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Second Hand iPhones for Sale

Enjoy QwikFone's offers with free accessories, free shipping, and paying in monthly installments when you order a second hand iPhone. All deals include a 12-month warranty with the support of our repair center and a 30-day money-back guarantee with the return policy.
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Second Hand iPhones Pristine & Unlocked

When it comes to buying a smartphone, iPhones have always been quite polarizing as they either have a huge and dedicated fan base, or smartphone users who prefer the open source Android culture with all of its diversity when it comes to hardware. However, there is no denying on both ends of the spectrum that Apple does provide not only impeccable levels of quality, but also the most innovative ideas and features in the smartphone market. It has been a general rule in the mobile market for years now that Apple would present an idea in its iPhone and the rest of the brands would follow by adding the same feature or a similar one into their devices later one. In other words, iPhones have been setting the standards for smartphone users for years whether they like the brand or not!

Whether you are a long time iPhone fan or want to try using iPhones for the first time, second hand iPhones are a great option for you to find your next iPhone at an affordable price point that won't empty your bank account. However, finding second hand iPhones for sale, especially online, has a major risk regarding the phone's condition and even origin. So, how to tell the original pristine devices when buying a second hand iPhones? Keep on reading to find out!


QwikFone offers the best 2nd hand iPhones in the UK

With QwikFone's offers on the pre-owned and second hand iPhones, you can get great deals that includes like-new devices, brand-new iPhone accessories, a warranty, and a refund guarantee in case of returns.

As a business, QwikFone is much more than just your average 2nd hand mobile phone seller, our company has been offering mobile-related service in the UK mobile market for over 10 years. After we started with our mobile and electronic gadget repair service center, we expanded to supplying our fellow repair service providers with top quality smartphone spare parts and repair tools. After that, it was only logical with this much experience an connections in the mobile market all over the world, that we start to offer mobile phone deals. However, in our attempt to advance our community and help our environment, we decided to renew and re-sell pre-owned iPhones as well as other smartphones in order to spare our planet from the excessive materials wasted in making brand-new phones as well as offer an opportunity for users who are on a limited budget to own high-end and expensive smartphones like iPhones at affordable price ranges.


Testing QwikFone's second hand iPhones for sale

In the process of offering an affordable option for users who want to buy second hand iPhone, QwikFone team is persistent in not affecting the quality or the condition of the iPhones in any way. This is why we conduct an extensive process of inspecting and testing every device to ensure that it is in a pristine state and will perform as good as new. 


What is a pristine second hand iPhone?

When buying a second hand iPhone, users need to be aware of what different conditions means especially in pre-owned phones. Generally, there are three main conditions which are pristine, excellent, and good. While excellent and good conditions can be quite vague and difficult to conclusively specify whether the iPhone would have a scratched screen, for example, or not, pristine condition is not only decisive, but also guarantees the best condition possible when you buy pre-owned iPhone.

A pristine iPhone will have minimum to no visible marks or cosmetic wear signs on the outer iPhone's body and screen. QwikFone's testing process includes ensuring the cosmetic status of the device as well as testing the actual functionality of the touchscreen and the overall state of the iPhone's performance.

Testing the screen includes checking several test points such as the touch sensitivity which pertains to how responsive the iPhone is to the user's taps on the screen and whether there is any sort of delay or malfunctioning regarding this part. Another point in the screen testing is concerned with the quality of the display and brightness level of the iPhone.

Unlike any other second hand iPhone in the UK, QwikFone's devices get renewed with grade A spare parts if any part of the iPhone turns out to have any performance issues. This way, the iPhone is only a second hand unit in price and name. In functionality, however, it is as perfect as new!


Where do QwikFone's second hand iPhones come from?

QwikFone's iPhones all go through an inspection process performed by Checkmend to provide a proof of the phone legitimacy by tracking its previous ownership and make sure that it is 100% legally obtained by QwikFone as well as the previous seller. This report provided by Checkmend will be provided to the buyer of the second hand iPhone upon requesting it from QwikFone.

