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Refurbished Google Pixel 3

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    Top UK Offers on Google Pixel 3 SIM Free By QwikFone

    Google has had multiple experiences regarding creating its own smartphones. While the Nexus phone line was quite popular, moving back and forth between different smartphone manufacturers to create the hardware aspect of the different models certainly left a taste of inconsistency with the whole line.

    Once Google started releasing its Pixel phones, it was quite obvious that this line is different from any other Google branded phone that we've seen before. The Pixel line is 100% a Google phone and it is here to not only stay, but also to compete with the big guns such as OnePlus and Samsung, not to mention Huawei.

    With the Google Pixel 3 release, it became quite clear that the Google Pixel phones are only going to get better. With improved specs and an attractive design, the Google Pixel has a full package to present its users with all their needs in a premium smartphone.

    QwikFone will provide you with a pristine Pixel 3 used at the best and most affordable prices in the UK and all of the EU. Find all the details that you need to know about the Pixel 3 as well as QwikFone's offers on the Google Pixel 3 SIM free right here.


    Google Pixel 3 Specs & Features

    • Dimensions: 145.6 x 68.2 x 7.9 mm

    • Build: Gorilla Glass front - Gorilla Glass back - Aluminium frame

    • Colour options: Not Pink, Just Black, Clearly White

    • SIM: Unlocked - Nano-SIM card & eSIM

    • Network Connectivity: 2G - 3G - 4G

    • Display panel: P-OLED

    • Display size: 5.5 inches

    • Resolution: 1080 x 2160 pixels

    • Display features: Always-on display - HDR

    • Internal memory storage options: 64GB, 128GB

    • OS: Android 9 (Pie) - Can be upgraded to Android 11

    • RAM: 4GB

    • Chipset: Qualcomm SDM845 Snapdragon 845

    • CPU: Octa-core (4x2.5 GHz Kryo 385 Gold & 4x1.6 GHz Kryo 385 Silver)

    • GPU: Adreno 630

    • Sound: Loudspeakers with stereo speakers

    • Rear camera: 12.2 MP 28mm wide

    • Videos: 4K@30fps - 1080p@30, 60, 120fps - 1080p@30fps

    • Features: Gyro-EIS - Auto-HDR - Pixel Shift - dual pixel PDAF - OIS

    • Front camera: (Dual) 8 MP 28mm wide + 8 MP 19mm ultrawide

    • Videos: 1080p@30fps

    • Features: Auto-HDR - PDAF

    • Comms: Wi-Fi - Bluetooth 5.0 - GPS - NFC - USB Type-C 3.1

    • Sensors: Fingerprint reader - Gyro - Accelerometer - Proximity - Compass - Barometer

    • Battery: Non-removable - Li-Po 2915 mAh

    • Charging: Fast charging 18W - Wireless charging


    Google Pixel 3 Refurbished Review By QwikFone Experts 

    The top feature in the Google Pixel 3, which captured everyone's attention and took us all by surprise, is the camera!

    While on paper this camera did not promise much with a single 12.2 MP lens, the actual performance of this main camera module had another thing coming for the Pixel 3 users. Thanks to the touch of Google as a software giant, engineers used machine learning to improve the performance of this camera and, therefore, improving the quality of the users' photos and videos taken by the Pixel 3.

    In terms of design, the Pixel 3 retained the distinguished look of its predecessors with a Dual-tone colour for each colour option which, at this point, has become the signature look of Google Pixel phone.

    While there is a Small bezel on the top and bottom of the screen, they are super small and 100% justified as these bezels are packing great capabilities for the Pixel 3 from the dual stereo speakers on both the top and bottom of the phone to the dual front camera that allows ultrawide shots for selfies!


    The back of the Pixel 3 is a matte-finish glass which combines the virtues of not picking up fingerprints while the user is holding it, a downside to glossy finish which can render the most beautiful phone disgusting within minutes, and allowing wireless charging, which is a premium feature that can only be found in other flagships that cost large sums of money with other brands, but QwikFone's Google Pixel 3 is making it available to you at only a couple of hundred of pounds with free accessories!

    Another advantage that the Pixel 3 is presenting is the fingerprint scanner which in its normal and regular location on the back of the phone where the user's index finger would naturally land when holding the phone. So, no special moves required to unlock this device and start using it without fearing of accidentally dropping it!


    QwikFone's Pixel 3 Deals SIM Free & Unlocked 

    To get the Pixel 3 used in the UK, QwikFone is facilitating the best deals in all of the EU with the proper guarantees to help our customers rest assured regarding the quality and condition of the Google Pixel 3 refurbished as well as which sorts of services and support you'll get after purchasing this Google Pixel 3 SIM free used.

    Pristine Google Pixel 3 SIM Free

    At QwikFone, the refurbished Google Pixel phone stands for more than just an affordable like-new smartphone. Through obtaining pre-owned Pixel 3 devices from their users and then test and repair any faults within the device to return it to its new state. Through the refurbishment process, QwikFone repurposes working parts from Pixel phones that cannot be repaired. So, instead of these phones being thrown into landfills for not being able to work, the working parts are being utilized as OEM refurbished parts for a less price on the actual budget and on the environment.

    With this process, QwikFone is reducing the E-waste and toxic waste from the smartphone industry by thousands of tons every year.

    CheckMEND Guarantee with Pixel 3 Refurbished

    When you buy the Google Pixel 128GB used or the 64GB variant from QwikFone, you can rest assured that you're going to receive a 100% authentic and genuine Google Pixel made by Google and legally dealt throughout its lifetime.  

