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Second Hand iPhone 6S Plus

QwikFone collection of the used iPhone 6s Plus & second hand iPhones are now available to offer an affordable option to use & enjoy iOS 14 and all of its updates. With the low prices and monthly payments plans by PalPal & Klarna, buy pristine iPhone 6s Plus & pay later.
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    Pristine iPhone 6s Plus Second Hand

    The 2015 Apple flagship is having a strong presence in the market thanks to its premium build and the support from Apple that give it the opportunity to get the iOS 14 update. All of the iPhone 6s Plus powerful features and the iOS 14 advanced and futuristic capabilities are now available through QwikFone's deals on the 2nd hand iPhone 6s Plus.

    This deal includes a pristine iPhone, a full set of accessories, free shipping, a one-year warranty, and much more all included in the iPhone 6s Plus second hand price. Check out all the details below before placing your order.


    The iPhone 6s Plus review by mobile experts

    Since it was released after several similar iPhones, i.e. iPhone 6, iPhone 6s, and iPhone 6 Plus, many people thought that there wasn't much of a difference specially when it came to comparing the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. However, there are multiple upgrades that makes it completely worth it to upgrade to the iPhone 6s Plus, specially when it comes in an affordable deal such as the one offered by QwikFone.


    Traditional design with a new twist

    Upon first examining the iPhone 6s Plus, it would look the same as iPhone 6s. However, there are 3 major differences all related to the change in the size since the iPhone 6s Plus is visibly larger than the iPhone 6s.

    Since the iPhone 6s has the traditional pre-iPhone-X design, there are two main functionalities that iPhone users love and are still available in the iPhone 6s Plus. Those functionalities are the fingerprint scanner that comes built-in the home button, and the 3D Touch.

    The iPhone 6s Plus comes also with a strong and reliable aluminum frame and back to fix the problem that the iPhone 6 once faced when several devices bent in the pockets of its users. With the iPhone 6s Plus second hand, this is no longer an issue thanks to Apple's new strengthened aluminum.


    Display & 3D Touch

    Thanks to the large size of the iPhone 6s Plus, the flagship has an even bigger display than its immediate predecessor, the iPhone 6s. At 5.5 inches, the screen of the iPhone 6s Plus has a more than 67% screen-to-body-ratio, which is considered to be the largest screen to body ratio in the iPhone releases of similar design.

    The display of the iPhone 6s Plus is full HD 1080 x 1920 pixels. At this price point, the iPhone 6s is providing premium 2020 specs and features at a mid-range and even budget price points.

    With a more than 5-inch size and full HD display, watching content from YouTube and Netflix as well as playing mobile games on the iPhone 6s Plus is not only fun, but also the content is delivered at the best quality imaginable at the iPhone 6s Plus second hand price.


    Larger battery with longer lifetime

    Another effect of the large size of the iPhone 6s Plus, which is the battery. With a substantial capacity difference compared to the iPhone 6s's battery, the iPhone 6s Plus's battery is 2750 mAh in size and will last much longer than any of its predecessors.

    This battery capacity provides the needed support for heavy gaming purposes as well as using the phone for longer periods without having to be seated next to an outlet with a charger plugged into the iPhone every couple of hours. So, the iPhone 6s Plus the second hand is definitely a great phone for gaming at a budget price.


    Powerful performance

    There is no doubt that iPhones in general tend to offer one of the best performances of smartphones in the market if not the absolute performance of all. With the iPhone 6s Plus, the performance level is elevated even the comparison is held against other iPhones such as the iPhone 6 Plus second hand for example.

    Thanks to the Apple A9 chip and the dual-core 1.84 GHz Twister processor powered by a 2GB RAM, the speed and responsiveness of the iPhone 6s Plus is definitely worth much more than the second hand price indicates.

    All of these parts, as well as the battery, are enhanced thanks to the advanced optimization of the iOS 14, which is now available for the iPhone 6s Plus.


    Amazing cameras

    Cameras is where the iPhone 6s Plus truly shines. The 12MP standard lens can film 4K video and the front camera is able to shoot Full HD videos. These camera specs and performance are almost never found in any other phone at this price point. So, the 2nd hand iPhone 6s Plus is a catch in this deal.


    The iPhone 6s Plus pre owned deal details 

    At QwikFone, iPhone users can find the best deal on their favorite iPhone devices pre owned and pristine. The devices are all tested by experts and have a CheckMEND report that ensures that the iPhone 6s Plus devices are legally obtained by their previous owners up to the moment QwikFone purchased them.


