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All Your Questions About Second Hand Mobile Phones Answered

Purchasing a new smartphone comes with its load of decision-making problems and different confusing options. The first issue comes with the price of buying a new smartphone. Flagship prices, in particular, are already over the £900 point and progressing. However, balancing a good smartphone, or even a flagship, with saving money becomes possible once the idea of second hand phones is taken into consideration.

While smartphone users often steer away from second hand mobile phones because of the risks that come with it, most of them don't know that there is a way to get almost new mobile phones at the discounted price of a second hand. This way is to buy pristine second hand phones.

QwikFone's second hand mobile phones are the best opportunity to get your favorite smartphone at a super discounted price while avoiding any risks that would otherwise normally come with buying second hand phones online. If you want to know all the details about QwikFone's deals and how to find a good second hand phone in the UK, keep on reading.


How to check the state of a second hand phone

There are two main routes to follow carefully while inspecting a second hand mobile phone before purchasing it. The first one is to check the body of the phone to make sure that it doesn't have any severe cracks, scratches, or marks. While it is acceptable to have a few scratches on a second hand phone's body in exchange for the price reducing, there are certain areas where even cosmetic wear signs represent a problem. For example, a scratch on the camera module of the second hand mobile will create far more problems than just affecting the appearance of the phone.

Similarly, screen wear signs can vary from a minor scratch that can be ignored for some users to serious cracks that affect the usability of the whole smartphone as it entirely depends on having an intact usable touch screen.

So, it is important to check the phone's body, focusing on the screen and the camera modules, and to make sure that it is not only acceptable but more importantly, to your liking.


The second route that you must take while checking the health and condition of a second hand smartphone before buying it, is the functionality of the device. That includes the battery, software, and processor performance. There are a few tests that you can run to eliminate the risk and make sure that all of those aspects of the phone are working fine.

For example, you want to make sure that the screen of the second hand phone has not been replaced before or if it has been replaced, that the current screen is OEM. The way to confirm this is by simply checking the brightness and the touch sensitivity and responsiveness of the screen.

To check the battery, display, speakers, and the microphone. Simply make a video call or play a video then make a voice call. A lengthy call and a video should not drain more than 5%-10% of a healthy battery. Of course, noticing the sound and the display of the phone will be enough of a test for you to confirm or deny the good condition of the phone as second hand device.

Of course, buying a second hand phone online will not allow you to conduct any of these tests or even see the phone in your hands before paying for it. So, in case you're looking for a second hand phone in the UK and you're looking to buy it online, the best option would be to buy the second hand phone in a pristine condition and to choose a deal that guarantees the condition and your ability to return the device if you don't like it.


Buy second hand mobile phones at a specialized center

To achieve the best end of a second hand phone deal and to be safe enough, it is better to buy your second hand phone from a shop or a specialized phone center rather than buying someone's old phone as second hand or buying a second hand phone from a random one-time seller online, which is even worse.

An individual seller won't be able to provide you with any guarantees or assurances of any kind. Typically, the deal would be summed up in exchanging the second hand phone for the money and that is it.

With a second hand phone shop, on the other hand, you will be dealing with professionals that are able, first of all, to confirm and guarantee the condition of the phone, offer repair service and a warranty policy, accept returns and provide refunds, and run all the test that you need to run on the phone for you since you will be buying the second hand phone online.


QwikFone deals for second hand mobile phones

QwikFone has been in the mobile phone market for 10 years. During this time, our team has acquired the necessary knowledge and experience to create perfect deals for second hand mobile shoppers. As we receive the second hand smartphones from their previous owners, we check the background of the phone and its previous owners first to make sure that it has not been stolen at any point in time. To confirm this, QwikFone uses CheckMend services to offer a full detailed report regarding the previous phone's ownership. This report is available for QwikFone customers whenever it is requested.


Secondly, QwikFone's mobile experts run the necessary test on the second hand phone on your behalf to make sure that it is indeed in a pristine condition and looks and works almost like new. With our special skills and experience, you can rest assured that there is no aspect of the phone will go overlooked or untested.


The perfect deal terms for buying second hand phones

With QwikFone, you will feel completely safe regarding the deal, the safety of your money, the second hand phone's conditions, and your satisfaction! 


Unlocked second hand phones

Many mobile phone users have to go through many different ways around using lock phones like paying expensive roaming fees when they travel abroad or having to buy a whole new smartphone just to use a certain carrier other than the one that has their phones locked. However, there is a simple way to get over this blockage which is to buy an unlocked smartphone! The few who know about this worry that unlocking a phone can be risky or even illegal which is completely false. QwikFone specialists unlock our second hand smartphones in a safe, and of course legal, manner to offer our users and customers the liberty of using whatever carrier they desire as well as grant them the ability to use a single handset in different countries only by switching the SIM cards of the different local carriers.


Accessories are all included

When you buy a second hand phone from its previous owner, it is likely that you won't get the phone's charger and earphones and if they are still available, they might be in a very poor condition.

Since QwikFone has a partner for manufacturing grade A mobile phone accessories, we can provide our customers with brand-new chargers, earphones, USB cables, and SIM ejectors with all of the second hand phones we have for sale. 

All of these items are specifically made to meet the standards and quality measures of the original accessories of the phone depending on the brand of the phones and the accessories. The accessory set that comes with each second hand phone is included in the price and doesn't require any additional payment. This means that you will get a brand-new set of accessories with a quality level that meets that of the original accessories for free!


Easy Payment

QwikFone's offers for second hand mobiles enable you to pay in monthly installments which is a rare opportunity when it comes to used and second hand phones. To benefit from this advantage, all you need to do is have a PayPal account that enables you to pay credit which means that you'll be able to pay the amount back in installments to PayPal itself. If you check PayPal offers, you'll find that you can benefit from this offer with 0% interest which means that the phone will truly cost you the least price possible!


Refund Guaranteed

QwikFone deals for second hand phones all include a 14-day return period. If you want to return your phone during this time, you will receive a 100% refund of your payment with no conditions required other than the phone and accessories to be in the original condition with no damages. This return policy doesn't require any specific reason for the return to be valid and the refund to be issued.


Free shipping

No matter what is the brand or the price of the second hand phone that you choose to buy from QwikFone, you will get a free shipping option. This shipping method is 100% safe and guaranteed by QwikFone's policies.


Warranty for a year

The condition and the performance quality of the second hand smartphones at QwikFone are protected with a 1-year warranty policy that grants our customers the right to get their phones repaired for free during this period from any manufacturing issue.

Additionally, if QwikFone repair specialists find that the problem with the phone cannot be fixed or that it will reoccur, we offer to replace the device with another pristine smartphone of the same brand and the same model for free as well.

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