QwikFone's return policy for the second hand iPhone XS

    Buying a 2nd hand iPhone XS at QwikFone doesn't differ from buying the same iPhone brand-new in terms of the return terms. Our return policy will enable you to receive a full refund with the iPhone's entire price as long as the return is being made within the 30-day period of the return policy and the device and the accessories have not been damaged. Other than the safety and the condition of the second hand iPhone XS itself, there are no further terms for this return policy to be applicable and for the refunds to be issued to the same payment method the customer used to pay for the order.


    Although the iPhone XS received many comments as being the most expensive iPhone, this was the only downside users and critics saw in this device. This means that with QwikFone's prices of the second hand iPhone XS, you will be getting a perfect deal for the perfect iPhone.

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