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Second Hand iPhone 8 Plus

QwikFone's second hand iPhone 8 Plus offers guarantee pristine iPhones at affordable prices with a full set of assurances including a 12-month warranty policy, a 30-day return policy with full refund, free shipping, full sets of accessories for each device, and a monthly interest-free payment plan.
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    Unlocked Pristine iPhone 8 Plus Second Hand Deal

    There is a lot that goes into the decision of buying second hand phones in general. When it comes to second hand iPhones, users must pay extra attention to the details of the device itself as well as the deal terms.

    With QwikFine, buying a 2nd hand iPhone 8 Plus is one of the best experiences in the second hand phone market at the moment. Our team of experts created the perfect deal for our customers who would like to benefit from the low price of a pre owned iPhone to ensure that they get the top quality and maximum assurances at the same time.


    The iPhone 8 Plus specs, features, & review

    Starting with the specs, the iPhone 8 Plus packs some of Apple iPhones most impressive and valuable technical specs.

    • 158.4 x 78.1 x 7.5 mm body

    • Aluminum frame, Gorilla Glass back, Gorilla Glass front

    • 5.5-inch Retina display

    • 1080 x 1920 pixels resolution

    • 3D Touch in the screen & home button

    • Apple A11 Bionic chip

    • Hexa-core (2x Monsoon + 4x Mistral)

    • 3GB RAM

    • iOS 11 - Can be upgraded to iOS 14

    • Dual main camera (12MP wide lens + 12MP telephoto lens)

    • 4K videos @24, 30, & 60fps, 1080p videos @30, 60, 120, & 240fps

    • 7MP standard lens selfie camera

    • 1080p videos @30fps

    • Stereo speakers

    • 2691 mAh - Fast charging - Wireless charging


    While it has been over 3 years since its release, the iPhone 8 Plus was design and built to have the most premium material, features, and parts performance that it aged so well and it still adds value to its user in a way that is worth much more than a mid-range price.

    With its flagship-like features, the iPhone 8 Plus has an important aspect that makes most old-school Apple iPhone users fall in love with it. That aspect is the design. Because of the classic iPhone design that the iPhone 8 Plus has, it pack 2 crucial advantages: no notch, and a home button.

    While having an all-screen phone at any cost is the most important thing for some users, for others, the notch is not acceptable. For those users, the iPhone 8 Plus has a large screen and no notch which makes it more than perfect!

    As for the home button, besides the fact that many people are still not comfortable using the Face ID and would still prefer to use the traditional fingerprint ID with the home button, in the time of facemasks, using an iPhone with a Face ID raises too many issues!

    So, the iPhone 8 Plus allows the easy and quick use of the fingerprint scanner without forcing you to risk anything whenever you're in public.


    Saving the best for last, the iPhone 8 Plus is one of the lucky, and worthy, iPhones that received the best iOS upgrade of all time, the iOS 14 upgrade. So, with the sturdy reliable build and the comfortable, familiar, and easy to use design of the iPhone 8 Plus, you get also to enjoy some of Apple's best and most advanced software updates.

    At an affordable price and with easy installment payments, you can use an iPhone running the same software version as the iPhone 12 of 2020.


    The iPhone 8 Plus pre owned deal's details

    To make sure that our QwikFone customers are receiving the best deals at the lowest prices, our second hand iPhone devices go through an extensive testing procedure. This procedure is the standard for all QwikFone's second hand smartphones.


    The 40-point test

    The testing process of QwikFone for our iPhone 8 Plus devices include 40 standard points to ensure that every aspect of the phone is covered and no part is overlooked. For a premium phone such as the iPhone 8 Plus, it is crucial to ensure a like-new performance so that the user gets the most out of this purchase and the iPhone.

    The pristine condition requires a like new appearance for the outer case of the iPhones. This means minimum or no cosmetic wear signs. Also, this condition requirements include a perfect performance of the screen in terms of its brightness, touch sensitivity, and responsiveness.

    Then, the test moves on to cover the processing performance, camera quality, and audio in and out functionality.

    Finally, the battery test looks into the battery capacity and whether it is in a pristine condition. If the battery of the iPhone 8 Plus is not pristine, it is then replaced with either a renewed OEM iPhone 8 Plus battery, or a grade-A battery.


    The iPhone 8 Plus unlocked & SIM-free

    Once the testing and renewal of the iPhone 8 Plus second hand is concluded, one last step is left for the QwikFone team which is to unlock the SIM software of the iPhone. The purpose of this step is to enable our customers to be free when choosing the carrier that they would like to use with this iPhone. Since this is also a SIM-free iPhone, users should not be restricted to a single carrier after buying it. This is especially beneficial for people who already have an old SIM card and don't want to change their phone numbers, for example.

