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Refurbished Samsung Galaxy S6

The beautiful refurbished Samsung Galaxy S6 is now available from the UK's top refurbishment experts at a budget-level price point. Getting a pristine Galaxy S6 from QwikFone now comes with the guarantee of our 12-month warranty and the 14-day money back guarantee.

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The Refurbished Samsung S6 Pristine & Unlocked

You can now get the best Samsung features bundled up in the refurbished Samsung S6 in a pristine condition for affordable prices and amazing deals' terms. Check out all the details you need to know about QwikFone's deals and the Samsung Galaxy S6 top features below.


QwikFone deals on the Samsung Galaxy S6 refurbished

The Galaxy S6 has been around since 2015 which makes it almost 5 years old now. However, you can still get it in a condition as good as new at QwikFone. The secret here is our team's skills as well as using OEM and grade A parts in renewing and refurbishing the Galaxy S6 which enables us to present it to you in a pristine condition at its lowest prices and this is how you can get a cheap refurbished SamsungGalaxy S6 without ever doubting its quality or condition!

Besides the like-new handset, QwikFone also includes brand-new accessories in the Samsung Galaxy S6 refurbished deal price. This way, you won't have to waste any more time or money looking for and buying quality chargers and/or earphones. The accessory set also includes a USB cable and a SIM ejection tool.


Samsung S6 refurbished & unlocked for your travels

The Samsung Galaxy S6 refurbished from QwikFone is the best option for users who travel internationally. Since we recognize international communications overseas to be one of the most expensive items on the traveler's list, we help our customers cut their expenses by enabling them to use local carriers in different countries around the world. This way you will be able to avoid roaming costs and buying a new phone for the new country which is the only other way around the roaming problems!


Refurbished Samsung S6 key features

The Galaxy S6 is a Samsung flagship which means that you can expect high-end features and performance from this device. 

First, let's address the elephant in this phone which caused most of the controversy surrounding it, the absence of the additional memory card slot. This is the first Galaxy S phone that takes away its users' ability to add memory storage space. Instead, Samsung gave us the extended built-in memory space up to 128GB. With today's free cloud services, this is a winning deal for sure.

The Samsung Galaxy S6 refurb. has a front and back glass that enables wireless charging; a feature that is missing in much more recent and more expensive smartphones. The aluminum frame in the middle offers both amazing support and looks for the handset.

In terms of size, the S6 is a super thin and amazing for single-handed use. The optimum grip of this phone is by holding it from the metal frame on the sides to be in control of all the screen's corners and to avoid leaving fingerprints on the glass back as well. Of course, a case for the phone will help you not worry about that fingerprints altogether. At the bottom of the phone, you'll find the speaker which provides amazing sound quality.

Moving on to the usability of the phone itself, let's start with the fingerprint scanner that is built in the home button. This scanner is much better than the one in its predecessor, the Galaxy S5 that required a swipe motion to detect your finger. With the Galaxy S6, unlocking the phone is much easier and faster with less room for errors.

The display for the Refurbished Samsung Galaxy S6 is a Super AMOLED screen which offers the truest colors and most saturated. The technology used in this screen is so innovative that almost every other high-end smartphone brand started copying it from Samsung including Apple!

Besides the super vivid colors, the AMOLED display provides amazing brightness as well which makes the S6 one of the best phones for outdoors use.

When it comes to the processor's actual performance, Galaxy S6 has one of the best multi-tasking capabilities in a 2015 phone and makes it a great phone even in 2019 and beyond! Now that the Galaxy S6 has a dual-window feature like the Note line, the feature that enables you to use two apps at the same time required great modifications on the phone's speed and overall performance; the thing that Samsung managed to do successfully.

Overall, the refurbished Samsung Galaxy S6 is an amazing flagship to get for a mid-range or a budget price. So, don't miss this opportunity!

Answering your questions about the Samsung Galaxy S6

Is the Samsung S6 still a good phone?

In its current price range, the Samsung S6 is more than just a good phone. The flagship specs the S6 has enabled this phone to last for several years and still be able to compete in the market against new releases from other brands as well as budget Samsung phones themselves.

Is Galaxy S6 outdated?

The Galaxy S6 has some of Samsung's best premium specs. Although it is a 2015 flagship, it makes a great budget smartphone in 2020. The software performance of the S6 is also quite good as its Android version is upgradable to Android Oreo (8.0).

Can refurbished S6 battery be replaced?

Although the Galaxy S6's battery is non-removable, it can be replaced by QwikFone professionals with no issues. So, if your Galaxy S6 battery needs to be replaced, our team would be happy to do it for you.

Does the Galaxy S6 have a removable battery?

No, the Samsung Galaxy S6 has a non-removable Li-Ion 2550 mAh battery that supports fast charging as well as wireless charging.

What do I do if my refurbished Galaxy S6 gets wet?

Experts recommend if your Galaxy S6 gets wet to turn it of and not turn it on until you are positive that it has fully dried and no liquid has reached its inner parts. Although the QwikFone warranty does not cover water damages, our repair professionals would be glad to provide paid services to check and repair your refurbished Galaxy S6 if it had any problems resulting from getting wet.

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