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Second Hand iPhone SE Used

Check out the best iPhone SE collection and shop your favorite colors at the lowest iPhone SE second hand price. This iPhone deal comes with all of the iPhone's accessories, a monthly installments plan, a full year warranty, and a 30-day return policy.
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    Pristine Second Hand iPhone SE Best Prices

    The iPhone SE is one of the most popular iPhones of all time. It has the traditional design of the iPhones 4 & 5 which we all knew and loved for years and it has a powerful processor and the ability to run the latest iOS up until 2020 which is the iOS 13.3. Apple is recognizing the many advantages and strength points of this device now and this is why the company has chosen to release a second version of it as their budget iPhone for 2020.

    You’d be surprised to know that at the time of its launch, the iPhone SE didn’t catch much attention from the users or the rest of the market. However, as the years passed and the iPhone SE proved its superpowers, it would be a winning deal to buy the second hand iPhone SE in 2020 and enjoy the same version of iOS that is running on the iPhone 11, Apple’s latest handset. 

    To know how to choose your iPhone second hand deal at the best price with the best terms, keep on reading.


    The detailed review of the iPhone SE 

    When considering the capabilities of the iPhone SE, it is important to not only look at how good it was at the time of its release 4 years ago, but also how well it would perform in today's market with the users' growing requirements in their smartphone devices. To achieve a fair comparison, we are going to take a deep detailed look into the features that the iPhone SE has to offer and measure them against the needs of the user who is looking for a budget-friendly or mid-range smartphone.


    The iPhone SE body & design

    The iPhone SE is the very last one of Apple iPhones in the small-size family. This is one of the main reasons why many people still prefer it. Using your smartphone with one hand without fearing of dropping it is not a luxury when you are carrying groceries or a baby and have to respond to a call or a text message. This is why the iPhone SE design and size is still popular to this day.

    The body of the phone comes with the default high-end quality of Apple iPhones of 2016 with the aluminum back and frame and the Gorilla Glass front. As a result, this is one of the toughest iPhones you can ever hold, use, and even drop, although we don't recommend that last one, of course!


    The iPhone SE performance

    To know how the iPhone SE is going to perform in terms of software, you can review the performance of an iPhone 11 as both devices are running iOS 13.3. The only difference is that the iPhone SE will have the iOS 9.3 installed and it will require a few minutes of update to have the iOS 13.3.


    QwikFone's iPhone SE 2nd hand price details 

    When you buy a second hand iPhone SE it is important to consider the source as well as the terms and benefits that the source or seller is offering as a part of the price. Comparing the price as a number wouldn't be sufficient as the price reduction may come at the cost of the device's quality. 

    This is why QwikFone has created the perfect plan to help our customers to buy the best second hand iPhone SE at the most reasonable price without cutting any corners when it comes to the deal terms such as warranty and repair options.


    The pristine iPhone SE 2nd hand

    Choosing QwikFone as your source for the 2nd hand iPhone SE means that you can rest assured that the condition and the quality of your device will be top of the line. To explain the state of the second hand iPhone SE devices from QwikFone further, it is important to differentiate between the initial state of the phone, which includes the authenticity of the device and its parts, and the condition of the device after any needed repairs are performed.

    At QwikFone, our testing process to guarantee all of these aspects include several measures. First, we use Checkmend services to trace back the ownership of the second hand iPhone SE to make sure that it was legally obtained and that it is 100% authentic Apple iPhone. Once that step is done, the devices are submitted for a thorough technical test that checks for the performance level of the different parts of the iPhone SE. 

    To pass this test, all the different functionalities of the iPhone must check for the as-good-as-new performance level in order for the device to pass the pristine condition test. The terms also include that the body and screen of the phone must be free of any visible cosmetic wear signs. 

    After the testing steps are all finished, the repair process begins. If part such as the screen or battery do not pass the pristine condition test, they are replaced with second hand OEM parts so that the new parts offer the same performance level as the original without putting excessive additional costs on the phone's price.