    Finally, this feature makes QwikFone's iPhone 8 Plus pre owned a perfect choice for users who travel to different countries on a regular basis as this iPhone will allow them to use the local carriers of different countries with no restrictions.


    The iPhone 8 Plus accessories

    While it is unusual to buy a second hand iPhone and find its accessories available, QwikFone has made it possible!

    With the 2nd hand iPhone 8 Plus deal, the phone box will include all of this iPhone's most important and essential accessories. Since the idea of using someone else's accessories is neither hygienic nor acceptable by QwikFone for our customers, and while the iPhone itself is second hand, the accessories are brand-new.

    The accessories of the iPhone 8 Plus is manufactured by QwikFone partners for accessories to ensure a perfect and like-original quality in every item. These accessories also have the QwikFone logo on them as a sign of high quality and reliable performance level.

    The Standard accessory set from QwikFone contains: The charging adapter, the charging cable, a pair of 3.5 earphones, and a SIM ejector ,which is the pin-like tool that is used to pop the SIM tray open so that users are able to put in their own SIM cards.


    12-month warranty by QwikFone

    Just like when buying a brand-new iPhone, the second hand iPhone 8 Plus has a warranty policy. This warranty is provided by QwikFone itself and it extends over the course of 12 full months to make sure that the iPhone's performance is stable throughout its lifetime.

    This warranty covers any defects that may occur in the iPhone or the accessories and is caused by a manufacturing mistake.


    In the case of the iPhone, there are two scenarios:

    • 1- The handset has a minor manufacturing-caused issue: In this case, the problem is repaired for free at QwikFone's dedicated repair center. This center has been operating for over a decade and some of the UK's top repair specialists work there with QwikFone.

    • 2- The handset has a major defect which cannot be repaired. In which case, and as a part of QwikFone's standard warranty, the iPhone is replaced with another pristine iPhone 8 Plus device to guarantee a perfect pristine experience for our customers.

    As for the accessories, there is no repair option for them. This is why any faulty accessories are replaced with brand-new ones within the 12-month warranty of QwikFone.

    Please note that our warranty policy does not cover water damage or any sort of accidental damage. This is why our experts always recommend that our customers take extra care of their iPhones to avoid any damages that cannot be repaired.


    30-day money-back guarantee

    With each second hand iPhone deal comes a natural and plausible worry from the fact that you're buying a second hand electronic product online which may very well be broken or not good enough for you. In this case, there is a simple solution and it should come from the seller and that is exactly what QwikFone offers: A solution to your fears and worries!

    With the 30-day return policy from QwikFone, users can decide at any point to return their order of the second hand iPhone 8 Plus and get a full refund which eliminates any potential risk or sense of worry that may come to online shoppers regarding pre owned iPhones.


    If all of this is not enough for you to start placing your order now, QwikFone is offering a free next-day shipping service to all orders that are placed during business hours as well as the opportunity to pay for your iPhone 8 Plus in monthly installments with absolutely no interest thanks to the services of PayPal credit and, our new partner for easy payments, Klarna. So, place your order now, and pay later!


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    Second hand iPhone 8 Plus FAQs

    How much is a used iPhone 8 Plus worth?

    There are various price ranges available right now in the market for the used iPhone 8 Plus. The reason for this is that the condition of the iPhone devices that are available as second hand.
    While it might seem good to have a wide range of prices to choose from, this also means a wide range of conditions for the iPhone devices which will probably include damaged devices and worn parts.
    So, to be safe, it is always important to choose a used iPhone 8 Plus deal that guarantees that the phone will be in an almost new condition.
    At QwikFone, pristine iPhone 8 Plus second hand prices ranges between £350 and £430 according to the internal memory storage capacity of the device.

    Is the second hand iPhone 8 Plus worth buying in 2021?

    The short answer is: absolutely!
    The iPhone 8 Plus is one of the most solid and valuable iPhones ever. For the affordable price of this iPhone you get the powerful Apple A11 Bionic chip and the most recent and most powerful version of iOS, the iOS 14.
    As with other iPhones, the iPhone 8 Plus has a distinct elegant design. However, the most important point that it combines the advantages of both the classic iPhone design with home buttons and fingerprint scanner, and the newer design with the large 5.5-inch screen.
    As an Apple flagship, the iPhone 8 Plus is aging better than most other brands and is now offering great value considering its second hand price. So, it would definitely be a perfect phone to buy in 2021.

