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Second Hand iPhone 6S

Buy used iPhone 6s second hand & enjoy the latest iOS versions at the lowest prices for an iPhone in the market. Used iPhone 6S devices are renewed, repaired, and tested by the UK's top mobile experts to ensure a like-new condition.
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    Great Deals for iPhone 6s Second Hand at QwikFone

    The iPhone 6s is a solid, compact smartphone that comes with a powerful spec for such a tiny frame. You’ll be hard-pressed to find one that is in good condition unless you shop at QwikFone UK where you can get an iPhone 6s second hand for as low as £130.


    A Deeper Look at the Used iPhone 6s

    • 4.7 inches IPS LCD screen
    • A9 Processor
    • iOS 9 with provisions for iOS 13.6
    • 5MP front camera/ 12MP rear camera
    • 2GB RAM/ 16GB, 32GB, 64GB internal storage



    The iPhone 6s may appear the same as that of the iPhone 6 except that, upon closer inspection, you will find that it is a tad fatter, and heavier too. This is actually negligible since it is hardly noticeable, but the reason why it was designed so is to make it stronger and durable. According to the tech giant, the aluminum chassis is part of the 7,000 series, plus the glass panel has undergone special processing to protect it from scratches and even cracks. It feels solid when you hold it with one hand which is great.


    Screen and Display

    The screen size hasn’t been changed and you will still get the 4.7 inches, but it offers sharper and crisper colors. Its resolution of 1134 x 750 may be considered low when compared to other models, but the 326ppi makes each photo quite bright with plenty of details too. It is true that high resolution numbers look better on paper, but other smartphones can remove the true-to-life aspect on your shots, unlike how the camera in iPhone 6s captures it.



    The camera in the iPhone 6s has been bumped up to 12MP for the main camera which equates to more details with each photo that you take. Apple made sure that the images captured are true to life meaning that there are no hyper-real details like what you can get from Samsung phones that are in the same niche. It stuns in broad daylight, and even indoors, you will find that the quality remains the same. What about nighttime? The 6s model is equipped with a true-tone flash which, coupled with ambient lighting, produces good quality photos.

    In addition to the 12MP main camera at back, the selfie camera’s 5MP also comes with a Retina Flash to help capture that perfect shot. You’ll be surprised that it captures details correctly, even when you are taking selfies at night.



    Leave it to Apple to ensure that your user experience will always be superior to others. The iPhone 6s runs on iOS 9 and is upgradable up to iOS 13.6. Combine this fast operating system with its 2GB RAM and you won’t experience lags when moving from one app to the next.


    Battery Life

    The iPhone 6s is equipped with a Li-on 1715 mAh battery which can give you up to 11 hours of continuous usage. This is enough for its kind especially since this phone was released a few years ago. You will be able to browse online, play games, and even watch videos throughout the day with it.


    Extra Features

    There are special features included in this device that are worth taking a closer look. For starters, there is the 3D Touch which lets you press harder on the screen for quick access to the device’s features. This is actually the first of its kind which is convenient, to be honest since you can easily send messages and other functions without having to go through a circuitous route.

    Another feature that iPhone 6s possess is Live Photos. This feature records 1.5 seconds before you snap up a photo then another 1.5 seconds of the recording after. What this feature does is that it adds more context to the shot that you are taking. You can always edit the video out after the shot has been taken but imagine how many photos you’ve taken that you have forgotten what they were all about.


    iPhone 6s Second Hand Price and More at QwikFone

    Is it possible to find a used iPhone 6s in good condition? Yes, if you know where to look. At QwikFone, not only will you get great deals with their collection of iPhone 6s second hand, but you will also get one that functions like-new too. There are several reasons why purchasing your iPhone 6s here is going to be worth it. Here are a few worth mentioning.


    Refurbishing Process

    All smartphones that we have acquired will undergo a thorough refurbishing process, from software to hardware. Old batteries will be swapped out with Grade A batteries and any parts that need to be repaired or replaced will be done. QwikFone guarantees that their iPhone 6s will be in like-new condition. This is much better compared to buying used iPhone 6 which may have issues with it.