    Unlocked iPhone is better

    During the final repairs and testing of the second hand iPhoen SE devices at QwikFone, our mobile experts unlock the SIM software in the phone so that the users aren't faced with any restrictions when it comes to using mobile carriers and networks.

    This modification is of major importance for iPhone users who travel internationally as a part of their work or personal life routine as it enables the user to insert any local carrier's SIM card into the unlocked second hand iPhone SE and avoid buying a roaming service or a new handset.


    Where to get good iPhone SE accessories?

    Buying a second hand iPhone SE means that you wouldn't get any accessories since no one would use second hand accessories. With QwikFone, however, you get to pay the price of a 2nd hand iPhone and still get a brand-new charger, earphones, lightning cable, and SIM ejection tool. All of these items are included in the 2nd hand iPhone price which means you won't have to spend additional money or time looking for accessories for your iPhone SE. As for the quality, these accessories are especially made for QwikFone by our manufacturing partner. This is how we are able to guarantee a specific level of quality that matches the quality of Apple's original accessories in terms of both performance and life expectancy.


    What to do if your 2nd hand iPhone is defective?

    It is not easy to deal with a defective second hand iPhone SE, or any other second hand phone for that matter, as second hand devices usually come without a warranty or a commitment on the seller's part to repair a faulty device. 

    This is not the case with QwikFone as we offer a 12-month warranty, which is the standard warranty period for electronic devices, to repair or replace the defective devices according to how severe the problem with the iPhone is. If the problem with the phone can be fixed, our repair specialists will fix it for you for free. If, however, the problem is persistent, QwikFone is committed to replacing the entire device for you with another pristine second hand iPhone SE. 

    The only condition for this warranty other than the period constraint is that the defect must be caused by a manufacturing error. This means that accidental damages are not covered by this warranty. QwikFone highly recommends taking care of your iPhone SE at all times.


    How to return the second hand iPhone SE?

    Buying the second hand iPhone SE from QwikFone doesn't differ much from buying a brand-new iPhone SE. The deal has the same 12-month warranty and it has the same 30-day return policy with the same terms and conditions. The return policy from QwikFone guarantees a full refund for return requests that include all of the order contents in their original condition. As long as the phone is in a pristine condition and the accessories are brand-new, we will issue a full refund to your payment method once we receive and test the items to confirm their eligibility for refund.


    Shipping terms 

    QwikFone offers you the opportunity to get the best shipping terms and prices for the iPhone SE second hand as you can get it shipped free of charge if you choose our free postage option on the checkout page. If you are in a rush, we will also ship out your order on the same day if you confirm your order during our business hours. Please check out our shipping policy page for more details.


    Pay in installments

    QwikFone accepts PayPal credit for all the second hand iPhone SE orders. According to PayPal's special offer that allows installments to pay off your credit, you don't have to save up the whole price of the iPhone SE to have it right now. You can order it now, receive it, start using it, and pay monthly amounts later.


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    Find the answer to your iPhone SE questions here

    How much is a used iPhone SE?

    QwikFone's used and renewed iPhone SE is £100 - £160 depending on the internal memory storage the user wants to opt for. However, thanks to its affordable price, even at its largest memory variant, the iPhone SE is still not expensive.
    At this price you get a pristine used iPhone SE, all the accessories brand-new, and a 12-month warranty.

    What is the price range of second hand iPhone SE phones?

    Second hand iPhone SE prices range between £100 and £160. When considering second hand iPhone SE deals, it is important to focus on other details besides the price as a number. The condition of the iPhone is important to take into consideration as well as other terms and details regarding the deal itself.

    With QwikFone, the second hand iPhone SE is unlocked and tested against pristine quality measures to ensure a like-new state and performance. The phone comes with all of its accessories included in the price. Also, the deal includes a standard one-year warranty to provide an assurance of quality.

    Are the 2nd hand iPhone SE good enough for playing games?