Unlocked iPhones in the UK

Although iPhones usually come locked to a certain network carrier service, QwikFone team focuses on unlocked our second hand iPhones to provide our customers with the freedom of using whatever carrier they want. With an unlocked iPhone, you would be able to use your same phone number with your current carrier with no restrictions. You will also be able to travel overseas without having to afford the additional costs of roaming. While the obvious alternative to buying a roaming bundle from your carrier is to buy a new handset and a local SIM card with a local number in the country you're traveling to, with the unlocked iPhone from QwikFone, you will only need to buy the local SIM card and insert it into the same handset to have it work perfectly with no issues or restrictions whatsoever. As long as you're choosing a carrier that is using the same technology as the iPhone network protocols, the SIM card will work fine.


Get brand-new accessories when you buy pre-owned iPhone 

When you buy a 2nd hand iPhone at QwikFone, you will automatically get this iPhone's accessories in a brand-new condition. These accessories are, of course, not the used iPhone's original accessories for obvious hygiene reasons. However, QwikFone has a trusted partner for manufacturing these accessories which will carry the QwikFone logo and branding, yet offer a quality level similar to those that come directly with new Apple iPhones.

While these accessories are brand-new and offer high-end performance level, they won't cost you anything as they come free of charge included in the second hand iPhone deal from QwikFone.


QwikFone guarantees for the second hand iPhones buyers 

Perhaps this is considered to be the most important part of any pre-owned iPhone deal you can find on the internet. No matter how low the price can be, there will always be a chance for the deal to turn out to be a scam! 

The only way to avoid that is by choosing QwikFone's deals which include default warranty and return policies that protect the user's right to have a pristine and fully functioning iPhone as announced and promised.


QwikFone's warranty on Used Apple Phones for Sale

The warranty for second hand iPhones from QwikFone guarantees free repair service for the first year after the purchase for all technical issues the user may come across while using the phone as long as those issues are caused by a manufacturer error.

Thanks to QwikFone's repair experts, most issues can be resolved in the shortest time possible and with the highest quality whether it is for spare parts of the repairing skill itself.

If the error cannot be repaired by QwikFone mobile repair specialists, the company will provide a free replacement for the iPhone with the same make and model in a pristine condition.

This warranty also covers the iPhone's accessories that were provided by QwikFone and include the charger, earphones, and lightning cable. However, in the case of finding an accessory to be defective, QwikFone will replace it with a new one as accessories cannot be repaired, only replaced.

This warranty does not cover any damages caused by accident to the iPhone such as water damages. It is important here to state that the renewal process the second hand iPhones go through cancels any water resistance properties the device had prior. This is why it is crucial for the user to pay extra attention not to put their iPhones in any situation where they might fall into water such as pools or toilets for example.


Returning the second hand iPhone

Coming to the absolute most important point of any second hand iPhone deal online which is the ability to return the iPhone! QwikFone is offering a standard 30-day return policy that includes a full refund guarantee in case of returning the product.

To have your return successfully accepted by QwikFone, you must make sure that the iPhone and its accessories are in the original condition they were in when first sent by QwikFone. This term is quite important as your return policy will be voided if any item of your package turned out to be damaged upon returning it. Once the package has been received and the items are tested by QwikFone's team to ensure its condition, we will issue a full refund with the iPhone's price right away.


Exchange your old phone for a pristine iPhone

If you have an old phone that does not work anymore, or even if your phone does work fine and you'd like to upgrade your smartphone model, you can bring the old phone into QwikFone's London location and have it replaced with a pristine second hand iPhone and pay only the price difference which will be determined by the condition of your old smartphone and the price of the iPhone that you choose to replace your own phone with.

This option is not yet available on the QwikFone website. So, we ask our customers to head to QwikFone's London location to benefit from this offer.


Pay for second hand iPhones in installments

Another advantage that automatically comes with the QwikFone deal on our second hand iPhones is paying in monthly installments or even to pay 30 days after getting your iPhone with no interest cost.


The first option is PayPal UK as it enables users to buy their orders using PayPal credit services and then pay this credit over 3 monthly installments as long as the order exceeds a certain amount according to PayPal UK website.