    QwikFone obtains a report from CheckMEND for each Google Pixel 3 phone tracing back the history of the phone's ownership and detecting if any device was stolen at any point to eliminate those devices from our collection.

    Another software is used to detect any technical issues within the device so that these problems and defects can be repaired by our professionals. The QwikFone team has the best mobile repair and refurbishment experts in the UK. With the talents of our team and the quality of the OEM parts and Grade-A parts, we're able to guarantee you a pristine device that works as perfect as a brand-new Pixel phone.

    Unlocked Pixel 3 with Accessories

    QwikFone's Pixel 3 deals SIM free means that you get an unlocked smartphone that works with any network as long as the carrier is using the same technologies that the phone was built for in terms of network connectivity.

    In your QwikFone box, you're also going to receive a set of brand-new accessories that go perfectly with your needs regarding using the refurbished Pixel 3 just like a new one.

    The accessory set typically includes a charger brick, a USB cable for charging and data transfer, a pair of earphones which can be used through the phone's charging port using a little converter, and a SIM ejection pin so that you're able to switch and replace your SIM card whenever it suits you with no limitations or restrictions.

    The accessory set does not require an additional payment nor will you need to purchase it separately as they are included in the Google Pixel 3 SIM free price from QwikFone.

    Like-new Google Pixel 3 Warranty Policy

    When looking up Pixel 3 price in the UK SIM free, it is important to also know about what sorts of services and guarantees that this deal is going to include. For example, the price could be too low, but the phone has no warranty. With such a deal, you would be risking the whole price on a phone that might turn up to be not worth even its cheap price.

    Instead, go for QwikFone deal that guarantees that the Google Pixel 3 SIM free price will include a full 12-month standard warranty. This way, if anything turned out to be wring with the phone, or even any of its accessories, the phone would be repaired and defective items that cannot be repaired would be replaced with new items for free.

    QwikFone warranty covers all potential issues that can be caused by manufacturing issues or technical defects.

    While our warranty covers all issues that may arise on their own within the Google Pixel 3 refurbished, QwikFone's warranty policy does not cover accidental damages or water damages that happen to the phone due to user's negligence or misuse. Please pay extra attention to your refurbished Google Pixel around water surfaces and keep it away from the shower as well as other water sources that may damage it.

    If your Pixel 3 got accidentally damaged, please contact our repair centre to get a paid repair service. Please note that third-party repairs by any one other than official QwikFone repair professionals will void your warranty policy.

    Pixel 3 SIM Free Return Policy by QwikFone

    With refurbished phones, in general, it is crucial to have a decent return policy, especially when you're shopping online for refurbished phones. A good return policy will guarantee a full refund and that is exactly what the QwikFone return policy is promising you in case you change your mind about the phone purchase after it has been delivered. No matter what is the reason that you may want to return your refurbished Pixel 3 for, you can still get all of your money back within our 30-day cool off period.

    The return policy requires that the phone remain undamaged and pristine. As for the accessories, they have to be in their brand-new condition for the return policy to remain valid.

    If you decide to return your order from QwikFone within our return policy period, QwikFone is going to cover the expenses of shipping the package back to our location in London. So, you can feel 100% safe while ordering the Pixel 3 SIM free unlocked as it won't cost any additional cost to return it and you will get all of the price you paid for it refunded.

    Payment Methods & Monthly Instalments

    In addition to offering the SIM free Pixel 3 at the best price in all of the EU and lowering its cost on our customers to the minimum by providing free accessories and free shipping, QwikFone is also enabling you to pay for this awesome phone over monthly instalments.

    While you might be thinking that there's a catch here either by adding an interest rate that would eventually increase the price or by getting this instalment offer from a carrier where you have to be tied to a contract, the fact is QwikFone is facilitating monthly instalments via two famous payment methods that require neither contracts nor do they add interest to your payment amount.

    • PayPal Credit:
      Using your regular PayPal account, you can apply to get a PayPal credit which enable you to pay for your online purchases using interest-free credit that can be paid over 4-month payments with ease.
      Go to PayPal UK website and fill in the short application for the Credit account to get the result within a matter of minutes.
      PayPal Credit can be re-used as a payment method once the old credit has all been paid off. This means that this safe and easy payment method is renewable for your online purchases from QwikFone as well as other online shopping platforms.

    • Klarna - Monthly Payment Plan
      If you choose to pay for your QwikFone order using Klarna, you will get a 3-month interest-free monthly instalment plan that you can reuse for future online purchases from QwikFone.
      Once you place your order, choose to pay with Klarna. Klarna will pay for your order in full. Klarna will wait for your order confirmation to be issued by QwikFone, then, the first payment of the 3 Klarna payments is due at this point. Klarna charges payments to your bank account that you provide upon registering your Klarna account for the first time. Each payment is 30 days apart from the previous payment.
      Since no interest is added with Klarna, you can order your refurbished Google Pixel 3 with only 30% of its price available in your bank account, while making sure that the rest of the payments will be coming in within the next two months.

    • Klarna - Pay Later in 30 Days

      If you're not into the idea of monthly instalments, Klarna is offering another option that enables you to feel safe while buying a refurbished Pixel 3 online as well as choose the time to pay for your order on your own terms!

      With this option, Klarna will also pay for your QwikFone order in full, but instead of charging the first payment right away after the order confirmation, you get a 30-day period to choose to pay for the order at any time within this period. You can also choose not to pay at all and return this order to QwikFone within the same 1-month period.

    QwikFone has carefully devised the Google Pixel 3 deal so that our customers feel safe to order this SIM free phone online and enjoy the lower prices with all the benefits included. Don't miss this opportunity and place your order now to enjoy our free next-day shipping!

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