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Refurbished Samsung Galaxy S10E

The perfect deal on refurbished Samsung Galaxy S10e is available through QwikFone's mobile experts. With the pristine Galaxy S10e, the deal has a free full set of brand-new accessories. The whole deal has a 1-year warranty that guarantees free repairs for the device as well as a free replacement.

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Samsung Galaxy S10e Refurbished & Unlocked

While the smartphone companies are always looking 10 steps ahead in order to be able to always provide advanced and futuristic features from the flip smartphone to the under-display finger print and the pop-up motorized front camera, it is important for the users to stop and smell the flowers, so to speak, in the smartphone market. In other words, it is important to get a chance to appreciate the features of good smartphones that deserve to be appreciated before moving on to the next release of the following year and so on.

QwikFone is offering great deals on the Samsung Galaxy S10e refurbished to provide the proper opportunity for users to use and appreciate this amazing 2019 phone. While the Samsung S10e itself if providing 2019 flagship specs and features at a 2016 price point, the QwikFone team is offering incredible deal terms to add value to this, already, amazing S10e in the refurbished state! 

Check out the detailed review of the Galaxy S10e by our mobile professionals as well as our detailed deal terms for the refurbished S10e.


Reviewing the Samsung S10e refurbished

At first glance of the user, the refurbished S10e is The ultimate flagship that everyone was looking for in 2019. First, there is no notch, which is huge news for users who are sick and tired of the annoying part hanging on top of the screen and covering part of their phones' display while watching content and photos in landscape mode. Second, and more importantly, the Galaxy S10e has an earphone jack! If you are familiar with the non-jack movement that flagship producers have been following for the past couple of years, you would definitely know what a huge deal it is to be able to use the regular wired earphones with your S10e rather than being obligated to spend extra cash on the expensive wireless pods. Now, let's check out the rest of the amazing Samsung Galaxy S10e.

Design & build material

In terms of the design, the refurbished Samsung S10e is very elegantly and smartly designed to fit in the hand of the average-sized user without anyone feeling that it is too big or hard to handle. The phone is made of glass in the front and the back, with an aluminum frame which offers a reliable support that is expected from a flagship by the top Android phone manufacturer, Samsung.

Of course, the flagship feature list would have to include wireless charging, which is exactly what the S10e has. The front of the phone is all screen except for a tiny hole punch located in the top right corner for the front camera. The back of the Galaxy S10e is also clean and smooth with only the rear camera module which is flat and can be easily protected by a cover case.

The Touch ID of the Samsung S10e is on the right edge where the thumb lays naturally when the user is holding the phone. This placement allowed the clean smooth layout of the rest of the phone as well as giving the user an easier and better experience for unlocking his or her phone. The size of the S10e is similar to the size of an iPhone XS and it has a similar thickness. So, it is not too big, but it still has a nice large display with a good and firm grip for its users.

In terms of the finish, the Galaxy S10e has a nice glossy finish and it also has some of the most interesting and attractive color variants that you can find, especially in flagships as the producers of smartphones tend to give flagships more subtle colors and keep things on the quiet side.

The vibrant colors that you can get the Samsung Galaxy S10e in include: Flamingo Pink, Canary Yellow, Prism Blue, and Prism Green in addition to the traditional black and white color variations.


Screen & display

Moving on to the display, it is important to mention that Samsung has developed the absolute best display technology in the smartphone market which all premium and flagships from other brands are utilizing, including Apple iPhones themselves, which is the AMOLED display. The Samsung Galaxy S10e has a Dynamic AMOLED display which offers much more than the deep true colors of the traditional AMOLED display as it provides a cinema-grade display quality and protects the eyes of the users as they watch videos or play games on the phone as it contributes to reducing the blue light that smartphone screens emit and can be harmful for the eyes.

The display of this phone is 5.8 inches and it has Corning Gorilla Glass 5 protection. It also has HDR10+ and 1080 x 2280 pixels in resolution.


Processor & performance

The refurbished Samsung S10e has one of the best chipset which is the Exynos 9820 Octa and an Octa-core CPU powered by a 6GB RAM. While the Apple iPhone that can be considered a competition to the S10e, the iPhone XR has a standard memory storage size of 64GB, the Galaxy S10e's standard internal memory storage is 128GB.

As for the battery, the 3100 mAh capacity will be more than sufficient for your daily usage even with heavy gaming duty. 


Camera & sound systems

The main rear camera system of the refurbished S10e has two lenses. The first one is a wide lens with a 12MP photo quality while the second one is a 16MP ultrawide lens. The main camera system is supported with LED-flash, auto-HDR, and panorama setting. You can also film 4K videos @60/30fps as well as Full HD (1080p) @30/60/240fps with HDR10+ and stereo sound. This means that you can film videos with high-end quality as well as capturing the best photos you can get for your social media profiles.

Another wide camera lens is placed in the front of the phone, which is the selfie camera that captures 10MP photos with auto-HDR. This camera also films 4K videos but @30fps this time. The Full HD (1080p) videos are also @30fps.

Finally, the sound of the Samsung Galaxy S10e comes out as clear as it can get from the stereo speakers at the bottom edge of the phone. If you are not a fan of having loud music or videos playing out in your room, the Samsung S10e is the first flagship in a long time to provide a 3.5mm jack for your earphones!

Of course, you will get a brand-new pair of earphones with the Samsung S10e refurbished deal from QwikFone. So, keep reading the next section to find out the rest of this deal's details and benefits.


Galaxy S10e refurbished deal details by QwikFone

Since the Galaxy S10e devices sold by QwikFone are all in a pristine condition, our team has put much effort into ensuring that the experience of buying the Samsung S10e refurbished would be like buying it brand-new in every way. Check out our deal benefits to see how:

Full set of accessories

When buying the S10e refurbished from QwikFone, customers will also receive a full set of brand-new accessories for that phone. The accessory set contains every thing that comes with the brand-new S10e like the charger brick, the USB charging and data cable, a pair of earphones, and a SIM tray ejector.