    Another reason why shopping for an iPhone 6s with us is a great idea is because all devices here are already unlocked. This means that they will not be tied to any carrier. You will be able to use it with your current carrier or choose another if you like without worrying about whether the unit you bought will support it or not. Additionally, an unlocked iPhone 6s means that you will be able to bring it with you outside the country.



    You don’t have to wait long for your used iPhone 6s because if you paid before the cut-off time, your order will be shipped out on the same day. This means that you can actually get it the following day. The iPhone 6s will not come in Apple’s original box, but rather one made by QwikFone which is simply an unadorned box that will house the gadget safely.



    Purchasing a second-hand smartphone with cash may not be a suitable option for many which is why QwikFone is offering an installment payment scheme to make it easier for you to acquire your favorite iPhone 6s. You can pay using PayPal and choose your payment schedule, so you can have the package sent to you without paying for it in full. This is the promise of QwikFone and with this kind of offer, it is too good to pass up.


    Return Policy

    Another reason for you to get a refurbished iPhone from our site is that it has one of the best return policies online. When you purchase from this shop, you will have 30 days to test run the item. If within that time period you are not happy with the product and would like to return it, then do so. You will get a full refund no questions asked.



    Unlike other online sellers where their best offer for warranty is only three months or so, with QwikFone, you will get a one-year warranty. This means that you can have your phone repaired or replaced within one year of usage without paying any fees. If there are problems with the hardware, QwikFone will fix it for you by replacing the problem with high-grade OEM parts without costing you anything.

    Take note, however, that their warranty does not cover water damage, so you will need to be careful where you place your device. The shop will have your unit replaced with a pristine condition iPhone 6s if the device no longer works as long as it is returned within the given time frame.


    Free Accessories

    What else can you expect from this shop? If you are worried that you will have to pay extra for the iPhone 6s accessories, you will be pleased to know that they will come free of charge. They will not be original Apple accessories, however, but they will have the same quality as the tech giant’s products. This way, you won’t have to spend more on such items because you will get them all inside the box.


    iPhone 6s Second Hand Price

    Like it was mentioned before, you can get good deals for your iPhone 6s from QwikFone. The base model which has 16GB storage is priced at £123 only, while the 32GB version can be bought for £130. Those who want to get the higher internal storage, which is at 64GB, will only have to pay £140 for it and that’s it. Dish out an extra £20 to get the highest version which is at 128GB which should be enough to store all your files, games, and applications while leaving more room for photos and movies.

    All pre-owned iPhone 6s that are sold here are not only unlocked but they are also in pristine condition meaning that they will work just like new. Just think of all the savings that you can get from purchasing this model from QwikFone.

    If you are wondering if this iPhone model is still a good buy this year, this will depend mostly on how you are going to use it. Those who want a compact device that comes with great quality photos and fast processing power will enjoy this unit. Keep in mind that its iOS is still upgradeable meaning that you will get more out of this old model today.


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    Second hand iPhone 6s FAQs & answers!

    What is the value of a used iPhone 6s?

    If the iPhone 6s is pristine, this means its value is almost as much as a brand-new iPhone 6s. If, however, you're looking to find the price of the used iPhone 6s, QwikFone prices for this great iPhone ranges between £123 and £160. The prices vary according to different memory sizes as the 16GB iPhone 6s second hand comes at the price of £123 and the largest memory space, which is 128G, is priced at £160.

    What can I do with my old iPhone 6s?

    Well, you can actually make money from your old iPhone if you're not going to use it anymore. If your iPhone does not have any visible scratches, marks, or severe damaging signs, you can sell it to QwikFone as second hand iPhone and use the money for a new iPhone or whatever else you wish for!

    Does my pre owned iPhone 6s comes with a new battery?

