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Refurbished Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

One of Samsung's most attractive and unique smartphones is now available at the most affordable prices. The refurbished Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is in a pristine condition and comes with all of its accessories brand-new. Order your favorite color with a 12-month guarantee.

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Samsung S6 Edge Refurbished & Unlocked

Samsung's flagship Galaxy S6 Edge refurbished is available in all of its super interesting and unique colors at amazing prices at QwikFone. The deals terms and the benefits that are included in the price makes this the perfect phone for you. Check out all the details about the S6 features and QwikFone's deals on it right here.


QwikFone's deals on the Samsung S6 Edge refurbished

QwikFone team realizes the fact that shopping for refurbished phones, especially online, can be worrisome and raise a lot of questions. This is why we created the best deal terms for you to be at ease while buying the refurbished Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge.

First, the Galaxy S6 itself is in a pristine condition. This guarantees that the device is going to look like new on the outside and perform as good as new as well. Of course, as a user, you won't be able to be entirely sure of this fact until you actually buy the refurbished Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge and start using it for a while. So, here are the assurances that QwikFone offers to ensure your complete satisfaction:


12-month warranty

QwikFone supports the quality of our refurbished Galaxy S6 Edge with a warranty period that lasts for the entire first year that follows your purchase. During this time, if you are faced with any technical issue in the software or the hardware of the device, our mobile repair experts will be happy to fix this issue for you as long as it is a result of a manufacturing or a refurbishment error. 

If our mobile repair specialists find that the problem is irreparable, we offer a replacement for the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge refurbished and in a pristine condition as well.


Full refunds

In case you changed your mind about the entire purchase and don't want to keep the phone, our 14-day return policy will guarantee that you get all your money back upon returning the refurbished S6 Edge.


Unlocked S6 Edge

QwikFone provides you with a SIM-free Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge to make everything easier for you in terms of using different carriers and using the same handset in different countries without paying roaming fees.


Free shipping

Once you order the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge refurbished and unlocked from QwikFone, you will be able to enjoy our free shipping option. Also, if you make sure to place and confirm your order during our business hours, the order will be shipped out on the same day.


Free accessories

The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge refurbished by QwikFone comes with all of its accessories included in the price. The phone box contains the charger, a USB cable, a SIM ejector, and a pair of 3.5mm earphones.

All of those accessories are included in the QwikFone warranty policy and specially manufactured to perform in a similar level provided by Samsung's original accessories.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge FAQs & QwikFone's experts answers

Is the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge a good phone?

The refurbished Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is the perfect phone to buy at an affordable budget-friendly price. First, it has a Super AMOLED display, a high-end screen panel that iPhone users had to wait for years to get. It also has a considerably large battery that supports both fast charging and wireless charging, other features that are only recently found in Apple iPhones.
The cameras are no different as they offer Samsung's premium 2015 technology that is able to present good photo and video quality in the 2020 market. So, overall, the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is a perfect phone to by at a limited budget price.

Is the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge water resistant?

No, Samsung did not design & build the Galaxy S6 Edge to be water resistant or waterproof. QwikFone team highly recommend that users keep their Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge devices away from water sources such as pools and showers since the QwikFone warranty won't cover any water damages.

Does refurbished Samsung S6 Edge have fingerprint?

Just like a brand-new one, the refurbished Samsung S6 Edge does have a fingerprint that is built-in the home button in a similar manner to the one found in the traditional design of iPhones.

What are the features of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge?

The S6 Edge has multiple impressive and other necessary features. A few of the most prominent Galaxy S6 Edge's features include:

- Fingerprint scanner - Front-mounted in the home button
- Fast charging, wireless charging
- Accelerometer, barometer, gyro, compass, proximity
- Heart rate sensor
- S-Voice - The Galaxy exclusive virtual navigation assistant

How do I know if my Samsung S6 Edge is refurbished?

The Samsung S6 Edge seller must disclose whether the device is refurbished or not. However, if you already have the device and would like to know if it was refurbished before you bought it, there is a way for Android phones in general.
Go to the Google Play Store and search for an app called "Phone INFO Samsung". Through this app, you'll be able to get different info about your Samsung phone including whether it was refurbished or not.

Can S6 Edge battery be replaced?

While the S6 Edge battery is non-removable, it can still be replaced with the help of a professional. QwikFone's repair and refurbishment experts replace old non-pristine Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge batteries with OEM and grade-A batteries to restore the like-new condition of the phone.

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