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Refurbished OnePlus 6


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The Refurbished OnePlus 6 Like-New

OnePlus's breakthrough the mobile market to one of its top places was with the launch of the OnePlus 6 phone. Although the Chinese mobile brand has presented multiple previous releases of smartphones that aim to offer high-end specs at mid-range prices, this goal was not completely achieved until the OnePlus 6 came around. This generation of the OnePlus phones really kicked off the path for the relatively new company to be officially competing with giants that have been in the game for years such as Apple and Samsung who also reside literally on top of the mobile market pyramid.

You can now buy the OnePlus 6 refurbished with guaranteed quality and trustworthy deals at QwikFone and save a lot of money. Before you make the purchase decision, keep on reading to know all the details and key features of the OnePlus 6 to decide whether this is the smartphone for you or not! This review is brought to you by QwikFone experts.


Key features & specs of the refurbished OnePlus 6

First, we must focus on the build and design quality of the OnePlus 6 because this was the main factor that was the game-changer for the whole company line in the market. While the previous flagship smartphones from OnePlus followed a design line similar to that of an iPhone, especially on the front side of the phone, the OnePlus 6 came as the first OnePlus unique design with its own personality.

Besides the premium design, look, and feel of the OnePlus 6, which is a star on its own, the handset is really comfortable to hold on your hands without feeling that it is too big or about to slip out of your hand like other mobile phones with similar or less screen size. 

Coming to the design, OnePlus 6 finally found its path away from being the Apple iPhone design copycat and listened to the voice of reason, and its users, by placing the fingerprint reader on the back of the phone where the user's finger is placed naturally when holding the phone. By doing this, the OnePlus 6 is able to provide its users with an all-screen front that comes to 6.3 inches diagonally.

Although there is still a notch on top of the OnePlus 6 screen, which is really difficult to get rid of if you want to keep all of the technology and functionality this notch holds such as the front-facing camera and proximity sensor, it is not as wide or nearly as annoying as its peer in an iPhone. You could also get rid of this particular notch in the OnePlus 6 from the settings of the phone where you can turn this notch space into a super thing bezel that is still utilized by displaying information such as connectivity, time, and battery charge. So, if you still think that the notch is a disadvantage, OnePlus is offering the optimum solution for the appearance of the phone's screen without compromising its functionality. 

At first, users were questioning the narrow oval shape of the fingerprint scanner as most of us are used to the round large scanners that scans the entire fingerprint. However, OnePlus showed us how it doesn't take huge ugly holes in your phone to have a quick, accurate, and smart fingerprint scanner to unlock your phone.

If you are not a fan of fingerprint unlock in general and think it is too much work, OnePlus 6 comes with a swift and very smart face ID unlock feature. While some users won't find the face unlock of this particular phone to be so smart as it won't recognize your face without seeing your eyes, if you think about it, you will find it to be a plus! Granted, you would have to take off your sunglasses for the phone to recognize your face, but it won't allow anyone to use it to unlock the phone while you are sleeping for example!

By taking a glance at the specs and numbers of the OnePlus 6 cameras, you might think that there are no changes made here since the 5T cameras. However, the sensor in the 16MP snapper has been increased by 19% which enables it to take in more light and enable the camera to offer better quality photos in dimmed lighting. Such details cannot be seen just by looking at the numbers of the specs list.

The OnePlus 6 cameras focus on indoor and low-light pictures further by providing an optic image stabilization which reduces the blur effect that may result if the camera shakes. This addition of the OIS is the main reason behind moving the dual rear cameras to the front of the phone instead of their location on the top left corner in the OnePlus 5 and OnePlus 5T.


Unboxing the second hand OnePlus 6

On the left edge of the OnePlus, you will find the mode switch that enables you to switch between the different sound profiles of the phone. The surface of this button/switch is textured which enables you to reach into your pocket while your phone is ringing, for example, to turn it to the silent mode without taking it out of your pocket.

On the bottom edge of the phone, there is the Dash charge port which is a USB Type C in the center. To the left of the charging port, lies the 3.5mm headphone jack which many users are starting to miss in multiple other flagships. No matter how much someone talks about how removing this port is a step towards the future as it allows users to depend more on Bluetooth and wireless headphones, there is still nothing quite the feeling that your old-fashioned traditional wired earphones give you. You still can use a wireless headset, but it is nice to have both options in the OnePlus 6.

On the right-hand side of the phone, you traditionally get the power button and volume rocker. When it comes to design changes, OnePlus 6 truly nailed it by making the changes that would really satisfy the users and leaving out the most controversial ones.


QwikFone's OnePlus 6 cheap deals

Buying a OnePlus 6 refurbished mobile online must come with some powerful assurances for the users to be able to trust the deal. As the QwikFone team realizes this concept, we have devised a perfect plan to provide you with the highest quality at the lowest costs in every aspect of the purchase and its different details. With this deal, you will be able to get a cheap pristine OnePlus 6 with all of its accessories and the normal guarantees you would get with a brand-new phone at a much higher price point.


Pristine unlocked second hand OnePlus 6

In order to preserve the pristine condition of our second hand OnePlus 6 devices, QwikFone mobile experts run several tests to make sure that everything is running smoothly and that the functionality of the phone is as good as if it is still new. During this test, if any part or functionality turns out to be defective, it gets repaired and replaced with original (OEM) spare parts in the next step which is the refurbishment of the OnePlus 6 mobile phone.

The refurbishment process also includes unlocking the OnePlus 6 handset to offer a better experience to traveling users who prefer to save the roaming costs of the carrier and use the local carriers of whatever country they end up in, at local price rates. Since this process requires changing SIM cards and locked phones don't allow that unlocking the SIM software by QwikFone professionals is the best way to go about it.


Brand-new accessories

It is quite unconventional to find the accessories of a second hand phone are being included in the deal. However, the second hand OnePlus 6 comes with, not its original used accessories for obvious hygiene reasons, but new accessories that carry the branding of QwikFone as a mark of quality and high-end performance.


Return policy

When you buy the OnePlus six refurbished at QwikFone, you get a standard return policy that enables you to return the phone within 14 days of the purchase and receive a full refund of the whole phone's price with no cuts. As long as the phone & the accessories are not damaged upon returning them, the return policy, and all of its conditions, remain valid for 14 days.


Warranty for the pre-owned OnePlus 6

Since the second hand, OnePlus 6 is a pre-owned refurbished phone, some might assume that there will be no warranty available for it. However, QwikFone's diligence regarding offering our customers the best deals for refurbished phones dictates that we offer a standard 1-year (12-month) warranty just like the one offered for brand-new mobile phones.

This warranty protects your right to repair any manufacturing or refurbishment errors for free at QwikFone repair center. It also guarantees a free replacement for the device if it has a flaw that cannot be repaired. However, please note that this warranty does not cover water damage or accidental damages done to the phone's body or the screen.

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