The next option that gives you an opportunity to find affordable iPhones for sale and pay installments is our latest financing partner, Klarna. With Klarna, all you have to do is to choose it as your payment method at checkout and then provide the needed information such as name, address, and bank details for getting your best deals on used Apple phones for sale.

Once your order is confirmed by QwikFone, Klarna will pay the full amount to QwikFone and charge your account for the first installment of the iPhones price only. After that, you will have a full month opportunity before Klarna charges your account with the second installment and then another month before the third and final payment.

Finally, Klarna also gives QwikFone customer an additional option to pay later in 30 days. This option is perfect for customers who are contemplating buying a second hand iPhone form QwikFone for the first time as it allows you to make sure that our iPhone are 100% satisfactory for your needs before even paying for the device. During this period, you can either choose to pay for the iPhone and keep it, or return it.


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The most asked questions about the Second Hand iPhones for sale

Is it safe to buy a second hand iPhone?

As long as there is a warranty policy included to guarantee the seller supporting and maintaining the device, it would be completely safe to buy a second hand iPhone. The customer must also ensure that the iPhone is in a pristine condition to guarantee that it is not worn or used to a point that it won't be functional after a little while of buying it.

Can I buy a second hand iPhone?

Of course you can! All you need to do is to choose a seller that provides second hand iPhones in a good condition, a warranty policy for a decent period, and a return policy that includes a full refund. Those 3 points are the ultimate guarantee that your second hand iPhone will work and live as well as you expect it to.

QwikFone deals for second hand pristine iPhone include a 12-month warranty and a 14-day return period with a full refund.

During the warranty period our repair center will take care of any issue that may happen with your iPhone for free as long as that issue is caused by a manufacturing defect. Accidental damage can be fixed by our repair experts as well for its corresponding repair fee. If the manufacturer defect cannot be repaired, we provide a device to replace the defective iPhone for free.

What should I check before buying second hand iPhone?

There are specific functionalities to test in a second hand iPhone. First and foremost, the screen physical condition, brightness, and touch responsiveness.

Screen test:

1 - First, take an examining look at the screen to make sure that there are no scratches or cracks in the screen & LCD body.
2 - Check the brightness level of the display. The original Apple display has a high level of brightness and so do the OEM parts.
3 - Drag an icon all over the screen to make sure the touch sensitivity is not defective. If the icon releases itself and returns to its position during this test, something is wrong!

Performance test:

The rest of the functionality of the phone can be tested in two steps:
1 - Make a lengthy call from the iPhone to test both the speaker, mic and battery consumption levels.
2 - Film a video for a few minutes and then play it to see the quality of the video and audio as well.

Which site is best for second hand iPhones?

The best site to purchase a second hand iPhone is the one that offers good deal terms and iPhones in a pristine condition.

Should I buy a pre-owned iPhone?

Since iPhones are known, for the most part, for being the most expensive, premium, and expensive smartphones in the market. So, buying a pre-owned iPhone is a good call that will enable you to control and minimize the cost.
However, there are a few things that you should pay attention to when buying pre-owned iPhones to ensure that you're getting good value for the price. For example, don't settle for anything that is not pristine. You will also need to make sure that, like in the QwikFone deal, the iPhone comes with a warranty to guarantee the quality of its condition and a good return policy to guarantee your right for a refund if you change your mind.
Once these terms are ensured, buying a pre-owned iPhone would be a perfect change to enjoy the smartphone market's top brand at an affordable price.

What is a used iPhone for sale worth?

As long as the iPhone is in a pristine state and has a good warranty like QwikFone's, a used iPhone will be as good as new and worth its price.
All used iPhones from QwikFone are tested by experts to ensure their perfect state and have a full back-check report by CheckMEND. The standard offer from QwikFone for used iPhones includes a 1-year warranty as well as a money-back guarantee if the customer returns the order within 14-days.
Also, QwikFone's used iPhones come with full sets of new accessories to both increase the value of the deal and help our customers save money.

What is the best website to buy used iPhones?