The accessories from QwikFone are especially manufactured for our refurbished Galaxy S10e by our partners who follow the same quality requirements and assurances that the original Samsung accessories are manufactured based-on. So, our customers can always expect these accessories to perform as well as the original ones and have the same lifetime.

Repair warranty for 12 months

Just like a new device, the Galaxy S10e refurbished has a warranty for a full year from QwikFone. Since our business has a repair center with experienced professionals, we provide free repair services for all of our refurbished phones for the first year of the phone's life. The warranty also includes the set of accessories as they get replaced for free if they have any issues or technical problems as accessories are not repaired.

The Samsung S10e devices that have issues which cannot be repaired are also replaced for free as a part of QwikFone's warranty policy. 

It is important to remember that this warranty covers only the manufacturing issue, but not accidental damage. So, if the customer accidentally damaged the device, our repair professionals would be happy to provide a separate paid repair service through our repair website.

Refunds for returning

The return policy of the refurbished Galaxy S10e allows 14 days to return the device if the users did not like it or is just having second thoughts about getting another phone, for example. The only condition for this return to be accepted by QwikFone, is for the device and accessories to be undamaged and in a pristine/new condition as delivered by our team. 

Once the testing of the returned items is done, we will issue a full refund of the phone's price as paid by the customer. The refunds are also issued to the same payment method that the user used when purchasing the refurbished S10e.

There is, essentailly, no risk in buying the refurbished Samsung Galaxy S10e from QwikFone as you can return it and get your money back if you want. So, place your order now and try the phone out!

Everything you need to know about the Samsung S10E before buying it

What's the difference between Samsung S10e and S10?

Essentially, the Samsung S10e is built to be a compact version of the Galaxy S10. However, in a side-by-side comparison, you can't tell the difference as they look similar in size and design. The only visible difference is on the back as the S10 has a triple lens camera module while the S10e has only dual lens rear camera module.

In terms of quality, both the S10e & S10 have the same premium components from the Chipset, CPU, and camera quality, to the screen which is a Dynamic AMOLED panel in both phones. The screen size, however slightly different as the S10e has a 5.8-inch display whereas S10 has 6.1-inch. The same difference is present in the battery as the S10e has a 3100mAh battery while S10 has 3400mAh one.

As you can tell, the S10e is essentially the same value as the S10 but at a lower price. So, if those tiny differences don't represent much for you, the S10e is definitely the better option.

Is refurbished Samsung Galaxy S10e worth buying?

The Galaxy S10e has great value and it provides an awesome level of performance as well as some of the coolest features you can find in a smartphone. The S10e essentially gives you all of the premium features of a Galaxy phone, especially the S10 since its the closest flagship to it, at a lower price point! So, think of the flagship cameras with the perfect camera app from Samsung, the Dynamic AMOLED display which is the absolute best in the market for smartphone, the wireless charging and reverse wireless charging, as well as all the other flagship features that everyone loves about a Samsung phone, but in a compact version that can save you money. How amazing is that!

With the QwikFone offer, the Samsung Galaxy S10e is absolutely worth buying. This phone will come with all of its accessories for free, the opportunity to pay installments, and a full refund guarantee as well as a full year warranty. This deal is 100% safe and risk free.

What does the E mean in Galaxy S10e?

The letter "E" in the Galaxy S10e name stands for the word "essential" which represents and sums up the idea behind this phone which is to provide a compact version of the S10 flagship for a lower price. So, the E means that you get all the powerful features of the S10 that represents the essence of the phone itself.

Is refurbished Samsung S10e better than S9?

The refurbished Samsung S10e is far better than the Galaxy S9 as it was released more recently than the S9 and has the most essential specs and features of the S10 which is the new flagship that came after S9 which makes it inherently better.

Samsung S10e has a Dynamic AMOLED display which helps to reduce the harmful blue lights that emits from the screen and hurts the eyes of the user. The display also has HDR10+ whereas the S9's screen has HDR10. The S10e also has a better CPU and a better GPU.

The camera module on the back of S10e has dual-lens while S9 has only a single lens, the selfie camera in the S10e has a better photo quality than the S9's selfie camera. Finally, the S10e allows reverse wireless charging which enables the user to use the phone to charge other Galaxy phones and tablets.

So, the S10e is more advanced and packs so much cooler features than the Galaxy S9.

Should I buy S10 or S10e?

The S10e has everything important that the S10 has with the exclusion of the additional features like the third camera lens in the S10, the slightly larger battery, and slightly larger screen as well. All of these differences don't make that much of a difference in the actual experience with the phone when you compare it to the price difference.

The S10e allows you to enjoy all of the good and important features of the Galaxy S10, with a price reduction.

How much does refurbished Galaxy S10e cost?

Depending on which memory size you decide to get, the refurbished Galaxy S10e from QwikFone costs about £480 for the 128GB variant, which is the standard memory size for this phone. The 256GB one will cost about £600.

Since QwikFone accepts PayPal credit, our customers can pay for their S10e orders in monthly installments over the course of 3 months with no interest according to PayPal terms for credit customers in the UK. Please check PayPal for more details on the installments option.

Does the unlocked refurbished Galaxy S10e have wireless charging?

The S10e has one of the best wireless charging technologies available in a smartphone which is the Fast Qi/PMA wireless charging which works on both 100-205kHz band and 277-357kHz band wave lengths.

The S10e also has a reverse wireless charging feature which enables Galaxy devices to charge off of each other without needing a power source like an electricity outlet or a power bank present.

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