    The pristine iPhone 6s Plus Pre owned tested

    QwikFone's standard testing process includes 40 test points that cover all of the iPhone 6s Plus's aspects, functionalities, and features.

    The initial test of the iPhone 6s Plus starts with the outer body of the phone which includes the back, front, and buttons. Everything must not only look like new, but also function as good as new as well.

    After this step, comes the testing of the internal parts and the refurbishment using also renewed OEM parts as well as grade-A parts to ensure perfect like-new performance from the iPhone 6s Plus after is has been fully renewed .

    The original parts that are in perfect pristine condition are left as is. However, parts that are worn faster, such as the battery, for example, is replaced with the best quality spare parts if the existing parts do not meet the pristine requirements.


    Unlocked iPhone 6s Plus

    As a part of the refurbishment process of the iPhone 6s Plus, QwikFone experts unlock the SIM software of the phone. The purpose of this is that the iPhone is no longer locked to one specific carrier which opens all the possible opportunities for the user to use any SIM card in or out the UK with the second hand iPhone 6s Plus.

    As a result to the iPhone 6s Plus is legally and professionally unlocked by QwikFone's experts, users of this iPhone can travel with their devices internationally and use local SIM cards and pay the local carriers rate. So, there is no need for roaming or any other expensive alternative which would have been a necessity in case of having a locked phone.


    Full set of brand-new accessories

    While it is rare to find an iPhone 6s Plus second hand device that comes with its accessories, and even when this happens, it wouldn't be safe to use second hand accessories. With QwikFone, each second hand iPhone 6s Plus comes with its own full set of accessories in a brand-new condition to avoid any hygiene issue that may occur with used or second hand accessories. The accessory set is also a standard part of QwikFone deals on second hand phones which means they don't cost extra.

    To ensure good performance and a long lifetime for these accessories, QwikFone team makes sure that all of our accessories items are manufactured according to similar quality measures and conditions to the original Apple accessories.


    12-month standard warranty

    QwikFone provides a standard 12-month warranty just like the one that comes with brand-new iPhone 6s Plus. The warranty guarantees that the iPhone performs as good as new for the first year and that it does not have any manufacturing defects or technical issue.

    In case of facing any problems while using the iPhone 6s Plus, The QwikFone repair center will fix the issue for free as a part of our 1-year warranty. Also, there is a possibility of replacing the device with another pristine iPhone 6s Plus as a part of this warranty policy is the need calls to.


    Money-back guarantee

    With QwikFone's 30-day return policy, there is a money-back guarantee included for customers who don't like the phone.

    If you decide to return the second hand iPhone 6s Plus for any reason, your account will be refunded with the entire amount once the device arrives at QwikFone.

    This refund requires that the device and the accessories must be in their original condition for the return process to be valid. Once QwikFone tests the device and accessories and confirms that the return is acceptable, the full payment will be refunded into the customer's account right away.


    Monthly installments for the second hand iPhone

    Customers can choose between PayPal and Klarna to enjoy the 3-month installments option with QwikFone. Both options allow you to pay the price of your iPhone over 3 equal payments with 0% interest rate. This means that you get to pay the same amount unlike any other installments system which results in the customer paying more.

    For more information, please visit the PayPal credit and Klarna's respective sites.


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    The Most Common Asked Questions About iPhone 6S Plus Second Hand

    How much is a used iPhone 6s Plus worth?

    The entry level 16GB iPhone 6s Plus starts at £205 and goes up to £230 for the 128GB iPhone 6s Plus. If you get this deal during Black Friday offers, you can get it for an even lower price.

    How much is the RAM of the 2nd hand iPhone 6s Plus?

    The second hand iPhone 6s Plus has its original RAM which is 2GB.
    Although the number may not seem much, the actual performance of the iPhone 6s Plus proves that, as usual with iPhones, the iPhone 6s Plus's RAM is perfect for the processor.

    Is the second hand iPhone 6s Plus waterproof?

    While some phones lose its waterproof feature after being renewed to be sold as second hand, the iPhone 6s Plus is not waterproof even in its brand-new state. When Apple designed and created this specific model of iPhones, it was not created to be waterproof or water resistant.

    What accessories do I get with the pre-owned iPhone 6s Plus?

    QwikFone has a standard set of accessories that is included in all of our pre-owned iPhone 6s Plus boxes. The set includes:
    - 3.5mm earphones
    - Charging adapter
    - USB / lightning cable
    - SIM ejection tool

    Can I pay in monthly installments for my phone?

    QwikFone's deals enable you to pay monthly installments for your second hand iPhone. Use PayPal credit or Klarna to get 3-month interest-free payment plan for your order no matter how big or small the amount might be.

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