QwikFone is a trustworthy website to buy a used iPhone from as we been in the market for many years which guarantees the required experience and tools to provide a good deal of a pristine device at a low price. QwikFone offers a standard warranty and return policy with every used iPhone deal as well as a set of brand-new accessories for free to make the purchasing experience of a used iPhone almost identical to buying a brand-new one.

What happens if you don't update your 2nd hand iPhone software?

Generally, updating your iPhone's software is not required for it to work as it is intended to. So, since your 2nd hand iPhone from QwikFone is pristine, it will work as good as new with the iOS version that it comes with if you choose not to update the iOS.
However, you may need to run the update when you use new versions of certain apps. You will be able to find out the info about each app requirements on the Apple app store to make the call of whether an app that requires updating the iOS is necessary for you or not.

What is the best cheap and used iPhone to buy?

For most users, this decision is strictly related to the available budget as it determines the level and model of iPhones to get. If you're looking to get the best value to get in an iPhone in exchange of its price, then the pristine used iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus will definitely help you achieve that goal.

What is Apple certified pre-owned iPhone?

Apple certified pre-owned iPhones are authentic iPhones that were sold used and then renewed and refurbished by experienced professionals using OEM parts. Once the refurbishment process is over, the iPhones are tested by experts from Apple to ensure that they meet the standards of the like-new second hand iPhones sold by Apple itself as refurbished. So, Apple certified means that the iPhone is guaranteed by Apple to be pristine and, of course, authentic. These iPhones come with a 1-year warranty extended by Apple.

What is certified pre-owned iPhone?

Certified pre-owned iPhones are devices that were renewed by third party using refurbished OEM parts. The certified pre-owned iPhone is strictly tested by iPhone experts outside of Apple. Also, the warranty for the certified pre-owned iPhone is provided by the third party center that provided the iPhone.
With QwikFone's certified pre-owned iPhones, the warranty is 12 months and it includes a guarantee to repair and, if needed, replace the device if its performance does not meet the pristine requirements in any aspect.

What is the meaning of a pre-owned iPhone?

Pre-owned iPhones are iPhones that were purchased and used by a previous user who kept the iPhone in a pristine condition in order to re-sell it when it's time to upgrade. Those iPhones are then obtained from the previous user and refurbished by experts at QwikFone in order to be sold in a like-new condition for a lower price.
So, pre-owned iPhones are 100% authentic Apple iPhones that were sold by the old owner and renewed by specialized professionals.

Which is the best used iPhone to buy? Please advise.

Every release and model of iPhones has its merits and its die hard fans. However, if you are not familiar with iPhones in general or don't have a specific one that you consider your favorite iPhone, there are several releases that are quite liked across the board and are known as the iPhones that offer the most value considering the price factor.

iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus are the first two models that come to mind when thinking of value iPhones. These two iPhones give you:

- Classic iPhone design with fingerprint instead of Face ID.
- Powerful processor and chip
- Great internal storage options
- Running the latest 2020 iOS version, iOS14

Which is the best older iPhone? Please suggest.

If you want to go back to one of the old-but-gold iPhones, then the iPhone SE (2016) would be a great choice. The iPhone 6s and 6s Plus are also great choices of the same year.
All of these options offer the older iPhone traditional design which includes bezels and a home button. As a result, you won't need to take your facemask off to unlock your iPhone since these models have only fingerprint scanners built into the home button. The best point about about the iPhone SE, iPhone 6s, and iPhone 6s Plus is that they all run iOS 14, which is the same software version running on the latest iPhone releases such as iPhone 11 and iPhone 12 along with all of their different variants.

Which is the best older model iPhone to buy for teenagers?

Buying smartphones for teenagers is quite the dilemma as you want to get the best iPhone that is still considered to be trendy, but at a reasonable and affordable price at the same time.
Luckily, there are great options with QwikFone's refurbished iPhones that enable you to pay a mid-range price and get the best iPhone possible.
These are some of the best older models of iPhones that are still supported by Apple and get the latest iOS versions as well as security updates:

- iPhone X
- iPhone 8 Plus
- iPhone 8
- iPhone 7 Plus
- iPhone 7

Would you buy a iPhone second hand?