    How much is the pre-owned iPhone 8 Plus in the UK?

    At QwikFone the price of the pre-owned iPhone 8 Plus starts at £350 for the entry level iPhone 8 Plus 64GB.
    This price will include a new set of brand-new iPhone accessories as well as a 12-month warranty policy for the pristine pre-owned iPhone 8 Plus device.

    Which 2nd hand iPhone 8 Plus is the best to buy?

    QwikFone's iPhone 8 Plus second hand is tested by experts and renewed to match the pristine condition requirements. This iPhone 8 Plus deal from QwikFone also comes with multiple additions:
    - Free new iPhone 8 Plus accessories
    - 12-month warranty (repair & replace for free)
    - 14-day full refund guarantee
    - Free next-day shipping
    - Interest-free monthly installments payment methods (PayPal & Klarna)
    - A plan to pay later in 30 days with Klarna

    Is the iPhone 8 Plus a good budget phone for 2020?

    While the iPhone 8 Plus was an expensive Apple flagship at the time of its release, it is now available at its second hand price which qualifies it to be a mid-range phone in terms of price only.
    As for specs, features and capabilities, the iPhone 8 Plus can easily compete with mid-range phones and even flagships from other brands. So, it would make the perfect choice for a budget phone in 2020 and beyond.

    What is the price of a second hand iPhone 8 Plus (64GB) gold colour in Manchester?

    The second hand iPhone 8 Plus 64GB in gold is less than £345 at QwikFone. Unlike any second hand phone deal, QwikFone team ensures that your iPhone device is pristine and that it comes with brand-new accessories as well as a full year warranty and a money-back guarantee.

    Does Apple still sell the iPhone 8 Plus in their stores?

    No, the iPhone 8 Plus is no longer available on the Apple website. However, you can still get it pristine and with a huge discount from QwikFone.
    Our second hand iPhones are all tested and renewed by the market's best experts. Also, the iPhones are protected with a 12-month warranty policy that ensures that the device is to your satisfaction as you use it for the first year.

    What all things do I get in the box when I purchase a 2nd hand iPhone 8 Plus?

    The pristine iPhone 8 Plus comes in a QwikFone-branded box that contains:
    - Charger head
    - Lightning cable
    - Earphones
    - SIM ejecting tool
    - 12-month warranty guarantee

    Can I do all the cool things with the second hand iPhone 8 Plus?

    Absolutely, you can. Not only is the second hand iPhone 8 Plus pristine and has good value, but it is also still supported by Apple and receives the latest software and security updates.
    So, the iPhone 8 Plus users are able to use it for almost any functionality as the latest iPhone released by Apple.

    What storage space is sufficient for an iPhone 8 Plus 2nd hand?

    Apple released the iPhone 8 Plus in 2 storage space variants which are 64GB and 256GB. Both options are available in QwikFone's 2nd hand iPhone 8 Plus collection. While the 64GB iPhone 8 Plus is sufficient to run the latest iOS smoothly, the 256GB option is the most recommended as it allows the user an additional space for apps, photos, and other sorts of data to be saved locally on the iPhone.

    Does QwikFone also sell spare parts of the used iPhone 8 Plus?

    Yes, the QwikFone trade center supplies repair professionals with high-end and renewed OEM spare parts for the iPhone 8 Plus at the most affordable prices and with a standard warranty that varies between a lifetime warranty and a 12-month warranty depending on the nature of each spare part.

    What if I purchase the second hand iPhone 8 Plus from QwikFone, can I use it abroad in the USA & Canada?

    Yes, QwikFone's second hand iPhone 8 Plus is unlocked and this means it can be used in the UK, EU countries, USA, Canada, or any other country in the world.

    Will I get the bill & box with the second hand 8 Plus?

    Of course. The QwikFone second hand iPhone 8 Plus experience is as good as new in every aspect. The iPhone will come in a QwikFone phone box with a brand-new set of accessories in the box with the iPhone. The bill will be issued from our establishment's website and delivered with the order. Finally, the 12-month warranty is also included with the iPhone 8 Plus second hand deal from QwikFone.

    How do I know the duration for which the 2nd hand iPhone 8 Plus I am purchasing was used?

    This information can be available through QwikFone's CheckMEND's report of the iPhone 8 Plus device. This report shows all background information regarding the device and when it was sold initially by Apple. Based on this information, QwikFone customers can now for how long the device was used.

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