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Refurbished OnePlus 3

Get flagship specs at budget and mid-range prices with QwikFone's refurbished OnePlus 3 deal. All the devices are pristine and come with a set of brand-new accessories for free. The 12-month warranty applies on the phone and accessories alike. Order this deal now with a full refund guarantee.
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    Refurbished OnePlus 3 Pristine & Unlocked

    OnePlus phones are known to provide high-end features and dependable performance for reasonable prices. While users with other brands are required to pay enormous amounts of money for the brand name itself, with a OnePlus smartphone, you will be paying for what you are truly getting in features and value in the phone.

    After users having a few issues with the OnePlus 2, One Plus 3 came along and succeeded at gaining the attention that the first device of this company had. OnePlus 3 has many advantages, not only as a smartphone but as one of the first steps of the OnePlus company in the mobile market because it represents this mobile creator's mindset. There is nothing that mobile users want more than a manufacturer who listens to what the customers have to say and make it happen and this is exactly what OnePlus did with the OnePlus 3 launch. The company listened to all the problems and complaints users had with the OnePlus 2 and presented a better version with the OnePlus 3. This proves that this company really has earned its success in this highly competitive market over the years.

    Another important testament to the quality of the OnePlus 3 is how it is able to still compete in today's market in the 2020s even though it was released back in 2016. Now, the OnePlus 3 refurbished at QwikFone is as good as new in terms of how it looks, how it functions, and the level of its features compared to more recent smartphones.

    QwikFone is offering amazing deals for the refurbished OnePlus 3. Keep on reading to find out all the details about the phone and our deal!


    Expert review of the used OnePlus 3

    Perhaps one of the best ways to get to know a mobile before holding it in your hands is an unboxing content. While usually, these come in the form of videos, QwikFone experts are providing similar experience right here in case you prefer to read in order to understand the details better.

    When you first take the OnePlus 3, you will immediately notice the premium upgraded design from the much disliked OnePlus 2 design and build. The polycarbonate in the OnePlus 2 is replaced with elegant metal in OnePlus 3. The body of the OnePlus 3 is made of an aluminum back and frame as well as a 5.5-inch Optic AMOLED screen protected by a layer of Gorilla Glass 4.

    This means that the overall build of the phone offer sturdiness and reliability. So, if you are the type of mobile user that needs a device that can withstand rough usage, this is the smartphone for you.


    Since the OnePlus is considered to be an older phone, it has a sleek design according to the 2016 measurements. This means that you will get two bezels on the phone's front on the top and bottom of the screen. However, the bezels are not annoying since the overall look of the front of the OnePlus 3 is quite similar to the front of an iPhone of the same year. In a nutshell, it looks nice and expensive.

    Moving on to the sensors, this great phone has a sensitive and smart fingerprint ID built into the Home button in the front just like, once again, and iPhone. On each of the sides of the home button, you get two capacitive touch buttons for an easier and faster experience using the phone.

    On the right-hand side edge of the phone, you'll find a tiny hole to open the SIM tray and insert your SIM card. Right below the SIM is the power button that enables you to turn the phone on and off.

    On the left side of the phone, there is a volume rocker and an alert slider that has a good and textured surface.

    As for the bottom of the phone, it has the USB Type C charging port, the speaker, and, the best part that many people miss in the newest versions of high-end phones, which is the 3.5mm jack for headphones.

    While many leading high-end brands has just recently started offering USB Type C in their flagship smartphones, the OnePlus 3 has this USB since 2016 which is a super plus for the phone in terms of competition as well as user experience.


    Qwik-Guide into the OnePlus 3

    Going into the phone itself, it comes originally with Android 6.0 or (Marshmallow), but still, with the first upgrade, you will be able to run Android 9 (Pie) on it with ease.


    The main camera allows you to tap for changing the focus points. Once the camera is in focus on the point you desire, the snapper will take your picture really quickly which is always the best performance in order not to miss a moment when capturing memories.

    The photos of the main camera have great sharpness and show amazing details. However, it will offer better performance in strong lighting when used indoors; so, keep that in mind.


    OnePlus 3 Key specs & features

    • Body: Aluminum body with Gorilla Glass front 

    • Dimensions: 152.7 x 74.7 x 7.4 mm

    • Screen: 5.5-inch Optic AMOLED touchscreen

    • Display: 1920 x 1080 pixels

    • Internal storage: 64GB

    • RAM: 6GB

    • Platform: Snapdragon 820 - Quad core processor - Android 9.0

    • Rear camera: 16 MP - 4K videos

    • Front (selfie) camera: 8 MP

    • Sound: Loudspeaker + 3.5mm jack

    • Sensors: front-mounted fingerprint scanner, proximity, gyro, compass, accelerometer

    • Battery: Fast charging 3000 mAh battery


    QwikFone's offer on the OnePlus 3 second hand

    OnePlus 3 has been in the market for a few year, yet, you can still get it as good as new and at a discounted price as well thanks to the pristine second hand OnePlus 3 devices from QwikFone. 

    Our goal is to offer renewed or refurbished OnePlus 3 in a like-new condition in order to provide our customers with the maximum value in exchange for the cost. QwikFone team realize that it can be questionable or even worrisome to buy a refurbished or second hand smartphone especially online. This is why we have developed the best plan to not only offer you the highest quality you deserve but also the necessary assurances that are required for safe shopping online.


    Testing the pristine OnePlus 3 refurbished

    The refurbished OnePlus 3 goes under 2 different processes of testing to ensure the best quality. The first stage of testing is prior to the refurbishment process to ensure a primary level of the pristine condition in the device and its main components.

    The second step of the testing comes after the refurbishment process which uses OEM parts to provide the same original performance as the brand-new OnePlus 3.


    OnePlus 3 second hand with new accessories

    Second hand phones do not come with accessories, right? Well, while this is usually the case, QwikFone provides brand-new accessories with the second hand OnePlus 3 made by our partners for mobile accessories manufacturing. This way, we are able to ensure high quality and original-like performance. 

    Each refurbished OnePlus 3 comes with a set of accessories that includes a charger, a pair of earphones, a SIM tray ejector, and a USB to USB C cable.


    How to get a refund on the refurbished OnePlus 3?

    The OnePlus 3 deal from QwikFone comes with a refund guarantee included in our 14-day return policy. The only condition is for the mobile and its accessories to be undamaged and preserved in the original state upon returning them. Once we receive the pristine OnePlus 3 with its brand-new accessories, we will promptly issue a refund with 100% of the phones price with no cuts. Please note that after 14 days, no returns can be accepted by QwikFone.


    12-month repair warranty

    QwikFone also offers a 12-month warranty for the refurbished OnePlus 3 as well as it accessories. For the phone itself, our specialists will examine and repair it for free during the warranty period if the user comes across any technical issue while using it. If the error cannot be fixed, our warranty policy makes sure that you receive a replacement for the device, another pristine OnePlus 3 in perfect condition.

    As for the accessories, if any of them turned out to be defective we will only replace them with brand-new ones as accessories cannot be repaired.


    Same-day dispatch

    If you place your order for the refurbished OnePlus 3 during our business days and our business hours, our team will be able to dispatch and ship out your order on the same day. You will also be able to get the shipping for free if you choose our free postage service on the checkout page before you confirm your order. This shipping method is 100% safe and risk-free.

    To find out details regarding times and shipments, please visit QwikFone's Shipping Policy page.


    The refurbished OnePlus 3 is one of the best smartphones that you can get at a low price or budget range and get great use of it. Order it and enjoy our offer now!

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