While second hand iPhones raise many questions regarding their quality and condition, there are two points that will tell you whether a second hand iPhona is safe to buy or not. Those two points are the warranty and the return policy.
With QwikFone, second hand iPhones have a full year warranty that includes replacing defective devices for free if they cannot be repaired, and a money-back guarantee during the first 14 days as a part of the standard QwikFone return policy.

What things should I check when buying a second hand iPhone?

There are two main categories to focus on:

1- The deal terms:
- The iPhone should have a considerable warranty period and reliable terms such as free repairs and free replacements of defective devices.
- Return policy should be long enough to give you, the user, enough time to try the device and decide whether you like it or not.
- The deal MUST include a full refund guarantee so that there is no risk in buying this particular iPhone second hand deal.

2- The iPhone's condition and performance:
- Test the screen: There are three aspects to test with the screen to make sure it is pristine. These aspects are the display brightness, the touch sensitivity, and making sure that there are no dead pixels.
- Test the sounds: test the mic by making a phone call and recording a video. Then test the speakers with also a phone call and then playing a video or a music track.
- Test the battery: while you are testing the other apsects of the iPhone, keep an eye on the battery to see how fast it's losing power. If it's too fast, then the battery is not pristine.

Is there a reliable online store that sells used iPhones?

QwikFone is one of the UK's top sellers of used iPhones. All of our devices are guaranteed to be pristine and they all come with a 12-month warranty as well as a 14-day return policy with a money back guarantee.
While other used iPhone deals may sell devices in an as is condition, QwikFone makes sure that all devices are renewed and returned to their like-new condition before the sale.

Why do people trust buying a used iPhone but not a used Android phone?

Used iPhones usually come with strong warranty policies and assurances of quality. With QwikFone however, both used iPhones and used Android phones are renewed using grade-A parts and tested by experts to ensure the top quality of performance as well as appearance.

Which old iPhone is the most reliable?

The iPhone SE (2016) offers a great and reliable level of performance. In addition to its powerful processor, the iPhone SE will get the iOS 14 which is the latest iOS version that runs on recent iPhones like iPhone 12 and later.

I want to keep my old iPhone as an emergency back up. What's the proper way to store an old iPhone?

Storing old iPhones is straightforward. All you need to do it to turn the iPhone off to prevent its battery from being drained and place the phone in a cool dry place away from heat and moisture. Remember to take your iPhone out every 6 months and charge its battery up to at least 50% to keep it alive. That's it!

Are the iPhones' sales declining every year?

There is no denying that the economic situation is affecting the sales of high-end products such as iPhones. However, with the second hand option, you can get the same devices in a pristine condition for a much less price. So, while the sales of iPhones might be declining due to the financial crisis, used iPhones' sales have definitely been going up for the past few years and it is expected to continue growing.

What is the best way to (bulk) buy reliable used iPhones for sale on a periodic basis?

Choosing QwikFone as your supplier of wholesale used iPhone allows you the great opportunity of getting all of the devices' accessories included with them as well as a 12-month warranty for quality assurance.
Of course, the best way to buy iPhones in bulk is to pay in instalments. QwikFone accepts paying with Klarna and PayPal Credit. Both of these methods allow paying over 3 instalments without any interest added to the price of the deal.

Is it even worth it to buy older versions of the iPhone?

Depending on each individual user's needs, older iPhones can be absolutely worth it. Even the older model of iPhones that QwikFone is offering is still running the latest iOS version and still supported by Apple and receives security updates and patches.
So, for users who can't afford the latest models or more expensive iPhones, an older iPhone with the latest software can be the perfect solution to enjoy the Apple ecosystem at the lowest cost.

Does QwikFone UK give discounts on Thanksgiving on iPhones?

QwikFone offers multiple discounts during special occasions such as Black Friday, Chrismas shopping season and so on.
Black Friday sale is usually around Thanksgiving time. So, check out our website for Black Friday offers for the best discounts around Thanksgiving!

As I have always been a new iPhone user, why should I buy a second hand iPhone now?