    The iPhone SE has an Apple A9 chip, a dual-core Twister processor, and a 2GB RAM. All of these specs qualify the iPhone SE to be a good phone to play games. With the optimization of performance that is brought in thanks to the iOS 14 upgrade, gaming on the iPhone SE is quite enjoyable.

    How much should I pay for a 2nd hand iPhone SE?

    The iPhone SE is a reliable iPhone that deserves more attention and appreciation than it is already getting. When it comes to the price of the iPhone, customers must make sure that whatever the price is, the iPhone must be in a good condition and the deal must include the proper guarantees of the phone's quality and performance.

    QwikFone's 2nd hand iPhone SE is tested and repaired by mobile phone experts to present our customers with the best like-new quality that is available in the second hand market at the lowest prices with the price range of £100 - £160.

    The value within this offer is more than the price may indicate as this price is not for the handset only. This price is for QwikFone's standard second hand phones deals which comes with a brand-new set of accessories and a 1-year warranty to repair any defects within the phone and replace accessories for free as well.

    How safe is it to buy a second hand iPhone SE 2020?

    Buying any second hand phone is as safe as the deal terms from the seller makes it. QwikFone makes our second hand iPhoe SE 100% safe with a money back guarantee that comes by default as a part of our standard return policy that lasts for 14 days from the purchase date.

    The iPhone SE itself, as well as its accessories, is protected by a 12-month warranty. This warranty covers free repairs for the phone if it turned out to have any manufacturer-caused defects. As for the accessories and iPhone devices that cannot be repaired, they are replaced with new items for free within the QwikFone warranty policy given that the malfunctioning is not caused by accidental damage by the user.

    Where can I find better deals for old used iPhone SE, Amazon or QwikFone?

    QwikFone is a refurbishment specialized center which means that the devices are guaranteed to be in a pristine quality. QwikFone also makes sure that every iPhone SE order contains all of the iPhone's accessories brand-new to guarantee the perfect experience as well as the safety and health of our customers are not compromised. Moreover, the QwikFone deal has the perfect warranty and return policies with full refunds guaranteed no matter what the reason for returning your order may be.

    What are some of the checkpoints while buying a second-hand iPhone SE?

    When you're buying a second hand iPhone SE, you need to make sure that it is in the condition that the seller is promising.
    The QwikFone second hand iPhone SE is pristine. So, to check our iPhone properly, its performance is measured against the like-new criteria.

    So, the first thing to check is the screen. There are 3 main points to focus on:
    - The physical state of the screen.
    - Brightness level.
    - Touch screen sensitivity.

    As for the other parts, the most important checkpoints include:
    - Battery draining speed
    - Cameras quality & performance
    - Mic & speakers

    Does the iPhone SE have two speakers?

    While the iPhone SE may seem to have 3 speakers because it has double grills on the two sides of its bottom edge. However, the iPhone SE has only one speaker as the second grill is actually for the phone mic, not a speaker.

    Can I buy an iPhone SE in the UK and use it abroad in other countries?

    When you buy the second hand iPhone SE renewed by QwikFone UK, you will be able to use it in other countries because it is unlocked.
    With the unlocked iPhone SE, you won't have to resort to roaming to keep using the same handset. Using local carriers' services from different countries is not only possible, but also as easy as replacing the SIM card!

    What version of second hand iPhone SE is best for a 13 year old to use?

    Teens use social media and other apps more often than other age groups. This is why it would be better to get the 64GB or the 128GB version of the iPhone SE to allow more memory space and better performance.

    Do AirPods work on used iPhone SE?

    Yes! AirPods will work on any iPhone version that runs iOS 10 or higher. Since iPhone SE's iOS version upgrades up to iOS 14, you will be able to use AirPods with your pristine iPhone SE.

    Which color should I choose for a 2nd hand iPhone SE?

    QwikFone's 2nd hand iPhone SE devices are all in a pristine quality. So, whichever color you choose, it's going to look as good as new. Gold and rose gold color variant are the most popular colors with iPhone SE users. If you're looking for a more quiet-toned color, you can go for silver, or the space grey version with the dark front.

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