    Since QwikFone renews pre-owned iPhone 6s devices before putting them back for sale as the devices has to be pristine, a battery check is in order during the testing phase. If the battery of the iPhone 6s is not in a like-new condition, it is then replaced with either a brand-new grade-A battery or a renewed OEM battery replacement part to return the iPhone to its like-new state.

    This new battery will be guaranteed with QwikFone's 12-month warranty and if any technical issues happen with the battery's performance, our team will be happy to repair or replace it for free during the warranty period.

    What do I do with my old iPhone 6s doesn't work?

    QwikFone will help you with your iPhone as long as it looks pristine and does not have any severe cosmetic wear signs. If you wish, it can either be repaired, renewed, or you can even sell it to QwikFone as second hand to be renewed and re-sold to someone else to give it a second life.

    Is it good to buy a second hand iPhone 6s 64GB?

    Buying the iPhone 6s second hand is a great opportunity to pay a budget price and get a powerful iPhone that runs Apple's latest iOS upgrade.

    This iPhone has amazing specs and a reliable performance. At QwikFone, all devices are tested, renewed, and restored to their like-new state. So, you can count on our iPhones to be pristine and work as good as new iPhones.

    QwikFone's second hand deals also gives our customers the opportunity to enjoy second hand iPhone as much as brand-new ones with full sets of accessories new and made for QwikFone to guarantee the maximum level of quality, warranty policy that protects the quality and performance of the iPhone for a full year after the purchase, and the ability to pay for your iPhone in monthly installments without any added interest with either Klarna or Pay Pal credit.

    Is it worth it to buy a secondhand iPhone 6s 16GB?

    If you're looking for a budget iPhone that both reliable and runs a good version of the iOS, the secondhand iPhone 6s 16GB is a great choice. While the 16GB internal memory space may seem limited, using cloud storage with this iPhone's original memory storage will be sufficient for your memory needs.

    Why are there so many 2nd hand iPhone 6s for sale now?

    The iPhone 6s is one of the iPhone models that are getting the iOS 14 upgrades. With its inexpensive price as second hand, the iPhone 6s makes a perfect choice for users who don't want to spend a fortune and still get a good iPhone that is still supported by software updates from Apple. This is why the iPhone 6s is so popular.

    Is it good to buy a 3-year old 2nd hand iPhone 6s?

    As long as the iPhone is pristine, the number of years does not make a difference in its quality as it will always be as good as new.
    QwikFone's renewed pristine iPhone 6s devices have all the parts the deteriorates fast, such as the battery, replaced with Grade-A part replacements or renewed OEM replacements. So, the 3-year old iPhone 6s from QwikFone is going to completely look, feel, and function as good as a brand-new one.

    Is QwikFone a reliable store to buy used iPhone 6s?

    Thanks to our 12-month warranty policy and pristine devices, used iPhone 6s phones are 100% reliable to by from QwikFone.
    Before listing the iPhone 6s second hand for sale on the QwikFone website, it is thoroughly tested by the industry's top experts using one of the most reliable mobile quality assurance software in the market. After ensuring that the device is as good as new and repairing any issues it might have, the device is listed as part of a deal that includes our standard 12-month repair/replace warranty as well as the 14-day return policy that includes a money-back guarantee.

    What if my iPhone 6s stops working and the warranty period is over?

    QwikFone has a dedicated repair center that is fully equipped for iPhone and other smartphone brands repairs. Our repair specialists will be happy to fix any issue you come across with your iPhone even after the 12-month warranty period is over. QwikFone's repair center services also have their own warranty period. For example, if your iPhone's repair requires replacing the screen panel or the battery, for example, there will be a corresponding warranty period for the quality and performance of this new part.

    Should I buy an iPhone 6s second hand in 2021?

    Since it is running Apple's latest iOs version for 2020, the iOS 14, the second hand iPhone 6s is going to be a perfect budget iPhone in 2021. You will get the like-new performance from the hardware as well as the most recent software features and capabilities of the software.

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