Second hand iPhones give you a great opportunity to save money. Even if the price of the iPhone is not an issue for you, buying second hand iPhones is better for the environment than buying new ones. Renewing second hand iPhones and reusing them saves the planet tons of E-waste yearly.
QwikFone's second hand iPhones are as good as new and they come with all accessories included just like a new iPhone. The deals are safe with a money-back guarantee for 30 days. So, even if you've never bought a second hand iPhone, it is time to try with our 0% risk offers!

How much is a used iPhone 3G worth now?

All used iPhones for sale that are available at QwikFone support both 3G & 4G networks. The prices vary depending on the model, color, and storage space of the iPhone of your choice.

Why should I use a second hand iPhone instead of a second hand Android phone?

While all of QwikFone's second hand smartphones are pristine and guaranteed to work as good as new, iPhones are certainly a preferred option by many users as they grant you access to the exclusive environment and special apps that are built only for iOS and iPhones.

Are the used iPhones seemingly less resistant to virus infection?

QwikFone's used iPhones are updated with new parts and renewed parts from other iPhones. In terms of software, our mobile experts make sure that the iPhone is well secured. As long as the user keeps the iOS and security packs upgraded to the latest version released by Apple and available for the iPhone model, the iPhone is not more susceptible to viruses than the brand-new iPhone.

How are QwikFone's iPhones different from original iPhones?

QwikFone's iPhones are original iPhones that were owned and used previously. After these iPhones are refurbished by our team of experts, the iPhones are all returned to their pristine state and look and perform as good as brand-new iPhones.

How many Apple IDs can I install on an iPhone?

Only one Apple ID can be configured per an iPhone. Since iPhones are created to be used by only one person, they do not allow multi Apple IDs to be installed on them.

Can the QwikFone team help me track the stolen iPhone that I purchased from them?

As a protective measure, QwikFone team can help you set up the "Find My" app to be able to use it in case you need to locate a lost or stolen iPhone.
1. Open the Settings app on your iPhone.
2. Tap on your user name on top of the list, then tap on "Find My".
3. Activate the "Share My Location" options for friends and family to be able to locate your device.
4. Tap on "Find My iPhone", once you're in the list, activate the "Find My iPhone" option.
5. Turn on "Find my Network" option to be able to find the device even when it's offline.
6. Finally, turn on "Send Last Location" to see your iPhone if its battery went low.

Which is better, Apple iPhones or Google Nexus?

In terms of models, Apple iPhones have the better variety, the latest software versions and features, and the more recent designs and interesting colour variants compared to Google Nexus models which go back to around 2015. For a similar price, you can get an Apple iPhone from QwikFone that looks better and offers a better software capabilities.

Which is better, Apple iPhones or Huawei phones?

There's no denying that Huawei phones have taken some serious steps in the past couple of years towards flagship specs, features, and designs. However, Apple iPhones remain the superior brand with its innovations and market-leading devices. The iOS still rules the market in terms of smartphones software especially when compared to the Huawei new operating system which is still finding its way as a newly created smartphone OS.

Will team QwikFone provide me with an Apple ID that could be used on 2nd hand pre-owned Grade A iPhone?

Since QwikFone team properly wipe and renew the 2nd hand iPhone before offering it for sale, your iPhone will come as good as new in every way including the Apple ID setup. So, you will be able to set up your own existing or new Apple ID on this iPhone with no issue.
If you're facing any problems setting up your Apple ID or need further help, please contact our customer service via phone or email.

If I am using a second hand iPhone, is that any breach of a policy listed by Apple?

QwikFone's second hand iPhones are 100% legitimate and tested by expert professionals as well as CheckMEND to make sure that the phone is original, authentic, and legally traded between users.
Using a second hand iPhone does not breach any of Apple's policies. If your iPhone model is still supported by Apple, it will legally receive the latest software and security updates like a brand-new iPhone of the same model.

If I decide to return the iPhone within 30 days to QwikFone, who will pay for the return postage, QwikFone or us (the buyer)?

QwikFone will pay for the return postage within our return policy.

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